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Swiss People's Party still largest in parliament despite setback, Green Party and Green Liberal Party make strong gains and get a combined 20% of the vote after an election dominated by the climate

Six polls show Joe Biden with clear lead over Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in Democratic Party's primary race, one poll show lead of as many as 18 percentage points

Donald Trump says US must in one voice condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy, following recent mass shootings, outlines policy for more co-operation between agencies and social media companies and calls for death penalty for hate crimes and mass murders, adding that mental illness and hate pull the trigger, not the gun

Leftist congresswoman Ilhan Omar to divorce husband and father of her three children for second time, bust-up comes as critics demand answers as to whether she married her own brother in-between the two marriages in a successful bid to get him into the United States

New Leader of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg issues list of rules to staff, non-titled males to be referred to as Esquire, imperial measurements to be used and banned words include equal, speculate, invest, unacceptable, yourself, hopefully, disappointment and lot

Boris Johnson to become next UK prime minister after being elected new Conservative leader, wins twice as many votes as Jeremy Hunt, takes over from Theresa May on Wednesday, promises to deliver Brexit on 31 October, unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn

Sweden extends smoking ban to public places including outdoor restaurants, train stations and playgrounds, extends 2005 law which banned smoking inside bars and restaurants, PM Stefan Löfven wants country to be smoke-free by 2025

Liberalism has outlived its purpose and come in conflict with interests of majority of people by promoting immigration, open borders and multiculturalism, says Vladimir Putin in interview with Financial Times

Boris Johnson and foreign minister Jeremy Hunt only two candidates left in race to become British prime minister after a fifth and final ballot of Conservative lawmakers, with Johnson earning 160 votes versus Hunt's 77

President Trump reveals 2020 re-election campaign slogan "Keep America Great", says if he loses, people will criticize the new slogan, but doesn't consider a loss to be within realm of possibility

Old power blocs losers in EU elections, nationalist parties big winners: Brexit Party gets 32% in UK, Lega 30% in Italy, RN 24% in France, PiS 45% in Poland, Fidesz 52% in Hungary, AfD 10% in Germany and SD 15% in Sweden

Brexit Party and CDU tied largest individual party in EU parliament, claiming 28 seats each, according to preliminary numbers

Theresa May will quit as Conservative leader on 7 June, expresses deep regret that she has been unable to deliver Brexit, leadership contest to begin next week

Nigel Farage hit by milkshake during visit to Newcastle, several pro-Brexit politicians subjected to same treatment in recent weeks

Sweden asks Netherlands to back plan for international tribunal to try ISIS terrorists travelling to caliphate from European countries, summit to be held in Stockholm on June 3, Dutch government adamant not to act to bring Dutch jihadis back to the Netherlands

Coinbase blocks Milo Yiannopoulos from the platform after having blocked Gab founder Andrew Torba and WikiLeaks Shop earlier this year

Former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt genuinely worried over hand signals by incoming Estonian ministers, EKRE representatives made the allegedly right-wing OK gesture at Estonian parliament Riigikogu

Three of US most influential female activists forms Supermajority, organization aims to mobilise 2 million women over next year to become organisers and political leaders in their communities, creation of Cecile Richards, former head of Planned Parenthood; Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter; and Ai-jen Poo, executive director of National Domestic Workers Alliance

Tommy Robinson announces plans to stand as independent MEP in European elections, will speak out against Islamification of Britain, kick-starts campaign with family-friendly barbecue event in Manchester, promptly told by police he was potentially in breach of electoral laws on bribery by offering free food to voters

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz condemns allegedly racist poem by Braunau am Inn deputy mayor Christian Schilcher (FPÖ), poem compares Austrians and immigrants alike to rats, asking the latter to hurry away unless they adapt to way of life of their new home country, Vice-Chancellor and FPÖ head Heinz-Christian Strache says incitements and campaign against his party shows competitors are nervous ahead of European Parliament elections

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld first Republican to challenge Donald Trump in 2020, Weld shared the ticket with Gary Johnson in 2016, party leaders promptly reject his campaign, according to recent Gallup poll 89% of Republican voters approve of the president

German politician Markus Frohnmaier, member of AfD party and parliament, could become "absolutely controlled" MP in Bundestag, according to unverified Russian documents seen by BBC, Frohnmaier says he has no knowledge of the documents

Donald Tusk to propose offering UK 12-month extension to its Brexit date, would allow them to leave sooner if Parliament ratifies a deal, "flextension" meant to avoid a rolling series of short extensions

Julian Assange reportedly set to be expelled from Ecuadorian embassy in London, President Lenin Moreno says Assange repeatedly violated terms of his asylum stating he cannot intervene in politics of other countries, comments made after Government said photos of Moreno and family from when they lived in Europe were shared by WikiLeaks

Joe Biden pledges to be more mindful about physical contact with women, statement follows accusations against him of unwelcome touching from four women in recent days, Nancy Pelosi defended him, saying allegations should not disqualify a presidential run

Bernie Sanders against expanding the nine-member Supreme Court, a proposal some liberal activists have advocated, worried next time Republicans are in power they will do the same thing, Sanders would consider term limits for Supreme Court justices or rotation between highest court and lower-level appeals courts

Second woman accuse Joe Biden of unwanted physical contact, Amy Lappos says he touched her inappropriately, grabbed her by the head and rubbed noses with her at a 2009 political fundraiser, states that it wasn’t sexual but sexism or misogyny

Democratic National Committee bars Fox News from hosting its presidential primary debates, says "network is not in a position to host a fair and neutral debate for our candidates"

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) hit with new ethics complaint after obtaining an official @mail.house.gov e-mail address for her boyfriend by falsely designating him a staff member, claims the account was given so he could have access to her calendar, boyfriend has previously received two payments for USD 3,000 from Brand New Congress PAC

Emmanuel Macron set out proposals for a "European renaissance", says the EU needs to stop member states "retreating into nationalism", wants to create new bodies to protect the bloc against cyber-attacks and spreading of fake news, ban foreign powers financing European political parties, introduce a EU minimum wage and target zero carbon by 2050

Eurosceptic EKRE who promised to slash taxes saw its popularity surge in Estonia's general election, more than doubling its previous results and garnering about 18% of the vote, opposition centre-right Reform party won the election with 29% of the vote, insisting a coalition with EKRE is not a choice, a quarter of Estonia's 881,000 eligible voters cast their ballots by e-voting

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta illegally hid plea details from sex trafficking victims of Jeffrey Epstein, Acosta was a federal prosecutor in Miami who struck plea deal with the politically connected former hedge fund manager, he now oversees federal government international human trafficking and child labor violations efforts

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders announces 2020 presidential bid to complete "political revolution", rose to prominence during 2016 campaign on promises of universal health care and USD 15 per hour minimum wage, ultimately lost the Democratic party nomination via controversial infighting with Hillary Clinton campaign

Sexual deviant Anthony Weiner released from prison early for good behavior, the former congressman was serving a 21-month sentence for obscenity after sending sexual text messages to 15 year-old girl

7 British MPs leave Labour party over "institutional antisemitism" of Jeremy Corbyn, the departing politicians will sit in Parliament as Independent Group, concerns over Brexit lead to calls for new political alternatives in UK

Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe claims President Trump may have committed a crime in firing James Comey, believes he was fired in retaliation for beginning investigation into Trump-Russia connection, says Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein was willing to wear a wiretap in the White House

UK parliament-commissioned report claims Facebook deliberately broke privacy laws and threatens democracy, 18-month investigation accuses Zuckerberg and company of "digital gangsterism", Labour party leads calls for more onerous regulation of new tech companies

Swedish foreign minister accuses UK of political leadership deficit, Margot Wallstrom says the management of Brexit has endangered "our political project" in the EU

Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond charged with two attempted rapes, nine sexual assaults, two indecent assaults and one breach of the peace, Salmond refutes the allegations

US presidential candidate John Mcafee runs campaign in exile on boat, charged by the IRS for using cryptocurrencies in criminal activities, often talks against taxation and believes blockchain and censorship-resistant cryptocurrencies are the future of economies

German spy agency announces AfD party to be investigated for unconstitutional extremism, spy chief Thomas Haldenwang says the case merits concern but falls short of a need for full espionage tactics

Ivanka Trump to serve on committee selecting new World Bank head, the US President's daughter is a presidential advisor, has worked with the departing President Jim Yong Kim and was asked to help by US Treasury Secretary and White House Chief of Staff

Obama-appointed former US counterintelligence chief says Trump is a "clear and present danger" to US national security, David Laufman cites secrecy over handling of relationship with Putin as tipping point, calls on "good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country"

Italian senator receives 18-month prison sentence for defamation aggravated by racial hatred, Roberto Calderoli of right-wing League party claimed at a rally in 2013 that Italy's first black minister Cécile Kyenge reminded him of the "features of an orangutan", the charge was celebrated by Kyenge as "a very important signal"

Second suspicious death in 18 months at home of LGBT activist and Democrat donor Ed Buck, police also reviewing previous death of 26-year-old gay male escort from drug overdose then ruled an accident

Bolsonaro to remove communists from non-elected state positions, 320 civil servants already notified about upcoming evaluation of their compatibility with agenda of new government, measure said to be first step in shrinking Brazil state apparatus

Michael Bastasch: 2018 has seen a number of high-profile defeats for policies aimed at fighting global warming; voters in Ontario province and Washington state rejected carbon tax programs, Australian Prime Minister Turnbull lost power over CO2 emissions bill and French President Macron yielded to Yellow Vests protesters over fuel tax increases

MPs will vote on UK's Brexit deal in week beginning 14 January, Theresa May tells Parliament, vote was due last week but was put on hold as May admitted she was set to lose, says the EU had made it clear Irish backstop was "not a plot to trap the UK"

Theresa May faces party confidence vote triggered by Conservative MPs supporting Brexit, awaits vote result Wednesday evening, says she will step down before next election

"Family-friendly" Brexit march to take place in London on Sunday, Tommy Robinson and Ukip leader Gerard Batten’s inner circle organising the rally, Israeli-born Australian Avi Yemini and Sargon of Akkad given prominent roles

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer voted successor to Angela Merkel as leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) at conference in Hamburg, received 51 percent of the vote in a second-round runoff against Friedrich Merz, Jens Spahn being eliminated in the first round, a late-career victory for Merkel

Former leader Nigel Farage quits UKIP, the day after party leader Gerard Batten survived a vote of no confidence, saying Batten seems to be obsessed with Islam and Tommy Robinson and that the party is turning a blind eye to extremist politics

Greek EU critic and former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis vows to run in EU election, joins Germany's Democracy in Europe 2025 movement and calls for "European Spring"

Proposal to ban alcohol discounts and to raise prices on soda and cigaretts causes internal strife in the Dutch government, three out of four coalition parties opposes what they say is the move towards a Dutch nanny-state, anonymous source says that the legislation is going after people that just wants to have a drink and that raising the price of cigaretts would mean the closure of small businesses

Kanye West appeared on American comedy show SNL in "MAGA" hat, he later delivered an on-stage, unscripted and unaired political speech in favor of the policies of Donald Trump, he claims he was "bullied" backstage by co-stars and received a tongue lashing on Twitter from musician Lana Del Rey

Steve Bannon claims US president is facing a "coup" after anonymous op-ed published disclosing staff resistance, drew analogy to President Lincoln's clash with General McClellan during Civil War in 1862, called for Supreme Court to investigate the identity of the writer

Chris Christie accuses Steve Bannon of being the anonymous insider source in new Bob Woodward book, says he was originally fired because of incessant leaking

Democratic candidate for Congress Ayanna Pressley succeeds incumbent in primary contest, the former Boston city councilor is an African-American female and supports abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement, her rise is part of a growing trend of progressive female candidacy in US

John McCain's former "running mate" Sarah Palin barred from funeral by McCain's widow, McCain said he regretted selecting her for his campaign in a book he published, Palin and President Trump not extended invitations while other politicians participate in the memorial service

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon claims US president has a "greenlight" to replace Attorney General Sessions, the activist recently formed Citizens of the American Republic political action committee, will release "Trump @ War" film September 9

South African government drops land expropriation bill days after comments from US president Trump, Trump had asked his secretary of state to investigate killings of white farmers in South Africa, ruling ANC claims it is delivering justice for racially imbalanced land ownership history in the country

The Swedish Ministry of Defense is monitoring an Islamic activist group urging Muslims not to vote, Hizb ut-Tharir is "a political party whose ideology is Islam" and has launched the "Use your voice – but not in the election" campaign, the organization which is banned in Germany and Russia claims Muslim participation in elections is sinful

Hungarian prime minister Orban plans numerous cultural changes as recent landslide victory offered "a mandate to build a new era", starts by eliminating state funding for gender studies programs, one affected institution is the Central European University founded by American progressive billionaire George Soros

US President Trump criticized for chit-chat habits with other world leaders such as France's Macron, the president's supporters insist his willingness to converse is key in building goodwill and rapport with other governments, critics allege the US president is ignorant of diplomatic protocols and wastes people's time with idle talk

FBI fires agent Peter Strzok for professional misconduct after exchanging partisan text messages about the 2016 presidential election with his lover, President Trump has characterized Strzok as the leader behind a "witch hunt" for Russian interference in the election, the disgraced agent also had senior role in the investigation regarding Hillary Clinton's private email server

German politicians united against Steve Bannon's plans for nationalist think tank focused on European Parliament's 2019 election – Michael Roth (SPD) says their values are stronger than Bannon's hate and lies, Florian Hahn (CSU) says entire bloc should remain vigilant "against any inadmissible external electoral interference" and FDP calls plans "frontal attack on the EU and European values"

Steve Bannon announces Bitcoin investment, considers creating Deplorables Coin, sees opportunity to strengthen populist movements through crypto currencies

NRA sets new attendence record with 87,154 people attending annual meeting in Dallas

House of Lords votes to support amendment to Brexit meaning UK will remain in EU single market, decision can be overruled by House of Commons

Italy's Five Star Movement leader Luigi Di Maio rejects final offer for right wing coalition as party does not want to cooperate with Berlusconi's Forza Italia and Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini does not want to scrap alliance, proposes fresh elections instead

Andrea Nahles new leader of German social democrats SPD, received support from 66% of delegates at extra party convention which was lower than expected

Pat Buchanan: Orbán and others like him succeed as they oppose dissolution of nations which common Europeans identify with while their competitors dismiss nationalism in favor of utopian multiculturalist democracy, despite decadent US exemplifying failure of democracy people will use it to replace weak elites with strong men

Manuel Valls considers running for Barcelona mayor, former socialist PM of France was born in city by Catalan father and Swiss mother, opposes independence for Catalonia

Austria government wants to give police right to confiscate mobile phones to investigate identities of asylum seekers, also wants to repatriate minors who commit crimes and extend time required to become citizen from six to ten years

Ingo Senftleben, leader of German Christian Democrats in state of Brandenburg, ready to go into coalition with Alternative for Germany if it enables him to win power

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) retires from Congress after serving out term in January, says additional term would mean his kids would have only ever known him as weekend dad, touts tax code reform and rebuilding nation's military as top accomplishments

Ecuador once again cuts off Julian Assange’s internet connection at London embassy after Wikileaks founder criticizes Germany's detention of former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, Ecuador refers to agreement about respecting country's diplomatic relations

English activists welcome obligatory deposit when buying bottles and cans of drinks, environment secretary Michael Gove points to need for attitude change and says deposit system is powerful way of influencing behavior

New Swedish political party Alternative for Sweden launches international crowdfunding campaign, seeks support from Trump voters in US

EU proposes taxing tech companies with global revenues of at least EUR 750 million and EUR 50 million in EU, new tax to be 3% of revenues, EU finance commissioner Pierre Moscovici calls proposal a tax system for the 21th century

Vladimir Putin reelected as Preisdent of Russia after winning more than 75 percent of vote in Sunday's election, Communist Party candidate Pavel Grudinin nearest challenger

Macron upsets French left with policies for curbing illegal immigration, proposes harsher punishments and internment, points to Italy's Renzi losing election due to failure to deal with migration issues

Conor Lamb (D) proclaims victory over Rick Saccone (R) in Pennsylvania special election for House seat of Tim Murphy who resigned in October, Saccone has not admitted defeat and points to difference being only 579 votes and thousands of votes remain to count

Rex Tillerson fired by Donald Trump, replaced as secretary of state by current CIA chief Mike Pompeo, Gina Haspel becomes first female boss of CIA

Marine Le Pen suggests National Front change name to National Rally to avoid associations with antisemitism and racism, supported by slim majority of party members, political suicide according to Jean-Marie Le Pen who founded party in 1972

British government seeks to cut colorie consumption by 20% by 2024, urges food industry to start using healthier ingredients to tackle obesity, comes on top of sugar reduction programme

Former Italian PM Matteo Renzi resigns as leader of Democratic Party following defeat in Sunday's election

Donald Trump announces candidacy for 2020 reelection, names social media expert Brad Parscale as campaign manager, according to Drudge Report

German social democrat leader Martin Schulz resigns to save unpopular government coalition, intended successor Andrea Nahles challenged by Simone Lange, whoever of them wins become first woman to chair SPD

No law governs qualifications for becoming governor of Kansas, state seeks to impose limitations as six non-adults stand for election and official reports that non-human animals could file to become candidates

SPD leader Martin Schulz abandons plans to become foreign minister of Germany as risk of party members voting against proposed coalition government is estimated to be too high

Discontent among Christian Democrats in Germany after Angela Merkel gives important cabinet positions to Social Democrats in government negotiations, the two leading candidates to succeed Merkel, Jens Spahn and Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, not in line to become ministers

Internal FBI communication indicates Obama wanted to know everything about Clinton investigation, contradicts his previous statements that he did not interfere in or talk to FBI about ongoing investigations

Arthur Jones only candidate in Republican primary for Illinois congressional seat, has previously led American Nazi Party and says Holocaust is extortion racket and biggest lie in history, others uninterested to stand for election since district is designed to guarantee Democratic victory

Political spotlight back on Kennedy Dynasty as Joe Kennedy III gives Democrat response to State of the Union, grandson of Robert Kennedy delivered part of speech in Spanish when expressing support for illegal immigrants, addressed opioid crisis while social media talked about moisture at side of his mouth

France plans to expose tax evaders, stated purpose is to enable tax cuts, necessary to shame those who refuse to finance the state, says PM Édouard Philippe

Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni appreciates Donald Trump's statement about general quality of African countries, salutes American president's honesty and says that Africans need to solve their own problems

Macron asks UNESCO to protect baguettes as world treasure to protect traditional product from increasing weight of big supermarkets and convenience stores, links proposal to last year's successful bid by Neapolitan pizza makers

Brad Birzer: Robert Nisbet's definition of conservatism differs from that of Russell Kirk, argues that it is purely a modern ideology that began with Burke and reaction to French revolution rather than natural longing to preserve best of human thought

Barbara Boland: Bannon not political genius behind Trump, always denied by president and goes against historical rule that influential advisors are discreet and self-deprecating, Bannon skilled and narcissistic publicist who created mythology around self