US considers leaving UN human rights council according to unconfirmed government sources 

UK wants US to join Commonwealth as associate member, Royal Commonwealth Society opens branch in New York to promote plan 

Cardinal Joseph Zen fears Vatican on verge of giving Chinese government power over Christians in country by recognizing regime controlled Catholic Patriotic Association 

Seven planets of which three in habitable zone discovered around dwarf star 39 light-years from Earth, astronomers consider find unique and promise extensive additional studies 

New Zealand judge rules that Kim Dotcom may be extradited to the US to face fraud charges, Dotcom argues that the supreme courts of both countries already ruled that copyright infringement is not fraud 

Islam not source of terrorism according to Angela Merkel, false understanding behind militancy but this can only be said by muslims, German chancellor says 

Syrian president says ban on country's citizens to enter US is for stopping terrorists, not a measure against Syrian people 

WikiLeaks releases documents showing CIA seven-month spying campaign and involvement in the 2012 French presidential election 

Researchers present technological solution to stop sea from rising, millions of wind-powered pumps could refreeze melting Arctic 

Gambia rejoins Commonwealth, Boris Johnson says British influence growing after Brexit vote 

Russian spy ship off US East Coast, deployment of cruise missiles in violation 1987 INF Treaty, may be test of Trump Administration 

Russia deploys cruise missile in violation of 1987 INF Treaty 

Saudi crown prince and interior minister Mohammed bin Nayef awarded CIA medal, claims Arab kingdom denounces terrorism in all forms 

North Korea tests ballistic missile for first time since October, Shinzo Abe condemns during ongoing US visit, Trump expresses total support for Japan 

Central Bank of Germany brings home 300 tons of gold previously stored in New York, has brought back large gold quantities from France and England in the last decades 

UK government tries to plan Trump visit for days when parliament is not in session to avoid president being snubbed from addressing it 

Russia considers turning over Edward Snowden to US as favor to Trump, according to multiple US intelligence sources 

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians protest US and Trump, increased tensions between countries after US president says Iran will face closer scrutiny after recent missile test 

Julian Assange will be asked to leave Ecuador embassy if Guillermo Lasso wins presidential election next week, current government also unhappy with extended stay 

Russia sends 50 SS-21 ballistic missiles to Syria, largest delivery so far according to US sources 

Iranian professor at Italian university arrested on visit to native country, sentenced to death for espionage without trial, to be executed in two weeks 

China foreign minister Wang Yi tones down tension with US, says both sides would lose in conflict and neither side can afford this 

Belarus mobilizes after Russia introduces border controls on previously unguarded border between countries, tensions between countries has increased after Belarusian President Lukashenko approached EU and made several anti-Russian statements 

Anonymous hacks darknet-hosting service Freedom Hosting II, claims 50% of hosted content was child porn, all data available for download excluding child porn but including 381,000 email addresses 

China has shredded confidence by demanding veto over neighboring states, says US defense minister Mattis at Tokyo news conference, as of yet no need for military rather than diplomatic maneuvers 

Iran conducts new missile test after earlier test causes Trump to impose new sanctions, promises own sanctions against US individuals and companies 

Controversial philosopher Alexander Dugin instrumental to restoring relations between Russia and Turkey, claims to be more outspoken as spider in web without formal position 

EU gives Libya increased financial support and assistance with border control to curb migrant wave, Italy signs separate agreement with country and offers EUR 200 million  

Trump demands Israel ceases settlement announcements, says unilateral action undermines his ambition to make two-state solution reality 

Theresa May criticizes 16 Muslim countries for Israeli citizen entry ban 

Ikea wants to sell textiles made by Syrian refugees, rugs and other products to be available in Middle Eastern markets by 2019 

US and NATO reinforcement of troops and tanks in eastern Europe is not just training excercise but sharp message to Russia, according to Ben Hodges, general of US troops in Europe 

Trump prefers bilateral treaties over multilateral, repositions Great Britain over EU, Brexit and Trump part of national and global regime change, according to Eurointelligence 

Nine Venezuelan converts allowed to stay in Israel after authorities find compromise – must undergo repeat Conservative conversion and join an established religious community 

Russia builds three new nuclear-powered icebreakers, recreates Arctic military presence with a focus on conventional warfare rather than nuclear weapons during the Soviet period, is seen as part of the competition for Arctic oil 

China will overtake US in nuclear capacity by 2026 according to report by BMI, 20 reactors under construction, 176 more planned 

Russian businessman Anton Bakov wishes to install Russian royal family Romanov on islands in Kiribati, whose government is now seriously considering his proposal 

US special forces kill 57 persons in attack on what is said to be al-Qaeda's headquarters in Yemen, an eight-year girl dies 

People's Liberation Army claims increased risk of war between the US and China, more warning than a show of strength according to expert at Eurasia Group 

US defense minister James Mattis expected to confirm Senkaku islands covered by security treaty, says Yomiuri Shimbun sources, reaction to increased Chinese activity in area welcomed by Japan as more clear message from Trump than during campaign 

World governments increasingly corrupt according to Transparency International and Economist Intelligence Unit, only 24 countries has increased score since last yearly measurement 

Palestinian Authority claims to have received Obama's last minute USD 221 million payment despite Trump's attempt to stop it 

Israel, Cyprus and Greece sign agreement on tourism, agriculture and innovation 

Japanese jets intercept three Russian military planes approaching Japanese border 

William Baulch: Support for Libya general Hifter may be Putin's next foreign policy move, would be ideal proxy to build power in North Africa 

Theresa May promises US and UK will stop invading small resource-rich countries in order to reform them, calls policy of predecessor Blair failed liberal interventionism 

Mikhail Gorbachev warns world is on path toward major war, asks Trump and Putin to use UN Security Council to declare nuclear war unacceptable 

Respect for "One China" principle requirement for solution oriented dialogue with US according to foreign minister Wang Yi 

Knights of Malta Grand Master Matthew Festing resigns at request of Pope Francis in wake of conflict between Vatican and chivalric order formed in 11th century 

China claims irrefutable sovereignty over disputed artificial islands in South China Sea, responding to US vow to defend international territories 

Israel gives green light to building of 2,500 new settler homes on West Bank, suspected to be encouraged by Trump's friendly attitude toward Israel 

US aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush sets sail to assist fight against IS terrorists, was delayed six months due to budget cuts 

Trump signs executive order withdrawing US from trade deal TPP fulfilling campaign pledge 

Danish government gets parliament approval to send 60 special forces troops to US-led operation against IS terrorists in Syria 

US kills 100 in air strikes in northern Syria, victims said to be al-Qaida members 

Russia extends Snowden's asylum to 2020, soon qualifying him to apply for citizenship 

Kamran Bokhari: Russia's cooperation with the Taliban new phenomenon, interested in stabilizing region for its own safety but also part of power play with US 

Large decline in Chinese tourism to Paris due to increased crime and violence — Russia, Italy and Spain becoming more popular alternatives 

First freight train traveling new Silk Road from China to London arrives after 12,000 km 18-day journey, transporting clothes and other retail goods 

Taiwan delegation to attend Trump's inauguration despite China's opposition and declarations that Tramp undermines Sino-US relations 

American force of about 300 marines deployed in Norway, Russia questions Oslo's decision and demands explanation 

Russia plans to upgrade and expand its air and naval bases in Syria 

Chinese state media warn that US confrontation over newly built islands in South China Sea will have devastating consequences, respond to Rex Tillerson’s statement on preventing Chinese access to islands 

US funds tens of thousands of Afghan ghost soldiers and officials, says audit authority and concludes that despite enormous costs situation in country is deteriorating 

US destroyer fires warning shots at Iranian naval vessels in Strait of Hormuz, were headed towards the destroyer at high speed, unacceptable behavior says White House spokesperson 

Iran receives 130 tons of uranium from Russia, can be used to produce nuclear weapons, delivery is not contravening agreement with Iran say US diplomats 

US has paid 10 billion USD to Iran since nuclear agreement, says Iran, Obama administration accused of playing down cost 

Iran's intelligence services planned to assassinate German Social Democrat politician and Israel advocate on German soil, appointed prosecuted Pakistani assassin employed by German Space Agency 

5,000 square kilometer iceberg close to breaking away from Antarctica, would be one of the ten greatest ever recorded 

US intelligence releases declassified report with accusations of claimed Russian influence campaign against DNC and US election, doesn't release sources 

Largest US transport of combat vehicles since Cold War arrives in Germany, US also sends Blackhawk, Apache and Chinook helicopters to face Russian aggression 

Representatives of Ovaherero and Nama peoples file class action suit against Germany, claim colonial regime committed genocide between 1904 and 1905 in modern-day Namibia 

Obama administration sold weapons for over USD 200 billion, most since World War 2, majority to Middle East with Saudi Arabia as main importer 

Venezuela Jews leave for Israel, flee from poverty, crime and anti-Semitism 

1,100 African migrants storm border crossing to Spanish exclave of Ceuta, all stopped, five Spanish and 50 Moroccan policemen injured 

Saudi Arabia world's top importer of arms with annual imports of 13 billion USD, India and Pakistan second and third with 11.1 and 7.2 billion, according to US Congress report 

US expels 35 Russian diplomats, Putin doesn't take the measures that his foreign minister recommends, wants to wait and see how relations between the countries develop with Trump as president 

First female pilot in Afghanistan air force seeks asylum in US, fears for life after threats 

Alan Dershowitz: Obama backstabbed Israel, will be remembered as one of worst foreign policy presidents ever 

Melanie Phillips: Following Obama's and May's betrayal of Israel in Security Council, it is high time to drain UN swamp 

Putin says Democrats have forgotten what they stand for, US and Russia relations will improve with Trump, does not consider US aggressor towards Russia 

Airplane from Libya with 118 passengers hijacked, has landed in Malta where hostage taker threatens to detonate hand grenade and claims to be Gaddafi loyalist 

Russia performs fifth test with PL-19 Nudol missile capable of taking out satellites according to Pentagon official, China also develops similar weapons 

UN General Assembly honors Fidel Castro with silent minute for third time since Cuban dictator's death 

Obama used "red phone" to warn Putin in connection to suspected Russian hacker attacks during US election, system was created in 1963 to avoid nuclear war 

UK defense secretary forced to admit British cluster bombs used in Yemen by Saudis who promise this will stop, defends their use against legitimate military targets 

George Friedman, Jacob Shapiro: Greatest challenge for Russia 2017 not military but economic, ruble weaker, large parts of country run deficits, hard to modernize armed forces 

Russia's ambassador shot dead in Ankara, video of event showing the perpetrator implies attack was revenge for situation in Aleppo 

China returns US underwater drone confiscated in South China Sea, demands US stops surveillance of Chinese waters 

Ayatollah Khamenei points to Britain as actual source of evil and misery in Middle East after Theresa May calls Iran threat against region 

UN has disproportionate focus on criticizing Israel, says General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, not helpful for Palestinian cause, hinders organization from being efficient  

China grabs US Navy underwater drone, conducts live-fire drills with aircraft carrier, interpreted as reaction to Trump call with Taiwan president 

Wikileaks did not receive Podesta emails from Russia or other state actor, Clinton had won election if polls were correct, according to Julian Assange in interview with Sean Hannity [video]  

US cancels certain arms sales to Saudi Arabia due to concerns over civilian casualties in Yemen, continue to refuel Saudi warplanes and support country with intelligence resources 

Having 0% corporate tax rate sovereign right guaranteed by the UN, says Bermuda's finance minister, whose country has been named world's foremost tax haven, booking more profits than China, Canada or Germany 

India has world's fourth-largest defense budget, spending more than Russia and expected to spend more than now third-placed Britain in 2018, US and China remain unchallenged in top two 

EU signs agreement with Cuba to normalize relations, country's foreign minister declares that ties with Europe are important to build socialist economy 

US government approves Boeing's sale of 80 passenger aircraft to Iran, largest American-Iranian deal since 1979 is expected to generate tens of thousands of American jobs 

John Kerry given Legion of Honor, is a tireless fighter for peace and most French of all American officials, says France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault 

Japan brings garbage collection to space, tests 700 meter electrodynamic tether to slow down capsule to lower orbit after resupplying ISS