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First of five Iranian tankers carrying gasoline and alkylate to Venezuela enters the former prominent fuel exporter's exclusive economic zone on Saturday, despite US official’s warning that Washington was considering a response to the shipment

US considers doing first nuclear test since 1992 to strengthen negotiating position against Russia and China who are suspected of conducting secret tests, according to anonymous White House sources

Military entrepreneur Erik Prince sues The Intercept over accusations of offering services to Russian mercenary company Wagner Group in violation of US sanctions

NASA proposes Artemis Accords for regulating exploitation of the Moon, opens way for mining and establishes minimum distance between moon bases, Russia says project follows same principles as US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan

Spanish police arrests deeply radicalised Moroccan man in Barcelona with links to ISIS terrorists who was planning a militant attack, police says he made public pledges of allegiance to ISIS while declaring his hatred of the West on social media

Donald Trump orders US Navy to "shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea", 11 vessels from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy came dangerously close to US ships in the Persian Gulf last week

Fugitive Brazilian cocaine trafficker Gilberto Aparecido dos Santos arrested this week in a luxury hotel in Mozambique after 20 years on the run from a Brazilian prison is expelled for having entered the country illegally and is sent back to Brazil

EU launches yearlong Mediterranean mission Irini to enforce the UN arms embargo on Libya through using aerial, satellite and maritime assets to carry out vessel inspections, Italy blocked the former Sophia mission as the warships attracted migrants, the mission will also build up and train the Libyan coast guard as well as gather information about illegal fuel and oil smuggling

US indicts Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and more than a dozen other top Venezuelan officials on charges of conspiring "to flood the United States with cocaine" together with a dissident faction of the FARC guerilla, offers reward of up to USD 15 million for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Maduro

Turkey prepares a case in the European Court of Human Rights over Greece’s treatment of migrants, says that 135,000 people have crossed into Greece and that the EU has made no concrete offer to deal with the situation, Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin calls it a double standard that the EU can mobilize hundreds of millions of euros to Greece within days but blames bureaucracy when it comes to Turkey

Greece releases video of Turkish riot police firing tear gas canisters at border crossing, Greek security official says gas was used to help migrants breach border and provoke, Turkish security official says purpose was to protect migrants from Greek police firing bullets, Greece denies shooting at migrants and brands Turkish claims that four migrants have been killed in past days "fake news"

US conducts airstrike against Taliban forces in southern Afghanistan days after peace deal was signed, attack performed to counter Taliban assault on Afghan government forces in Helmand province

Russia strongly rejects UN war crime allegations regarding air strikes on popular market and camp for displaced people that killed dozens of civilians in Syria in July and August 2019, says report is one-sided as it fails to account for attacks by militant groups

UN Refugee Agency UNHCR says Greece's decision to suspend the reception of asylum applications is not supported by either the 1951 Refugee Convention nor EU refugee law and that countries must refrain from measures that might increase the suffering of vulnerable people, also says additional support to both Greece and Turkey is needed and appeals for calm and easing of tensions at the borders

Syrian authorities announce formation of diplomatic and consular relations with Libya's rogue General Khalifa Haftar to combat Turkish aggression in both countries, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem says diplomatic missions to be reopened in Damascus and the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi

US signs peace deal with the Taliban, 5,000 Taliban to be released from Afghan-run jails and US withdrawing from Afghanistan within 14 months, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says US is "realistic" about the deal and that they will do whatever is necessary if the Taliban do not comply with the agreement

Australia denies refugee status to South African white farmers, writes that the "risk of murder and serious physical/sexual assaults is one faced by the population of the country in general and not by the applicants personally", surge in applications last two years after Australian home affairs minister Peter Dutton suggested that the group was being persecuted and should be given special attention under the humanitarian programme

NATO head Jens Stoltenberg says the military alliance stands in solidarity with member state Turkey—urges Russia and Syria to halt their Idlib offensive, to respect international law and to back UN efforts for a peaceful solution

Turkey allows Syrian refugees free passage to Europe for 72 hours, decision taken after Syrian government forces killed 33 Turkish soldiers in Idlib province and one million civilians have been displaced, Turkey's communications director Fahrettin Altun says that the country is currently hitting all known regime targets as what happened in Rwanda and Bosnia cannot be allowed to be repeated

Eastern Libyan LNA forces say 16 Turkish soldiers killed in recent weeks, Turkey backs the Libyan interim government and has sent own soldiers as well as Syrian rebels to protect Tripoli while LNA is supported by the United Arab Emirates and Egypt with some help from Russian mercenaries, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan says the struggle in Libya continues and that nearly 100 LNA troops have been neutralized

US military intelligence agency DIA invested tens of millions in studying UFOs under premise that they existed and could not be explained, according to Popular Mechanics reporter who has spoken to dozens of inside sources and had access to hundreds of pages of documentation

Governments worldwide trusted Swiss company Crypto AG to deliver encryption equipment for more than half a century, company secretly owned by CIA in highly classified partnership with West German intelligence and devices rigged so codes could be easily broken, according to classified CIA document obtained by Washington Post and German public broadcaster ZDF

British Airways flight hops the Atlantic in less than 5 hours thanks to auspicious gales from Ciara, flight beats all former subsonic speed-records for the same route, average flight-time over 6 hours

Unusually regular radio bursts repeats in 16.35 day cycle, 1-2 pulses per hour for 4 days followed by 12 days of silence before pattern starts again, signals originate in galaxy 500 million lightyears from Earth

48-year-old Chinese engineer Wei Sun arrested for bringing his company-issued laptop from US defense contractor Raytheon Missile Systems to China violating federal law as well as company policy, Sun who quit his job after 10 years during the trip told officials he had only visited Singapore and the Philippines but later confessed to traveling to China, Dean Cheng at the Heritage Foundation calls it a piece of the larger Chinese espionage picture

European Parliament approves Boris Johnson's final Brexit settlement, chamber bids Britain farewell by breaking into song, vote of 621 ayes, 49 nays and 13 abstentions concludes to dulcet harmonies of Auld Lang Syne

Germany has proof that Huawei has colluded with Chinese intelligence, according to Handelsblatt report citing confidential foreign ministry document, the company calls the allegations old and unfounded, the German foreign ministry says it never comments on internal documents

Boris Johnson defies U.S. ire as he gives go-ahead to proposed Huawei 5G implementation, insists 'high-risk vendors' like Huawei will only be allowed access to non-sensitive parts of the network, technical details as to what 'limited access' constitutes yet to be disclosed

7.7 magnitude earthquake strikes between Cuba and Jamaica, shaking felt in Florida, risks creating tsunami waves in several Caribbean countries

Soleimani assassination will give fizzling IS terrorists new lease of life as US-Iranian tensions escalate, suspension of anti-terror operations and Iranian eviction of U.S. troops prompts uptick in IS-led ambush attacks, U.S. officials deny correlation

Taliban claim to have shot down US military aircraft carrying high-ranking CIA officers over eastern Afghanistan, US military investigates reports of the crash in Taliban-controlled territory, footage purportedly taken from the wreckage site is claimed to show US air force insignia on the charred fuselage

Saudi Arabia to stop funding mosques in foreign countries – will cooperate with local authorities to establish local administrative councils for each mosque in order to hand them over to "secure hands", according to Swiss newspaper Le Matin

Controversial facial recognition system will be operational in London within the month, software developed by Japan's NEC will scan crowds for faces and cross-reference them with 'watchlist', Metropolitan Police cagey about exact area of deployment

French and Dutch police arrest 23 suspected members of a criminal network that has smuggled 10,000 migrants from France to Britain – the network is suspected of earning EUR 70 million by organizing illegal passages for migrants from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Iran, according to Europol

Putin proposes Russia, China, the United States, France and Britain hold a summit in 2020 to discuss ongoing global conflicts and broker Libyan detente, says it would be an important symbolic step ahead of upcoming 75th anniversay of the end of World War II

Chinese court rules former Interpol chief Meng Hongwei will serve 13-1/2 year prison sentence for graft, settled for plea deal July last year, accepted bribes in excess of 14.46 million yuan

Cyprus calls Turkey pirate state over oil drilling attempt off Cypriot waters one day after EU issued warning and set up sanction mechanism, four similar drilling attempts noted since July, Turkey calls EU prejudiced and says the union "remained silent since 2003 to the usurping of our country's and the Turkish Cypriots' rights in the eastern Mediterranean"

Iran to send black boxes for forensic analysis in Kiev, memory drives reportedly badly damaged, French forensic team reports they have salvaged key flight data, investigators hope Ukrainian investigation will yield additional insights

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claims Iranian air defense were spooked by 'at least six' U.S. F-35 fighter jets cruising airspace in the Iranian border area when Ukrainian airliner was shot down, apprehension would explain unusually trigger-happy Iran, information yet to be verified

Britain, France and Germany trigger 2015 international nuclear deal's dispute mechanism and formally accuse Iran of violating terms of agreement, threatens to impose economic sanctions

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev and incumbent government resigns, proceedings reportedly amicable as Putin is given free rein to implement his proposed constitutional overhaul, amendments will bolster sovereignty and authority of parliament, possible ploy to secure future influence when Putin's current term expires

Julian Assange's lawyer tells British court the Wikileaks founder is not getting the time he needs with his legal team to discuss his fight against extradition to the US which has delayed the case

Islamic State applaud Trump's decision to kill General Soleimani in al-Nabaa editorial, article claims Soleimani spearheaded the fight against IS in deference to US interests, IS hopes consequent power vacuum will afford them a tactical edge in a post-Soleimani landscape, Soleimani's death 'pleased the hearts of all believers'

Iran admits blowing Ukrainian passenger aircraft out of the sky, previously claimed that such notions were mere western anti-Iranian propaganda, claims human error was at fault

Pentagon sources tell Newsweek Ukrainian airliner was shot down by Iranian air defence, images surfaced Wednesday showing fragments of Russian-built Tor M-1 missiles found in southwest Teheran suburb, source reckons missile was launched by accident, Civil Aviation Organisation of Iran invites Canada and Sweden to assist in investigations

Western intelligence agencies have found no evidence to suspect Ukraine airliner was shot down according to Canadian source, engine malfunction likely cause, Boeing declines to comment

Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 en route to Kiev falls from sky within minutes of take-off from Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, footage showing plane in flames before crash prompts speculation as to whether the plane was accidentally shot down by Iranian air defence, Iranian state media reports engine failure as cause

More than 180 Australians arrested accused of deliberately lighting bushfires since start of season which has left 25 dead and destroyed over 2,000 homes, so far 24 people have been charged with starting blazes in New South Wales where 29 fires have been deliberately lit

Leaked letter from Marine Brig. General Seely spurs rumours of planned US withdrawal from Iraq, wording said to affirm Iraqi sovereignty and promise 'reposition' of troops in deference to ditto, Defence Secretary Mark Espen denies plans of withdrawal, putting it down to 'poor wording'

President Trump vows to hit 52 Iranian sites, some highly important, very hard if Iran retaliates after killing of military commander Qassem Soleimani, targets representing the 52 Americans held hostage at US Embassy in Tehran in 1979, saying USA wants no more threats

Volley of rockets crash into Balad air base housing US troops, other rockets fall in close proximity to US embassy in the Baghdad Green Zone, no casualties reported, actors responsible and exact motive yet to be established

Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador calls for Julian Assange to be released from British jail, urging an end to his torture in detention, says Wikileak's disclosures demonstrated the authoritarian nature of the world system

Iran vows to exact 'harsh' revenge in wake of the US air-raid which killed General Qassem, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif condemns Trump's blunderbuss strategy as 'state terrorism', Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini announces three days of mourning

Further details surface surrounding the exfiltration of former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, associate claims Ghosn was smuggled out of Japan in a musical instrument case attended by two guards posing as musicians scheduled to perform at Ghosn's residence in Tokyo, dash for Lebanon with a pit-stop in Istanbul ensues, travelled with a French passport he had been prohibited to use

Kim Jong-un threatens to end the moratorium on nuclear tests implemented in wake of 2018 negotiations with the US, claims North Korea intends to make new additions to their nuclear arsenal while stressing that renewed testing is contingent on US attitudes going forward

Ten-year-old Palestinian boy caught crossing Moroccan border into Spanish city of Melilla in north Africa hidden under piles of fruit and vegetables in shopping trolley pulled by a couple, the Moroccan man and woman were arrested on trafficking charges

President Trump says Iran will pay a very big price for attack by swarm of pro-Iran Shiite militiamen on US embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday in escalating series of retaliations, Trump issues order to deploy 4,000 paratroopers to Kuwait with 750 already en route

UN General Assembly approves cybercrime treaty backed by Russia and China which US and Western powers say will censor internet, experts to set up international convention on countering use of information and communications technologies for criminal purposes

President Trump says he and Xi Jinping will have signing ceremony to sign first phase of US-China trade deal, Beijing has yet to confirm specific components of the deal and said last week details would be made public after official signing

Turkish aid group says 120,000 Syrians fleeing islamist held Idlib following intensified bombardment by Syrian and Russian forces, President Erdogan said Turkey cannot handle fresh wave of migrants, warning European countries will feel the impact if violence is not stopped

Five people sentenced to death and three to jail terms totalling 24 years over killing of Saudi journalist and US resident Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul October last year, court dismissed charges against the remaining three of the 11 people that had been on trial

French forces kill 33 jihadist terrorists in Mali operation, President Macron announces on visit to Ivory Coast, reiterates France's commitment to fighting the militants, comes weeks after 13 French troops died in helicopter collision in Mali

High winds and temperatures above 40C fueles massive bushfires across Australia’s New South Wales state, six fires including two around Sydney rated at emergency level, eight people have died from wildfires in the state since early October

Julian Assange pictured leaving secret extradition hearing in maximum security vehicle, his legal team claimed his Ecuadorian embassy room was bugged by security forces, Assange faces allegations of conspiring with intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning in US

Benjamin Netanyahu says President Bolsonaro's son Eduardo has assured him Brazil will follow US and move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem next year, President Trump moved the US embassy there in May 2018

President Trump and Beijing announce a "phase one" trade deal including China agreeing to purchase significantly more agricultural and manufactured products while the US suspends tariffs on USD 160 billion in some consumer goods due on December 15 and cut existing tariffs on USD 120 billion to 7.5% in other consumer goods

Greta Thunberg is person of the year according to Time Magazine, says we can not live as if there is no tomorrow because there is a tomorrow

Chilean C-130 Hercules transport aircraft with 38 people on board disappears travelling to provide logistical support to military base on Antarctica's King George Island, Chile's air force says, those missing include 17 crew and 21 passengers

Six people confirmed dead from volcanic eruptions on New Zealand's White Island on Monday, with eight missing presumed killed and among 30 wounded some have burns on up to 90% of their bodies, island still unsafe with 50% chance of fresh eruption

US and Iran swap prisoners as each freed a prisoner on Saturday, Iran released Xiyue Wang who had been held for three years on spying charges while US freed Massoud Soleimani who faced charges of violating sanctions against Tehran

Donald Trump says Emmanuel Macron had been very insulting by describing Nato as brain dead ahead of summit marking the Western military alliance's 70th anniversary both are to attend

Prague breaks up sister city agreement with Beijing after conflict over political language in partner contract, instead becomes sister cities with Taipei, China responds by cancelling planned concerts with Czech ensembles

Growing interest for space tourism exposes limitations in current space laws which are written with research and defense in mind, no clear legal guidelines for space hotels which risk being regulated as ballistic missiles

Leaked email claims UN’s watchdog in Syria doctored report on alleged chemical attack in Douma in April 2018, scientist employed by Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons says investigations in Douma produced no evidence alleged gas attack took place

Swedish prosecutor drops rape investigation against Julian Assange, saying there is not enough evidence to indict Assange, ends near decade-old case which sent him into hiding in London’s Ecuadorian embassy to avoid extradition

At least 12 killed in protests in Iran against a 50 percent increase in fuel prices, the full extent of the demonstrations are still unknown due to a precautionary nationwide shut down of the internet by the country's National Security Council, according to local activists the protests have spread to over 100 cities and the death toll has surpassed 40

Julian Assange appears via video link from high-security Belmarsh prison at court hearing ahead of extradition battle to get him to the US, his lawyers say he has been given a computer not suitable to prepare for case

One person killed in Iranian city Sirjan during protests erupting around the country after government imposed gasoline rationing and price hikes of at least 50%, Iran have faced economic pressure since last year when US withdrew from nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions

Hong Kong's justice secretary Teresa Cheng is chased and pushed to the ground by protesters calling her murderer outside London event where she was to give a speech about successful dispute resolution in former British colony, was taken to hospital by ambulance

Police find 41 mainly Afghan male migrants alive in back of refrigerated truck on motorway Greece, no one was injured and refrigeration system was not turned on, the Georgian driver was arrested and taken into custody

Chile pulls out of hosting UN COP25 climate summit in December and Apec trade forum in January amid mass protests, president Sebastián Piñera says decision is painful but government needs to prioritise re-establishing public order, UN now needs to find alternative venues

Syrian Kurdish YPG fighters have withdrawn from 30 km safe zone near Syrian-Turkish border within deadline set by Ankara and Moscow, Russia informs Turkey, Russian and Turkish forces due to conduct joint patrols of 10 km strip on Syrian side of border

President Trump announces death of ISIS terrorist leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in successful US military operation in northwest Syria Saturday night, al-Baghdadi was "whimpering and crying" and detonated an explosive vest as US forces stormed his compound, Trump says

Hundreds of Hong Kong protesters rally in support of separate Catalonia, waving the community's flag and banners urging for a joint fight for freedom, an issue that is anathema to Beijing

Donald Trump announces permanent ceasefire between Turkey and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces and that US lifts sanctions on Ankara implemented following invasion of north-eastern Syria

Viktor Orbán warns Hungary will use force to fend off new wave of migrants if Turkey make good on threat to flood Europe with 3.6 million refugees, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan warned EU last week not to criticize his invasion of Syria

Donald Trump orders pullback of US troops in northeastern Syria as Turkey prepares for an invasion of Kurdish held areas to establish a saftey zone, Trump says it's time for US to get out of ridiculous endless wars

Elon Musk reveals prototype of Mars Starship vehicle, 50-meter tall, weighing 200 tons and covered with a stainless-steel skin, within one or two months it will launch to an altitude of 20km, will later be launched by big booster named Super Heavy, engineers to develop lighter designs

Spanish security company UC Global hired by Ecuadorian embassy in London to spy on Julian Assange for CIA, microphones were installed in fire extinguishers and women's bathroom, where Assange’s lawyers would meet for fear of being spied on

Julian Assange to remain in prison when his jail term ends on 22 September, judge rules after hearing there is resaon to believe he would abscond, Assange will go from being a serving prisoner to a person facing extradition

China buys at least 10 boat loads of US soybeans in biggest purchases since June ahead of high-level talks next month aimed at ending bilateral trade war, indication that trade tensions between Washington and Beijing may be easing

Zimbabwean ex-president Robert Mugabe dead at 95, the former teacher went from staunch revolutionary to controversial leader who fundamentally transformed former British colony Rhodesia, successor Emmerson Mnangagwa calls him icon of liberation who dedicated his life to the emancipation and empowerment of his people

20-year Afghan man that stabbed two american tourists outside Amsterdam Central Station in 2018 says he came to the Netherlands to kill people living in the country due to the Dutch state not stopping Geert Wilders from making disparaging remarks about Muhammad and Islam, refuses to mention Wilders by name, instead only referring to him as pig

Donald Trump says he is open to meeting Iran's President Hassan Rouhani to discuss new nuclear deal, following Rouhani's statement he would meet anyone if he felt it would benefit his country, Trump states Iran can be a great nation, but they have to be "good players" before he would agree to a meeting

Nasa investigates first known crime committed in space, an astronaut allegedly accessed bank account of her estranged spouse from the International Space Station, admits to accessing the account but says she was merely making sure family's finances were in order

Tens of thousands chanting protesters hold hands to form human chain across Hong Kong in peaceful demonstration dubbed the Hong Kong Way, inspired by the 1989 Baltic Way when an estimated two million people joined arms across three Baltic states in protest against then-Soviet rule

Russia sends world’s first floating nuclear power plant to Chukotka Region to provide Russia's remote areas with heat and energy, leaves from Murmansk and will reach its destination by end of September, capable of producing 70 megawatts of electricity and 58 MW of heat

Donald Trump postpones Denmark visit, citing Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s comments on President's wish to discuss a purchase of Greenland, praises the Prime Minister for being so direct saying it saves a great deal of expense and effort for both countries

ISIS recruit Jack Letts has his British citizenship revoked, Jihadi Jack joined the terrorists in Syria in 2014, calling himself an enemy of Britain, begged to be allowed back to UK after being captured by Kurdish authorities, despite previously saying he wanted to be a suicide bomber, sparks row with Canada where he has joint citizenship

US issues warrant to seize Iranian oil tanker Grace 1, day after Gibraltar orderes its release, over violations of International Emergency Economic Powers Act, bank fraud, money laundering and terrorism forfeiture statutes, warrent addressed to US Marshals Service or any other duly authorized law enforcement officer