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TSA employee fired after stealing cash from luggage and being caught on tape 

Alabama high-school teacher sparks outrage with summer reading list including titles such as "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder" and "Trickle Up Poverty", school retracts list 

Chattanooga, TN most Bible-minded city in US, followed by other Southern cities; Albany, Boston and Manchester, NH have lowest appreciation of Bible, according to study with 76 000 participants 

Oregon governor repeals law on harvesting roadkill meat, was previously only allowed for licensed furtrappers and for limited number of species 

Young men create new boom for plastic surgery in US, most common reasons for surgery said to be increasing self-esteem, pleasing a partner and looking less tired and stressed 

Grizzly bears no longer endangered in US, population in continental US now 700, before 1850 it was about 50,000 

Former US diplomatic officer charged with giving top-secret documents to China, claims he met representative for Chinese think-tank during trips to Shanghai 

New Jersey only US state to ban for-profit sales of home-baked goods after Wisconsin legalizes 

Students at Linfield College have free speech event canceled and are accused of "white nationalism" because of doodle of cartoon frog 

Policeman stabbed in airport in Flint, Michigan, assailant shouted "Allahu Akbar" before the attack  

Salt Lake City restaurant employee trapped by armed robbers scares them away by shooting at one of them 

70% of US adults do not identify as Zionists according to survey conducted by Google with 1,000 participants, despite this strong support for Israel is a given part of platforms of both main political parties 

Trademarking offensive names not illegal, US Supreme Court rules for Asian-American rock band Slants, outcome expected to help Washington Redskins 

Personal data on 200 million US citizens exposed through Amazon cloud servers, contained contact details and political views, collected and uploaded by Deep Root Analytics in connection to Republican presidential campaign 

Drones have been used more than a dozen times to smuggle drugs, porn and cellphones into US prisons over last five years, Australia and UK have also reported phenomenon 

Trump supporters disrupt Central Park performance of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, claim scene where Trump-like character is assassinated normalizes political violence against the right  

Seattle gun tax intended to generate revenue and reduce guns leads to an increase in guns bought outside the city, diminishing revenue 

Machete-wielding Sarasota homeowner scares away two armed home invaders from backyard, detains third until deputies arrive, five men arrested in total 

Canada's Senate passes bill C16, use of wrong gender pronouns and gender identity now considered a hate crime 

Canada bans sale of locked cellphones as of December 1, providers will have to unlock previously locked phones free of charge 

Federal agencies in US to stop preparing for Y2K bug after Trump administration push to simplify government, agencies said to have forgotten how to cut regulations since no one has asked them to for a long time 

Five water officials to face involuntary manslaughter charges for failure to act during Flint water crisis 

Congressman Steve Scalise (R), his aide and two law enforcement officers injured in shooting at baseball practice, gunman killed by police 

Puerto Rico votes to become 51st US state in non-binding referendum with voter turnout of 23%, has to be approved by Congress  

ACT for America organizes two dozen rallies against Shariah law in US, counteraction from pro-Muslim protesters in Seattle and Chicago creates debate about whether Islamic law is compatible with Western democracy 

Four dead and 30 to hospital having taken fake opioid drugs in Georgia, unclear what the tablets contain but they act fast and medical care is necessary 

US FDA requests opioid drug Opana ER is removed from the market as benefits don't outweigh the risks, when the tablets were altered to prevent people crushing them, they started injecting which led to an outbreak of HIV and hepatitis C 

Gays for Trump excluded from Pride parade in North Carolina, group not compatible with organizer's values, planned to have Statue of Liberty drag queens and MAGA banner 

Man from New York accused of selling fake drugs during music and arts festival, claimed he was doing God's work 

More than 30 members of Russian organized crime group to be prosecuted in New York, charges include trafficking thousands of kilograms of stolen chocolate 

Ontario passes law that enables authorities to take away children from families that do not accept child's chosen gender identity 

Harvard University rescinds admission for at least ten students who shared offensive memes in private group chat 

Man in Oklahoma tries to drown his two twins in bathtub, 12-year-old girl runs to neighbor who enters home with revolver and kills perpetrator, babies released from hospital according to police 

Experienced black teacher in Saint Paul, Minnesota forced to resign after criticizing policy not holding black students accountable for misbehavior, claimed approach hurt children in long run, court case in progress 

Newly appointed Secret Service director Randolph Alles softens agency's marijuana policy, applicants will no longer be disqualified if they have used drug more than a certain number of times 

American sentenced to six months in prison for refusing to give out PIN to his phone, fifth amendment irrelevant says judge who likens it to obligation to handing over key to safe 

Trump initiates process for US to leave the Paris climate accord, wants to protect the United States and its citizens as the agreement transfers jobs outside the US 

Canadian builds house with self-sufficient electricity production, forced to pay sales tax on the power he produces himself 

K-9 officers in Florida carry naloxone to stop opioid overdose of their dogs during working hours, the dogs' wet noses cause opioid residues to stick and poison them 

Bill allowing self defense without retreating first proposed in Ohio, also requires prosecutors to show it was not self defense 

Houston teacher disciplined for awarding students titles such as most likely to become a terrorist or most likely to become homeless in Guatemala, says it's a less successful joke 

Justin Trudeau wants Pope Francis to apologise for role of Catholic residential schools in abuse of indigenous children who were forced to attend schools where they were forbidden to speak their language or practise their own culture 

Mayor of Baltimore explores possibility to remove statues of Confederacy figures, protests erupted when New Orleans removed monuments earlier this year 

Illinoisans continue to move to neighboring states due to high taxes, further tax hikes planned 

Rex Tillerson chooses not to host Ramadan event at State Department, breaking with bipartisan tradition in place for nearly 20 years  

Trump's media strategist Steve Bannon will lead newly created war room together with veterans from election campaign according to White House sources, goal is to fight back against deep state, mainstream media and intelligence leaks 

US security advisor and war hawk Zbigniew Brzezinski dead at 89, worked under President Carter  

The FBI has shared data with private parties in violation of current rules, according to declassified documents 

UPS fined USD 247 million in federal court for having transported 683,000 cartons of untaxed cigarettes into New York since 2010, company says it will appeal the decision 

Two white women owning burrito shop in Portland close store after being accused of cultural appropriation 

Workgroup recommends Philadelphia to introduce injection rooms to reduce heroin overdoses, increase availability of naloxone 

Nevada bans conversion therapy that aims to reverse sexual orientation or gender identity in children, eighth state to ban it 

Chelsea Manning released, was in prison for seven years before pardon by Obama 

Bethel University professor upset by student wearing Chicago Blackhawks sweatshirt to class, student apologizes for the shirt which was deemed offensive and hurtful 

16-year-old in South Carolina dies from cardiac arrhythmia after drinking caffeine too quickly, according to coroner 

US Attorney General Sessions urges prosecutors to pursue most serious charges possible, reverses Obama policy that focused on not incarcerating people who committed low level crimes 

Sushi carrying dangerous parasite becoming greater problem in Western countries doctors say, previously most common in Japan but probably underreported, assistant professor recommends public not to eat raw fish at shady restaurants 

Attempted auto theft prevented in Illinois, victim with concealed carry license defends his property by shooting one of the robbers in the groin area 

US Air Force lands unmanned X-37B space plane in Florida after 718 days in orbit 

Trump fires FBI director James Comey due to handling of Clinton investigation 

North Dakota man required to declare political allegiance to buy beer at local bar, denied service after saying he voted for Trump, owner calls and fires employee on the spot 

Columnist who criticized comparison of NRA with IS terrorists quits after suspension, newspaper claims suspension not due to political views but failure to disclose affiliation with NRA 

Restaurant owner Roberto Beristain deported to Mexico after 20 years in the US, recently became new owner of Eddie's Steak Shed employing around 20 people 

John Maulding: Millennial generation earns less, pays more for their accommodation and is to a larger degree poor, growing gap between those who know how to use digital technology and those who don't, positive that they have realistically low expectations for the future 

Mayor of Seattle changes proposed tax on soda, was disproportionately affecting poor minorities, now includes diet drinks as they are more often consumed by wealthy white people 

Houston homeowner victim of drive-by shooting returns fire, hits all three perpetrators killing two, homeowner unhurt, case investigated as self-defense 

California school sued for suspending four students for liking or commenting Instagram pictures where noose was painted around neck of black fellow student 

Professor and translator Anthony Esolen leaves Providence College after being target of campaign after criticizing diversity policy, takes new position at Thomas More College 

US Senate passes spending bill to keep government running until October 1, increased military spending among changes 

Armed citizen shoots gunman that opened fire in a Dallas bar, prevented further loss of life according to police 

Netflix removes segment from 1996 show where Bill Nye says there are two biological sexes, male or female determined by chromosomes 

Historians agree with Trump that US civil war could have been prevented, slavery not primary cause but threats of regulation and crony capitalism at expense of Southern states 

More than 8,000 home owners in Flint, Michigan threatened by eviction due to unpaid water bills, water previously deemed unusable due to high levels of lead 

American bounty hunters mistook innocent for wanted criminals, opened fire and killed unarmed citizen 

Anonymous group publishing list of men accused of rape at Brown University shut down after innocent man makes the list 

Puerto Rico files for bankruptcy with more than USD 70 billion in debt, four times as much as Detroit in 2013 municipal bankruptcy 

Baton Rouge officers will not face federal charges for killing Alton Sterling with multiple gun shots while holding him on ground 

Saudi state-owned company Aramco buys largest oil refinery in US, also gets monopoly on sales to Shell gas stations in several US states 

Trump advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner failed to disclose considerable debt and business ties to Goldman Sachs, George Soros and others, despite this being required for his present position 

Official gun sales in US still at record levels, over 2 million background checks made in April 

Trump praises Andrew Jackson as people's president fighting against elite, says US civil war could have been avoided if Jackson's presidency had occurred later 

US Congress increases transfers from tax payers to government subsidized science, despite Trump's promises for the opposite to happen 

Director Ron Howard wants to turn scientists into celebrities through new television series, critical of Trump's attemped cut in public spending on science but also aware that entrepreneurs can fund research instead 

Baby born with permanent brain damage in Miami, responsible physician sued for USD 33.8 million, among other things for neglecting delivery to talk with stock broker 

New York Times columnist expresses skepticism regarding climate issues, activists threaten to cancel subscriptions 

Toronto gallery cancels show inspired by style popularized by indigenous 60s artist after accusations of cultural genocide and bastardizing indigenous art 

Obama's net worth surges after presidency, reported to be giving one hour speeches for USD 400,000  

Boeing asks US to implement tariffs on Canadian competitor Bombardier to counter price competition 

Five white faculty members at prestigious Baptist seminary in Texas posts picture of themselves dressed as armed rappers, faces social media accusations of racism 

DEA organizes Take Back Day on April 29, enabling return of unneeded prescription drugs anonymously and free of charge, 5,200 sites operated by the DEA last year 

Senator Ted Cruz proposes law to use assets confiscated from criminals to build Mexico border wall, primary focus on USD 14 billion taken from cartel leader Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman 

Photographer discovers colony of white ravens outside Vancouver, leucism medical explanation but according to local mythology the raven was originally white, until it saved Earth by returning fire from the sun and was blackened by soot 

Dozens of teens rob subway car in Oakland, California, several injured, police did not reach site before perpetrators could disperse, train operator plans to replace fake surveillance cameras with real ones 

Republican student group threaten to sue Berkeley for not letting Ann Coulter speak on campus, event cancelled with reference to security issues 

Palantir CEO Alex Karp insults Trump in leaked video of internal meeting from 2015, indicates ideological differences with co-founder Peter Thiel as well as Trump administration which is company's largest customer through contracts with numerous federal agencies including CIA and FBI 

US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy asked by Trump administration to resign, temporarily replaced by deputy Sylvia Trent-Adams 

Extensive power outages occur simultaneously in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, causes traffic chaos as subways, electric buses and traffic lights malfunction 

New York politicians believe e-cigarettes can lead to drug addiction, a new floor of USD 13 per cigarette package, capping number of retailers for tobacco and e-cigarettes, says tobacco industry is public enemy number one 

Leader of California secession movement Luis Marinelli gives up and moves to Russia as simpler way to avoid living under US rule 

Hillary Clinton awarded as century's foremost defender of Planned Parenthood at organization's centennial anniversary celebration