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Saudi Arabia and UAE donate USD 100 million to World Bank fund for women entrepreneurs inspired by Ivanka Trump 

Duterte on five-day trip to Russia to meet his favourite hero Putin and seek military support in struggle against Islamic militants, move could steer Philippine foreign policy course further away from longtime ally US 

Eleven countries with Canada at forefront seek to continue controversial TPP negotiations after US pulled out in January, both Japan and New Zealand willing to revive deal 

Svalbard global seed vault leaked water near entrance, renovation and decreased number of visitors to keep seeds safe in future 

China killed or imprisoned as many as 20 US intelligence sources from 2010 to 2012 following massive intelligence breach, investigators split over how the information leaked, according to the New York Times 

Putin pledges to send several thousand tons of wheat each month to Venezuela following phone call with Maduro, according to the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry 

Macron visits Mali and vows to escalate France's military operations in country to counter Islamists, urges Germany and other European nations to help with military and development aid 

Trump renews Obama's sanctions relief against Iran, previously called deal worst ever, US companies can keep doing business with Iran 

Nick Turse: US military quietly expanding presence in Africa, carrying out 100 missions at any given time — 17% of all American commandos stationed in the region, up from 1% ten years ago 

US supplies the Afghan military with 159 refurbished Black Hawk helicopters as part of four-year program, considered necessary to break current deadlock in the country 

Lewis Tallon: Despite reduced tensions in Libya country is still divided and in disarray, dysfunctional governments supported by different foreign powers and Trump's ambiguous attitude will cause uncertainty in years to come 

UN envoy Staffan de Mistura denies Syria peace talks being irrelevant despite criticism from both Assad and opposition 

Extensive cyber attack against tens of thousands of organizations in dozens of countries, many hospitals among the affected, exploit used part of information leaked from NSA 

Russia offers life line to Cuba with advantageous oil deal, necessary when previous supplier Venezuela collapses 

US in talks with Saudi Arabia on contracts for tens of billions of dollars in arms sales ahead of Trump's visit to kingdom say sources to Reuters, deal includes laser-guided bombs despite previous concerns over civilian casualties in Yemen 

Vatican and Myanmar establish full diplomatic relations, important step for normalization of Asian country, happening despite Pope Francis previously criticizing treatment of Rohingya people 

Russia, Iran and Turkey agree to create four safe zones in Syria to enable delivery of aid, rebel delegates refuse to sign document and storm out of meeting in protest 

Russia-Turkey relations restored to normalcy according to Putin, economic sanctions after Russian fighter jet was shot down repealed and trade is growing 

First legal cannabis import to Australia completed, delivery from Canada to benefit children with epilepsy and cancer patients 

FBI interpreter defects from mission, travels to Syria and marries German IS terrorist Abu Talha al-Almani instead of investigating him, new husband is successful IS recruiter and former rap artist 

Trump considers increase military presence in Afghanistan, speculation about 3,000 to 5,000 troops as advisors in war against Taliban and unspecified number of special forces to fight IS terrorists and al-Qaeda 

Trump invites Duterte to visit White House after telephone call which was reportedly cheerful and positive for relationship between countries 

Montenegro parliament votes unanimously to approve NATO membership, pro-Russian parliamentarians boycott vote, represents historic shift of alliances toward West 

Relations thaw between US and Argentina after old acquaintances Trump and Macri meet in White House, increased cooperation for crime-fighting planned but not economic support assumed sought by Macri 

Bill by Russian politician proposes turning Crimea into tax haven, would allow anonymous wealth management, exceptions from banking licenses and fast track to citizenship, inspired by Delaware and British Virgin Islands 

US troops deployed to northern Syria close to Turkish border days after Turkish air force kills US backed kurds 

US plans relocation 4,000 of 19,000 marines from Japanese island Okinawa to US territory Guam, move planned for 2020-2024 and is welcomed by locals 

Turkey blocks Wikipedia, multiple versions of the site unavailable for users from multiple ISPs 

South Korea refuses pay whole cost of missile defense system THAAD as demanded by Trump, refers to agreement where US pledged to bear part of cost 

Jacob Shapiro: Upheavals in Middle East sign of Islamist awakening rather than Arab spring, protests not orchestrated by liberal idealists but by groups which preferred Islam instead of artificial nation-states 

PM of Belgium regret country's participation in electing Saudi Arabia to UN women's rights commission, says mistake committed due to insufficient internal discussion 

US increases diplomatic pressure on North Korea and tightens sanctions in order to prevent new missile tests, strategy announced after special meeting with senators 

IMF drops pledge to fight protectionism from closing note of spring meetings in Washington, members instead promise to jointly fight trade imbalances 

Saudi Arabia elected to UN Commission on the Status of Women after secret ballot, like making arsonist town fire chief according to UN Watch director who estimates five EU countries supported result 

US State Department approves support for Peshmerga, two infantry brigades and two artillery battalions to be fully outfitted for USD 295.6 million pending approval from Congress 

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: Interventionists unable to learn from mistakes since they are not themselves affected, while warlords throughout history have died in battle today's hawks sit in air-conditioned offices and let innocents in Middle East pay the price 

Daniel Larison: US participation in Saudi operations against Yemen a monstrous war crime, contributes to famine and creates new enemies, disgusting that Trump kills innocents in attempt to counter Iran 

Erdoğan claims victory in Turkish constitutional referendum, will dramatically increase power of presidency 

France's foreign minister Ayrault visits Uzbekistan and emphasizes need to strengthen security cooperation in light of terrorist attacks in Saint Petersburg and Stockholm, says both countries have issues linked to Islamism 

US sends dozens of soldiers to Somalia, will train forces fighting al-Shabab, first time regular US troops deployed in country since 1994 

US greenlights Montenegro NATO membership, does not invite collision with Russia according to John McCain but necessary to resist Russian aggression 

US attacks IS terrorists in Afghanistan with MOAB, largest non-nuclear bomb in arsenal, used to destroy tunnels in Nangarhar province 

George Friedman: US will keep intervening in Middle East during foreseeable future, lacks military resources for stabilization but admitting impossibility of success is politically impossible 

Trump reverses position on NATO, says alliance is no longer obsolete after talking to Jens Stoltenberg 

Satellite images suggest North Korea prepares for nuclear weapons test as neighboring countries heighten readiness and US increases naval presence 

Russia and India to inaugurate transport corridor between countries, shortens transit times from 40 to 23 days 

Symantec identifies cyber attacks conducted with CIA tools exposed by Wikileaks, at least 40 attacks against government organizations in 16 countries 

North Korean coal ship en route to China returns on Chinese request, may be way to appease Trump administration after pressure to act against neighbor, sanctions ordered due to intensified missile tests 

Further US attacks on Syria will be met with force by Russia and Iran according to joint statement, missile attack constituted crossing of red line 

US Navy moves strike group with aircraft carrier to Korean peninsula, says increased presence necessary due to provocations from North Korea 

Russia becomes first country to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel, part of two-state solution where eastern Jerusalem becomes capital of Palestinian state 

Russia suspends 2015 memorandum on exchanging flight information with US to avoid incidents in Syria 

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault says Assad will some day stand trial for war crimes, complains that Russia and China blocks related UN resolutions 

US attacks Syrian air base with 59 cruise missiles in response to alleged nerve gas attack – Rex Tillerson tells Putin to carefully consider his support for Assad 

US withdraws financial support to UN Population Fund accusing agency of backing programs in China that include forced abortion and involuntary sterilization 

SpaceX launches and lands re-used Falcon 9 rocket successfully 

US will no longer focus on ousting Bashar al-Assad says country's UN ambassador Haley, will instead seek to counter Iran's influence in Syria and cooperate with Turkey to find long term solution to conflict 

Volkswagen cars fixed after "diesel gate" reported to lose performance and torque with increased fuel consumption, Volkswagen claims only 0.02% of its customers are dissatisfied 

Israel reduces yearly contribution to UN with another USD 2 million in protest against hostile resolutions, has decreased payments by almost 70% during 2017 

UN investigators Zaida Catalán and Michael Sharp found executed and buried in central Congo-Kinshasa according to Congolese government, were kidnapped by unknown group earlier this month 

123 countries launch UN conference to negotiate nuclear ban, declared nuclear powers oppose effort led by among others Sweden, South Africa and Brazil – important initiative in light of current situation says Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström 

Europeans will not be safe anywhere unless diplomatic crisis is solved, says Erdoğan 

Pope Francis visits Egypt to participate in interreligious meeting with Coptic pope of Alexandria and representatives of Al-Azhar, will focus on improving relations between religions  

US deploys battalion of 1,100 soldiers to northeast Poland from April to deter Russian aggression in area 

China takes larger role in Middle East political games, invites Netanyahu for meeting three days after talks with Saudi king Salman 

Turkey inaugurates Somalia military base in April to train local forces, is one of largest sponsors of fight against Islamist terror in East Africa 

Trump continues Obama strategy for Africa and Middle East, increases presence of special forces rather than deploying regular ones 

Islam world's fastest growing religion, followers expected to surpass Christians by 2070 

Laurenz Gehrke: Russia's alleged increasing involvement in Libya a distraction, presence in North Africa not motivated by strategic interests but by opportunity to depict country as powerful nation on world stage 

Saudi Arabia says meeting between Trump and Mohammed bin Salman is historic turning point for relations between countries due to new US line on Iran, positive attitude of Trump and clarifications about Islam 

Poland demands 98-year-old Michael Karkoc extradited from US to stand trial for participation in crimes against Polish civilians during second world war 

465,000 killed in Syria war since start six years ago, says UK organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights 

Trump more thoughtful and intelligent than Obama, asks impressive questions and listens more, according to Afghan ambassador 

Cambodia refuses to pay war debt to US, prime minister Hun Sen says repayment not required since US ruined country with massive bombings 

Bali refuses to cover statues during visit by Saudi king, during state visit in Jakarta naked figures in presidential palace were hidden by cloth and plants 

Wikileaks releases 8,761 documents related to CIA hacking, including information about hijacking home electronics for secret surveillance 

Former Guantánamo prisoner released in 2009 dead in US airstrike in Yemen, at least 30% of former detainees resume terrorist activities according to Pentagon 

Chinese ground troops active in Afghanistan, believed to focus on combatting Uyghur militant group and paving way for Silk Road, US aware and may approve of Chinese presence  

Tony Blair attended secret meeting in White House, offered services as Middle East peace envoy according to The Mail on Sunday sources 

Maldives to sell atoll to Saudi Arabia, India fears worsened security situation if wahhabism is strengthened in Muslim neighbor country 

Jacob Shapiro: Iranian naval exercise shows ability to block Saudi oil exports in case of conflict, country prepares for scenario with increased room for maneuver as US distracted in South China Sea 

Commando raid in Yemen where Navy SEAL lost life did not generate any actionable information says senior official to NBC, White House has previously said raid generated unbelievable amount of intelligence 

SpaceX to take space tourists around moon during 2018, two customers have placed significant deposits says Elon Musk 

20% of species threatened by extinction, can rise to 50% by end of century unless drastic measures taken, say researchers at conference in Vatican 

US considers leaving UN human rights council according to unconfirmed government sources 

UK wants US to join Commonwealth as associate member, Royal Commonwealth Society opens branch in New York to promote plan 

Cardinal Joseph Zen fears Vatican on verge of giving Chinese government power over Christians in country by recognizing regime controlled Catholic Patriotic Association 

Seven planets of which three in habitable zone discovered around dwarf star 39 light-years from Earth, astronomers consider find unique and promise extensive additional studies 

New Zealand judge rules that Kim Dotcom may be extradited to the US to face fraud charges, Dotcom argues that the supreme courts of both countries already ruled that copyright infringement is not fraud 

Islam not source of terrorism according to Angela Merkel, false understanding behind militancy but this can only be said by muslims, German chancellor says 

Syrian president says ban on country's citizens to enter US is for stopping terrorists, not a measure against Syrian people 

WikiLeaks releases documents showing CIA seven-month spying campaign and involvement in the 2012 French presidential election 

Researchers present technological solution to stop sea from rising, millions of wind-powered pumps could refreeze melting Arctic 

Gambia rejoins Commonwealth, Boris Johnson says British influence growing after Brexit vote 

Russian spy ship off US East Coast, deployment of cruise missiles in violation 1987 INF Treaty, may be test of Trump Administration 

Russia deploys cruise missile in violation of 1987 INF Treaty 

Saudi crown prince and interior minister Mohammed bin Nayef awarded CIA medal, claims Arab kingdom denounces terrorism in all forms 

North Korea tests ballistic missile for first time since October, Shinzo Abe condemns during ongoing US visit, Trump expresses total support for Japan 

Central Bank of Germany brings home 300 tons of gold previously stored in New York, has brought back large gold quantities from France and England in the last decades 

UK government tries to plan Trump visit for days when parliament is not in session to avoid president being snubbed from addressing it