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Jason C. Ditz: Death of four American soldiers in Niger reveals attempt to hide intervention, Pentagon's habit of defining troops to be advisors enables worldwide military deployments 

World Health Organization appoints Robert Mugabe to goodwill ambassador, hopes he will use role to influence other leaders in region 

US wants to deepen cooperation with India and offers help to strengthen country's defense capabilities, discussions ongoing about creating alternatives to Chinese infrastructure financing in East Asia according to Secretary of State Tillerson  

The Kobe Steel certificate scandal deepens as employees claim quality falsification has been ongoing since the 1970s, several investigations launched towards the company around the world 

Marc Faber resigns from multiple boards after newsletter remarks on American history deemed racist, the investor commented “if stating some historical facts makes me a racist, then I suppose that I am a racist” 

Russia to introduce state-controlled cryptocurrency according to communications minister Nikolai Nikiforov, 13% tax when exchanging if unless one can prove where the money comes from, blockchain based, but cannot be mined by anyone  

Around 100 IS terrorists have surrendered since Friday in Raqqa – city possibly liberated within days according to YPG spokesman, US more cautious concerning timeframe 

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Non-aggression principle not enough to establish or maintain libertarian society, must be complemented by conservative values, realism, common sense and a populist strategy [video] 

German foreign minister Gabriel warns Trump that withdrawing from Iran nuclear agreement "will drive us Europeans into a common position with Russia and China against the USA" 

The US and Israel leave UN agency UNESCO, the US refers to anti-Israeli bias and the need for comprehensive reform, Israel prays its closest allied 

Belgium suspends all school projects in Palestine after school built with Brussels' aid renamed in honor of mass-murdering terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, spokesman says country "unequivocally condemns the glorification of terrorist attacks" 

The Nobel Peace Prize for 2017 is awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons ICAN for drawing attention to their catastrophic humanitarian consequences and for its efforts to achieve a treaty-based prohibition, the Norwegian Nobel Committee calls upon nuclear-armed states to initiate serious negotiations to eliminate nuclear weapons in the world 

Saudi Arabia's king Salman visits Russia with 1,000-strong delegation, first official visit by Saudi monarch results in lucrative deals including arms sales and investments in energy projects 

Turkey opens military base in Mogadishu where up to 1,000 Somali soldiers can be trained at a time, base cost USD 50 million to build and is Turkey's biggest overseas military compound 

Elon Musk proposes using rocket designed for Mars travel for traveling between places on Earth, under an hour flight regardless of destination, cost comparable to commercial flight 

Average US taxpayer has paid nearly USD 7,500 to fund wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria since 9/11, according to Pentagon budget data  

3.4 magnitude earthquake registered in north-eastern North Korea according to China Earthquake Networks Center, presumed artificial explosion as epicenter matches recent nuclear test location  

U.S sends 3,000 additional troops to Afghanistan to bolster Afghan army in fight against the Taliban, al-Qaeda and IS terrorists, brings total number of U.S. troops in country to over 11,000 

UK sells 24 Eurofighter Typhoon multirole combat aircraft to Qatar, Britain’s Ministry of Defence hopes sale will help enhance security on Arabian Peninsula  

Erdoğan says Turkey will hold high-level security meeting to mull response over planned Kurdish independence referendum in Iraq, accuses region's leaders of "serious political inaptitude" for going ahead with vote  

North Korea fires ICBM over northern Hokkaido – missile traveled 3,700 km in 19 minutes, enough to reach Guam according to South Korea’s military 

US Department of Homeland Security issues directive to all federal departments to identify, plan for and remove all products from Kaspersky Lab within 90 days, expected to be a national security risk as company is russian and might have similar connections to russian state as it's american dito 

Netanyahu says Israel supports Kurdish secession efforts as Iraqi Kurds gear up for independence referendum opposed by Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria 

Heckler & Koch stops selling arms to war zones, corrupt countries and non-democracies, promises to keep delivering to NATO-equivalent countries 

Syria says Israeli jets hit military base with rockets fired from Lebanese airspace, two soldiers killed, chemical weapons production facility also hit in attack according to unconfirmed Arab media reports, no comment from Israel 

UN report concludes that Syrian government was behind Sarin attack in Khan Sheikhoun in April, conclusion is based on 43 witness interviews, satellite imagery and assumption that other explanations are improbable 

USA orders Russia to close its San Francisco consulate together with offices in Washington and New York, next step in escalation of the diplomatic conflict between the countries 

Pentagon admits that US has close to 11,000 soldiers in Afghanistan and not 8,400 which has been official number, similar review pending for Syria and Iraq as Obama administration's troop cap kept public count artificially low 

Sea Shepherds announces that they will give up their attempts to thwart Japanese whale research in the south Pacific Ocean, claims the Japanese Navy is conspiring against the organisation, promises to instead develop alternative strategies to stop future research expeditions 

Muslim persecution of Christians a global problem, compilation from April shows violence, hatred and vandalization of Christian symbols worldwide 

Lithuania buys natural gas from the US, pays higher price but assumes political gains weigh up economic loss when Vilnius wishes to cement relationship with the superpower 

US increases military presence in Afghanistan with several thousand paratroopers according to Fox News source, Trump says strategy should not be limited by arbitrary timetables 

Five injured and ten missing after US destroyer USS John S McCain collides with oil tanker outside Singapore 

Sri Lanka tops global torture referrals list for sixth year running with 230 cases in 2016, runner-up Iran with 140 cases, according to Freedom from Torture summary report 

German NGO Sea-Eye follows Doctors Without Borders in suspending working off Libyan coast after country starts barring foreign vessels from entering stretch of water, organization claims to have handled 12,000 persons in area since April 2016 

Phillip Orchard: Japan slowly but surely remilitarizing motivated by China’s ability to threaten it from further afield, supported by U.S. but might be hindered by Abe's lack of capital due to dwindling support 

Trump says military option one of many available for dealing with Venezuela, Venezuelan defense minister Padrino calls threat act of "craziness" 

North Korea says carefully examining using ballistic missile Hwasong-12 to strike American military bases on Guam 

Russian FM Lavrov says Russia and U.S. ready to continue complex issues dialogue despite bilateral tensions, statement following meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson in Manila 

China's foreign minister Wang Yi urges North Korea to stop nuclear and missile tests, and US and South Korea not to increase tensions 

U.S. formally leaves Paris climate agreement, will continue to participate in UN climate meetings during expected three year withdrawal process, opens up to staying in agreement if terms renegotiated to better suit country 

London’s High Court dismisses Iraqi general's bid to prosecute Tony Blair for invading Iraq in 2003, claims there is "no prospect" of the case succeeding as "crime of aggression" not recognised in English law 

Russia orders U.S. to slash staff at its diplomatic missions in Russia by 755 in retaliation for new sanctions approved by Congress, Putin says he hopes no further steps necessary 

North Korea successfully test-fires second intercontinental ballistic missile, analyst says that if reported flight data is correct the ICBM could reach Los Angeles, Denver or Chicago 

Nicaragua sues U.S. for USD 17 billion for damages and interference in 1980s Nicaraguan civil war, measure comes in response to new Nica Act sanctions unanimously approved by US Foreign Relations Committee 

Russia and China will have joint military drill in the Baltic Sea at the end of July, want to strengthen the cooperation between the states 

More than 2,300 civilians killed by Coalition strikes overseen by Trump in Iraq and Syria, averaging to over four times more per month than under Obama, shows in part brutal final stages of Raqqa and Mosul battles but also indications that civilian protections have lessened under Trump, according to Airwars research 

EU allows member countries to ban export of inflatable boats and outboard motors to Libya when thinking they will be used by human traffickers, measure not to be applied to fishermen and others with legitimate needs 

Sweden ranked first in Oxfam's equality index that measures politicians trying to reduce the gap in wealth between rich and poor, social spending, progressive taxation and workers' rights three key areas, Sweden didn't come first in any of the key areas 

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI says Catholic church "on the verge of capsizing" in speech at conservative Cardinal Joachim Meisner's funeral, is interpreted as heavy criticism of Pope Francis 

Identitarian "Defend Europe" charters 130-foot ship with crowdfunded USD 100,000 to obstruct Mediterranean migrant flow and return migrants to Africa, plans to work together with Libyan coastguard but unclear how country views project 

China sends troops and warships to the country's first foreign military base in Djibouti, claiming the base will be used for logistic purposes 

Trump nominates notorious China critic Dennis Shea as government's deputy US trade envoy, is likely to result in trade barriers against China 

Macron says monetary contributions to African countries ineffective, corruption and high birth rates problems that cannot be solved with money  

Israel concurs with Hungarian criticism of George Soros, says billionaire finances organizations which slander Israel and its government 

Egypt deports Uyghur students to China, more than 200 have been sent back during July  

Trump and Putin agree on cease-fire in southwest Syria at G20 meeting, Assad's future remains unclear 

Tesla to build world's largest battery in South Australia, 100 MW and 129 MWh, stands by promise to not demand payment if not finished in 100 days 

Canadian citizen and Guantanamo prisoner who killed a US soldier in Afghanistan receives USD 10.5 million from the Canadian government, as Canada didn't protect their citizen and conspired with the United States 

World's governments lack in cybersecurity preparations says UN telecom union, Singapore exception with near-perfect approach, Equatorial Guinea at bottom of Global Cybersecurity Index with zero score 

North Korea successfully launches missile, Japanese media reports it may have landed within Japan's EEZ, just days after South Korea and USA agree to open up for dialogue with the regime 

China accuses U.S. of "serious political and military provocation" after guided-missile destroyer sails within 12 nautical miles of Triton Island in South China Sea, sent battle ships and fighter jets to warn off the vessel 

Recapture of al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul marks end of IS caliphate says Iraqi prime minister al-Abadi, IS terrorists continue to hold ground in city, complete victory imminent according to coalition spokesman 

Number of African students in China up from 2,000 to almost 50,000 in less than 15 years, China now more common destination than US and UK, France still clear leader 

Ashok Sharma: India and US so interconnected that frosty relations are unthinkable, reason is stronger lobbying from increasingly influential Indian-Americans and increased economic and military cooperation 

Ecuador demands Taiwan remove Republic of China from its Ecuadorian representative office name, Taiwan has previously complained about Beijing campaigning for countries to change office names 

Gareth Porter: CIA funneled Benghazi arms to rebel groups associated with al-Qaeda in Syria, helped Saudi and Qatar buy left-over arms from Balkan Wars and transfer them to Syria, US sold Saudi 15,000 TOW missiles for distribution to anti-Assad factions 

White House accuses Syrian government of preparing chemical weapons attack, fails to provide evidence supporting accusation, says Assad will 'pay a heavy price' if attack carried out 

Bahrain accuses Qatar of military escalation that will bear consequences after growing Turkish force with light tanks spotted in Doha, number of troops may rise to around 1,000 and joint military exercise will be carried out in the coming weeks, according to Hürriyet  

China expands ambitious Silk Road project with Arctic strategy, new route could cut distance to Europe by a third 

Total world population expected to be slightly less than 10 billion in 2050, Nigeria has fastest growth and becomes third most populous country, India to overtake China in seven years 

Bavarian boys, 13 and 14 years old, suspected for firing plastic bullets from toy gun toward Thai king Rama X during the latter's vacation in Germany, king was hit while biking and was not injured 

Canadian sniper breaks world record by killing IS terrorist from 3,540 meters using McMillan TAC-50 rifle  

Trump launches intensive mediation efforts in Middle East by sending son-in-law Jared Kushner to hold peace talks between Israel and Palestine 

US student Otto Warmbier dies after North Korea imprisonment, was returned in coma, previously sentenced to forced labor after stealing poster 

Microsoft and Accenture launch blockchain-based proof of identity for refugees using both biometrical and personal information 

Lockheed Martin working in India with local industrial giant Tata to manufacture F-16 jets, expects large order from government of India 

UN issues warning that Israeli army exacerbates the Syrian war by steady and increasingly large support to Syrian rebels 

Russia vows to track and treat US planes as targets in Syria following the downing of Syrian ditto, suspends hotline between the two powers 

EU stopped from criticizing China's crackdown on dissidents in UN after Greek veto — Greece says condemnation not constructive, recent Chinese investments crucial for country's slow economy 

US shoots down Syrian army jet in Raqqa province and calls measure collective self-defense of rebels, attack undermines struggle against IS terrorists according to Syria's army 

Australia pulls out last three police officers serving with UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus, prioritizes counterterrorism and missions closer to home 

Increasing number of asylum seekers in Germany goes on vacation to countries they claim to have fled from, many trips paid for by German tax payers 

US expected to send another 4,000 troops to Afghanistan, current figure of about 10,000 a tenth of peak during Obama administration 2009 

Panama cuts long-standing diplomatic ties with Taiwan and establishes relations with China in what is described as coup, only 20 countries now have relations with Taiwan 

American special forces provide technical assistance in Filipino battle against 200 IS-affiliated militants holed up for three weeks with up to 1,000 civilians in part of Marawi City, cooperation significant as Duterte earlier vowed to eject US military trainers and advisers 

Conservative libertarianism growing faster than progressive, Sweden has unusually large and radical liberty movement, come to Coraxconf on Malta and listen to Hans-Hermann Hoppe, says Martin Eriksson in interview with Jeff Deist at 

Rex Tillerson urges Gulf countries to ease blockade on Qatar, says restrictions have humanitarian consequences and are harmful to US business activities 

Saudi Arabia national soccer team refuses to line up for minute's silence during match against Australia, was supposed to honor victims of London terrorist attack where two Australian citizens were killed, claims minute of silence is not in keeping with Saudi culture 

EU gives EUR 50 million to African joint military force with mission to combat jihadists in Sahel region, multiple Islamist groups active in area 

George Friedman: Diplomacy will not solve conflict between North Korea and US, Kim Jong-un will not accept American nuclear observers and China is not an adequate arbitrator 

Identitarian group raises over GBP 50,000 to pay for boats disrupting vessels picking up migrants in Mediterranean 

Russia close to selling air-defense system to Turkey, relations between countries improving even though some Russian sanctions remain in place 

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing country of supporting terrorism and extremist groups 

Australia, Japan, India and Vietnam seek to increase co-operation and bolster informal alliances according to diplomats, want to counter Chinese influence if US withdraws 

Vietnam buys US power generation technology and aircraft engines worth USD 8 billion after White House visit, General Electric and Caterpillar benefit from deal, strengthens trade relations between countries 

George Friedman: US prepares for war against North Korea, military build up in area significant, most likely outcome is war between countries after a few weeks of quiet diplomacy 

British Airways global system outage results in massive queues and delayed flights, no evidence of cyber attack according to the company 

Former Ethiopian health minister Tedros Adhanom first African to be assigned leader of WHO, chosen over doctors from UK and Pakistan 

Saudi Arabia and UAE donate USD 100 million to World Bank fund for women entrepreneurs inspired by Ivanka Trump