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US attorney's aide Tawanna Hilliard accused of using government computers to identify and expose snitches for her Bloods gang member son Tyquan Hilliard, who is serving ten years in prison for robbery, the mother faces up to 20 years in prison on obstruction charge alone

Study showing white police no more likely to shoot minorities draws fire, researchers studied 900 fatal US police shootings in 2015 concluding there is no racial bias among police, undercuts central tenets of Black Lives Matter movement who claim black men dies at the hands of police due to colour of their skin

US trend sees drop in sports participation among poor and middle-class families, while children from better off families participate in ever great numbers, according to The Aspen Institute's Project Play report, attributed to rising cost of playing sports and hope of securing college admissions

Jeffrey Epstein autopsy finds his neck broken in several places, such injuries can occur to people who hang themselves or who are strangled, unclear when autopsy report will be finished or made public

Naked burglar arrested in Los Angeles when found stuck in chimney, where hid after being confronted by owner of another home he tried to burglarize, claims someone laced his drink the night prior

US Attorney General Bill Barr slams inadequate Manhattan jail where Epstein died, saying there will be accountability, issues stark warning to Epstein's co-conspirators and assures case will continue against anyone complicit

Jeffrey Epstein told guards and other inmates weeks before he died someone tried to kill him, death comes 24 hours after court documents were unsealed implicating powerful men in sex scandals, Epstein was not on suicide watch at the time of his death, FBI and Inspector General to open investigations

Miniature horses allowed as service animals on airplanes according to updated US Department of Transportation guidance, up to three animals per person allowed, reptiles and spiders banned

Marvin Minsky, AI pioneer at MIT, named by witness in deposition released in connection with Jeffrey Epstein underage girls sex trafficking investigation, known previous associate of Epstein, deposition also names Prince Andrew of Britain and former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson

Armed former firefighter makes citizen's arrest of 20-year-old donned with body armor and military fatigues carrying tactical weapons and 100 rounds of ammunition while filming himself at Walmart in Springfield, MO, customers fled as store manager pulled the fire alarm, no shots fired and no one injured

14-year-old girl in Kentucky home alone with her two sisters stops two men from breaking in by firing a 9mm pistol in their general direction, constable Daniel Castle says she did a good job and encourages everyone who can to legally carry a firearm to protect themselves and their families just in case the need arises

Joe Biden makes another gaffe telling a crowd that poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids, Biden is the 2020 Democratic primary frontrunner

Canadian man survives grizzly bear attack by stabbing its neck with a 5 cm pocketknife, ties shirt sleeve around his bleeding leg and cycles 7 km to a logging camp, where he gets help and an ambulance helicopter is called, the bear is tracked and put down

51% of mass shooters in 2019 were black, 29% were white, and 11% were Latino, data from Mass Shooting Tracker shows, white people and Latinos dramatically underrepresented among mass shooters, while African Americans are highly overrepresented, media creates own narrative by portraying mass shootings as white man's problem

Texas police apologise after two white officers on horseback lead handcuffed black man by rope to police staging area, police chief says department policy immediately changed to prevent use of technique

The left-wing and Antifa supporter who killed nine at the Dayton shooting was obsessed with violence and mass shootings, had a hit list of fellow students he wanted to kill or rape

Mexico vows to take legal action against US for failing to protect Mexican citizens after the El Paso mass shooting, demands conditions established to protect Mexicans in the United States

Ohio gunman Connor Betts described himself as pro-Satan leftist who hated President Trump and supported Elizabeth Warren, said he wanted socialism and that he wouldn't wait for it, his sister one of the victims

Democratic Socialists of America National Convention in Georgia came to a halt over formal complaint by delegate of sensory overload from "guys" whispering, prompting another comrade to angrily demand immediate end to use of gendered language, followed by the first delegate saying the heckling and the hissing is triggering to his anxiety

Nine people killed and at least 16 hospitalised after shooter opens fire in a bar in Dayton, OH, gunman shot dead

At least 20 people killed and 26 wounded in mass shooting at Walmart in El Paso, TX, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius in custody

Home of Elijah Cummings burglarized, representative of Maryland's 7th congressional district since 1996 and has been heavily criticized by President Trump for the high crime rate in his district including Baltimore

President Trump says USA will shortly end AIDS epidemic and cure childhood cancer, promises new breakthroughs in science and medicine, makes the pledges at a rally in Cincinnati, OH

Woodstock 50 anniversary music festival officially canceled, widely expected after troubles finding a venue and headline artists pulling out, proclamations any profit would be used for fighting climate change and encouraging Americans to vote did not help

President Trump meet with 20 African American faith leaders, Dr. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr., calls meeting sincere and productive, says Trump is not a racist and that the higher job market and the criminal justice reform help African Americans

Shooter kills three and injures 15 others at Gilroy Garlic Festival in San Jose, CA, 6-year-old boy among victims, perpetrator killed minutes after attack began, manhunt underway for a second individual involved

Donald Trump says he considers declaring Antifa a terrorist organization, calls them "gutless Radical Left Wack Jobs"

US Supreme Court clears way for Trump administration to use USD 2.5 billion in Defense Department money to build sections of border wall with Mexico, president calls it a big victory on the wall, for border security and rule of law

18 Marines arrested at Camp Pendleton north of San Diego by NCIS over human smuggling, none of the accused personnel were involved in Southwest Border Support mission and were of relatively low rank, another human smuggling investigation involving two Marines provided information that led to arrests

Jeffrey Epstein found unconscious in cell at Metropolitan Correctional Center with injuries to his neck and is taken to hospital, reports say his face appeared blue, not clear how he suffered his injuries

US government introduces new rules under which illegal immigrants who haven't been in US continuously for two years can be immediately deported, until now, expedited deportations could only be applied to those detained near the border

Chris Pratt, known for acting roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, criticized for wearing T-shirt featuring US flag with Gadsden flag, Yahoo article insinuates Gadsden flag, used by US Men's Soccer Team and Metallica, is a white supremacist dog whistle, Ben Shapiro says only morons believe every symbol of early republic is a white supremacist symbol

Jeffrey Epstein said to have used Austrian passport, with fake name and listing his place of residence as Saudi Arabia, to enter United Kingdom, Spain and Saudi Arabia in the 1980s, document found inside safe along with USD 70,000 in cash and 48 loose diamonds, Epstein's lawyers claim it was obtained to be presented to potential kidnappers, hijackers or terrorists

Sexual assault proceedings against Kevin Spacey dropped following his alleged victim William Little's refusal to testify, after it is revealed his cell phone with key piece of evidence is missing and his mother deleted photos before handing phone to police, Spacey was accused of groping the then 18-year-old at a bar in 2016

Joke to storm area 51 goes viral, more than a million people have said they will participate, US Air Force discourage anyone from trying to come into the area

Man shoots and kills two intruders with his AR-15 as four armed men attempts home invasion robbery in Florida, the disabled 61-year-old homeowner is in stable condition at hospital with gunshot wound to the stomach, two other culprits arrested, no charges against homeowner

Man survived 57 meter drop over Niagara Falls, was found sitting on rocks without life-threatening injuries, mayor thinks all-time high water level may have saved the man's life

Nova Scotians can now choose "X" or not to display a gender on provincial identity cards, minister of internal services Patricia Arab says it reflect Nova Scotia’s diverse population and makes all residents feel safe, adds province may ultimately remove gender markers from identification cards altogether

Barry Lee Hastings Jr arrested in Florida for impersonating a police officer after pulling over an off-duty sheriff's deputy, asked for his ID Hastings says he's left his credentials at the station, deputy calls 911 after tiring of the back-and-forth

Jeffrey Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking underage girls and sexually abusing them, the billionaire and close friend of the Clinton family was sentenced to a short prison term for similar charges in 2008 after much-criticized deal

Five police officers asked to leave Starbucks coffee shop in Tempe, AZ, on Fourth of July because customer did not feel safe with them present, police union tweets parody of Starbucks logo with the words "Dump Starbucks", its president saying people feeling unsafe with police around is perplexing to him

Two earthquakes in less than 24 hours in Southern California, magnitudes 6.4 and 7.1 respectively makes quakes region's largest in 20 years

Thousands of Jim Beam bourbon barrels destroyd in warehouse fire in Kentucky, lightning probably cause, no one injured, spokesperson for Jim Beam tells public not to worry about bourbon shortage as company has 3.3 million barrels in stock

Nike withdraws allegedly racist trainer featuring Betsy Ross flag, Arizona governor Doug Ducey withdraws USD 1 million aimed at attracting Nike factory expected to generate 500 jobs and says he is embarrassed for the company, trainers now selling on websites for USD 1,500

Story of teacher surviving Santa Fee High School shooting in 2018 revealed to be false, CNN and Wall Street Journal had published his lies where he said he protected students from harm at incident claiming 10 people's lives, Texas Tribune journalist Alexandra Samuels' became suspicious by "insane story"

Young man from Kentucky banned from school during chickenpox outbreak due to not being vaccinated nor being able to prove immunity, boy sues for religious discrimination in court who confirms the ruling from the health department to deny access to help stop the outbreak, appeal also fails, youth claims his christian faith as reason for his refusal to get the vaccine

Jack'd gay dating app stored members' private intimate photos publicly on open web server, anyone could access the pictures, New York attorney general reaches USD 240,000 settlement with owners, app downloaded more than five million times

New York City declares climate emergency in effort to mobilize local and national responses to stall global warming, claiming it has led to extreme weather events which demonstrates planet is "too hot to be a safe environment", says US has disproportionately contributed to climate emergency

Majority of Americans think more than 20% of population is gay, average estimate is 23.6%, proportion of people who self-report as LGBT is 4.5%, according to Gallup

US regulators uncovers possible new flaw in Boeing's troubled 737 Max aircraft, Federal Aviation Administration says it identified potential risk during simulator tests, Boeing's top-selling aircraft was grounded in March after two crashes

Donald Trump criticises lesbian US women's football player Megan Rapinoe for saying she would not visit White House if they won the World Cup, Trump says she should win before she talks, Rapinoe one of 28 players suing US Soccer Federation because men's team earns more than women, met Barack Obama after winning World Cup in 2015

Bank of America cuts ties with private companies running detention centers for criminals and illegal immigrants, privatized parts of prison system hot topic after Elizabeth Warren calls for ban, share prices of prison operators down

Aviary cocktail bar worker in Chicago spits at Eric Trump, offender in Secret Service custody, Trump says it's a purely disgusting act by somebody who clearly has emotional problems

Donal Trump says Federal Reserve should lower interest rate to help US compete with China, central bank said last week that half of their decision makers see rate cuts as necessary this year

FedEx sues US government for requiring it to enforce export bans with extra screening efforts, says current Export Administration Regulations violate FedEx’s Fifth Amendment rights, company was fined for shipping packages to banned recipient between 2011 and 2012

Oklahoma files multibillion lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, holding them responsible for US addiction epidemic, accused of misrepresenting risk of opioid addiction, manipulating medical research and being a kingpin in epidemic claiming 400,000 lives, said to have created a narrative of epidemic of untreated pain to which opioids were the solution – hired the McKinsey who proposed targeting doctors prescribing large amounts of OxyContin to increase sales of more powerful drugs

Supreme Court rules World War I memorial can stand on public land in Maryland, in a 7 to 2 ruling justices say the 40-foot-tall cross is undoubtedly a Christian symbol, but the Bladensburg Cross represents a lot more

Hispanics expected to become largest population group in Texas by 2022, with an increase by 20% since 2010, compared to 4% for white population, gap down to 544,000, according to 2018 census

San Francisco could be first US city to ban e-cigarette sales, FDA calls it an epidemic of youth using the devices, comparing it to the 90s battling big tobacco, 2018 survey shows one in five US high school students reported vaping in the previous month, most experts agree e-cigarettes are less harmful than the paper-and-tobacco variety

15,000 kilograms of cocaine worth more than USD 1 billion seized in Philadelphia from ship sailing under Liberian flag with Swiss owner, allegedly loaded while at sea off west coast of South America, not a US record as 1989 bust in Los Angeles netted 19,504 kilograms

Confederate monument in Nashville built almost 50 years after the Civil War ended as a memorial to Tennessee soldiers who fought in the war vandalized with the words "They were racists" written in red paint, Nashville's Metro Police Department will be reviewing security footage

Another disturbing weekend of violence in Philadelphia with 16 shootings, leaving three dead and no arrests, two shootings happened on South Street, often packed with tourists, business owners say people getting scared and don’t come out to eat that much anymore

11-year-old boy home alone in Mebane, NC when intruder breaks in through a window, grabs a pellet gun and forces the boy into a closet, the boy strikes a machete to the burglar's head, who kicks the boy and steals home electronics, but drops it as he bleeds heavily

Virginia Beach May 31 shooting could have been prevented, had employees been allowed to carry firearms at work, one victim discussed the night before whether or not to bring a pistol and decided not to, because a city policy against weapons in the building, gun rights advocates say a gun free zone is really a victim disarmament zone

California to be first state to provide tax-financed healthcare to illegal immigrants, USD 98 million plan aims to provide coverage to 100,000 people aged 19 to 25, to pay for plan lawmakers propose taxing people who do not have health insurance, Democratic Senator Holly Mitchell says California believes health is a fundamental right

Michigan hotel offers free accommodations to anyone traveling for an abortion out of a state where the procedure is restricted, women should have autonomy over their own bodies, says hotel manager Shelley O'Brien, who also provides free transportation to and from their appointment

US Air Force allows Sikh airman maintain beard and wear turban in observance of his faith, last year Air Force granted a Muslim airman to wear beard and in 2017 US Army said it would allow turbans and hijabs

60 killings in 14 states linked to 79-year-old serial killer Samuel Little, claims to have killed 93 women and is cooperative with investigators from around the country about cold case killings dating back to the 1970s, victims often suffocated or strangled, leaving few physical marks why investigators suspected death by overdoses or natural causes

Homeowner who shoots and kills home invader in Clayton County, GA will not be facing charges, intruder banged on the door, broke a window and gain entry into the house when he was shot with several shots, "people have the right to defend themselves", says Police Major Anthony Thuman

Mexico sends 6,000 members of National Guard to Guatemalan border following Trump's threats to impose tariffs unless Mexico acts against illegal migration

Ohio doctor charged in 25 deaths, suspected of giving excessive doses of painkilling opioids to mostly older and severely ill patients, denies having practiced euthanasia

Emmanuel Aranda gets 19 years in prison for throwing 5-year-old boy over a third-floor railing at Mall of America in Bloomington in April, the boy was nearly killed but is now recovering

Chef de cuisine William Crandall at renowned Stripsteak, inside Fontainebleau Miami Beach, "voluntarily" resigns following controversy after being seen wearing a hat and shirt with Proud Boys logo, restaurant employee says Crandall has been crucified and that hysteria and chaos reigns at Stripsteak

Texas governor Greg Abbott signs law banning cameras taking images of vehicles entering intersections when red stoplights are illuminated, critics say red-light cameras are unconstitutional and contribute to traffic accidents, supporters say they help make streets safer and generate funds for government entities

Beauty chain Sephora closes all its US stores on Wednesday, diversity training awaits staff after employee calls security to ensure customer, who turns out to be R&B artist SZA, wasn't stealing

Homeopathic products in Quebec required to carry warning signs indicating their effectiveness "is generally not supported by scientific evidence", meant to encourage conversation between customers and pharmacists

Documents made public show how prosecutors struggled over how to describe their reasoning for dropping all charges against Jussie Smollett, state's attorney's office and defense lawyer traded series of emails trying to neutralize language so Smollett would neither be depicted as innocent or guilty of staging the alleged attack, documents also show State's Attorney Kim Foxx didn't want to recuse herself

At least 12 people killed and several injured in mass shooting at government building in Virginia Beach, VA, gunman, described by officials as a disgruntled city employee, killed in exchange of gunfire with police

Trump announces 5% tariff on all Mexican imports to pressure country to crack down on illegal migration, percentage will gradually increase until problem is solved

Satanic Temple to challenge, in the name of religious liberty, Supreme Court ruling upholding law requiring the burial or cremation of fetal remains, as one of their fundamental tenets is the inviolability of one's body, group has waged several battles against state governments

Martin Luther King Jr had 40 extramarital affairs, participated in sex orgies and looked on and laughed as pastor friend raped parishioner, claims author David Garrow who won Pulitzer for King biography

65-year-old man from California dies after shark attack in Hawaii while swimming in water 20 to 25 feet deep, out of 120 shark attacks on record since 1995 this incident is only the fifth fatal attack in the islands

71% of Americans say the economy is in good shape, according to CBS poll among 1,101 adults, Americans increasingly give the president credit for strong economy, while more people disapprove of his handling of immigration, foreign policy, and trade with other countries

North Carolina teaches gun safety to kids as young as six, Echo Firearm Training founder Michael Pegram aware of social media polarization, says it gives kids knowledge to be safe when they do come across a gun

Washington first US state to legalise human composting as alternative to cremations and burials, loved ones are given the soil, which they can use in planting flowers, vegetables or trees, process already legal in Sweden, Environmentally friendly burial alternatives increasingly popular

A greater number of voters believe Donald Trump will be re-elected, 57% of voters now believe it is likely the President will be successful, up from 46% in February, shift may relate to Democrats advocating proposals supported by only 20% of population, and a growing perception that Congress is moving to the left politically

Birth tourism increase in Canada due to automatic citizenship at birth, a 24% increase in births by non-resident mothers in British Columbia, to 837 babies in 2017-18, practice debases meaning of citizenship and immigrants who strive and sacrifice for a citizenship the ones most offended, says Liberal MLA Jas Johal

30% of DNA tests of migrant families at southern border suspected of lying about kinship revealed adults not related to children, pilot marked first time DNA testing has been used at border

Alabama lawmakers pass ban on abortions, only exception when woman’s health is at risk, doctors who carry them out facing up to 99 years in jail, senators votes in favour by 25 to 6, state governor to make final decision enacting the law, "bill has the opportunity to save the lives of millions of unborn children" Senator Clyde Chambliss says

Cuba launches widespread rationing of chicken, eggs, rice, beans, soap and other basic products in the face of grave economic crisis, Commerce Minister Betsy Díaz Velázquez blames hardening of US trade embargo by Trump administration, calls for calm and assures at least cooking oil will be in ample supply

Denver first US city to effectively decriminalize use and possession of "magic mushrooms" containing psychedelic psilocybin among people 21 and older, advocates for the measure argue psilocybin is safe, nonaddictive and that evidence suggests the drug has therapeutic benefits, will shift law enforcement resources away from pursuing nonviolent offenses

Pentagon approves plan to spend USD 1.5 billion to build 80 more miles of wall along US-Mexico border, acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan says Pentagon is fully engaged in fixing border crisis, more than 4,000 troops and 19 aircrafts are supporting Customs and Border Protection personnel

Pothole Vigilantes duo covertly patch Oakland potholes in middle of the night, show off their work on Instagram, City spokesman expresses concern over safety issues and asks people to instead report problems multiple times to Oakland Public Works

Issuing of permits for climbing Yosemite’s Half Dome has worsen safety, introduced in 2010 it has halved the number of visitors but not reduced the number of accidents, researchers say permits may encourage visitors to take risks

Boeing 737 bounces and skids off runway into Florida river after landing, plane chartered by US military had flown from Guantánamo Bay to city of Jacksonville, 21 people taken to hospital with minor injuries

Texas lawmakers want to make it clear guns are allowed in churches and other houses of worship, up to individual houses of worship to ban handguns, Wyoming passed similar measure last year, same time eight states and Washington D.C. prohibit firearms in places of worship unless permission is given

Donald Trump, three of his children and seven companies files lawsuit against Deutsche Bank and Capital One, says subpoenas issued to harass the President in hope to stumble upon something to be used in political attacks

Amazon investigates after woman finds leaflet condemning HPV vaccine in children’s book, both Amazon and publisher Oxford University Press denies responsibility, previously found hidden messages in books from Amazon include a workers' rights note, two years ago a worker was fired for sending a Jewish customer a note reading "Greetings from Uncle Adolf"

Afghanistan war veteran arrested accused of plotting attack on nationalist rally in Long Beach, CA, has expressed support for violent jihad, desire to seek retribution for attacks against Muslims, and willingness to become a martyr, retribution for Christchurch assault

Bernie Sanders praised violent socialist revolutionaries and forced land redistribution in Central America in the 1980s, was in 1985 invited to an expenses-paid trip to attend Daniel Ortega's inauguration in Nicaragua, also attended by Fidel Castro