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Communism was ideology of Antichrist during 20th century, unholy alliance of anti-communism was kathechon which after its triumph morphed into neoliberal attempt to create new world order and a global state, says Peter Thie in interview by Tyler Cowen about political theology

Andrew Beck: Ten years ago, Javascript's creator, Brendan Eich, was forced out as CEO of Mozilla, which he co-founded, as a result of donations he made to lobby groups opposed to the legalization of same-sex marriage, which I felt at the time was a major escalation of the culture war and made me realize that the ideological conformity to the top-down, programmatic transformation of the country was all that mattered

Robin Hanson: Global monoculture is a dangerous mistake which is on track to repeat historical patterns of population collapse, centuries of minimal development and increasing illiberalism, no cultural counterforce has realistic chance of reversing the trends but high tech could prevent some of the problems ahead

Curtis Yarvin and Christopher Rufo debate whether the American Revolution was a left-wing project and whether returning to the original American republic is a worthy goal for the right

George Carter: The circle around Bronze Age Pervert understands, through Nietzsche, that nature uplifts the strong, healthy and beautiful and downgrades the weak, deformed and diseased, that the point of life is not procreation but the pursuit of eternal glory, which Bronze Age Pervert terms the Faustian spirit, and because the right has always sided with natural hierarchy, conservatives should not fear this energy despite its clear paganism

David Sacks: A Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be the most complex military operation in modern times, the island's coastline is either shallow or has high cliffs, the weather allows for an amphibious operation only a few months a year, the country has mountainous geography, has a long time to react on China's mobilization and China has not participated in a major war in 70 years

Philip H. Dybvig: Speaking of Claudine Gay, most people's dream, especially the oppressed, seems to be to become oppressors, just like the strong correlation between those who abuse children and those who were abused as children, first they claim to represent the oppressed and then they destroy all counter-revolutions

Cremiux Recueil: Elites have distinctive genetics shaped by selection pressure, an effect that takes a long time to dissolve, Copts are relatively successful today and have been heavily selected when the cost of not converting to Islam was high, Jews were encouraged early to send their first born to school and discriminated Indians in Fiji were driven to focus on education

Christian Caruzo: I don't understand dictators' obsession with TV shows, Venezuela's former dictator Hugo Chávez started the program Aló Presidente in 1999 three months after taking power, which was imitated by leaders of several Latin American countries and successor Nicolás Maduro has continued on the beaten path

Brian Robertson: That two national polls show that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. leading both Trump and Biden among voters under 45 is sending shockwaves through Washington to the point that the New York Times in an article dismisses its own opinion poll and the establishment's strategy seems to be to get Kennedy to spend all money on security as the Biden administration denied him protection from the Secret Service, as well as burying his campaign under mountains of legal fees

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: After growing up as a Muslim and becoming an atheist 20 years ago, inspired by Bertrand Russel, I am converting to Christianity, partly because of the threats to our Western world, such as China, Islam, Russia and the leftist ideology whose only counterforce is the Judeo-Christian tradition, and partly because of finding life without spirituality intolerable and the void left by God has not been filled with rationality but irrational quasi-religious dogmas

John Cody: Germany's media and political establishment seems to have adopted a more anti-immigration stance, which is a similar tactic used by French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron to try to curb public opinion, and Olaf Scholz has been featured on the front page of Der Spiegel quoting that it is time to deport on a large scale, however, the same politicians and journalists have not changed their minds when it comes to the goal of massively increasing immigration to Germany and creating a post-European, multicultural regime in the heart of Europe

Carmen Schober: The most effective way to use narrative subversion is through storytelling because it’s subtle, artistic, and less in-your-face than a political rant, viewers are presented with likable heroes who embody the progressive narrative, which are contrasted against distasteful, heartless villains like in Olivia Wilde's movie Don’t Worry, Darling were an antagonist based on Jordan Peterson is portrayed as a pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community

Brendan O'Niell: Is it now that we can start talking about Sweden and question the "Scandinavian naivety", now that the prime minister is asking the armed forces to help the police with gang criminals, now that the gang war killed 11 people in September and the country up until 15th of August this year saw 109 explosions, now that we are far from The Guardian again publishing articles that says a visit to Sweden is a visit to the future and now that there are now so many grenade attacks in Sweden that it is the only country apart from Mexico that keeps records of them?

Sebastian Neri: There is a great deal of overlap between the Bronze Age Pervert worldview and the Christian tradition, particularly the medieval ideals of chivalry, as they both share ideas that the body is central, that women should not have authority over men while the racial biological aspects of Bronze Age Pervert's thinking is more difficult to fit into Christianity even though Paul writes in First Corinthians that every person is born with different talents and has different roles to play in the church

Owei Lakemfa: The US is trying to reintroduce colonialism by imposing LGBTQ culture on African countries, right after Uganda recently legislated against the financing and propagation of homosexuality, the US imposed sanctions, something it has not done against Saudi Arabia for example, which indicates that the country's independence is not recognized and now Africa needs to come together and impose sanctions on the US

Eliezer Yudkowsky: The most likely outcome if AI systems become much more intelligent than humans is the extinction of all life on Earth, I refrain from signing the open letter demanding a six month pause in AI development as it underestimates the seriousness of the situation, it is not obvious when critical lines are crossed, we are not prepared and there is no plan

Ewen Stewart: The real cause of today's problems lies in the Mark Carney-led Bank of England's money printing between 2013 and 2020, and the quintupling of the national debt in the last 15 years, not the latest budget proposal by Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng which has been condemned with almost religious conviction by a host of commentators from the IMF to the Chancellor of Germany and from the old regulars like the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and the BBC, what they all parrot is that things were OK until these two philistines ran the good ship Britannia aground, do they really believe that?

David Miller: Those who took advantage of the situation in the UK and caused the pound to fall make George Soros look like an amateur, it is said that the markets did not like Kwasi Kwarteng's budget and of course this is the case since market manipulators have become so intoxicated with quantitative easing and artificially low interest rates that the realization about having to get off your lazy fat backsides and start doing a real job was like a curse to them

Peter Hitchens: All parties have been captured by deadly dogmas of equality and diversity, living in fear of the BBC, which – like the medieval church – decides which ideas are acceptable and which are heretical, and will seek to destroy anyone who steps outside its chosen limits, so there is nothing left for the ambitious politician but stunts, gimmicks and silly initiatives that come to nothing

Jeffrey Tucker: The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences is given to Bernanke, Diamond and Dybvig for their research on banks and financial crises while we live in an inflationary hell with an energy crisis caused by the responses they advocate, we are now forced to watch as laboratory intellectuals give awards to each other for a job well done while the life expectancy declines dramatically and families worry about heating their homes this winter

Kevin Barrett: When US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the destruction of Nord Stream led to enormous opportunities, he assumed that the entire operation was out of order, but according to Gazprom, one in four pipelines should still be intact, so Germany can still ask Russia to turn the tap back on, and also if not, the plan to sell overpriced gas to Europe could backfire on the US itself which could have thrived in the post-Cold War era but instead has managed to alienate most of the world through psychopathic arrogance and blood-spattered vandalism

Scott Shackford: Black people represent less than 15% of the US population but account for more than half of all exonerations with 55% of the ones due to murders, 59% of the sexual assaults and 64% of the robberies, the reasons are more complicated than racism even though a factor in the rape exonerations is misidentification by the mostly white victims

Ryan McMaken: States have surpassed and replaced the monarchs and expanded their powers far beyond what even the most ambitious monarchs of centuries past dreamed about, monarchies of today should not be confused with the pre-state 16th and 17th century monarchies where monarchs' income depended largely on rents collected from their private estates in essentially a system of private law where the king often tended to business personally and feudalism otherwise kept things local, rising wealth then enabled decentralization and a growing bureaucracy leading to the state overwhelming the monarchs

Vladimir Putin: For 30 years we have tried to come to an agreement with Nato regarding equal and indivisible security in Europe but have faced a continued military expansion despite our protests and concerns, a hostile anti-Russia fully controlled from the outside is taking shape in territories adjacent to Russia and this crosses the red line which we have spoken about on numerous occasions, we are acting to defend ourselves from the threats created for us and from a worse peril than what is happening now

Jeffrey Tucker: The world seemingly forgetting about natural immunity despite it being documented since the Peloponnesian War might constitute what Murray Rothbard called "lost knowledge" where known truths are forgotten and have to be rediscovered, remarkable that the hysteria keeps festering when everyone carries access to nearly all the world's information in their pockets

Peter Hitchens: Just like the Red fanatics, the Green fanatics think they're too good and noble to possibly be wrong, but just like Soviet Union the UK will begin to get colder and darker as efficient nuclear and coal-fired power stations are dismantled and the country is made hopelessly reliant on expensive non-green gas and by autumn all will be paying hard cash to sustain the dogmatic lunacy of a power elite wholly gripped with Green zealotry

Paul A. Nuttall: Viktor Orbán's 5-question referendum on LGBTQ+ law is a brave move, if he wins it could be the end of Hungary's EU membership and if he loses it would be curtains for him as prime minister, EU doesn’t like referendums as it does not like to leave anything to chance, but will now make the referendum about Hungary's membership, confident its people will be cowed into voting against Orbán’s proposals

Matthew Crawford: When science is elevated to authority to rule society it is distorted into a scientistic religion, manipulation becomes necessary to make public opinion conform to official intepretation of research results, leads to unstable regime which provokes stronger and more militant counterreactions

Peter Hitchens: The West pushes for war with Russia, which is a broken former superpower with the economy of about the same size as Italy's, imagine how US would act if Soviet had won the cold war, engulfed the former Nato nations into the Warsaw Pact, encouraged Texas and California to form an independent Spanish-speaking nation hostile to the US and based troops along the American border

Peter Hitchens: Scotland Yard’s raid on Polish Church of Christ the King in Balham during Good Friday devotions proof of revolution where much we used to know and believe is being insistently destroyed, with Johnson Government’s contemptuous indifferent to how insulting their actions are to those who acknowledge a power higher than them, but if the police had come in with Communist emblems on their cap-badges the Poles probably would have thrown them out, but free countries are incredibly easy to turn into despotisms, because nobody can believe what is happening

Kevin Karp: EU press Northern Ireland’s onerous post-Brexit arrangement as key for the Good Friday Agreement, while using it as a political prop to claw the rest of Britain back into the EU regulatory straitjacket, whatever the damage this causes to peace in Northern Ireland, spurring the recent sectarian violence and validating EU’s condescending disregard for British interests

Helen Buyniski: New York Times warns against critical thinking to stop your attention being captured by evil conspiracy theorists, urging its readers to keep picking up their deeply-held beliefs from approved sources without thinking too deeply about their implications and spending no more than 90 seconds on fact-checks – in Google's top search results

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Political exploitation of Covid-19 frighteningly successful, the state kills and makes ill more people than it saves with protective measures, at the same time local leaders are given opportunities to challenge central power and the critical importance of decentralized decision making is demonstrated

Ricardo Duchesne: White men are the most resented group because they are responsible for almost 100% of the greatest achievements in all fields of human endeavor in all of history, created all fields of academic study, were the foremost thinkers, artists, statesmen and explorers

Peter Hitchens: The lockdown and destruction of statues show the pillars of freedom and civilization are rotten as police chiefs and political leaders kneel like conquered slaves to the new gods of woke, and while the Left controls every lever of power, ignorant armies seek the final abolition of Britain as we face nothing less than a regime change

Norman Lewis: British media has united into an undifferentiated authoritarian mob demanding tough draconian action by the government, from restricting movement to shutting down the economy, and have become an indispensable part of the government’s propaganda bullhorn and surveillance

Bryan Caplan: 15.8% probability that Bernie Sanders is secretly a communist according to my calculation using Bayes' theorem, crypto-communism should be considered a serious risk as indicated in history by Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela and Ho Chi Minh

Alexander von Schönburg: A subdued Germany once known for innovation and its industry is trapped in an EU obsessed with regulation and welfare, while looking fearfully and enviously at a confident Britain with a powerful economy and a strong leader in Boris Johnson moving towards a brighter future than the union they are leaving behind

Doug Casey: Civilisationer går under för att teknik och etik utvecklas i olika takt, moral utvecklas extremt långsamt eller inte alls medan ingenjörskonst utvecklas mycket snabbt och gör att skadliga idéer kan spridas ögonblickligen

Vicky Spratt: Baleful that the likes of Laurence Fox should publically boast about pruning 'woke women' from their social life, emblematic of the resurgent reactionary sentiment which prompted the murder of Jo Cox and the ousting of Meghan Markle

Jeff Deist: The left-wing college professor is not just a trope, surveys show virtually all tenured scholars are of a left-wing persuaion, think twice before enrolling

Tyler Cowen: Elizabeth Warren is touting the worst economic programme ever to have been put forth in my lifetime, proposed fracking ban would stall domestic industry and enrich Saudi Arabia at the expense of the environment – proposed policies for agriculture, taxes, student debt, education and healthcare equally inane

Micah White: I, Occupy Wallstreet co-founder and staunch anti-globalist, will be attending the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, easy to say no when you're not invited, I'm hoping to tap its revolutionary potential

Mike Adams: Anti-Soleimani jingoism is moot as long as Big Tech is allowed to censor anti-establishmentarian voices online, securing domestic freedom on the altar of the First Amendment is unconstitutional and immoral

Thomas Luongo: Iran jingoism direct consequence of Trump's cowardly decision to leave the JCPOA Iran Nuclear Agreement, US withdrawal gave Democrats and Neocons leave to vie for power in the Senate under the auspices of Pelosi's sham impeachment, Qassem took great strides in neutering ISIS and killing him is a political ploy to secure acquittal in impeachment case

Dominic Cummings: Brexit is the harbinger of the new civil servant, Downing Street should be staffed by exceptionally competent mavericks, with stellar qualifications in mathematics, software-development and economics, quirky misfit geniuses welcome too, goal is maximising performance and rendering myself largely redundant, also looking to find and exploit 'very high leverage ideas'

Douglas Murray: The true divide in Britain is between the ugly, intolerant, metropolitan Left and the rest of us, after the historic defeat the out of touch Labour still shouts its radical Left-wing policies are incredibly popular, ignoring the result just like after the 2016 referendum when they derided the public as thick and tried to bypass their will

Peter Hitchens: The Conservatives are the country's new main Left-wing party, with its intolerant political correctness, continued war on married family, useless egalitarian state schools, pledge of carbon-neutrality which destroys efficient power generation, and increased NHS funding as if the budget is its only issue – Boris Johnson has with "The People’s Government" engineered a reverse takeover of the Tories by New Labour, saving the party by sacrificing the country

Curtis Yarvin: All revolutions spring from an aesthetic vision so powerful that it shames and humbles legacy elites, Bronze Age Pervert is the first major writer of our time who understands this and takes the timeless stance which can lead to the Overton bubble bursting

David Winder: The UK parliament Benn Act aimed to rule out a No Deal Brexit is in violation of EU law and Article 50, which states Britain must leave on October 31 with or without a deal, meaning Boris Johnson can guide UK out relying on EU law while exposing how Sovereignty of Parliament has been undermined by EU membership

Curtis Yarvin: Imagine two types of Orwellian regimes ruling by shaping public opinion — one centralized designing its one story relying on repression, like a totalitarian dictatorship, the other a decentralized two-story state, occupying people with asking which is true, where a third outside story risk the two to merge calling for the need of repression, like the modern western democracy

Activist in Winchester, Massachusetts, causes confusion by posting messages stating that "Islam is right about women" in public areas, citizens unsure whether the message is sexist or Islamophobic

Robert P. Murphy: Plastic bans provide no benefit as OECD countries contribute less than 5% of the plastic waste from land sources and the bans come with unintended consequences such as increased sales of environmentally worse paper and cotton bags, costs are however real with increased spread of diseases and less convenience

Graham Dockery: Greta Thunberg sail across the Atlantic reveals the disregard and contempt the elite have for the miserable masses, common folk can't hire Monegasque royalty for a USA trip on a EUR 4 million yacht, to demand people to give up car and air travel, eat insects and have fewer children is the ultimate in anti-humanitarianism

Patrick Minford: No deal Brexit followed by US-UK trade deal would result in US goods at best world prices, meaning some 20% lower UK prices without EU trade protection, EU-UK tariffs would be paid by EU traders both ways, as EU would need to match new prices on UK market, this leading to EU being more obliging in Brexit negotiations

Charles Day: Article in EU 31 October Brexit extension law in effect means Britain already left EU on June 1, as UK has not ratified Withdrawal Agreement, but EU makes bad law all the time which no one seems to read, UK does not need guiding beneficence of people who can not even do the simplest, yet important, tasks properly

Costas Lapavitsas: New EU appointments still more evidence it is impossible to reform the transnational juggernaut of Brussels, were supposed to reflect results in EU elections, Britain confronted by an EU that is not the confident giant some imagine it to be, as new deadline for Brexit approaches

Caitlin Johnstone: Julian Assange's lawyer says Assange's health situation makes it impossible to conduct a normal conversation with him, has been transferred to hospital wing of Belmarsh prison, met with silence by mainstream media

76 retired generals, admirals and ambassadors urge Trump to de-escalate conflict with Iran to avoid dragging US into a war at immense financial, human and geopolitical cost

Trent England: The Electoral College is a check on government power, a restraint on the majority and requires geographic balance, rural Americans would be serfs if we abolished it

Sky Views: Government is quietly creating digital passport without us noticing, porn block a testing ground, government's Robust age verification introduces inescapable ID checks built into the foundation of browsing, home office also explores age verification technology, public debate silenced by warnings of the "monsters" of the internet

Brendan O’Neill: Anyone who doubts the green movement is morphing into millenarian cult should take a look at Greta Thunberg, the monotone voice, look of apocalyptic dread in her eyes and talk of coming great fire that will punish us, echoes 1600s preachers warning parishioners of the coming hellfire if they fail to give up their witches, Extinction Rebellion a public manifestation of millenarian fear, bourgeois depression and contempt for ordinary people

Barry Brownstein: Today's students on American college campuses advocate the same prohibitions on freedom as is stipulated in communist China’s Constitution, I imagine my 1999 student from Shanghai – seeing that individuals are the source of a nation’s greatness, not government – shouting "Do you have the slightest idea of the hard-won freedoms you are clamoring to surrender?"

Glenn Greenwald: Mueller probe saddest media spectacle I have ever seen, a complete and total fraud, Trump being a Russian asset a complete fairy tale, accusing Russia of election hacking while US interferes in every Democracy they can find transformed US into a laughingstock

David Marsanic: Our society is broken due to a lack of personal responsibility, to emulate the society of our ancestors, before the advent of the state, built on trust between individuals and when oath and one’s honor were taken seriously the way forward

Daniel McCarthy: Libertarians at least as suicidal as left-liberals, the economic crisis they focus on will be preceded by political and cultural ones of greater importance, libertarians seem numb to meaningful details such as the difference between Islam and Christianity while focusing on broader structures, tax cuts and de-regulation not enough since markets depend on civilization and nation

Robert Kajiwara: US military base construction on Okinawa sparks increased independence calls, 70% of Japanese military installations on Okinawa despite representing 0.6% of its landmass, the Henoko base, deemed unnecessary by both US and Japan, threatens world's 2nd most biodiverse coral reef and further denies economic opportunity to natives on prime real estate, less than half of population satisfied with being Japanese prefecture

Vox Day: the US Democratic Party's candidate demography is approaching the final logic of the "Diversity Party", logically the Republican Party should reposition officially as the "White Party", cucks and virtue signallers will be forced to heed this point when being chased by angry socialist mobs

Jonathan Head: Speculations whether Thaksin Shinawatra had a green light from King Vajiralongkorn to nominate Princess Ubolratana and the king then change his mind or if he assumed Princess Ubolratana had her brother's approval and took a reckless gamble, to be on the receiving end of such explicit royal disapproval is normally a devastating blow

Claudio Sopranzetti: Princess Ubolratanas's short-lived candidacy revealed a rift within Bangkok conservative elites, some of whom showed that their hate for the Shinawatras may be stronger than their adulation for the royal family, it also exposed a division within the pro-democracy camp between those who celebrated the nomination of the princess as a brilliant tactical move and those who saw it as a huge mistake, additionally it seem to have affected the relation between General Prayuth and King Vajiralongkorn

George Soros: Europe experiencing revolutionary moment, current EU leadership reminiscent of the politburo when Soviet Union collapsed and risk meeting same fate, difficult to see how pro-European parties can emerge victorious from May election unless they put Europe’s interests first and mobilize the silent majority who support the values of the EU

Vox Day: The death of 4,500 Boomers a day a cause for joy, 66 million left of these tiresome narcissistic morons droning on about themselves for over forty years, Boomer Hate will increase as Millennials wake up to how Boomers screwed them over by abandoning their familial and societal responsibilities

John Garnaut: Xi Jinping has continued and distilled the Marx-Lenin-Stalin-Mao belief system, central to Chinese Communist thought is the perpetual struggle against counter-revolutionary forces, Mao's most dedicated research was in the area of Chinese epics which told of imperial decay, Xi seeks to re-invigorate Chinese communism to break the historical curse of decline of the rulers

Will Burns: Gillette especially poorly positioned to talk about toxic masculinity after marketing male confidence for the last 30 years, if they were serious about their new position they should start by apologising, instead comes off as utterly disingenuous and inauthentic, probably result of echo-chamber mentality in the marketing department

Milo Yiannopoulous: I am seeking asylum in US for fear of living as a gay man in Islamist Britain, public surveys of UK's Muslim community show high levels of intolerance, despite minority status Muslim communities have outsize influence on local social norms and rules, the true state of affairs is not accurately publicized because of intimidation campaign between Left and Muslim activists

Chris Edwards: the economy is held hostage by the Federal Government, this is the real reason Trump's shutdown tactic is devastating, numerous examples of other countries privatizing key public infrastructure successfully, National Parks should be re-organized as non-profits

Robert Lee: In the absence of a Withdrawal Agreement ratified by the UK and EU, UK leaves the EU on WTO terms by default, leaving without a deal is the most likely outcome, ultimately Brexit will be liberating and allow pro-growth competitive policies to be enacted

David Gordon: 24th anniversary of the death of Murray Rothbard, believed throughout his life in the possibility of a completely free market society and was a traditionalist who believed in natural law and the family, Ron Paul the greatest living representation of his social viewpoints

Lionel Shriver: Migrants really flee France for a Britain where ID cards aren't mandatory, benefits are less conditional, applicants get housing and stipends while asylum-cases are processed, failed asylum-seekers often won’t be deported and the black economy is thriving

Andy Duncan: In a Hoppe-World, if a private security company closes down an airport because of a "drone" threat, then discover its own drones provided that threat, it would be tossed out and replaced, instead in the "reward of failure" system on Planet Socialist tax-provided resources will be increased to hopefully plug the gaps of the police’s stupidity

Bionic Mosquito: Althusius' ideas on vertically linked but detachable units based on families could have set different and better course for the West if they had won over Bodin's view on national sovereignty, return to focus on tradition and family with libertarianism as moral foundation necessary for liberty in Europe

Gareth Porter: Senior national security officials have played political game aimed at keeping Trump from wavering on indefinite presence in Syria, Trump blew up their schemes and offered country new course that does not involve permanent war state, president now aware that it is virtually impossible to carry out the foreign policy he wants without advisors who are committed to the same objective

Vox Day: Nassim Nicholas Taleb misunderstands why high IQ is not correlated with real world success, intelligence no more intrinsically advantageous to success or survival than physical size or strength

Caitlin Johnstone: Endless war and military expansionism has become so normalized in establishment thought that even a slight scale-down is treated as something abnormal and shocking

Anne Marie Waters: Globalism is an alliance of the political class with super wealth; it seeks to deny us a voice because it wants to impose its will on to us all

Vox Day: Israel must use their influence on AIPAC and the various Jewish organizations in the US to make them immediately retreat from attempting to ban the BDS movement, it's self-destructive, unconstitutional and will justify anti-Semitism

Brittany Hunter: use of private firefighters via insurance policy in successful defense of Kanye West mansion shows a private property-based approach to defending against disasters can work, incentives are better than public provision of fire defense resources and could be scaled to mass market by entrepreneurs

Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat declares cryptocurrency "the inevitable future of money", used recent UN speech to outline plan for Malta to become a "Blockchain Island"

John Horvat: new phenomenon of "overtourism" in Europe poses similar threat to native life and culture as unrestrained immigration, 670 million foreign visitors to Europe in past year are changing habits in food, infrastructure and real estate, tourists increasingly expect their own needs and preferences to be accommodated on visits rather than enjoying the local flavor

Vox Day: Jordan Peterson's popularity explained by his use of "pre-emptive mirroring" technique which allows his audience to hear validated any preconceived notion they have, use of incoherent and self-contradictory terminology appeals to wide variety of people whose views he disagrees with [video]

Andy Duncan: Hans-Hermann Hoppe's collection of essays explores the failures of public provision of security and theorizes about private alternatives, it presents a compelling case with which minarchist libertarians must contend, also offers unique perspectives from other anarchist writers and theorists that represent singular value

Justin Raimondo: Rothbard traces modern American welfare-warfare state to Progressive period collaboration of Protestants and crony-capitalists advocating state management of society and the economy.

Rorate Caeli: pedophile rings in the American Catholic Church call into question the sainthoods of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II, the poor judgment demonstrated by the heinous crimes which occurred on their watch reflect poorly on many other administrative questions of the modern Catholic Church

Martin Cothran: Putin gathers political strength in Russia by instituting Christianity as an official cultural religion, understands that every strong nation requires a unified religion to create social cohesion, ironically Western social bonds are disintegrating as Christianity is replaced with abstract liberal shibboleths

Paul Brian: French writer Houellebecq predicted the modern "incel" phenomenon as the necessary consequence of liberal social and economic thought, sexual value between men and women is also being exchanged on a "free market" but biology dictates that women's value is higher than men's, both sexes suffer but young men most of all because they can not find economic or social footing in these volatile circumstances

Peter Wolodarski: Sweden Democrats polling at record 20% behind ruling Social Democrats will have a hard time forming a governing coalition, they are obsessed with categorizing Jews, Muslims, Sami and other minority groups as non-Swedish and thus are pursuing a repulsive agenda, my own family history of a Jewish mother who had to flee Communist Poland demonstrates one can be a minority and a national at the same time

Arthur Gordian: immigration trends in the USA have brought the nation to a "Machiavellian Moment" wherein it must consider a radical reorientation to avoid existential dissolution, this historical moment may see the emergence of a "Machiavellian Reformer" who is the late-stage political equivalent of an original "Founding Father", examples from history include Camillus, Sulla and Augustus in Rome and Lincoln in the USA

Doug Smythe: Classical liberalism useless as anti-leftist or unifying ideology since its own principles have given rise to what it now wants to fight, leftist identity politics as well as biologistic nationalism presupposes liberal atomization of individuals and eradication of natural bonds

Cathy Ruse: Grassroots movement fighting perverted sexual education in schools in English-speaking countries healthy reaction against current order where tax money is used to recruit children into sexual revolution, significant that education focuses on contraceptive drugs rather than marriage and family