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Spanish researcher demonstrates threat of reverse zoonosis in Antarctic wildlife, Marta Cerda-Cuellar collected guano specimens from nearly 700 birds over 3 years, discovered transmission of human pathogens via Antarctic researchers to bird populations

NASA's InSight sends back audio of wind on Mars captured by lander's seismometer, pitch of the audio increased by two octaves for those who can't hear the original

5,000-year old tomb in Sweden reveals Stone Age strain of human plague, scientists suggest this may have been the first pandemic of human history, Neolithic Decline of 4,900 years ago may be explained by spread of disease

Chinese Prof He Jiankui claims of genetically-modified human twins "monstrous", global scientists and medical professionals say tampering with CCR5 gene related to HIV-resistance unethical

Florida ant species found to chemically mimic trap-jaw ants to neutralize their defenses, Formica archboldi known for collecting the heads of trap-jaw ants in nests after dismembering their bodies

Roundworm sperm retain modified histone packaging and can thereby transmit epigenetic information, according to study at UC Santa Cruz, similar findings have been reported in studies on zebrafish

Astronomers find evidence of a proto supercluster galaxy nicknamed Hyperion, was created merely 2 billion years after the Big Bang and is a trillion times as large as the sun

Three American academics performed a hoax on academic journals by getting fake "grievance studies" published, the goal was to demonstrate degrading standards for scholarship and included an article with repurposed passages from "Mein Kampf"

2018 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded jointly to American Arthur Ashkin and Frenchman Gerard Mourou, the two scientists were recognized "for groundbreaking inventions in the field of laser physics"

2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded jointly to Americans Frances Arnold and George Smith, the two scientists were recognized “for the directed evolution of enzymes” and “for the phage display of peptides and antibodies”

Physicist Alessandro Strumia of Pisa University suspended from CERN project after remarks on sexism in science, the professor claimed that women were being given sexist preference over men according to his research, the European organization deemed his comments "unacceptable"

Archaeologists unearth Neolithic village near Tell el-Samara that predates pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the remains suggest human settlement as early as 5,000 BCE

A British study claims that goats have an ability to perceive human facial expressions, the goats favored smiling expressions in a limited experiment, supporters of the study hope it highlights goat sentience and the need for animal welfare

Harvard research paper finds "trigger warnings" reduce psychological resiliency, the study by three Harvard psychologists concludes that the popular practice is likely to increase psychological sensitivity for those predisposed to such reactions, suggests that trigger warnings do more harm than good in promoting the reaction they seek to avoid

Hottest recorded rainfall of 48,3 degrees Celsius falls in Imperial, CA, USA, residents report the experience as making it hard to breathe, rainfall part of a larger series of hot weather phenomena recorded in California and globally

Lauren Westafer: Gibson's study claimed to show causal correlation between alcohol consumption during breastfeeding and impaired cognition in child ridiculous data dredging and p-chasing without clinical significance, alcohol passes to breast milk in negligible amounts, other high-risk behaviors more likely to be cause of observed harm in children

Breast cancer patient healthy after experimental treatment which injected her with large amounts of lab reproductions of own white blood cells

Men who have used psychedelics are half as likely to use violence in close relationships, according to study at University of British Columbia

Ukrainian doctors claim to have used DNA from three different people to create babies for infertile women, four children to have been produced this way with another three patients pregnant

Lead pollution in Greenlandic ice correlates to expansion of Roman empire and events thought to have affected silver production

Scientists at Max Planck Institute in German Leipzig to grow lentil-sized Neanderthal brain organoids via human stem cells edited to contain Neanderthal DNA to understand "why humans seem to be cognitively so special", organoids to be incapable of thoughts or feelings but will replicate basic adult brain structures

American soldier undergoes first successful transplant of penis and scrotum at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, injured by IED in Afghanistan, professor W.P. Andrew Lee hopeful patient will regain near normal urinary and sexual functions

Prion infection similar to mad cow disease discovered in Algerian camels, unclear if transmission to humans possible

Austrian psychiatrist Hans Asperger collaborated with Nazi euthanasia program according to medical historian Herwig Czech, referred 35 children to infamous clinic Am Spiegelgrund wehere 800 children were murdered

Children's reading ability determines how much they choose to read, rather than vice versa, according to Dutch study covering 12,000 twins

Autodidact fossil hunter in Lilstock, England finds bones of ichthyosaur which is calculated to have been 26 meter long, could mean ancient aquatic creatures were largest animals ever, other skeletons presumed to be from land-living dinosaurs could be from marine reptiles

One in three men and one in four women in Germany smoke, according to poll with 12,200 participants, highest proportion of smokers in Brandenburg and among people with low education or income (German)

Marmoset monkeys more likely to share food with young when out of sight from rest of group, surprise researchers at University of Zürich

Rare form of ice discovered inside diamond, first time ice-VII has been observed outside laboratory, characterized by cubic crystal structure created by very high pressure

Bones found on Nikumaroro island in Pacific Ocean 1940 probably belonged to Amelia Earhart who three years earlier tried to become first female pilot to cross Pacific, according to study published in Forensic Anthropology

US aircraft carrier USS Lexington that was sunk by Japan during Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942 found at depth of 3km by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's company Vulcan, will not be retrieved as it is considered to be war grave

Hearing and balance symptoms experienced by embassy employees in Cuba may be explained by interference between several ultrasound signals used in eavesdropping, according to researcher at University of Michigan

Gray and originally North American squirrel now 15 times more common than red ones in UK, may be due to superior problem solving capacity according to researches at Exeter and Edinburgh universities who has compared species in experiments

Fish oil based supplements did not lower risk of coronary heart disease in big meta-analysis published in JAMA Cardiology

Naked mole rats do not age, according to scientists who followed 3,329 individuals in lab during more than 30 years, every given day the risk for a rat to die is 1 in 10,000 and this does not change with age of rat

Japanese space probe Akatsuki in orbit around Venus, sends unique images of cloud layers in planet's atmosphere

Stay-at-home moms with children under 3 years of age happier than ditto full-time workers, link strongest among mothers who left higher quality employment for childcare, according to self-reported 2004–2014 data from 30 European countries

Public servants tend to incorrectly conclude data aligns with their ideological preferences, according to study sampling 2,778 World Bank and UK Department for International Development officials' response to table under different framings

Animal testing shows invertebrates can feel pain, crabs and lobsters deserve protection from boiling alive, hard to see animals suffering according to animal rights activists, biggest problem in the food industry where animals are often mutilated without being killed

New form of matter excitonium proven 50 years after being theorized, made up of electrons exciting valence band and forming exciton bosons by pairing up with the "holes" they left, possible technological applications purely speculative

Astronomers confirm mysterious 400 meter long object hurtling past the sun is an interstellar asteroid, absorbs 96% of the light that falls on its surface and was named 1I/2017 U1(’Oumuamua)

Large abnormal void identified in Great Pyramid of Giza with help of non-invasive muography technique, debate concerning purpose of cavity expected

Astronomers observe interstellar object for first time, A/2017 U1 entered solar system perpendicular to its plane and is thought to be stray asteroid or comet from far away star

AI robot Sophia developed by Hanson Robotics granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia, says she is honored and proud of acknowledgment, describes at same time her efforts to build trust by showing feelings

Stephen Hawking's PhD thesis 'Properties of expanding universes' now available as Open Access, first published in 1966

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency detects enormous cave under the moon's surface, formed by volcanic activity, could protect settlers against heat, cold and radiation

Navigational abilities differ significantly between countries, average result correlates with GDP per capita according to study with 2.5 million participants from all over the world

NASA plans a manned journey to Mars within the next couple of decades, astronauts will be subjected to unusual types of physiological and psychological challenges

Study on mice indicates that both black and green tea increase the body's metabolism, black tea polyphenols stimulate produktion of short-chain fatty acids in the gut

Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in chemistry for the development of cryo-electron microscopy, where biomolecules through freezing can be visualized in electron microscopes, something long believed only to be possible for imaging dead matter

Rainer Weiss, Barry C. Barish and Kip S. Thorne awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in physics for their contributions to the laser based LIGO detector, which in 2015 for the first time detected gravitational waves from two colliding black holes

Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering the molecular mechanisms controlling circadian rhythm

45 cm long tree-dwelling rat weighing 1 kg discovered in Solomon Islands, named Uromys vika in honor of local name for the rodent

Study concluding wax moth Galleria mellonella breaking down polyethylene via gut enzyme not showing sufficient proof, unclear whether plastic digested or broken down via "mechanical milling" and thus chemically unchanged, according to researchers from Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz

Scientists equip fox squirrels with GPS, find that foraging squirrels will organize caches of nuts by type within a location and not across locations, represents first evidence of "chunking" in scatter-hoarding animals, researchers speculate the chunking heuristic is used to substitute for a central food source, optimizing for secure but memorable caching

Research shows that bats during their evolution didn't meet any vertical smooth surfaces, as a consequence they often fly straight into windows, comparable to a torch in front of a mirror in the dark where no reflection is visible unless standing directly in front of the mirror

Research on Dutch soldiers shows that blood test can answer which people will develop post-traumatic stress symptoms, 40 microRNAs have been found to be at different levels between those who developed PTSD and those who didn't

Researchers develop carbon nanotubes 0.8 nanometers in width, 50,000 times thinner than a human hair, highly permeable to single-file transport of water while blocking salt ions, thin nanotubes provide effective means to desalinate seawater

MDMA granted special designation by US FDA, enabling fast-track of getting drug approved for medical use, trials show good results on PTSD

Fusion reactors can be operational around 2030, according to MIT research, which managed to create fusion with 10 times more powerful output than previously had been possible

Researchers in California find potential vaccine against narcotic effects of heroin, has been found effective on monkeys and mice

Scientists get tobacco plants to produce polio vaccine, becomes a virus-like particle where the outside is similar to polio but inside doesn't contain virus, animal trials show good results, technology isn't limited to polio

Researchers find 91 volcanoes in Antarctica, now a total of 138 volcanoes causing it to unseat East Africa as the place on earth with the most volcanoes, unclear how active the volcanoes are

Overbearing canine mothers have puppies that are less suitable as guide dogs for the blind, the ability to overcome obstacles a key factor in becoming a good guide dog

Researchers create algorithm to predict if a person is depressed based on their Instagram photos, 70% accuracy reported in a study of 166 people, depressed tends to post pictures that are bluer, darker and show fewer faces

New technology can repair cells in the field, consists of a small silicon chip that injects genetic code into skin cells which transforms them into other cells that can treat diseases, trials on mice show good results

Sperm count among western men halved in last 40 years, according to data collected from 185 studies carried out between 1973 and 2011 in North America, Europe and Australia, research involving 43,000 men

Studies show that most drugs remain stable several years after their expiration dates, FDA aware of the fact but indifferent to changing the way expiration dates are set

Habitable zone around TRAPPIST-1 so close to the star that the UV radiation makes it unlikely it could support life according to researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Implanted stents may remain open either by coating the stent with Sildenafil or by taking tablets with Sildenafil, according to study on rats

Priests and rabbis take part in psilocybin experiment to assess how psychedelic experience influence religious thinking – researchers have yet to find willing Muslim and Hindu participants

Researchers have discovered particle with two heavy quarks at the Large Hadron Collider at Cern, the two heavy quarks circle around each other in a binary system, will help to understand how Universe works

Neanderthals met and bred with humans far earlier than expected, according to DNA analysis of 124,000-year-old bone fragment

Methylphenidate treatment before age 16 associated with changed GABA signaling in medial prefrontal cortex in adulthood according to study on 44 ADHD patients

Cameroonian Nso children outperform German children in marshmallow test, wait twice as long and more than twice as many wait full 10 minutes, also exhibit less negative emotions

20% of male river fish transgendered due to contraceptive pills flushed down drains, according to UK study

Pickups and luxury sedans most involved in accidents, compact cars and convertibles least, according to study of 250,000 accidents by insurance company AXA-Winterthur (German)

NASA reveals plans for fission reactors on Mars, part of Kilopower project which has been financed by agency for three years, future Mars expeditions estimated to require 40 kW

Clinical study to evaluate use of MDMA in combination with psychotherapy to treat alcohol addiction, substance has previously been shown effective for treating trauma and improving empathy

130,000 year old Neanderthal teeth found in Croatia have remains of toothpicks, indicates more advanced use of tools than previously expected

Image manipulation common in biomedical research, technical screening can be of help, says Nature editorial

Geoscientists have created a model to predict volcanic eruptions, uses GPS and satellite radar data that measure soil movement in combination with mathematics, can be used to evacuate vulnerable cities quickly and safely

Intubation in cardiac arrest associated with lower survival according to retrospective Danish study, can be due to higher intra-thoracic pressure and impaired circulation rather than delay

Sci-Hub sentenced to pay USD 15 million in damages to Elsevier by New York federal court, Association of American Publishers happy that court did not mistake illegal activity for public good

Male mice exposed to paracetamol in womb less aggressive and sexually active and have lower testosterone levels, according to Danish study, parallel to humans not unlikely

Birds who are good at flying have more elliptic eggs, according to Princeton research which contradicts previous notion that egg shape was adapted to nests

European Space Agency approves mission to study gravitational waves in space after decades of delays and development, launch expected in 2034

Older men more likely to have sons with higher IQ, focus on special interests and more reserved personality, according to British study of 8,000 twins

Trials on mice indicates olive oil protects the brain against Alzheimer's disease, study of mice's brain tissue showed that mice that received olive oil had lower levels of amyloid plaque and had better communication between neurons

Test results of Finnish conscripts born between 1962 and 1976 show positive trends in characteristics associated with high income, similar to Flynn effect for IQ according to article in PNAS

Vaccine targeting endogenous PCSK9 enzyme tested on 72 human volunteers to evaluate cholesterol-lowering effect and safety, trials on mice lowered LDL cholesterol by 50% over a year

Ethanol synthesis from carbon dioxide using copper catalyst novel environmentally friendly method developed at Stanford

Quality time with present father inversely correlated to girls' propensity for risky sexual activity, according to empirical study of separated biological sisters controlling for genetics

Drone equipped with defibrillator can reach patients quicker than ambulances according to Stockholm study, shorter time to first defibrillation increases likelihood of survival

Researchers find extracts of broccoli help obese people suffering from type 2 diabetes control glucose levels in the blood and reduce glucose production, has no effect on people with a normal weight

Researchers create drug that causes the body to create melanin, which makes the skin darker and thereby prevent skin cancer, has been tested on mice and skin samples

Ravens can distinguish between good and bad deals and remember if they are cheated in barter according to study from the Universities in Lund and Vienna

Antiplatelet drug made from snake venom prevents blood clots while not causing excessive bleeding after injury in study on mice in Taiwan

Researchers claim allergies can be cured by gene therapy, take blood stem cells and insert the gene that regulates the allergen protein and put them back into the recipient

Ancient Egyptians closely resembled modern Near Eastern populations, had almost no sub-Saharan African genes, according to German study of genomes from 90 mummies