Trump creates more open work environment than any other modern president, dozens of staffers have direct access, Obama let chief of staff be strict gatekeeper 

Matthew Reece: Jeffrey Tucker's obscene comments to Richard Spencer deviate from libertarian principles – talk of human dignity, unlike fascism, has nothing to do with libertarianism 

Number of Tor users in United Arab Emirates up after service is banned 

Congressional Black Caucus proposes melanin based tax as restitution for slavery 

Republicans announce plan for replacing Obamacare, beginning with passing 2015 bill vetoed by Obama 

Tony Blair wants to stop Brexit as those who voted didn't have knowledge of true terms of Brexit, is being accused by conservatives of being undemocratic 

Republican Chairman of House Oversight Committee wants to sue Bryan Pagliano for helping Hillary Clinton set up her private e-mail server 

Global coalition Hands Off Our Revolution reaction by 200+ artists against Brexit and Trump – call for good people to stand against the abhorrent policies of those claiming to represent us, says British sculptor Anish Kapoor 

Motion of no confidence against parliament speaker John Bercow who wants to ban Trump from giving address in Westminster Hall during upcoming state visit 

Former PM of Catalonia defends symbolic independence referendum that put him on trial, claims it's the first time a democratically elected leader is prosecuted for allowing vote 

Fabian Tassano: Legal uncertainty and undermining rule of law is purpose of legislation on terror and taxes, West is going down road leading to arbitrary state power 

Google and Facebook shape new era of politics where extreme candidates who inspire strong emotions triumph, those selected to appeal to widest possible audience fail 

Young Britons growing up under Thatcher's years as PM more right-wing and authoritarian than previous generations, conservative attitudes reinforced under Blair 

51-year-old Thomas Hardiman favorite to be nominated by Trump to judge in the Supreme Court, considered clearly conservative but not as strict an originalist as Scalia 

Pat Buchanan: Hysterical reaction to Trump's travel ban shows that establishment will not give up easily in fight against pitiful Middle Americans 

Trump fires acting attorney general Sally Yates who told authorities to ignore travel ban 

Matthew Yglesias: Unlikely Trump will implement conservative agenda but culture war with liberal media and institutions might distract Republicans and make them feel like winners despite political inaction 

Fourth EU money laundering directive victimizes innocents, bank customers get accounts shut down, money confiscated 

Pope Francis warns of rising populism and risk of new Hitler in connection to Trump's inauguration, but does not want to judge the president in advance 

MP Ivan Pernar defends Liberland in Croatian Parliament, recites letter from Vít Jedlička 

Juncker warns Trump for encouraging decline of EU, says EU certainly does not encourage Ohio to secede from US 

Venture capitalist and TV star Kevin O'Leary enters race to lead Canada's Conservative Party, says Trudeau has squandered Canada's promise to be land of opportunity 

John Whitehead: Trump great for power elite, biggest star in political reality show splits ordinary people and diverts attention from important issues 

PT Carlo: Obama saint of the progressive faith, symbolized the universal man transcending old shackles such as race, religion, culture and politics 

Clinton Global Initiative closes and 22 employees are laid off, future uncertain for Clinton Foundation after Australia ceases donations and Norway reduces by 87% 

Polish foreign minister derided after claiming on Twitter that non-existing country San Escobar supports country's candidacy to UN Security Council 

LP chair Nicholas Sarwark and presidential candidate Gary Johnson claim Ron Paul no true scotsman, shows partisanism undermines principles and discussions on policy  

US Federal Court is hearing a lawsuit against the Presidential Debate Commission contesting its claim to be non-partisan and tax exempt, may end the exclusion of third parties from future debates 

The Orkney Islands vote to review the opportunity to declare independence from the UK 

Obama confident that he would have beaten Trump if he had run for third term, claims majority of population supports his vision 

Obama sends UN Arms Trade Treaty to Senate in attempt to curtail Second Amendment, will most likely be voted down 

Julian Assange has again access to Internet at Ecuadorian Embassy 

Daryl Davis has by own admission aided 200 members to pull out from Ku Klux Klan, by getting to know them 

Leader of Austrian Freedom Party signs friendship pact with Russia, objective is to be peace mediator between Russia and United States, also meets with Trump's security adviser, discusses US sanctions 

Top donors to Hillary Clinton demand objective and thorough investigation into causes of election loss, many say they will not donate again until a trustworthy analysis is presented 

Justin Raimondo: Criticism of Tillerson rehash of outdated warmongers, Republicans like McCain and Graham along with Clinton and CIA look like messier version of McCarthy 

Biden most popular 2020 presidential candidates among Democrats (31%), followed by Sanders (24%) and Warren (16%), according to PPP survey, Biden particularly strong among blacks and elderly, Sanders still favorite of young 

CIA sure of Russian involvement in election to help Trump, FBI considers intent impossible to prove, mirrors agencies' differing view on evidence, Trump dismisses accusations as ridiculous and another excuse 

Trudeau of Canada and Germany's Merkel last bastions of liberal world order, says Joe Biden and thinks that rest of world will seek their leadership 

Carl Jackson: Ted Cruz should be next nominee for US Supreme Court, would be an even stronger advocate of the constitution than Scalia 

Tulsi Gabbard (D): I am happy that Trump talks about ending military interventionism, US must stop financing and support of IS terrorists, al-Qaeda and related terror groups 

Obama orders complete review of whether presidential election was hacked by Russia after activists and computer experts claims anomalies found in recount results i states crucial to Trump victory 

Trump considers naming libertarian and sea-steading supporter Jim O'Niell head of FDA 

Andy Puzder named Labor Secretary, former fast-food executive known for opposition to minimum wage and new overtime standards as well as support for automation in food industry 

Trump expected to appoint Scott Pruitt, known opponent of the Environmental Protection Agency, as head of same agency, Sanders upset as he considers Pruitt a climate denier and oil industry lackey 

Donald Trump sold all his stocks in June, were estimated to make up 1 % of his wealth 

French PM Manuel Valls quits government to seek Socialist Party's nomination for next year's presidential election, favourite to win the ticket according to opinion polls 

Jamie Harrison, chairman of South Carolina Democrats, leaves position as lobbyist at Podesta Group to stand for election to chairman of DNC 

Trump picks former rival Ben Carson to head Department of Housing and Urban Development, expresses great confidence in retired neurosurgeon's intellect and passion for strenghtening communities and families 

Ideas of the alt-right often stem from Guillaume Faye and Alain de Benoist, influential on former lefties and disenfranchised libertarians alike according to Daniel Friberg 

Paris, Mexico City, Madrid and Athens banning diesel cars from 2025, city mayors say they want to promote other fuels, walking and cycling 

France's unpopular president François Hollande says he will not seek re-election 

Swedish PM Löfven omits reference to Sweden having a feminist government in congratulatory letter to Trump, unlike in leaked draft letter to Clinton 

Paul Nuttall elected UKIP leader with 62.6% of votes, replaces interim leader Nigel Farage, promises end to internal strife as well as involvement in foreign elections referencing predecessor's close relationship with Trump 

Board of Canvassers in Michigan affirms Trump victory in state, says recount would be disrespectful and unnecessary 

Joel Kotkin: Democrats in US stuck in dogmatic left-wing politics, have trouble reaching voters outside coastal enclaves 

François Fillon French Republican presidential candidate after defeating Alain Juppé in primary election 

Australia ceases donations to the Clinton Foundation, was largest government donor with USD 88 million since 2006 

Angela Merkel announces fourth run for chancellor in September election, has held the office since 2005 

George Friedman: Like Lenin 100 years ago Trump faces trade-off between loyalty and competence to protect revolution, with advisors who understand it deeply the state apparatus can be fundamentally changed like under FDR and Reagan 

High taxes on alcohol and tobacco cause billions in deficit for British government, expected income fails to materialize as black markets grow 

Trump names RNC chairman Reince Priebus White House chief of staff and Stephen Bannon from Breitbart chief strategist and senior counselor 

Revolt among the Democrats, progressives want to overthrow party establishment, view the Tea Party as model for connecting with grass roots 

Trump transition team announced, Pence leads Carson, Christie, Gingrich, Giuliani, Thiel, Ivanka, Eric and Donald Junior 

Politico predicts Trump administration — Gingrich potential Secretary of State, Giuliani Attorney General, Goldman Sachs veteran as Treasury secretary, business profiles likely for several posts 

California votes to legalize cannabis for recreational use 

FBI Director Comey says no evidence of criminality has been found in new batch of Clinton emails 

Donations from the Swedish government and business to the Clinton Foundation is probably the largest in Europe per capita 

Harry Enten: Early voting in Nevada points towards Clinton victory, generally more reliable than polls in the state 

Economist Walter Block persuasively debated Reason's Nick Gillespie, arguing libertarians ought to vote for Trump in states where the winner is not clear [sound] 

Transhumanist party's Zoltan Istvan wants to sell US land to pay basic income to avoid robotization induced civil war, calls himself left-leaning libertarian 

Louis Farrakhan compares Hillary to Hitler as she supported legislation putting many blacks in prison and accepted a prize from Planned Parenthood, also accuses Obama for having betrayed the African-American people 

Reform Party in Estonia criticized by coalition partner Social Democrats who considers bringing down the government due to Reform Party's internal struggles and its alleged lack of desire for reform 

Peter Hitchens: American presidental election shows the decay of the Anglosphere has reached level comparable to the Weimar Republic 

Trump more popular than Clinton in Iraq according to Fox News, Republican candidate praised for hard line against terrorism, Clinton seen as danger to region 

Huma Abedin denies using her husband Weiner’s email-littered computer confiscated by FBI, employs experienced Clinton employee Karen Dunn as spokesperson 

At least five separate FBI investigations ongoing into Hillary Clinton and her closest circle, suspicions include influence-peddling, illegal foreign donors, mishandling of classified information and sexual advances toward a minor 

US equity market correctly predicts presidential elections since 1984, now favors Trump, according to Strategas 

John Podesta told staff to get rid of Clinton emails days before news broke about private server, evidenced in latest release from Wikileaks 

Independence Party tops Icelandic election with 29%, Pirate Party third with 15% of the vote 

61% of Trump's supporters in Texas prefer secession if Clinton wins according to a survey of liberal PPP 

WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton's unique tougher attitude toward gun rights did other Democrats nervous, assumed to hurt her chances in the South 

Betting patterns in the US presidential election reminiscent of those before Brexit, more money staked for Clinton, more bets for Trump, according to William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe 

Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky predicts nuclear war if Hillary wins the election, says Trump represents peace in the world 

TV star Mike Rowe doesn't encourage fans to vote, recommends reading "Economics in One Lesson" instead 

The Atlantic lists how Republican officials view Trump, Bush family split 

Hillary accused of using child actor to ask scripted question at town hall meeting in Pennsylvania 

António Guterres approved as the new general secretary of the UN Security Council, former UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Prime Minister of Portugal and the leader of the Socialist International 

People from the Middle East proposed their own racial group in the US, is now considered in the statistics as white, first new demographic group since the introduction of Hispanics in the 1970s 

Elizabeth Nolan Brown: EU says infringing on free speech is only way to protect it, unaware of impossibility to go after everyone breaking hate speech laws on internet 

WiFi access during the presidential debate was USD 200, didn't work the whole time, usage of private dongles could get you thrown out 

Republican strength declining in US military, independents and Libertarians gaining, Gary Johnson as popular as Trump, shows poll by Military Times 

Activist group Avaaz starts campaign to get US citizens living abroad to vote, 8 million potential voters, the goal is to stop Trump 

Sean Collins: Clinton's supporters ignore her dismissiveness of working class people, the candidate called half of Trump supporters irredeemable, media praise or downplay her remarks 

Trump proposes lowering top tax rate from 40% to 33%, proposed lowering to 25% a year ago 

Alliance for Gun Responsibility has collected USD 3.2 million to push anti-gun legislation in Washington, the Second Amendment Foundation works to prevent the restrictions 

Libertarian Per Bylund vs. marxist Andrew Kliman in debate about what makes a free society [audio] 

Clinton campaign: Pepe a racist white supremacist meme supported by the Trump campaign, only way to stop them is to vote 

Silicon Valley billionaire Dustin Moskovitz donates USD 20 million to Democrats in order to stop Trump, says Clinton is running on a vision of optimism 

European Parliament appoints liberal federalist Guy Verhofstadt to its representative in Brexit negotiations