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Julian Assange plans to sue Ecuadorian government for violating his "fundamental rights and freedoms", claims Ecuadorian government has refused him visits by human rights attorneys and violated his privacy

Julian Assange partly regains internet access six months after his statements on social media were considered damaging for Ecuador’s diplomatic relations which led to the suspension of his communications

Turkey frees the American pastor Andrew Brunson who has been imprisoned for two years because of the time he served, was convicted of terror-related charges, thanks President Trump, is being flown to the United States in military plane

Japan's government considering to stop issuing visas to foreigners who's nations don't accept or support repatriations, part of a new bill which would allow foreigners to work up to five years in Japan

French police launch investigation for missing Interpol president Meng Hongwei, the Chinese national and deputy minister of public security in China was not heard from by his family after visiting China on September 29

2018 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad for "efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict", Dr. Mukwege operates a clinic for sexual abuse survivors in Democratic Republic of Congo, Murad is a survivor of sex slavery perpretrated by ISIS against Yazidi population in Iraq

Apple and Amazon deny media report of covert Chinese intelligence microchips in their devices, Bloomberg claimed vendor Supermicro had been compromised by Chinese spies in "supply chain attack" affecting 30 US companies and government agencies

US ambassador to NATO threatens preemptive strike on Russian cruise missile capability, Kay Hutchison claims the US possesses evidence of weapons program development that violates 1987 treaty

Saudi ambassador to South Korea declares importance of strategic relationship to Vision 2030 policy, trade flows between Saudi Arabia and South Korea amounted to USD 26 billion in 2017 largely due to crude oil shipments

Syrian foreign minister announces the country is ready for voluntary return of refugees, advises it is seeking reconstruction help from countries without conditions or a policy of supporting terrorism

Jean-Claude Juncker says in state of the union speech that EU must turn into a major sovereign power on the global stage, should be militarily and economically independent from US as well as challenge China's attempts to become the ascendant influence in Africa

Belgium commits EUR 30 million to South Africa's land reform process, foreign affairs minister Didier Reynders emphasizes need for balance in country's process of amending Constitution to allow expropriation without compensation

US government cancels USD 300 million in military support for Pakistan, Pakistan claims the funds were not assistance but monies due under Coalition Support Fund agreement, US and Afghan governments claim Pakistan harbors Taliban leadership and militants

Iranian foreign minister Javad Sarif meets with Assad in Damascus, declares rebels must be "cleaned out" of Idlib province and country reunified, Iranian military advisers to remain in Syria after war under new security pact

Nearly 1 in 18 North African migrants die in transit of Mediterranean to Europe, UNHCR report states less migrants have made the trip this year than last when fatality rate was 1 in 42

US government declares end to financial support of UNRWA program for Palestinians, cites flawed business model and growing list of beneficiaries, Palestinian Authority and Hamas claim US is no longer part of a solution to Israel-Palestine conflict

Austrian foreign minister Karin Kneissl (FPÖ) defends curtsy after waltz with Vladimir Putin at her wedding, says "I submit to no one", Russian president brought a group of cossack singers to serenade the couple

John Bolton declares US sanctions against Russia will remain in place until "required change in Russian behavior", reaffirms that the US does not recognize Russian annexation of Crimea as legal, takes additional steps to pull Ukraine into NATO including finding substitutes for Russian natural gas in US liquefied natural gas

President Trump instructs Secretary of State Pompeo to investigate land seizures and murders of white farmers in South Africa, the South African government claims the US president is misinformed and does not want him meddling in internal affairs, post-Apartheid South Africa has a land redistribution scheme in place which purchases land from white farmers to give to blacks

German government announces temporary halt to deportations of Uighur Muslims to China, a recent UN report raised concerns about human rights abuses against Uighurs in China, ongoing security situation in Xinjiang pits Uighur minority against Han Chinese amid fears of terrorism

Turkish government fears arrival of 250,000 potential Syrian refugees due to fighting in Idlib, the Assad regime is planning a final military push after mopping up resistance in the rest of the country

Russian government donates two MiG-29 fighter jets to Serbia as part of ongoing arms trade agreement, the country is considering reinstituting compulsory military service as it plans a military parade in which Putin will attend, the country is engaged in an arms race with neighbor and NATO-member Croatia which recently purchased F-16s from Israel

Russia announces it will supply Turkey with S-400 missile system ahead of schedule in 2019, the surface-to-air missles are incompatible with NATO arms systems and have a purported target range of 400km

Vienna named as the world's most livable city by Economist magazine, the Austrian city and former capital of Austro-Hungarian empire displaces Australia's Melbourne, it is the first time a European city tops the list that evaluates political and social stability, crime, education and access to medical care, nearly half of the cities surveyed saw their liveability index rise over the past year

UAE plans building oil pipeline between Eritrea's port city of Assab and Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, seen as latest sign of Gulf state's increasing involvement in the Horn of Africa motivated by investment opportunities in fast-growing Ethiopia as well as fear that rivals such as Iran or Qatar could gain foothold

US government announces new trade sanctions against Russia following poisoning of former Russian agent, US official cites up to hundreds of millions USD of affected trade at stake, US government aims to apply pressure on Russian government to give up chemical weapons programs and accept international inspections

Twitter-verified Saudi non-profit account posts image of Canadian airliner flying into Toronto skyline with warning about recent Canadian meddling in Saudi internal affairs, the image was later removed and reuploaded without the airliner after uproar, the Canadian government has protested recent arrests and prosecution of Saudi bloggers leading to diplomatic retaliation

Freak meteorite explosion releases 2 kiloton force above US nuclear strike early-warning radar site, US military strangely silent about natural occurrence which could've startled country's 2,000-strong nuclear warhead command into mistaken counter-strike against Russia

Pope Francis officially changes Catholic teaching to oppose death penalty in all cases, says Vatican will work with determination to end capital punishment in every single country, cites "inviolability and dignity of the person" despite historical use by the former Papal States

43-year-old English former soldier James Matthews who fought with Kurdish YPG against IS terrorists in Rojava has terror charges dropped, was believed to be first case of being charged with terrorism for joining group that received funding from own government

Sexual abuse of vulnerable women and girls by international aid workers "endemic" and has been happening for years, abuse ranging from unwanted sexual comments to rape targeting both locals and staff members, according to House of Commons International Development Committee report which also warns found cases likely just "tip of the iceberg"

Libya refuses to host EU asylum centres and says it won't agree on any EU deals to take in illegal migrants, Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj says EU leaders should instead put pressure on migrants' origin countries to stop the journeys in the first place

Helsinki possible location when Trump and Putin meet in a not too distant future, believed to happen after Nato summit in Brussels July 11-12 in which Trump is expected to participate

49-year-old Dorjee Gyantsan sentenced to 22 months in prison for spying on Tibetan refugees in Sweden between 2015 and 2017 when he was arrested, man who posed as Tibetan independence supporter pleaded innocent and will appeal verdict

UN accuses six Libyans closely associated with country's EU-funded coastguard or with deal with Italy of people trafficking and places them under sanctions, witnesses say militia groups treat migrants violently and sink boats while at same time smuggling tens of thousands of people per year

Donald Trump wants Russia to regain membership in G7 group, country was expelled in 2014 after annexation of Crimea

Putin expresses hope for deescalation, wants to avoid third world war and end of civilization, according to Russian president in yearly interview with questions from public

Canada on track to legalize cannabis for recreational use, would become first G7 country to fully legalize drug in whole country

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demands China make full public account of Tianamen Square massacre of 1989

Summit between Trump and Putin prepared by Moscow ambassador Jon Huntsman according to Fox News sources, would be third meeting between presidents

Syria recognizes Abkhazia and South Ossetia and sets up embassy level diplomatic ties – Georgia hits back by severing official ties with Syria, blaming Russia for orchestrating the diplomatic stunt

Donald Trump cancels meeting with Kim Jong-un scheduled for June 12 in Singapore, claims Pyongyang has shown open hostility in recent statement, decision comes after North Korea as promised blew up tunnels at Punggye-ri nuclear test site

Polio could be eradicated by end of this year or next according to WHO, number of cases have plummeted from 350,000 in 1988 to 22 in 2017 and disease is now present only in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria

Iranian Quds Force fired 20 missiles towards Israeli military bases in Golan Heights from Syria without hitting targets, dozens of Iranian military sites in Syria destroyed in response with unknown number of casualties according to Israel

Angela Merkel, Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron declare that they together with Russia and China will uphold Iran deal, urge Trump administration not to obstruct implementation

Pyongyang criticizes alleged misleading claims that Donald Trump's policy of political pressure and sanctions drove North Korea to negotiating table, claims Kim Jong-un is driver of current situation

Chinese Civil Aviation Administration sends letter to 36 foreign air carriers telling them to remove references on websites and in other material that suggests Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau are independent from China, Orwellian nonsense according to Trump administration

Dominican Republic establishes diplomatic relations with China and breaks with Taiwan, Beijing seeks to increase pressure on Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen to accept one China principle

North Korea and South Korea sign declaration to completely abolish nuclear weapons during summit between leaders Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in

Donald Trump to meet Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari in Washington on April 30, will discuss counterterrorism and economic cooperation, wants to build on Nigeria's role as democratic leader in region

US will not pull troops from Syria intil it has accomplished goal to ward off threats to American interests from chemical weapons attacks, IS terrorists and Iran according to UN ambassador Nikki Haley

Swiss Spiez laboratory found toxin used on Sergei and Yulia containing traces of nerve agent BZ which Russia never developed, according to Russian foreign minister Lavrov who casts doubt on laboratory's novichok findings as substance too volatile to be found in such amounts after over two weeks

U.S., Britain and France launch air strikes in Syria in response to last week's alleged poison gas attack, over 100 missiles fired and three of Syria's main chemical weapons facilities struck, U.S. defense secretary Mattis calls strikes "one-off" while Trump raises prospect of further strikes, Syria and Russia both responded angrily to initiative

Donald Trump warns Russia on Twitter of imminent attack with smart missiles after Russian announcement that any missiles fired at Syria will be shot down

Security minister of Israel calls for US strike on Syria after purported gas attack, Assad is an angel of death the world would be better without according to Israeli construction minister – Syria denies allegations

North Korea prepared to discuss denuclearization when Kim Jong-un meets Donald Trump in planned May meeting, according to US official to Reuters

Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin discuss Syria by phone, agree on keeping in touch, Macron's planned state visit in May to take place despite increased tensions between Russia and West

Zimbabwe president Mnangagwa makes state visit in China to secure infrastructure investments and strengthen economic cooperation between countries

Mexico's ex-president Vicente Fox debates Nigel Farage, lauds Chinese political pragmatism compared to conflicted Western democracy, sees new forms of governance in the future

Mossad chief Yossi Cohen says he is certain Iran has never abandoned its military nuclear vision and claims deal with country must be changed, Donald Trump has set mid-May deadline for changes

Donald Trump says Saudi Arabia might have to pay if it wants continuing US presence in Syria, American intervention in Middle East to cost of USD 7 trillion over 17-year period has only led to death and destruction according to president

Donald Trump wants exit of US troops from Syria according to two senior administration officials, military warns IS terrorists could regain freed areas if 2,000 US soldiers leave

Russia to expel 150 diplomats from several countries after a similar number of Russian diplomats have suffered the same fate, will also close US consulate in St Petersburg which is seen as an escalation since the US only closed Russia's smallest diplomatic outpost in Seattle

US to expel 60 Russian diplomats, 12 belong to Russia’s mission to United Nations headquarters in New York, consulate in Seattle closed down due to proximity to American submarine base

Chinese space station Tiangong-1 expected to crash to Earth over Easter, most likely to burn up but part of craft could crash towards planet's surface

Ghana parliament votes to ratify deal granting access to US troops and military equipment in exchange for American investments of USD 20 million this year, critics say agreement threatens country’s sovereignty

Jared Kushner slowly makes progress with peace plan for Middle East, tries to force Palestinians to negotiating table by gathering Sunni states on his side, close relationship with Saudi Arabia key factor

Pacific island nation New Caledonia will vote on exit from France after decades of campaigning for independence

South African farmers might get fast-track to Australian visas, home affairs minister Peter Dutton expresses concern for hard working people who are subject of horrific circumstances in home country

US prepared to take military action against Syria if fighting continues according to country's Ambassador to United Nations Nikki Haley, Syrian government forces continue to gain ground in Damascus suburbs

British police have identified more than 200 witnesses and 240 pieces of evidence in investigation into nerve agent attack on Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal, according to interior minister Amber Rudd

France and India sign security accord as President Macron visits Prime Minister Modi, under deal countries will open their naval bases to warships from one another to counter China's growing influence in Indian Ocean

Hundreds of migrants picked up off Libyan coast and transported to Italy by SOS Méditerranée's ship Aquarius, more than half are Nigerians

Stealthy startup from Silicon Valley launches four satellites from India without approval from US government agency FCC, wants to build global communication network for Internet of Things but now risks being shut down

Donald Trump to meet Kim Jong-un in May after South Korean proposal, would be first meeting between sitting American president and North Korean leader

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov visits Zimbabwe and announces plans of military cooperation and agreement to establish special economic zone for Russian firms, revival of joint mining project also discussed during meeting with Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa

3,700 soldiers from 26 countries participate in NATO artillery drill in Germany, readiness-building exercise aimed at encouraging countries to start using US communications system for better synchronization

US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson arrives outside central Vietnamese city of Da Nang, biggest US military presence in country since Vietnam War

Chinese People’s Liberation Army garrison in Hong Kong conducts joint exercise with French navy frigate Vendémiaire, first drill with foreign forces, in addition to exercise crews interacted and visited one another’s vessels

Vladimir Putin presents series of nuclear weapon systems in state of nation speech: supersonic cruise missile capable of overcoming Nato defence systems, underwater drones and intercontinental ballistic missile Sarmat, seen as response to Trump administration’s recently announced plans to develop new nuclear arms

Czech court rules Saleh Muslim, former leader of Syrian-Kurdish party PYD, to be released and not extradited to Turkey

Trump administration plans opening embassy in Jerusalem as early as May 2018 in time for 70th anniversary of Israel's founding, say sources to Reuters, end of 2019 has previously been communicated as likely time of inauguration

US to impose fresh set of sanctions on North Korea in order to cut off sources of revenue and fuel for nuclear programme, measures target more than 50 ships and maritime transport companies in North Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Panama and Singapore

Benjamin Netanyahu says Israeli intelligence thwarted IS terrorist attempt to blow up airplane en route from Sydney to Abu Dhabi in July 2017 using home-made bomb hidden in meat grinder, two of Libanese-Australian brothers arrested by Australian police

Trump administration reveals that North Korea aborted secret meeting with vice president Pence during Olympics in Pyeongchang, followed new US sanctions against country

India prepares to build military base on Seychelles, has signed 20 year contract to lease land on Assumption island, met by protests among local population who worry about catastrophic consequences for environment and country taking side in potential conflict between great powers

Indonesia buys 11 Sukhoi Su-35 from Russia for USD 1.14 billion, form of payment not announced but memorandum of understanding from August indicates fighter jets will be exchanged for key commodities, Indonesia wants to capitalize on international sanctions against Moscow

Libertarian manifesto The Sovereign Individual makes Silicon Valley billionaires buy land in New Zealand, 400 page document says states operate as criminal cartels, internet and crypto currencies will make governments obsolete and make way for cognitive elite to take over

Head of Oxfam in UK says criticism of organization is exaggerated, points out that it has not killed babies

Robert Mueller indicts 13 Russians and 3 Russian organizations for interfering in US presidential election, all of the accused have ties to troll farm Internet Research Agency in St Petersburg

US and Turkey agree to solve conflict over Manbij by diplomatic means, Syria city is held by US forces and US-backed Kurdish troops but is within part of northern Syria which Turkey plans to occupy during ongoing military campaign

Macron says France will strike if Syrian government uses chemical weapons against civilians, vice-president of organization White Helmets disappointed and says country should stop talking and take real action

Secret negotiations in London to decide who succeeds Queen Elizabeth II as head of Commonwealth at her death, no formal requirement that Prince Charles inherits position when he becomes King of United Kingdom and head of state of several other member countries

Afghan anxiety as large military reorganization coincides with increased Taliban activity, western pressure said to be behind phasing out of Soviet loyalist officers in favor of younger ones trained in West, critics say mujaheddin and other religious forces are neglected

EU will refuse to sign new trade agreements with countries who do not ratify Paris climate change accord, says EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström

Ankara names street where US embassy is located after Operation Olive Branch, Turkish military campaign in northern Syria which risks leading to confrontation with US, will be formally decided days before Rex Tillerson visits country

Trump administration plans to cease financing of International Space Station by 2024, hopes that it can be run by private actors thereafter

US will not contribute additional funds toward rebuilding Iraq after war against IS terrorists, hopes money will come from private initiatives and countries like Saudi Arabia which might have interest to further their positions as counter-weight to Iranian influence

China accuses Trump administration of cold war mentality after revelation of plans to create new tactical nukes with partial motivation to curb Chinese influence in Asia, Chinese doctrine for nuclear weapons excludes being first to use them in a conflict says Ren Guoqiang at defense ministry

North Korea buys technology for nuclear and missile programs through Berlin embassy according to German intelligence chief Hans-Georg Maassen, Germany does what it can to stop trades