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US issues warrant to seize Iranian oil tanker Grace 1, day after Gibraltar orderes its release, over violations of International Emergency Economic Powers Act, bank fraud, money laundering and terrorism forfeiture statutes, warrent addressed to US Marshals Service or any other duly authorized law enforcement officer

Greenland's foreign minister tweets "We're open for business, not for sale" in response to Donald Trump's alleged interest in buying the island, in 1946 former President Harry Truman tried to purchase Greenland from Denmark for USD 100 million in gold, which wasn't made public until 1991

Five people to be flown across the Atlantic to sail the yacht Malizia II, which takes Greta Thunberg to the UN Climate Change Summit, back to Europe, skipper Boris Herrmann will also take the plane for the return journey

Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant writes letter from prison cell to a man in Russia, six-page letter warning of a great conflict is published on 4chan, Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis says Tarrant won't be allowed to write any more letters

Matteo Salvini respond to Hollywood actor Richard Gere's call to let illegal migrants enter, saying the millionaire can take them back with him to Hollywood on his private plane and support them in his villas

Jeffrey Epstein found dead inside his jail cell two weeks after being placed on suicide watch after he was found semi-conscious in his prison cell, was accused of trafficking involving underage girls who were made to have sex with high-powered businessmen and politicians

Donald Trump freezes all Venezuelan government assets in US, says measures necessary due to continued usurpation of power by illegitimate Maduro regime and its human rights abuses, threatens sanctions against anyone assisting Maduro or his loyalists

Belgium suspends UNRWA contributions after leaked internal ethics report alleged leadership misconduct and discrimination, Netherlands and Switzerland already put funding on hold after the report leaked

Apple listens to customer conversations recorded via digital assistant Siri, including confidential medical information, drug deals and recordings of couples having sex, Apple plans to stop the project as it hasn't made it clear to users recordings are being made

Italy lets ashore 116 African migrants rescued at sea last week after EU says Germany, France, Portugal, Luxembourg and Ireland agree to take the asylum-seekers, meeting Interior Minister Matteo Salvini's condition

Osama bin Laden's son and heir Hamza is dead, according to three US officials, would not provide details of where or when he died or if US played a role in his death, in February State Department announced a USD 1 million reward for information on his whereabouts

Switzerland suspends payments to Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA after confidential report by UNRWA's ethic office claims top management abused their authority, charges include nepotism, discrimination and sexual misconduct, Switzerland has paid the agency USD 20 million in contribution this year

19-year-old British woman held in custody in Cyprus over false rape claims against 12 young Israelis, risks a year in prison, the Israeli group spent over a week in prison before being released as the woman changed her statement

Moroccan navy rescues 242 sub-Saharan migrants from dinghies in Strait of Gibraltar and returns them to Morocco – more than 15,000 have made it to Spain so far this year, according to International Organization for Migration estimates

US and Guatemala signs agreement requireing migrants from Honduras and El Salvador who pass through Guatemala stop and seek asylum there first, those who fail to do so will be ineligible for asylum in US

North Korea test-fires two new short-range missiles into Sea of Japan, calling it a solemn warning against South Korean warmongers, Kim Jong-un says South Korea should not make a mistake of ignoring warning, response to South Korea and US annual military drills next month

British-flagged oil tanker seized in the Strait of Hormuz by Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the Stena Impero was bound for Saudi Arabia when it was approached by unidentified small crafts and a helicopter, ship owner says

Argentina first Latin American country to designate Hezbollah as terrorist organization and freeze assets, says group continues to threaten security and integrity of economic and financial order of the country, Hezbollah blamed for killing 85 people in 1994 AMIA bombing and 29 people in 1992 Israeli embassy suicide attack, both in Buenos Aires

US Navy ship USS Boxer destroys Iranian drone in Strait of Hormuz using electronic jamming, Donald Trump says US wants to help Iran and will be good to them, but the country can't have nuclear weapons

Turkish diplomat among two shot dead in restaurant attack in Erbil, capital of Iraq's Kurdistan Region, victims thought to be Turkey deputy consul general and a civilian, no-one has so far claimed the attack, Turkey vows to retaliate

Senior Hamas leader Fathi Hamad calls on Palestinians to kill all Jews around the world, drawing outrage from both Israeli and Palestinian officials, PLO condemns the comments while Hamas distances itself from Hamad’s words, adding conflict is with Israeli occupation and not with Jews or Judaism

Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years by US court

Large number of Muslim-majority nations sign letter praising China's human rights record and dismissing reported detention of up to two million Uyghur Muslims, follows Western countries' joint statement criticizing Beijing for arbitrary detentions and widespread surveillance and restrictions of Muslim population

Nervous Colombian smuggler hides GBP 27,000-worth of cocaine under his hairpiece, caught by Spanish police with half a kilo of the powder after arriving at Barcelona airport from Bogotá

37 passengers injured as Air Canada flight traveling from Vancouver to Sydney hits clear air turbulence forcing emergency landing on Hawaii, nine people with severe injuries, unstrapped passengers seen rise in the air and hit their heads on the ceiling, Australian country band Hurricane Fall safe

Sir Kim Darroch resignes as UK ambassador to the US, saying he wants to put an end to speculation about his role and the leak had made it impossible to continue

Tommy Robinson begs Trump and American government to grant him asylum as he faces being jailed in UK, claims he would be killed in jail as British prisons are controlled by jihadi gangs, talking in InfoWars interview

Donald Trump says US will no longer deal with UK ambassador in Washington Sir Kim Darroch, follows leaked email wherein Sir Kim describes Trump's administration as "inept", Trump also calls Theresa May's handling of Brexit "a mess" and that it's wonderful UK soon will have a new PM

North Korean state media says Alek Sigley was caught committing spying acts which led to his expulsion, claiming he confessed and asked for a pardon – he often shared details about his life in Pyongyang through social media and frequently challenged negative outside perceptions about the country, reporting of the extraordinary freedom he had as a foreign student

Locals in East Asia sick of western tourists begging for money to fund round-the-world trip, "begpackers" in Bali sent to their embassies to get themselves sorted out

Britain seizes Iranian oil tanker off Gibraltar headed to Syria for violating EU sanctions by providing crude oil to Syrian regime, operation requested by US, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman calls actions a "form of piracy"

Dalai Lama apologises for comment saying any future female Dalai Lama should be "more attractive", claims it was spoken in jest which was lost in translation, also says comments stating refugees in EU should return home "may have been misinterpreted", however reserves no apology for suggesting Donald Trump has a "lack of moral principle"

Man falls 3,575ft to his death from landing gear of Nairobi to London Heathrow flight travelling at nearly 200mph into garden in South London, lands just feet from homeowner

Japan withdraws from International Whaling Commission and resumes commercial whaling for the first time in 31 years, will take place in Japanese territorial waters and be capped ensuring whales will not go extinct even in 100 years

Trump becomes first sitting president to visit North Korea, takes place at the heavily fortified so-called Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea, Trump says it’s a great honor and that "it is a great day for the world"

Khalifa Haftar orders his forces to attack Turkish ships and interests in Libya and arrest all Turks in the country in response to Turkish interventions in ongoing civil war

US and China reaches agreement at G20 summit to resume trade talks, Trump says he will allow US companies to continue to sell to Huawei and that US will not add tariffs on USD 300 billion worth of Chinese imports

Australian student Alek Sigley disappears in North Korea, has been running a travel company in Pyongyang since 2013, reports of him being detained

Trump lashes out at "ignorant and insulting" statement by Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, which said the White House was "mentally retarded", Trump says it shows Iran's leaders don't understand reality

New US sanctions target Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and senior Iranian commanders in Islamic Revolution Guard and the Imam's parastatal Setad, aimed to force Tehran to capitulate and accept negotiations, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif says US "despise diplomacy"

President Trump says he does not want war with Iran, but warned it would face "obliteration" if conflict broke out, adds that US is open to talks, last-minute decision to call off retaliation strikes made as he was told 150 Iranians would be killed which he didn't find proportionate

President Trump approves retaliatory military strikes against Iran, but calls them off with planes in the air and ships in position, government officials decline to comment

US military surveillance drone shot down by Iranian surface-to-air missile system over Strait of Hormuz, claiming aircraft violated Iranian airspace, US confirms incident but insists it was flying over international waters, Donald Trump tweets "Iran made a very big mistake!"

Japan's government not convinced attack on oil tankers committed by Iran, demands US proof, source at Foreign Ministry says if having expertise sophisticated enough to conduct attack is regarded as proof, that would apply to US and Israel as well

US blames Iran for attacks two oil tankers in Gulf of Oman, Tehran bluntly denies allegation, US video allegedly shows Iranian patrol boat removing unexploded limpet mine from Japanese-owned M/T Kokuka Courageous

Trump administration stops embassies from flying rainbow flag on official flagpoles during ongoing LGBTQ Pride Month, embassies in Israel, Germany and Brazil among those who have requested permission and been denied

International Space Station to host space tourists, Nasa plans charging visitors USD 35,000 per night and allow stays for up to 30 days, cost of travelling to orbit not included, Trump administration wants to stop government funding of the station by 2025

Xi Jinping expresses concern over extreme pressure by US on Iran, wants multinational nuclear deal between Iran and world powers for regional peace and stability, comments made to Russian media before visit to the country, China and Iran have close energy ties

George Nader, key witness in the Mueller investigation, charged with transporting child pornography after 12 sexually explicit videos with boys approximately aged between 2 to 14 years was found on his phone in January 2018, Nader has previously been charged and convicted for child pornography related crimes on multiple occasions

Mike Pompeo prepared to engage with Iran without pre-conditions over nuclear programme, but needs the country behaving like "a normal nation" – President Hassan Rouhani says Iran willing to hold talks if US shows it respect, foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi declares Iran does not "pay attention to word-play and expression of hidden agenda in new forms"

Donald Trump shows off new hair style, slicked back hair replaces president's iconic bouffant at Virginia church service

Viktor Orbán has done a tremendous job, is respected all over Europe and has kept Hungary safe, Donald Trump declares during Orbán’s White House visit

Four commercial ships targets of sabotage attack off United Arab Emirates, two Saudi oil tankers sustained significant damage, US has deployed warships to the region in recent days citing indications of threats from Iran, who's foreign ministry calls for a full investigation

Donald Trump vows to raise tariffs on USD 200 billion worth of Chinese goods from 10 to 25 percent as China backtracks on almost all aspects of trade deal negotiations, after 20 years of having their way with US, China still miscalculates the Trump administration, source says

Iran suspends parts of international nuclear deal, will keep enriched uranium stocks and threatens to resume production of more-highly-enriched uranium in 60 days if other signatories do not act to protect Iran from US sanctions

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó won't rule out US military intervention in Venezuala, says move to push out Maduro and call for free elections needs more military support, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo don't rule out military action, Maduro urges soldiers to out traitors and show loyalty to the Fatherland and its legitimate commander-in-chief

Trump administration to designate Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation, follows request by Egyptian President during White House visit in April, will bring economic and travel sanctions against Egypt's oldest Islamist movement

Pope Francis accused of committing heresy in open letter, states Pope has publicly denied truths of the faith and his words and actions amount to a comprehensive rejection of Catholic teaching on marriage and sexual activity, on the moral law, and on grace and the forgiveness of sins, many prominent clergymen and scholars among the signatories

ISIS terrorist leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi appears on video for first time in five years, praises terror attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka and comments on defeat in Baghouz

Donald Trump to make a state visit to the UK in June, plans to attend ceremony in Portsmouth to mark 75 years since D-Day landings, campaigners Stop Trump coalition and Stand Up To Trump vows to mobilise "huge numbers" once again in response to visit

Kim Jong-un expected to meet Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok in April, seen as symbolic Russian gesture to the Trump administration and South Korea, North Korea believed to be asking for free money in form of aid

More than 120 climate change activists arrested as Extinction Rebellion camps overnight at Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square and Oxford Circus, causing serious disruption to Londoners who wish to go about their daily business, protesters demand government to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2025

Julian Assange arrested at Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has taken refuge since 2012, Westminster Magistrates' Court finds him guilty of failing to surrender to the court, UK to decide whether to extradite Assange to the US where he faces federal conspiracy charges

James Thompson: New version of World’s IQ shows global score of 82, data quality varies between countries, but gives you a rule of thumb as to what countries, on average, are capable of doing

Former Communist-era intelligence chief in Bulgaria criticise his country's security services for not better monitoring Brenton Tarrant during a six-day tour of the country in 2018, Tarrant stayed at Kachaka Guesthouse in Pleven north of Sofia, owner Yordan Kacharmazov says only feature that stood out was his passport with a "The Islamic Republic of Pakistan" stamp

Donald Trump ends aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras over claims they set up caravans of migrants exporting them into US, Trump says "we were paying them tremendous amounts of money, and we're not paying them anymore because they haven't done a thing for us"

North Korea calls raid on its Madrid embassy "grave terrorist attack", just days before the Hanoi summit between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump a group of armed men burst into the embassy and stole documents and computers, North Korea suggests possible involvement of FBI and anti-DPRK body and calls on Spanish authorities to bring "terrorists and their wire-pullers to justice"

Chairman Ahmed Bhamji of New Zealand's biggest mosque Masjid E Umar says Mossad funded Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant during speech at rally organised by Love New Zealand Hate Racism, Israel's embassy condemned remarks as absurd and anti-Semitic

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz claims a financial link between Brenton Tarrant and the Identitarian Movement, head of the Identitarians Martin Sellner received a donation of EUR 1,500 in 2018 involving an email address that matched the name of Tarrant, Sellner denies any connection with Tarrant and says police have raided his house, Kurz says Austria is looking into dissolving the movement

Attackers behind assault on North Korean embassy in Madrid fled to US via Portugal, ten individuals broke into the embassy on February 22, assaulting personnel and taking computers and cellphones with them, seven of the assailants have been identified, including their alleged leader Adrian Hong Chang

Two Russian air force planes lands at Venezuela's main airport, the Ilyushin IL-62 jet and Antonov AN-124 cargo plane carried nearly 100 troops and 35 tonnes of material, according to media reports, Kremlin did not reply to request for comment

Turkish justice minister Abdulhamit Gül says Turkey visits of Brenton Tarrant in 2016 was beyond touristic travel, expects a transparent investigation process and is ready to cooperate with New Zealand authorities

Photo of police officer Michelle Evans wearing Calvin Klein scarf over her head while guarding the Memorial Park Cemetery in Christchurch gets shared widely – photographer Alden Williams says mix of scarf, red rose on her chest and Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle caught his eye

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern calls for global fight to root out racist right-wing ideology, rejected the idea that a rise in immigration is fuelling racism

40 dead in attack against two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, arrested perpetrator 28 year old Australian man who states in online text that motive for attack was resistance against immigration of non-Europeans

Investigators from Spanish police links two of the men who took part in an attack on North Korean embassy in Madrid to the CIA, on February 22 ten masked assailants broke into the embassy, beating and interrogating the diplomatic staff, CIA denies any involvement but Spanish government sources say their response was "unconvincing"

First next person on the Moon and the first person on Mars are likely to be women, Nasa says, who will have its first all-female spacewalk at the end of the month, women currently comprise 34 per cent of its active astronauts

Huawei sues US over ban signed by Donald Trump on government agencies buying its equipment or services, claims the company is not owned, controlled or influenced by the Chinese government and have been declared guilty of a crime without trial

Privately-funded Israeli moon lander Beresheet experiences strange computer malfunction, moments before a critical maneuver the navigation computer reset and cancelled the commands, the spacecraft is attempting to jump between Earth and moon orbits to conserve power

Australian Cardinal George Pell convicted of child sex crimes, found guilty of one count of sexual abuse and four counts of indecent assault of two boys at Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne in the 1990s

Iranian Foreign Minister responsible for 2015 nuclear deal with foreign governments submits resignation, Mohammad Javad Zarif announced his resignation on Instagram which is one of the few social media platforms not blocked in the country, Iran watchers speculate the move is a prelude to regime change efforts in the country

Britain to classify entire Hezbollah as terrorist organization due to the group's destabilizing Middle East influence, Interior Minister Sajid Javid says impossible to distinguish between the already banned military wing and the political party

Trump administration targets decriminalization of homosexuality in 70 remaining countries, effort led by openly-gay US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, the initiative comes in response to reported hanging of gay man in Iran

Poland withdraws from Visegrad group talks with Israel over caustic Israeli rhetoric, acting foreign minister Israel Katz accused Poland of Nazi collaboration, quoted former Israeli PM in saying Poles "sucked anti-Semitism with their mothers' milk"

Ikea omits New Zealand on world map product BJÖRKSTA, the company apologized after the error was spotted by a Reddit-using shopper, missing-New Zealand phenomenon so common it has spawned a sub-Reddit called /r/MapsWithoutNZ

Department of Homeland Security arrests 129 Indian students enrolling in fake university, claims the students, who face possible deportation, knew University of Farmington was illegal and used it to extend their visa, Indian government protests and says students could have been tricked

USD 840 million in Venezuelan gold bars prepared for loading onto Russian jet, lawmaker says, represents 20% of the country's holding of the metal, finance minister Simon Zerpa denies the claim, Russia is reportedly owed billions by the Latin American nation

Bank of England holds USD 1.2 billion in Venezuelan gold hostage despite repeated redemption requests, Turkey has become a prime conduit for Maduro regime's gold mining output, coordinated effort between US and UK to divert funds to opposition under Juan Guaidó

European Commission includes Saudi Arabia on list of countries linked to terrorist financing, mostly based on criteria from the international Financial Action Task Force, Saudi Arabia is attempting a critical economic overhaul which is threatened by inclusion that restricts foreign investors

Pressure increases on Venezuelan President Maduro to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaidó as winner of recent election, German and Spanish governments threaten to push EU proceedings to recognize Guaidó as interim president unless fresh elections are held immediately, fall short of declaring him rightful president

US recognizes Venezuela opposition leader as rightful president, diplomatic ties to be cut according to Maduro, protests intensify, Russia warns US against intervention

Turkish President Erdogan says Turkey ready to invade Syria to protect its interests, the country is set to take over security in Manbij from US forces, warns of continued threats from ISIS and Kurdish paramilitaries YPG and PKK

Taliban claims US representatives moving the goal posts in peace negotiations, the militant organization seeks Qatar as a venue over Saudi Arabia to deny participation of Afghan government, declares USA is its sole true adversary which it claims is engaged in "unlawful pressures" during negotiations

US arrests Iranian news reporter Marzieh Hashemi in St Louis while she visits family, the woman was born Melanie Franklin and changed her name following her convertion to Islam after marrying an Iranian, she claims she is being held in poor conditions and denied food and clothing necessary to observing her faith

Growing trend of Saudi students accused of crimes in Oregon escaping justice with help from Saudi consulate, the university students have been charged with crimes ranging from rape to murder, 1,000 of 44,000 Saudi students in US were in Oregon during 2017–2018 school year

President Trump tweets threat to "devastate Turkey economically" if they attack Syrian Kurds, renews calls for US pullout and says "Stop the ENDLESS WARS!"

Canadian convicted of drug smuggling in China faces death penalty sentence after retrial, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg originally arrested in 2014 and was given 15-year prison term, critics allege the new sentencing is retaliation for detention of Huawei executive in Canada

Polish security services arrest Chinese national and former Polish security official on spying charges, the Chinese man worked for Huawei Technologies, but authorities deny this case is connected to the company

NYPD using China's "Skynet" facial recognition technology in NYC on large scale, the program designed by Chinese firm Hikvision has been deployed in River Park government housing project since 2014, the system is identical to mainland China system which enables government to identify any individual within 3 seconds

World Bank president announces abrupt departure with 3 years remaining in his tenure, Jim Yong Kim to step down to follow private initiatives, new president likely to be a Trump appointee