North America

North America

Palestinian terrorist who participated in attack killing two Israelis in 1969 co-organizer of next Women's March, calls for action in name of feminism to stop Trump 

Jeffrey Tucker: Retina scanning ahead of Mexico flight and heavily armed guards made me feel like prisoner in my own country, reminded of 1984 and Hunger Games 

Mom pregnant in 20th week discovers that child is chronically ill, decides to have baby so organs can be donated 

Maine demands federal food stamps be limited to not allow purchase of candy and soft drinks on which 5% of coupon value is currently spent 

Muslim pre-school teacher in Texas suspended after antisemitic tweets encouraging killing of jews, also member of pro-Palestine movement at the university 

Homosexual vancouver man denied entry into US twice, passwords to social media saved in border control system, also warned for clearing his phone 

Triple membership numbers for Democratic Socialists of America since November, Sanders and Trump make way for radicalization of Democratic Party 

Additional 10 bomb threats against Jewish institutions in several parts of US, escalating situation investigated by federal authorities 

Trump supporters bring rifles to guarantee peaceful rally, no confrontations reported, participants claim to use second amendment to protect first 

Obama campaign organization to target lawmakers in their home state, protestors get six-week professional training program and detailed manual 

Trump holds rally in Florida with format like during election campaign, says he wants to be among friends and speak directly to the people unfiltered by media 

California man sentenced to 41 months in prison for letting customers manufacture firearms using his CNC mill, legal under federal law to manufacture weapons for personal use but not to do so for others without licensing 

Fleece coverings with arms considered blankets rather than clothes by US trade court, imports to be taxed 8.5% instead of 14.9% as demanded by Justice Department 

Trump names Steve Feinberg to review US intelligence agencies, intelligence officials who do not view reorganization as necessary are worried 

Intense work to secure dam in Oroville, California as approaching storm threatens to cause extensive flooding, previous evacuation forced 180,000 to flee their homes 

Numerous bomb threats directed at Jewish schools around the United States, constant anxiety causes the parents to relocate their children, which leads to financial problems for schools 

Border Patrol Agents in Arizona encounters catapult built to throw cannabis into the US, Mexican authorities confiscate and disassemble the construction 

Americans refuse to pay federal taxes in protest against Trump, says tax payers are implicated in oppressive system, tax resistance committee notes doubling of web traffic 

Study shows heavy snowfall of at least 8 inches increases frequency of heart attacks among men by 16%, may be due to shoveling snow, women show no increased risk 

Mike Flynn resigns as national security advisor after only four weeks on job, admits lying to Mike Pence about conversations with Russian ambassador 

US man indefinitely jailed for 16 months for not unlocking hard drives, not charged with any crime, disks suspected to contain child pornography 

US-born NASA researcher detained at border until he gives officers password to his phone 

US Tennis Association apologizes for performing Nazi-era version of German national anthem before match 

John Schindler: Intelligence world revolt against Trump begins, security advisor Flynn's conversation with Russian ambassador monitored, parts of scandal dossier confirmed correct through other eavesdropping 

Synthetic opioid Fentanyl causes multiple deaths, mixed with heroin because it's cheaper, impossible for users to know if it's mixed with the drug, often imported from China 

Obama campaign machine transformed into permanent organization with 250 local offices and 30,000 activists, creates headquarters close to White House from which ex-president will lead opposition 

Proposed Tennessee law to stop road-blocking protesters from suing drivers who run them over 

Deflazacort gets orphan drug status in US, drug against Duchenne muscular dystrophy that previously could be imported for USD 1,200 per year now costs USD 89,000 

Groups opposing smoking urge state of New York to expand contributions to programs helping smokers quit and discouraging children from starting 

Canadian man who murdered, decapitated and cannibalized fellow bus passenger 2008 granted absolute discharge, was found not criminally responsible in 2009 due to schizophrenia 

Trump administration forming space policy, considers strong focus on privatization as well as returning to moon by 2020 

Man from Morganton, Georgia seeks medical care after being exposed to ricin, FBI investigates connections to Creativity Movement 

Buffalo woman has kids taken away for not enrolling them in school despite having permission to homeschool, arrested for obstruction when trying to stop agents from taking her children 

Restaurant owner in Nebraska publishes pictures of minors trying to buy beer, prosecuted for obstructing police investigation since teens were part of sting operation, risks one year in jail but is acquitted 

Political differences destroy more families and friendships in the US, 22% of Clinton voters say they have terminated contact with a family member or friend because of their political opinion 

Setback for nine US broadband providers utilizing federal subsidies to gain competitive advantage by offering cheaper internet connection to certain groups, FCC reevaluates applications 

San Francisco conservatives keep views and meetings secret out of fear of political violence after Berkeley riot 

Federal judge rules Google in domestic search warrant must release data stored out of country 

Lopez Obrador resembles Mexican version of Trump and is fueled by opposition against US president, favorite in next year's presidential election may mark Mexico becoming part of global populist wave 

Trump executive order partially suspends Dodd-Frank regulations of financial markets which were introduced in 2010 but are burden to economy according to current administration 

Federal employees encrypt communication to coordinate resistance against new managers appointed by Trump, seek support from former bosses appointed by Obama 

Former Norwegian PM Kjell Magne Bondevik detained at airport in Washington due to Iranian passport stamp, thinks diplomatic passport should exempt him from law implemented by Obama 

US productivity growth decreased in Q4 2016 to 1.3% annual rate compared to 3.5% during Q3, productivity per worked hour has grown less than 1% annually for six years straight 

George Friedman: American opposition to immigration not xenophobia as no resistance to well-integrated immigrant groups such as Indians and Chinese 

Protests against Milo Yiannopoulos event at UC Berkeley turn violent, university cancels would-be speaker 

Jewish congregation in Texas hands key to synagogue to town's Muslim inhabitants after mosque fire 

Canada would benefit by legalization of all drugs, question of public health rather than criminality, war on drugs abject failure says MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith 

246,000 new jobs in the American private sector during January, largest number in seven months 

Republican Jason Chaffetz suggests privatizing 3 million acres of federal land in ten states, "lands have been deemed to serve no purpose for taxpayers" 

Mayor of New Hope, Texas announces sex change, remains married to wife but will live and act officially as woman, first openly transgender elected official in state history 

Lawyers claim faulty California court system adopted in 2016 is still jailing innocents, company responsible for software denies errors pointing out that system is used in other courts without any issues 

All police officers in New York will have body camera by 2019, regulations of turning camera on and off is ongoing discussion, critics concerned that rules could violate US constitution 

Milo Yiannopoulos creates scholarship to help white men pay college tuition 

Neil Gorsuch nominated by Trump to succeed Scalia in US Supreme Court, considered one of the most conservative candidates and at 49, one of the youngest 

US Air Force now accepts tattoos covering more than 25% of body parts and no longer requires that they are concealed by uniform, tattoos on the head and linked to gangs still illegal 

Black Lives Matter activist protesting in Seattle says group should start killing people, initially the White House 

Passenger plane from Bogota to Miami had 14 kilograms of cocaine in nose, discovered by mechanic examining landing gear 

Boy Scouts of America says it will accept transgender persons, abandoning birth certificates in favor of individual gender identity to determine eligibility 

Former Federal Reserve employee fined after using bank's server for bitcoin mining 

Police in Chicago commit suicide 60% more often than police in other parts of the country, twice as many take their own lives than are killed on duty 

After less than two weeks out of the spotlight Obama returns as a pundit, encouraging protests against the travel ban which he says endangers American values 

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints owns one of the largest ranches in America, plans building new city on 290,000 acres in central Florida, to have 500,000 inhabitants by 2080 

Donald Trump signs executive order requiring federal agencies to cut two existing regulations for every new one introduced, repeal need not be done at same time as implementation of new rule 

Trump introduces stricter rules for battling revolving doors in politics and lobbying, employees in administration will now be forced to wait five years before they can try to influence government area they previously worked for - can make it difficult to recruit 

At least six dead, eight injured as two armed men attack mosque in Quebec city, Canada 

Google CEO slams travel ban for citizens of Muslim-majority countries, tells hundred of affected employees to return to US immediately 

California petition to put secession on 2018 ballot needs 585,407 valid voter signatures within 180 days 

Trump orders temporary ban on refugees and travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries, wants exception for Christians from Syria which might be in conflict with constitution 

Obama's Education Dept reports USD 7 billion targeting worst public schools failed to improve results 

Andrew Napolitano: Historic decision by Trump to repeal parts of Obamacare made in true Jeffersonian revolutionary spirit, a breeze of freedom on a sea of regulation 

Proposed Hawaii legislation to view homelessness as medical condition will enable doctors to prescribe housing, new way of controlling how government health care budget is used, state had largest share of homelessness in US during 2015 

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto hits back at Donald Trump, repeats that Mexico will not pay for wall, means for implementation need to be approved by US Congress 

Trump freezes USD 221 million payment to Palestinian Authority, was approved by Obama at end of presidency 

Trump repeals Obama's decision to stop Dakota Access pipeline, major backlash for demonstrators and activists attempting to stop the construction the past months, Standing Rock Sioux tribe promises legal action 

Libertarian entrepreneur Bob Luddy creates affordable private school network, doesn't require teachers to be licensed [video] 

EPA grants and contracts frozen until new administration examines them 

Neil M. Gorsuch favorite to replace Scalia in US Supreme Court, conservative and originalist with strong academic background and good chance of Senate approval 

California trades drought for floods, rain over Los Angeles 216% of normal level since October 

Senate approves Republican and war veteran Mike Pompeo as CIA chief, notable support from Democrats despite protracted confirmation process 

20 dead as southern US hit by powerful storms with up to 39 tornadoes reported  

Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán extradited to US, will face 17 drugs and weapons charges 

Philadelphia companies could get banned from asking presumptive employees about salary history, bill intended to decrease pay gap between sexes 

Thief who stole USD 1.6 million bucket of gold in Manhattan arrested in Ecuador, the career thief from New Jersey has been deported to the country several times 

Putin backs Trump and calls latest information on association with prostitutes nonsense, despite Russian sex workers being "best in the world", unlikely Trump fell for them says Russian President 

1.1 million-square-foot Pittsburgh Mills mall sold at auction for USD 100 after foreclosure when owner fails to pay back loan of USD 143 million 

Alibaba founder Jack Ma criticizes US economic policy in Davos, says trillions of dollars spent on war instead of infrastructure, has itself to blame for economic problems 

Obamacare has cost 300,000 jobs and forced 10,000 small businesses to shut down due to increased health care costs as reported by American Action Forum 

Denver could soon be first US state to allow public use of cannabis, city could get coffee shops, yoga studios and art galleries where herb is used 

Julian Assange open to negotiations over US allegations, agrees to go to Sweden if US investigation dropped, welcomes Chelsea Manning's clemency according to his lawyer 

Number of US abortions at lowest level since 1973, last measured number 14.6 per 1,000 women in 2014, three out of four women are poor or have low-income background  

Trump operative Roger Stone extremely sick in weeks around Christmas 2016, symptoms identical to polonium poisoning say doctors 

Barack Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's sentence, to be released on May 17, 2017 

Project Veritas exposes anti-fascists planning to sabotage Trump inauguration-party Deploraball [video] 

Ryan McMaken: Small states always better than large - according to geographic analyzes, US should be fragmented into roughly 50 more natural regions 

146-year-old American circus closes due to slumping profitability after activists force them to end holding elephants 

Sugary soda most popular item in the shopping cart of American households on food stamps, government report shows 

Woman in Nevada dies of infection resistant to all antibiotics that can be prescribed in the US, later tests showed bacteria was susceptible to antibiotic not approved in the US for her type of infection 

Obama administration lets NSA share unfiltered intercepted data with other 16 US intelligence services, more agencies have opportunity to scan raw data from NSA's global surveillance 

Majority of Americans has less than 500 dollars in savings, young people between 18 and 29 are best equipped to handle sudden expense 

US police officers want to see relaxation of cannabis laws, support to permit recreational use higher among young members, entire group is more conservative than general public