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John Horvat: Devastating opioid crisis in US caused by spiritual void rather than materialistic needs, modern society alienates people fram natural order and God

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Left-libertarianism leads to expansion of state power due to joining cause of statists in undermining and destroying non-monopolistic authorities and hierarchies, is in retreat while influence of realistic right-libertarianism steadily grows

Brian Jones: Alexis de Tocqueville was right, the contemporary loneliness epidemic caused by democratic systems who break up the aristocratic ties between people through increased geographic mobility and individualism

Cooper Sterling: Martin Luther King associated with communists and took part in orgy with prostitutes as well as had out-of-wedlock child, his warped legacy will percolate due to guilt-ridden, middle-class whites

Annie Holmquist: Increasingly absent fathers can not be replaced by government programs, paternal caretakers more necessary than young men are presently taught, 24% of US fathers do not live with all their children, 47% corresponding number for blacks

Ira Katz: Art is made up of craftsmanship and inspiration, modern artists seem to have abandoned all notion of craftsmanship – Picasso for example was a genius wasted due to his post-Christian intent to deny the subject’s personality for his own

Dwight Longenecker: Churches are emptying not because they are too religious, but because they are not religious enough

Glenn Reynolds: Overthrow of Gaddafi in 2011 has caused slave markets in Libya and limits options on North Korea, Hillary Clinton responsible for strategic and humanitarian debacle

Dennis Avorin: Higher quality of life rather than lower taxes main reason why Swedes move to Malta

Steve Weidenkopf: Description of Luther as valiant monk fighting powerful papacy flawed, was antisemitic rebel who should be remembered for bloodshed and secularization which followed split of once united church

Brian O'Brien: US history shows draft does not counteract intervention but rather leads to deadlier wars, children of warmongering elite will find ways to avoid front line while their peers will be used as cannon fodder

Marcia Christoff-Kurapovna: Swiss health care system satisfies both free marketers and statists, based on mandatory basic insurance with supplementary options, most regulations on cantonal level

Jacoby Sommer: Only way for conservatives to endure force of time and proclivities of fanciful man is to restore essential triumvirate of family, state and self

Richard Storey: Conservative libertarianism returns to medieval roots by distancing itself from hyperindividualism and refocusing on natural law, Christian personalism and history of Catholic Church paving way for diversity of jurisdictions under common moral framework

Austin Frank: Jordan Peterson's ability to turn young atheistic and misguided men into Christians stems from his knowledge of Western canon and logical approach, important achievement since secularism of 20th century has had disastrous consequences

Rod Dreher: Genuine, masculine Christianity only remedy for identity politics and pseudo-religion focused on race which blames difficulties on outsiders and ignores own group's responsibility, necessary paradox that every individual is sacred yet morally degraded

David Hathaway: Cultural erosion and artificial boom fueled by government creates biggest bubble in history, when it bursts economic activities and behaviors with short time horizons will decline, important to fall back on historically proven successful cultural models with peacefulness and family as basic goods

Annie Holmquist: Boredom positive for children, creates spaces for imagination and development, constant entertainment and scheduling can have narcotic effects and stifle growth

Antonius Aquinas: Trump's warmongering shows he does not understand consequences of intervention, in accordance with earlier Western tradition presidents who promote war should be required to directly participate in field operations

James Kalb: Catholic church should restore emphasis on natural law, point out corruption of secular political institutions, stop acting as an ordinary NGO and instead focus on transcendent dimension of Faith

C.A. Shoultz: Caring for nature deeply reactionary rather than progressive, right realizes man is part of Chain of Being while left asserts humans are divorced from nature which should be dominated

Chayenne Polimedio: Brazil's massive corruption probe part in population's democracy support falling 22 percentage points to 32% during 2016, 55% supporting nondemocratic government as long as it solves problems, evangelical movement and conservatism on the rise

Asahi Shimbun: Abe's plan to hold a lower house election dishonors him, is nothing but a way out of his recent string of scandals, will actively stop oppositional work and important reforms while parliamentarians campaign to keep their seats

Annie Holmquist: Lack of risk-taking, freedom and group bonding when children of today play cultivates petulant and incapable adults who prefer to stay at home

Justin Raimondo: Catalonian independence most important libertarian cause right now, Madrid prepares for violent repression with implicit support from Western countries in order to keep using region as cash cow

Stephan Kinsella: Labor theory of value and intellectual property theory result from an incorrect view of contract theory, title to one's body cannot be contractually transferred, labor for money is a conditional and unilateral promise for the future exchange of title ownership to money, not a bilateral contract where one owns their labor and it's products [audio]

Jeffrey Tucker: Equifax hackers demand only 600 bitcoins, worth USD 2.4 million, in order not to release personal data of one in five Americans

Jeffrey Tucker: Central theme and aesthetic of libertarianism is emancipation from both states and norms, present age needs enlightenment rejecting ideas of new generation which is rallying around fashionable memes and carrying ethnostate flags

Glenn Reynolds: Unlikely that Mark Zuckerberg will be president, Silicon Valley has become creepy and controlling enforcer in culture wars, "President Big Brother" a difficult sell

Brendan O'Neill: Left's fear of neo-Nazism McCarthyite moral panic created by media and political class disorientated by public’s turn against them

Steve Sailer: Left's attack on Confederate history class war disguised as race war, powerful elite rewrites history in order to humiliate politically weaker groups

Justin Raimondo: Trump's justification for prolongation of war in Afghanistan absurd and untruthful, promised anti-interventionist foreign policy just a memory, should be seen as cautionary example for future

Jeff Deist: Charlottesville violence entirely animated by perception that others can impose political will, only lasting solution is to make politics matter less

James D Miller: Google's dismissal of James Damore could be the starting point for an alt-right wave in Silicon Valley, Republicans in the tech industry should read Vox Day to prepare for the upcoming career war where control of high positions is the only chance of the right

Matthew Reece: Understanding of degeneracy important complement to libertarian principles of self-ownership and non-aggression, immoral behaviours and activities which interfere with healthy relationships must be minimized in order to prevent decay of libertarian social order back into statism

Patrick Buchanan: Trump's Russia policy is being hijacked by neocons, plans to send lethal aid to Ukraine could renew civil war, escalation could lead to direct Russian military intervention and outright Ukrainian defeat

Kerry McDonald: Policies against bullying ineffective if children are not given more freedom, school attendance should be optional and choices on education expanded

Jeff Deist: No need for libertarians to fall into utopianism, liberty unique in that it's natural and organic and comports with human action, non-state institutions such as family and religion should be embraced as important lines of defense against the state

Gareth Porter: Consensus between CIA and allies in Middle East behind US' intervention in Syria, necessary to shed light on deep state's shared interests with Sunni regimes to counter policy where arms are sent to terrorists

James Walpole: Defending oneself from criticism in an argument a sign of weakness, legitimizes and empowers the critic

Matthew Reece: Helicopter rides taken out of historical context by alt-right, proper libertarian use is for forcing exile rather than execution

Adil E. Shamoo: As ISIS is near defeat Yemenis continue to suffer with 10,000 casualties so far, US policy in the area runs similar to policy in Iraq in that it provides terrorist organizations a tool for recruitment

Elon Musk believes governments must enact proactive regulation against artificial intelligence, intelligent machines can eradicate mankind

Patrick West: Mythology of islamophobia gives left opportunity to emphasize its alleged tolerance, moves dicussion from Islamist terror threat to more comfortable subjects such as Catholics' view on abortion

Fisayo Soyombo: Igbo secession movement still going strong 50 years past declaration of Biafra and Nigerian civil war, important not to dismiss movement and military crackdowns were grave error, fragmentation a million times better than war

Gilbert Doctorow: Trump-Putin meeting at G20 is the first step in normalizing relations, comparable to Nixon-Brezhnev detente

Actual Anarchy: Net neutrality is Newspeak for governmental control, price controls for internet traffic leads to less innovation and worse services just like it has for all other areas

Sophia A. McClennen: Alt-right's emotive communication style graver threat to democracy than fake news, exemplified by growing dominance on YouTube

Nathan Goodman: Anarchy and democracy compatible concepts if the latter is interpreted as openness in the cultural domain, anarcho-capitalism thereby revitalization of the first liberals' aims for democracy and markets

Copyright law unreasonable, should be changed so everyone can read scientific articles, says Sci-Hub founder Alexandra Elbakyan

Martin Armstrong: Sweden on verge of crisis due to migration policies – unlike migrants to US who came to be assimilated, todays immigrants lack respect, seeks to impose their own culture and laws, might become violent if government support is repealed

Martin Armstrong: India 3% tax on investment gold from July 1 additional step toward G20 goals of eliminating cash to improve tax collection

Robert Parry: No comparison between Russia-gate and Watergate or Iran-Contra, Russia-gate a scandal searching for a crime, establishment attempting to remove Trump from office for political reasons

Americans should focus on decentralizing legislation, not worth fighting over differences between states, says Jeff Deist echoing Angelo Codevilla

Ryan Landry: Situation in Syria shows US' no-fly zone doctrine no longer works, Russia's involvement in Middle East and China's construction of islands in South China Sea counteracts American strategy to promote regime change through air superiority and support for rebels

Douglas Murray guest on Mark Steyn Show, talks about refugee crisis as partly a European cultural crises, future as bleak

Giulio Meotti: IS terrorists loses fight over Caliphate but wins cultural war, ground lost in Mosul but gained in Manchester

Martin Eriksson in Tom Woods Show: Libertarians seeking to change society as a whole should start by becoming entrepreneurs and get involved in local community rather than in politics, only then can we become a force for positive change in society

JM Smith: Fastest way to lose the culture war is to deny ones own cultural monuments and not admit that the other side are barbarians

Nick Land: Modernity is slaying itself through feminism's and urbanization's effect on fertility, having children seen as conservative eccentricity

Ron Paul: Cold War nostalgia on the rise, Trump's rollback of Obama's successful Cuba politics and aggressive stance on Russia telling signs

Ryan Walters: The Left's Soviet-like crusade on the Confederacy and its culture caused by hate of decentralization, property rights and other Jeffersonian principles

Paul Craig Roberts: American downing of Syrian fighter jet shows that US is protecting IS terrorists, Putin should learn that deals with Washington are worthless

Linh Dinh: US politics and Mexican theater wrestling strikingly similar — both are rigged events where people are fooled to take rabid stance for different marionettes

Benjamin Welton: Not first time US is at war with Islam, the religion's view on infidels has caused many attacks on US commercial interests which has led to counterattacks, has often been used for geopolitical purposes as an animating force of opposition to the West

David Hines: Right cannot win as long as leftists are better at practical organization, pro-life activists and gun lobby important pioneers in competing for real power

Joe Nocera: Swedish snus proven model for making people quit smoking, harm reduction only way to decrease cigarette use

Karel van Wolferen: Time to end extralegal and dangerous organization NATO, only exists as justification for US empire to keep nuclear weapons and military bases in Europe

Keith A Spencer: Superheroes a threat to democracy, disguised neoliberalism glorifies wealth, aristocracy and the elite, undermines collective justice and political problem solving

E Antony Gray: Islamist terrorism progressives' weapon against internal enemies, angry reactions to terrorist attacks give power elite in West opportunity to crack down on opponents by emphasizing their moral supremacy

Joe Jarvis: Zuckerberg could donate billions but starts LLC instead of charity, supports basic income for political gain and because people on it would have less ambitions and browse Facebook more

Warren Meyer: Princeton appears to penalize minority candidates for not obsessing about their race according to leaked documents, remains to be seen how this will filter back to high schools where music instruments and falconry have been previously popular in hopes of matching college admissions expectations

Katie Hopkins: Politicians' mantra that life goes on as usual new Lord's Prayer, not cure to save dying society from terrorism

Brad Smith: Government stockpiling of security exploits irresponsible, should be treated as carefully as physical weapons

Daniel Davis: Trump's decision to send more troops to Afghanistan a mistake, Pakistani support for Taliban and corrupt Afghan central government makes military solution to conflict impossible

Paul Craig Roberts: North Korean threat fiction spun by US to justify military build-up near China and Russia, same maneuver previously used against Iran

John W. Whitehead: NSA decreases part of domestic surveillance, deceives some to ignore the large number of ways in which government can see everything people do in their everyday lives

George Neumayr: Strong unholy alliance between left and Catholic church traceable in Soros' support for Francis, Obama's success and popularity, church support for organizations inspired by Alinsky

Matthew Reece: Left's tendency to use political terror makes right-wing activism unlikely to succeed, strategy based on infiltrating education system to quell leftist opinions necessary to counter growing state power

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: Intellectual yet idiot interventionistas disrupt peace making mechanisms of collaboration and strategic hostility, should instead do ceramics or other low-testosterone sabbatical work and let people work out their own problems

Kevin Clark: Virtue signaling neither virtuous or novel as Jesus warns against it in Sermon on the Mount – true virtue is quiet, in harmony with reason and for benefit of others

Damon Linker: Global elite so out of touch and blinded by luxury of power that it does not see its own approaching doom, lives off and for societal changes which are increasingly unpopular among general population

Mark Citadel: Modern protestantism purely Calvinist, has nothing in common with ideas of Luther which started but did not form movement, Calvin forerunner of puritanism and liberalism by radically distancing the human from the divine

Iulian Bretonescu: Reactionary movement should consider ameliorating religious disunity by creating overarching metareligion inspired by common faith of Left in Progressivism, corner stones should be hierarchy, greatness, eternity and victory

Gio Pennacchietti: Bill Nye's attempt to present leftist ideas as science typical for our age, science perfect substitute religion for deceived and normless millennials

Jessica Brown: Smart cities risk having very lonely inhabitants and cause health problems for social human animal, more than one in eight Brits do not have a close friend, a third reports being lonely often or all the time, problem increased by ever-present technology

Time to decriminalize drugs, probably best to legalize, says BMJ editor in chief Fiona Godlee

Megan Fox: After years of Hollywood propaganda women are surprised when they find out they can't physically fight men, feminism thwarts years of teaching men not to hit women, instead women will be worse off when they are left to fend for themselves as they can no longer count on men to respect and protect them

Jason Willick: Trump's placebo politics with cultural signaling instead of promised populist reforms may be exactly what centrist establishment needs to put breaks on radicalism in age of polarization

Bashar al-Assad: Gas attack entirely fabricated, US missile attack shows deep state in charge regardless of who is president [video]

Mark Citadel: Perceived humiliation partial explanation to Islamist terror against the West, American strategy of abasement has played important role in both Middle East intervention and subjugation of the South during the Civil War

Marcia Christoff-Kurapovna: Aristocratic values and high expectations on individuals necessary to preserve freedom, attempts to subordinate capitalism to egalitarianism and political correctness leads to short-sightedness and paves way for tyranny and totalitarianism

Matt Bruenig: Violence natural part of capitalism, when United Airlines dragged passenger from plane they acted in line with property rights and contracts

Thibault Serlet: Even if China's new silk road ends up being an economic disaster it will have extensive geopolitical effects by making China and Russia less sensitive to economic sanctions by the West

John Hawthrone: Search for MH370 reveals additional giant patches of garbage in Indian Ocean, more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic estimated adrift at sea, individuals can take action to reduce problem

Joe Quirk of the Seasteading Institute exits libertarianism in new podcast from Startup Societies, calls libertarian revolution silly – "any sudden collapse of the system is going to be terrible"

Matthew Reece: Terrorist attack in London shows dire consequences of disarmed population and radicalization in government prisons, attacking civilians makes sense in a democracy where right to vote turns masses into political targets

Edward Snowden: Intelligence services of all countries interfere with national elections, don't forget that Hillary Clinton's campaign was financed in part by Saudi Arabia

Paul Gottfried: Germans not responsible for first world war, were more willing to seek peace and more tolerant of dissenters compared to Allied governments

Tim Berners-Lee: Centralization of web leads to surveillance, misinformation and political manipulation – individuals should take back control from giant companies and states