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Researchers should be banned from using the word Caucasian because it is associated with a racist and pseudo-scientific classification of humans, instead the term "the European-associated principal component analysis cluster" should be used, according to paper written by five Cambridge and University College London scientists

Norwegians have as much sex as they had 20 years ago, unlike rest of the West where sexual activity is generally declining, according to survey with 4,000 participants

Chinese Tianwen-1 spacecraft successfully lands on Mars' surface on the vast plain Utopia Planitia on Saturday, leaving its orbit where it's been since March, the rover Zhurong is later to depart from its platform to conduct inspections on the ground

Nasa’s science rover Perseverance streaks through the Martian atmosphere and lands safely on the floor of a vast crater, the six-wheeled rover being the most advanced astrobiology laboratory ever sent to another world will search for possible fossilized signs of microbes

Method for blocking sunlight developed by balloon test over northern Sweden although first version will not disperse darkening particles, Harvard scientist are behind project which is controversial as it may decrease interest in cutting greenhouse gas emissions

Sharing bed with dogs beneficial for length and quality of sleep say researchers who surveyed 962 American women, dogs disturb less than human bed fellows and give stronger feelings of comfort and security, cats as disruptive as humans and the least comfort inducing of the three species studied

Previously unknown whale species discovered in waters west of Mexico, US marine biologists were looking for beaked whales when they notice individuals with unusual teeth placement and unique calls, water samples taken in hope of doing DNA analysis

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded to Harvey J. Alter, Michael Houghton and Charles M. Rice for the discovery of Hepatitis C virus, which essentially eliminated post-transfusion hepatitis

The Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Roger Penrose for the discovery that black hole formation is a prediction of the general theory of relativity and to Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez for the discovery of a supermassive compact object at the centre of our galaxy

Hundreds died or developed heart failure in Britain as result of not seeking treatment for their heart attack due to Covid-19 fears, with 5,000 fewer admissions with heart attack than expected by the end of May, according to University study published in The Lancet

22-year-old Grey parrot outperforms 21 Harvard students and 21 6- to 8-year-old children in complex version of shell game where participants needed to track locations of fluffy pom-poms hidden under cups that swapped places an increasing number of times

Magnetic north pole shifting with increasing speed from Canada toward Siberia due to changes in underground blobs of molten iron, blob under Canada split in two about 20 years ago and largest part is now shifting toward corresponding blob under Siberia

Female mosquitoes carrying the microbe Microsporidia MB are protected from being infected with malaria, 295 out of 4270 mosquitoes in Kenya tested postitive for the microbe while none were of these were infected with malaria study published in Nature Communications says, seen as potential for controlling spread of disease to humans

Stephen Wolfram announces new framework for creating fundamental theory of physics, claims to be able to derive general relativity and quantum mechanics among others from set of basic premises, launches research program to be conducted with maximum transparency online

[email protected] shuts down after 20 years of enabling volunteers to contribute computing power to the search for extraterrestial life, reasons include diminishing returns and need to focus more on analyzing the results already achieved

Largest explosion ever observed came from supermassive black hole in galaxy cluster Ophiuchus 390 million lightyears from Earth, according to researches who studied it using four radio telescopes including two in orbit, one i Australia and one in India

Two distinct forms of schizophrenia exists and are associated with different changes in brain structure, one with lower volume of grey matter and the other with increased volumes in some structure but normal volume overall, according to researches who studied 307 schizophrenics and 364 healthy subjects with magnetic resonance imaging

Covid-19 stimulates new culture of research where results are published faster and more researchers collaborate, central roles are played by prepublishing services like bioRxiv and medRxiv as well as communication platforms like Slack and Twitter where researchers analyze information in real time

All humans have Neanderthal ancestry, not only non-Africans as previously thought, according to Princeton researchers using novel computational method for identifying genetic overlap, Africans got Neanderthal genes due to migration from Europe

Study shows ambient lighting modulates fatty acid secretion within fat cells, infrequent exposure to full-spectrum light leads to increased risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome among mice, whether the same mechanism obtains for human metabolism is yet to be determined

Cerebral cortex not as important for feeling pain as previously believed, implying that fetuses might be able to feel pain as early as 12 weeks into pregnancy, rather than currently believed 24 weeks, according to literature review by Stuart WG Derbyshire and John C Bockmann

Studies show ostensibly non-psychoactive medications are more deleterious to psychological wellbeing than previously thought, statins, paracetamol and Parkinson's medicines found to exacerbate aggression, dull empathy and promote high-risk behaviour respectively, cause for great concern in hyper-medicated West

Scientists pit doctors against AI in identifying breast cancer, neural networks consistently outperform medical professionals studying mammograms, inability to experience fatigue believed to be main advantage over humans, Google Health and Imperial College London publish findings in Nature

MRI scans before and after nine polar explorers spent 14 months in Antarctica in isolation revealed areas of brain with roles in learning, emotions and memory shrunk during trip while people staying home instead saw some growth, while levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor decreased 45 %

70 research teams analyzed same set of fMRI data but came to very different conclusions, no two teams chose identical workflows for analysis, likelihood of significant findings systematically overestimated

Private property decisive factor behind the neolithic revolution, farming initially no more productive than hunting and gathering but facilitated the application of property rights, according to study published in the Journal of Political Economy

The Nobel Prize of Chemistry jointly awarded to John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino for the development of lithium-ion batteries [pdf]

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine jointly awarded to William G. Kaelin Jr., Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe and Gregg L. Semenza for their discoveries of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability

Russian space agency Roscosmos report that they have found the cause of a hole in the International Space Station but refuse to share the information, the hole appeared last year in the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft that was docked to the station, caused loss of air pressure and was repaired using epoxy, gauze and tape

Scientists think they have found way to stop common cold and related viruses which can cause paralysis, genetically turning off protein inside cells the viruses need to replicate gave complete protection in trial on mice, plan to find drug which can temporarily suppress the protein

Chinese scientist might be closer to a HIV cure after trials using gene-editing technique CRISPR to edit the CCR5 gene show promise

International collaboration claims to have created hybridized human-monkey embryos in China, aims to create organ factories for transplants, project leader Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte previously failed to grow pig embryos using human stem cells

Russian space mission carrying the Spektr-RG telescope launched from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, joint venture with Germany aims to map X-rays across entire sky, trace the large-scale structure of Universe, provide insights on accelerating behaviour of cosmic expansion and identify a large number of new X-ray sources, including large black holes

New research on hominin skull fossil Apidima 1 suggests Homo Sapiens were in Europe more than 200,000 years ago, 150,000 years earlier than modern humans were believed to have spread to the continent, fossil was found in Greece in the 1970s

Researchers find correlation between amount of money in a lost wallet and return rate, the more money the bigger likelihood to report a lost wallet, contrary to predictions made by top-performing academic economists

Ionizing radiation not as dangerous to astronauts as previously believed, study of 418 spacefaring individuals finds no increased risk of death from cancer or heart disease

Planting trees most effective method of countering climate change, say researchers at ETH Zürich, planet has room for 500 billion more trees which would bind 200 billion tonnes of carbon and reduce atmospheric carbon by 25%

13-year-old Canadian Nora Keegan publishes research paper examining loudness of automated hand dryers on children's heights, assessing 44 different models, some operating at 110 decibels, also developed a synthetic air filter reduces noise by 11 decibels

Swedish and British scientists show individual’s genetic make-up has great influence on whether they choose to acquire a dog, concordance rates of dog ownership much larger in identical twins than in non-identical ones, next step to identify which genetic variants affect this choice using data from Swedish Twin Registry

Parents who raise their children as vegans should face prosecution, according to Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium, comes after a number of deaths related to the diet, an estimated 3% of Belgian children forced to eat vegan

32-year-old Greek woman gives birth to boy with DNA from three people, using experimental form of IVF using an egg from the mother, sperm from the father and another egg from a donor woman, some say procedure raises ethical questions, Dr Panagiotis Psathas, president of Institute of Life in Athens, says every woman's inalienable right to become a mother with her own genetic material has become a reality

International collaboration Event Horizon Telescope says it captured first ever image of a black hole, located at center of galaxy Messier 87, 55 million light-years from Earth and with a mass 6.5 billion times that of the Sun

Most links between personality traits and life outcomes replicated in large-scale project, but associations may not be as strong as reported in results originally published

Japanese Hayabusa-2 spacecraft thought to have detonated explosive charge on asteroid Ryugu, idea to create artificial crater to better understand how Earth was formed in early Solar System, probe later to return to gather samples from gouged depression

Study on mosquito feeding and breeding habits finds insects are less likely to eat or reproduce when Skrillex song "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" is playing, researchers believe findings can be used to help develop ways to control Aedes aegypti-carried diseases

55% of non-cyclists rate cyclists not completely human, Australian study with 442 participants conclude, 9% admit they used their car to cut off a cyclist, professor Narelle Haworth finds the word "cyclist" dehumanising and wants to replace it with "people who ride bikes"

Tyrannosaurus rex discovered 1991 in western Canada world's biggest, team of paleontologists say after decades-long skeleton reconstruction process, estimated at 13 meters and more than 8,800 kilos, T. rex nicknamed Scotty is the oldest known having lived into its 30s

Mitochondrial DNA analysis may identify serial killer Jack the Ripper as Polish barber Aaron Kosminski, was identified by witness to one of the killings who then refused to testify against him, scientists analyzed blood-stained shawl from fourth victim Catherine Eddowes, linking Kosminski to the crimes

Chimpanzees living in proximity to humans are losing their capacity for diverse behaviour, some behaviours not yet documented may be lost through this process, researchers underscore the importance of conservation efforts

European particle physics research centre Cern decides not to extend Professor Alessandro Strumia's status of guest professor, decision follows investigation into comments made by Prof Strumia on gender equality, have said "physics was invented and built by men, it's not by invitation" and that work conducted by female physicists is not as good as their male counterparts

Person with HIV seems free of virus after receiving a stem-cell transplant from donor with two copies of mutation in CCR5 gene that gives people resistance to HIV infection, second patient free of HIV which could pave way for future treatments

The Food and Drug Administration approves antidepressant medication Spravato for patients with major depressive disorder who have tried other antidepressant medicines but have not responded to treatment, medication works within hours rather than weeks as is common with other drugs, comes in a nasal spray but will only be available through a restricted distribution system

Scientists inject nanoparticle into mice eyes giving them "supervision", researchers in China and Massachusetts used an "ocular nanoparticle" that granted the mice ability to perceive near-infrared light, normal vision was unharmed in the procedure

NASA satellites reveal iceberg twice the size of New York City threatens to break free from Antarctica as two cracks are about to meet, could threaten research stations operating in Antarctica

Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa2 successfully lands on "Ryugu" asteroid 280 million km from Earth, the mission was delayed four months as the JAXA crew searched for an appropriate landing site, samples will be collected and returned to Earth intended to answer questions about the origins of the solar system

Funeral remains found in Iberian Peninsula demonstrate humans domesticated foxes during Bronze Age, researchers use multiple methods to analyze diet composition of recovered dogs and foxes which indicate shared food sources with humans, "Can Roqueta" fox shows a wounded animal whose ligaments appear to have been healed by human methods, evidence of cereal-based diet and spinal injuries suggests dogs used for carrying heavy loads

NASA plans to return Americans to the Moon by 2028 using private companies, with the help of a space station in the Moon's orbit they plan to make it possible to go back and forth regularly with humans, last person to walk the Moon was Eugene Cernan in December 1972

Women's brains average 3.8 years younger than brains of men at same ages, team studied how much oxygen and glucose the brains of over 200 individuals were using which revealed the metabolic age, study published by researchers from Washington University School of Medicine

E-cigarettes more effective smoking cessation than nicotine-replacement therapy, study shows, 886 participants underwent randomization and received weekly behavioral support, 1-year abstinence rate was 18% in the e-cigarette group, as compared with 10% in the nicotine-replacement group

Israeli biomedical research team claims they will have complete cure for cancer in 1 year, "MuTaTo" technology targets peptide chains versus popular strategy of targeting antibodies

Numerous sleep studies contribute to the sense of a public health-crisis around sleep deprivation, links established between longevity and quality and quantity of sleep over time, school administrators considering changing school schedules to accommodate child sleep patterns

Researchers conclude children with early experiences of conflict with mothers have trouble developing purpose later in life, the Washington University team will publish their findings in Journal of Youth and Adolescence based on 1,074 person sample, contributes to growing literature connecting early childhood experiences with adult life outcomes

New research in PLOS Genetics journal claims obesity and "healthy thinness" has genetic link, scientists studied DNA samples of over 14,000 people with varying body types, academics caution that despite genetic link most obesity is acquired in adulthood due to environmental and lifestyle factors

New scientific research claims link between bacteria causing gum disease and Alzheimer's, Porphyromonas gingivalis blamed for slicing up tau proteins which lead to neuron destruction and dementia

Chinese moon mission successfully sprouts cotton seeds, the Chang'e-4 team brought a specialized canister designed by teams from 28 Chinese universities, concerns raised over contaminating moon environment while growing encouragement about future spacefarers raising their own crops

Study finds risk of death reduced by as much as 35% if half hour of sitting replaced by activity of any kind, results published in American Journal of Epidemiology followed 7,999 individuals over four years, highlights risk of sedentary lifestyles and the simple means by which health outcomes can be improved

Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson stripped of honorary titles by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, which he once headed, over his views about intelligence and race, Watson is one of three who discovered the DNA double helix

Quick and erratic motion of north magnetic pole forces geologists update World Magnetic Model that aids global navigation, Earth’s north magnetic pole is skittering away from Canada and towards Siberia, the pole crossed the International Date Line into the Eastern Hemisphere in 2018

Blocking of irisin hormone in mice studies induced learning and memory difficulties, the hormone is naturally generated in healthy humans through physical exercise, researchers believe a drug could be synthesized to give immobile patients the mental benefits of the hormone

Chinese probe Chang'e-4 becomes first to land on far side of the moon, communicates with Earth through satellite in orbit around moon

NASA New Horizons spacecraft approaches Ultima Thule 4 billion miles from the Sun, furthest distance ever covered by an Earth-launched craft, the vehicle left Earth in 2006 and requires 20 months to transmit all recent data

Sir Melvyn Greaves developing drinkable microbe cure for childhood leukemia, research shows combination of genetic mutation in the womb and non-primed immune system cause leukemia, changes in lifestyle result in increasing rates of "affluent" disease in developed world children

Irish soil considered medicinal in ancient times found to have superbug-fighting bacterial strains, researchers from Swansea University examined Boho Highlands dirt as part of ethnopharmacology movement, growing global interest seeks modern remedies in folk healing traditions

Spanish researcher demonstrates threat of reverse zoonosis in Antarctic wildlife, Marta Cerda-Cuellar collected guano specimens from nearly 700 birds over 3 years, discovered transmission of human pathogens via Antarctic researchers to bird populations

NASA's InSight sends back audio of wind on Mars captured by lander's seismometer, pitch of the audio increased by two octaves for those who can't hear the original

5,000-year old tomb in Sweden reveals Stone Age strain of human plague, scientists suggest this may have been the first pandemic of human history, Neolithic Decline of 4,900 years ago may be explained by spread of disease

Chinese Prof He Jiankui claims of genetically-modified human twins "monstrous", global scientists and medical professionals say tampering with CCR5 gene related to HIV-resistance unethical

Florida ant species found to chemically mimic trap-jaw ants to neutralize their defenses, Formica archboldi known for collecting the heads of trap-jaw ants in nests after dismembering their bodies

Roundworm sperm retain modified histone packaging and can thereby transmit epigenetic information, according to study at UC Santa Cruz, similar findings have been reported in studies on zebrafish

Astronomers find evidence of a proto supercluster galaxy nicknamed Hyperion, was created merely 2 billion years after the Big Bang and is a trillion times as large as the sun

Three American academics performed a hoax on academic journals by getting fake "grievance studies" published, the goal was to demonstrate degrading standards for scholarship and included an article with repurposed passages from "Mein Kampf"

2018 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded jointly to American Arthur Ashkin and Frenchman Gerard Mourou, the two scientists were recognized "for groundbreaking inventions in the field of laser physics"

2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded jointly to Americans Frances Arnold and George Smith, the two scientists were recognized “for the directed evolution of enzymes” and “for the phage display of peptides and antibodies”

Physicist Alessandro Strumia of Pisa University suspended from CERN project after remarks on sexism in science, the professor claimed that women were being given sexist preference over men according to his research, the European organization deemed his comments "unacceptable"

Archaeologists unearth Neolithic village near Tell el-Samara that predates pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the remains suggest human settlement as early as 5,000 BCE

A British study claims that goats have an ability to perceive human facial expressions, the goats favored smiling expressions in a limited experiment, supporters of the study hope it highlights goat sentience and the need for animal welfare

Harvard research paper finds "trigger warnings" reduce psychological resiliency, the study by three Harvard psychologists concludes that the popular practice is likely to increase psychological sensitivity for those predisposed to such reactions, suggests that trigger warnings do more harm than good in promoting the reaction they seek to avoid

Hottest recorded rainfall of 48,3 degrees Celsius falls in Imperial, CA, USA, residents report the experience as making it hard to breathe, rainfall part of a larger series of hot weather phenomena recorded in California and globally

Lauren Westafer: Gibson's study claimed to show causal correlation between alcohol consumption during breastfeeding and impaired cognition in child ridiculous data dredging and p-chasing without clinical significance, alcohol passes to breast milk in negligible amounts, other high-risk behaviors more likely to be cause of observed harm in children

Breast cancer patient healthy after experimental treatment which injected her with large amounts of lab reproductions of own white blood cells

Men who have used psychedelics are half as likely to use violence in close relationships, according to study at University of British Columbia

Ukrainian doctors claim to have used DNA from three different people to create babies for infertile women, four children to have been produced this way with another three patients pregnant

Lead pollution in Greenlandic ice correlates to expansion of Roman empire and events thought to have affected silver production

Scientists at Max Planck Institute in German Leipzig to grow lentil-sized Neanderthal brain organoids via human stem cells edited to contain Neanderthal DNA to understand "why humans seem to be cognitively so special", organoids to be incapable of thoughts or feelings but will replicate basic adult brain structures

American soldier undergoes first successful transplant of penis and scrotum at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, injured by IED in Afghanistan, professor W.P. Andrew Lee hopeful patient will regain near normal urinary and sexual functions

Prion infection similar to mad cow disease discovered in Algerian camels, unclear if transmission to humans possible

Austrian psychiatrist Hans Asperger collaborated with Nazi euthanasia program according to medical historian Herwig Czech, referred 35 children to infamous clinic Am Spiegelgrund wehere 800 children were murdered

Children's reading ability determines how much they choose to read, rather than vice versa, according to Dutch study covering 12,000 twins

Autodidact fossil hunter in Lilstock, England finds bones of ichthyosaur which is calculated to have been 26 meter long, could mean ancient aquatic creatures were largest animals ever, other skeletons presumed to be from land-living dinosaurs could be from marine reptiles

One in three men and one in four women in Germany smoke, according to poll with 12,200 participants, highest proportion of smokers in Brandenburg and among people with low education or income (German)