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Scientists get tobacco plants to produce polio vaccine, becomes a virus-like particle where the outside is similar to polio but inside doesn't contain virus, animal trials show good results, technology isn't limited to polio 

Researchers find 91 volcanoes in Antarctica, now a total of 138 volcanoes causing it to unseat East Africa as the place on earth with the most volcanoes, unclear how active the volcanoes are 

Overbearing canine mothers have puppies that are less suitable as guide dogs for the blind, the ability to overcome obstacles a key factor in becoming a good guide dog 

Researchers create algorithm to predict if a person is depressed based on their Instagram photos, 70% accuracy reported in a study of 166 people, depressed tends to post pictures that are bluer, darker and show fewer faces 

New technology can repair cells in the field, consists of a small silicon chip that injects genetic code into skin cells which transforms them into other cells that can treat diseases, trials on mice show good results 

Sperm count among western men halved in last 40 years, according to data collected from 185 studies carried out between 1973 and 2011 in North America, Europe and Australia, research involving 43,000 men 

Studies show that most drugs remain stable several years after their expiration dates, FDA aware of the fact but indifferent to changing the way expiration dates are set 

Habitable zone around TRAPPIST-1 so close to the star that the UV radiation makes it unlikely it could support life according to researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 

Implanted stents may remain open either by coating the stent with Sildenafil or by taking tablets with Sildenafil, according to study on rats 

Priests and rabbis take part in psilocybin experiment to assess how psychedelic experience influence religious thinking – researchers have yet to find willing Muslim and Hindu participants 

Researchers have discovered particle with two heavy quarks at the Large Hadron Collider at Cern, the two heavy quarks circle around each other in a binary system, will help to understand how Universe works 

Neanderthals met and bred with humans far earlier than expected, according to DNA analysis of 124,000-year-old bone fragment 

Methylphenidate treatment before age 16 associated with changed GABA signaling in medial prefrontal cortex in adulthood according to study on 44 ADHD patients 

Cameroonian Nso children outperform German children in marshmallow test, wait twice as long and more than twice as many wait full 10 minutes, also exhibit less negative emotions 

20% of male river fish transgendered due to contraceptive pills flushed down drains, according to UK study 

Pickups and luxury sedans most involved in accidents, compact cars and convertibles least, according to study of 250,000 accidents by insurance company AXA-Winterthur (German)

NASA reveals plans for fission reactors on Mars, part of Kilopower project which has been financed by agency for three years, future Mars expeditions estimated to require 40 kW 

Clinical study to evaluate use of MDMA in combination with psychotherapy to treat alcohol addiction, substance has previously been shown effective for treating trauma and improving empathy 

130,000 year old Neanderthal teeth found in Croatia have remains of toothpicks, indicates more advanced use of tools than previously expected  

Image manipulation common in biomedical research, technical screening can be of help, says Nature editorial 

Geoscientists have created a model to predict volcanic eruptions, uses GPS and satellite radar data that measure soil movement in combination with mathematics, can be used to evacuate vulnerable cities quickly and safely 

Intubation in cardiac arrest associated with lower survival according to retrospective Danish study, can be due to higher intra-thoracic pressure and impaired circulation rather than delay 

Sci-Hub sentenced to pay USD 15 million in damages to Elsevier by New York federal court, Association of American Publishers happy that court did not mistake illegal activity for public good 

Male mice exposed to paracetamol in womb less aggressive and sexually active and have lower testosterone levels, according to Danish study, parallel to humans not unlikely 

Birds who are good at flying have more elliptic eggs, according to Princeton research which contradicts previous notion that egg shape was adapted to nests 

European Space Agency approves mission to study gravitational waves in space after decades of delays and development, launch expected in 2034 

Older men more likely to have sons with higher IQ, focus on special interests and more reserved personality, according to British study of 8,000 twins 

Trials on mice indicates olive oil protects the brain against Alzheimer's disease, study of mice's brain tissue showed that mice that received olive oil had lower levels of amyloid plaque and had better communication between neurons 

Test results of Finnish conscripts born between 1962 and 1976 show positive trends in characteristics associated with high income, similar to Flynn effect for IQ according to article in PNAS 

Vaccine targeting endogenous PCSK9 enzyme tested on 72 human volunteers to evaluate cholesterol-lowering effect and safety, trials on mice lowered LDL cholesterol by 50% over a year 

Ethanol synthesis from carbon dioxide using copper catalyst novel environmentally friendly method developed at Stanford 

Quality time with present father inversely correlated to girls' propensity for risky sexual activity, according to empirical study of separated biological sisters controlling for genetics 

Drone equipped with defibrillator can reach patients quicker than ambulances according to Stockholm study, shorter time to first defibrillation increases likelihood of survival 

Researchers find extracts of broccoli help obese people suffering from type 2 diabetes control glucose levels in the blood and reduce glucose production, has no effect on people with a normal weight 

Researchers create drug that causes the body to create melanin, which makes the skin darker and thereby prevent skin cancer, has been tested on mice and skin samples 

Ravens can distinguish between good and bad deals and remember if they are cheated in barter according to study from the Universities in Lund and Vienna 

Antiplatelet drug made from snake venom prevents blood clots while not causing excessive bleeding after injury in study on mice in Taiwan 

Researchers claim allergies can be cured by gene therapy, take blood stem cells and insert the gene that regulates the allergen protein and put them back into the recipient 

Ancient Egyptians closely resembled modern Near Eastern populations, had almost no sub-Saharan African genes, according to German study of genomes from 90 mummies  

Study of 20 people shows that hands are as clean in hot as cold water, the amount of soap has no effect, restaurants can save on their electricity bills 

The antibiotic vancomycin gets modified in three places, counteracts resistance and makes it effective against multiresistant bacteria 

Construction of Extremely Large Telescope started in Chile, largest optical telescope in the world with a 39 meter diameter main mirror  

Researcher studied boas in a cave in Cuba, found that the snakes hunted together as the chance of getting a prey was higher than hunting alone 

Psychedelic mushrooms safest drug according to Global Drug Survey 2017 with 120,000 participants in 50 countries, only 0.2% of users needed emergency medical treatment compared to 1.3% of alcohol users, mushrooms can cure depression and anxiety and there is no lethal dose 

Adenocarcinoma constitutes larger share of lung cancer, holes in light cigarette filters likely cause as it changes combustion and more carcinogens are inhaled, according to review 

Very low frequency radio waves seem to protect against Van Allen radiation belt according to measurements by Van Allen probes during solar storm 

15 of 16 sea salt products from brands worldwide contain plastic or plastic residues, levels not harmful to human health at present, according to toxicology study from Malaysia 

Women's underrepresentation in executive roles can be explained by the fact that it makes them unhappy to a greater extent, according to empirical study of German household data 

Myth that obese people can be healthy according to study of 3.5 million people's medical records, are often affected by heart problems and diabetes later in life 

Pancreatic islets transplanted to omentum in type 1 diabetic restored insulin independence, decreased effect one year after transplantation 

People who drink energy drinks mixed with alcohol experience an increased intoxication which leads to increased risk behavior, reason psychological according to study in Journal of Consumer Psychology 

Study of all drugs approved by FDA between 2001-2010 shows that one third of them gave side effects not known at the time of approval, some life threatening, impossible to detect all side effects 

Study in the UK shows more than half of e-cigarette users have quit tobacco, increase of e-cigarette has evened out, not all users convinced that e-cigarettes are less harmful 

New dangerous opioid combination called "gray death" sold in several US states, looks like cement mix and consists of heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil and U-47700, impossible for user to know how strong it is, can be absorbed through skin 

Largest outbreak of measles in Minnesota for 25 years, Somalis most affected as only 40% are vaccinated, belief that vaccines cause autism contributes to problem but lacks scientific evidence 

Precise data on how fast people walk can predict dementia and other diseases, to be measured with new device based on reflection of radio waves 

Type 2 diabetes and obesity associated with gray matter atrophy in MRI study of 150 people, temporal lobe most vulnerable 

Study finds that bricks can be made on Mars simply by pressurizing soil, iron oxide in the soil acts as a binder, is stronger than reinforced concrete 

Findings of bones from animals near San Diego are said to be processed with stone hammer, the bones 130,000 years old while previous findings have indicated 15,000 years, walked over a frozen Bering Strait from Asia, several researchers skeptical 

Researcher finds that larva Galleria mellonella eats plastic and transforms it into glycol, unclear how process works but identifying the active enzyme would be helpful for managing plastic waste 

New form of northern lights categorized through images posted to Facebook, 25 kilometer wide gas stream 3000 degrees hotter than surrounding air named Steve by discovering group 

107 scientific papers on cancer research retracted from journal Tumor Biology after revelation of fake peer review where researchers chose their own reviewers 

Homo floresiensis not descended from Homo erectus, bone structure dissimilar especially in jaw and pelvis, according to study in Journal of Human Evolution 

People over 45 who drink diet soda may be at greater risk of dementia and stroke, according to a study in Massachusetts, was unable to prove that artificial sweeteners were the cause of the diseases 

China continues space program by sending unmanned spacecraft to Tiangong-2 space station which will be completed in 2022 and carry out scientific experiments, offers funding for other countries' travel to station 

Asteroid 2014 JO25 passes Earth at 4.6 times distance to moon, is at most 1,300 meters long, next known asteroid passing close to Earth will be in 2027 

Influenza viruses can be cured with mucus from frogs, according to study, peptides bind to microbes and kills them, tests on mice indicate that several types of influenza can be eliminated 

Researchers use MOF, metals mixed with organic compounds, to capture water vapor from the air that becomes drinkable water, requires very little energy, work even in the most arid regions on Earth 

Saturn's moon Enceladus has almost all components necessary for live, abundant hydrogen molecules in water and probably methane, according to NASA 

Dwarf planet 2014 UZ224, also known as DeeDee, determined to be second to most distant body in solar system with confirmed orbit, is 635 kilometers in diameter and should have enough mass to be spherical 

Every fifth published data set about genetics contains name errors, automatic cell formatting in Excel important contributing cause, according to review of 704 studies  

Jellyfish may have been first animals on Earth according to study in Nature Ecology & Evolution where genes of fungi, animals and plants are compared  

Researchers at UC Berkeley study how forces interact to untie shoe laces, results may shed light on how DNA is destroyed by similar dynamic forces 

Canadian ice core archive loses parts of collection as freezer malfunctions, oldest samples from Mount Logan melts 

British American Tobacco claims smoking kills, e-cigarettes healthier, has invested a billion dollars in vaping research, Royal College of Physicians shares view 

People not negative to inequality but to unfairness, prefer fair inequality to unfair equality, according to research review in Nature Human Behaviour 

Newborn stars collide in Orion molecular cloud, resulting explosion produces as much energy as the Sun over 10 million years, astronomers in Chile take high resolution pictures 

Vaccine against acne will soon begin testing on patients, antibody against toxin produced by Proprionobacterium acnes 

Early humans were cannibals but for ritualistic rather than nutritional reasons, eating deceased may have been way of showing respect to relatives, according to researcher at University of Brighton 

Researchers studying microgravity offer EUR 16,000 to 24 candidates who will lie in bed for 60 days, one shoulder must always be in contact with the bed, want to know what happens to the body 

Researchers in Australia confirms bursts of radio waves come from outer space with 18 000 square meter telescope which will be improved to link radio waves to specific galaxies 

No strong evidence that smart phone usage weakens attention, memory or delay of gratification, according to review published in Frontiers in Psychology 

Brazilian bank hacked by domain names being pointed to phishing websites, national domain registry denies hack but admits website vulnerability 

The antibiotic doxycycline can be helpful in treating post-traumatic stress disorder, research of 76 healthy people shows, works by disrupting with the formation of negative thoughts in the brain 

Researchers develop membrane of graphene oxide that can desalinate water and make it drinkable, possible to mass produce and can be used in poor countries 

British university imposes gender neutral language on exams, students risk lower grades if "he" is used 

American badger in Utah bury cow carcass set out by scientists in the wilderness, badger one-third as large as the cow, much of the badger's behavior unknown 

Fang blenny fish at Great Barrier Reef injects adversaries with poison which could be link to next big pain medication, says researchers at University of Queensland and emphasizes need to preserve unique habitats 

Research show that people feeling lonely felt sicker when having a cold, improvement of mental health can have major impact and save money 

Playing Tetris shortly after a traumatic event can prevent post-traumatic stress, researchers hopeful ahead of trying other games 

Saturn's moon Titan largely composed of electrostatically charged sand, explains how dunes form in opposite direction of winds 

Researchers believe that diet may have influenced brain size, fruit-eating and the consumption of animal products led to larger brains compared to leaf-eating, questions whether larger social life gave rise to larger brains 

New vaccine Rotasiil against rotavirus 67% effective in preventing severe diarrhea caused by virus, according to study on 3,500 children in Africa, can last for months without refrigeration 

Dinosaurs appeared 15 million years earlier than previously thought, may have originated in present day Britain, say researchers in first re-evaluation in 130 years 

Researchers can estimate probability of Alzheimer's disease through age and genetic testing, research mostly based on people with European ancestry 

Heart attacks and strokes may be reduced by drug Evolocumab, reduces LDL cholesterol levels according to study in New England Journal of Medicine 

Researchers show mathematically that third law of thermodynamics is correct, can help quantum computers 

New paper based test determines blood type in 30 seconds, useful in emergency rooms and war zones, on market within 1-2 years 

Blue Origin's first space flights with passengers will not be subject to regulations, receives written warning that rocket is not certified by the US government 

Ibuprofen and diclofenac associated with increased risk of cardiac arrest, 31 and 50% respectively, in Danish study of 28,000 people who had cardiac arrest outside hospitals surveyed,