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42-year-old David DePape is sentenced to 30 years in prison for assault and attempted kidnapping of a federal official after being seen standing with a hammer in the hand at the home of Paul Pelosi, husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was dressed in underpants and night shirt when police arrived in the middle of night after a 911 call in what can be seen in released police body cam footage

Four months in prison is expected Steve Bannon after the appeals court upholds the 2022 conviction for contempt of court under investigation surrounding the events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, the possibilities of the appeal are there but according to the article the chance of winning is small

Donald Trump's 18-year-old son, Barron Trump, will be one of Florida's delegates to the Republican convention that is expected to officially nominate his father as the presidential candidate, is much more politically interested than people realize according to Daily Mail source and Republican media and business mogul Patrick Bet-David says he is the most interesting 18-year-old he's ever met

45-year-old Joshua Dean, who testified against Boeing and warned of production problems, dies of rapid bacterial infection, was represented by the same law firm as Boeing whistleblower John Barnett, who died two months ago of a self-inflicted gunshot wound while testifying

Police storm Columbia University Tuesday night after pro-Palestinian protesters occupied the Hamilton Hall building and arrests more than 100 after President Minouche Shafik called for help, images show broken windows, overturned furniture and trash

The US House of Representatives votes to pass the Antisemitism Awareness Actthat defines antisemitism at the federal level according to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance which lists, among other things, the use of symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism such as the claim that Jews killed Jesus

Donald Trump one of the speakers at the national convention of the American party The Libertarian Party on May 25 this year and will receive a list of the most pressing issues for the party's members in advance, says libertarians are some of the most independent and thoughtful thinkers in the country and that is honored to join them in Washington DC later this month

The US Supreme Court holds oral hearing on the question of whether and to what extent presidents enjoy immunity from prosecution, outcome unclear and the decision is expected in late June and until then the trial of Donald Trump's involvement in alleged election fraud in 2020 is postponed

The first week of the trial in which Donald Trump is accused of 34 counts of accounting violations for having recorded legal hush-money payments as legal expenses and thus conspiring to influence the 2016 election, ends with its first witness, the National Enquirers David Pecker, admits he agreed to provide positive coverage of Trump

Homosexual couples are more likely to be exposed to risks linked to climate change compared to heterosexual couples according to a report from the UCLA School of Law, is motivated by the fact that the probability is higher that they live in poorer communities

108 protesters arrested at Emerson College in Boston, 93 people at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and 34 at the University of Texas at Austin as a result of student demonstrations in the wake of the war in Palestine

US House of Representatives votes for additional USD 61 billion in aid to Ukraine, prompting Democrats to wave the Ukrainian flag in the chamber

37-year-old self-proclaimed investigative journalist Max Azzarello sets himself on fire near the trial of Donald Trump, writing on Substack that the motive is to draw attention to the fact that we are victims of a totalitarian con and that the government is about to hit us with a apocalyptic fascist world coup, the fire was extinguished by police and he is now in hospital in critical condition

Florida woman sentenced to one month in prison for stealing and reselling Joe Biden's daughter Ashley's diary, in which it says Joe and Ashley took "probably not appropriate" showers together and that she was hypersexualized at a young age

35-year-old Shant Soghomonian starts a fire inside a property outside US Senator Bernie Sanders' office in Vermont on Friday, Sanders not there at the time, no one is injured and the perpetrator is arrested on Sunday

Those forced by New York police to remove their hijabs while being photographed are entitled to between USD 7,000 and USD 13,000 under a settlement totaling USD 17.5 million after two Muslim women filed a class action lawsuit against the city in 2018

Baltimore's black mayor Brandon Scott says DEI, diversity, equality and inclusion, is used as racist term by people who don't have the guts to say the N word

US President Joe Biden's fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall in New York with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton interrupted during Stephen Colbert's interview by pro-Palestinian protesters chanting, among other things, "you have blood on your hands"

American independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. picks Google founder Sergey Brin's ex-wife, 38-year-old Nicole Shanahan, as his running mate, she donated USD 25,000 to the Biden Victory Fund during the 2020 presidential election and says during the introduction speech that she is now leaving the Democratic Party since they have lost their way

A majority of Americans believe that World War III is at least reasonably likely in the next five to ten years, of which 22 percent believe it is very likely, according to a Yougov survey, while only 6 percent believe that the United States will not be a participating party

Donald Trump's lawyers say it is impossible for him to pay the USD 454 million fine he was ordered to pay due to the verdict in the real estate valuation case, which could lead to the seizure of his assets by Democratic Attorney Letitia James, attempt to take his social media platform Truth Social public under way

Jeff Bezos' ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott, donates USD 640 million to 361 non-profits of which at least 14 organizations are LGBTQ-focused, Executive Director of LGBTQ lobby organization OutFront Minnesota, Kat Rohn, says that the USD 2 million donation they received is larger than their entire annual budget

In fiscal year 2023, border officials encountered 189,401 illegal immigrants along the US-Canada border, compared to 916 for fiscal year 2021, in March, eight immigrants from Albania and India died while trying to cross the St. Lawrence in the state of New York

U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman rules that illegal immigrant has the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as Heriberto Carbajal-Flores is acquitted after being tried for carrying weapons during the 2020 Chicago riots

SpaceX is building spy satellite networks for US intelligence, according to five Reuters sources, is being built under the Starshield business unit with a USD 1.8 billion contract with the National Reconnaissance Office signed in 2021, will allow the US to quickly spot potential targets almost all over the world

The US Coast Guard stops 65 Haitians who tried to flee by boat and sends them back to Haiti which is condemned by the Mark Zuckerberg-backed migration lobby organization The Haitian Bridge Alliance, during the Biden administration close to 400,000 Haitians have migrated to the US

Republicans Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, Rand Paul and Thomas Massie who oppose banning Tiktok are accepting donations from Jeff Yass, Pennsylvania's richest man, an adviser to the Cato Institute and one of the biggest investors in Tiktok owner ByteDance

US Supreme Court will take up the case of Donald Trump's immunity from prosecution regarding the events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, it is the first time that the Supreme Court will take up any of the charges against the former president

25-year-old US Air Force officer Aaron Bushnell dies after setting himself on fire outside Israel's embassy in Washington DC in protest against what he says is the genocide in Gaza, saying in a recording that what he will do is not extreme at all compared to what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the hands of their colonizers

Donald Trump wins the Republican primary in challenger Nikki Haley's home state South Carolina after the results was called seconds after the polls closed, the first time in more than 50 years that a Republican candidate lost in the home state when Nixon lost to Reagan in California

Truck drivers in the US are planning a boycott of New York after Donald Trump's latest sentence, freight by truck accounts for approximately 70 percent of all freight in the US and X-user Chicago1Ray claims that many drivers will start refusing loads to New York on Monday and that if you fuck around you will find out

Donald Trump is ordered by Judge Arthur Engoron to pay USD 355 million and is banned from doing business in New York for three years in a case concerning that he allegedly inflated assets to get better terms from banks and insurance companies his sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr, are ordered to pay $4 million each

38-year-old Alexander Soros, son of George Soros and now chairman of the Open Society Foundations, is dating 47-year-old Huma Abedin, ex-wife of scandal-ridden Anthony Weiner and close associate of Hillary Clinton, is made public when Abedin publishes photos of the couple from a restaurant in Paris on Valentine's Day

More than 1,000 black pastors show their displeasure with Joe Biden's stance on the war in Palestine through meetings with White House representatives, open letters and advertisements, Pastor Timothy McDonald, who signed open letter calling for a cease-fire, says it will be very difficult to persuade our people to vote for Biden

George Soros has donated more than USD 3 million in the past year to at least five left-wing organizations in Texas, according to state campaign finance records, including Texas Majority PAC with the candid goal of flip the state to the Democrats instead of the Republicans

US city of Seattle, Washington pays USD 10 million to Black Lives Matter-affiliated vandals in settlement after being sued over allegations of excessive force by the police, best financial decision for city as case has been a significant drain on city time and resources according to City Attorney Ann Davison

Federal court in Canada rules that Justin Trudeau's invocation of emergency laws to combat the 2022 truck demonstrations was unwarranted, among other things the government froze the assets of participating individuals and companies and some remain in jail

Citing the climate crisis, the Biden administration is halting all new and pending applications to export liquefied natural gas, of which Texas is the world's third-largest exporter, the decisionen is in retaliation for Texas standing up to the government over the border crisis according to state Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham

Donald Trump ordered to pay USD 83 million in damages to E. Jean Carroll, who accused him of defamation after she said he destroyed her reputation as a reliable journalist by denying that he raped her nearly 30 years ago

58-year-old murderer Kenneth Smith the first American to be executed by asphyxiation with nitrogen gas when he was confirmed dead Thursday night at the William C. Holman Correctional Facility in Alabama after the execution was previously postifponed due to the dficulty of finding a vein to insert the lethal injection

Titus Warren, a Democrat employed by the Republicans in the White House, is caught on camera by investigative journalist James O'Keefe saying that members of Congress have sex parties, affairs with each other, are blackmailed and get suggestions on how to vote through a group chat, also saying that a majority of latecomers are hungover and that Madison Cawthorn wasn't lying

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott writes in statement that Texas' constitutional right to defend itself against invasion trumps any federal restraining order, after the Supreme Court upheld the federal states right to remove barbed wire erected by Texas to prevent border trespasses, the governors of Oklahoma, Virginia, Florida, South Dakota , Georgia and Montana voice their support for Texas

Donald Trump wins the Republican primary in New Hampshire by 11 percentage points margin over challenger Nikki Haley who chooses to continue candidacy, next primary is in Nevada on February 6

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) is reportedly hospitalized for panic attacks, has been vocal about the city's economic problems as a result of increased immigration, and Illinois ranks sixth in fentanyl overdose deaths with 3,000 deaths between April 2022 and April 2023

Donald Trump wins the first Republican primary in Iowa with 51 percent of the vote, followed by Ron DeSantis in second place, Nikki Haley in third and Vivek Ramaswamy who comes in fourth with 7.7 percent suspends his presidential campaign and endorses Donald Trump

Five percent of the inhabitants of Canada were Muslims in 2021, which is a doubling since 2001 and the demand for halal products is increasing, in 2016 the country's food authority decided that halal certifying products must mention which organization did the certification and eleven years ago, beef gelatin was removed as an ingredient in the classic McCain Deep'n Delicious cake which went viral among Muslims

As part of its diversity and inclusion agenda, the US Federal Aviation Administration strives to employ those who have hearing or vision problems, those who are missing limbs, both those who are partially paralyzed and those who are totally paralyzed, those who suffer from epilepsy, those with severe intellectual disabilities, those with psychiatric disabilities and dwarfs

A loose-knit network in the US is quietly planning to prevent any possibility of an expansion of the president's power and is studying Donald Trump's past actions and current stance to be ready, includes lawsuits and writing letters to Trump employees stating the consequences they will face if they seek to undermine constitutional practice, in December law was signed that prevents the president from withdrawing from NATO without the approval of the Senate or Congress

The US military has over the past five years seen a sharp decline in applications from whites, which accounts for a big part of the total decline, in 2018, 44,042 new recruits were categorized as white while only 25,070 in 2023

Then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley operated outside his legal authority when he made it difficult for the National Guard in Washington DC to respond to the protests on January 6, 2021, according to Col. Earl G. Matthews, adviser to the commanding general of the National Guard from 2018 to 2021, who belives Milley controlled the army instead of Trump

Ray Epps, who can be seen on video repeatedly calling on those present to go into the Capitol in Washington DC on January 6, 2021, is sentenced, in a private hearing via Zoom that was abruptly changed from a public hearing, to one year of probation, USD 500 in restitution and 100 hours of community service

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was treated for prostate cancer during the four days the president, White House and Pentagon were unaware he was hospitalized and off duty, Republicans are calling for his resignation and the White House has launched a review of the incident

Underground tunnel found under Synagogue 770, the world headquarters of the Chabab-Lubavitch Jewish sect, in Brooklyn, New York and riots erupt when it is about to be refilled and police arrive as Jews block the tunnel, Rabbi Motti Seligson blames young extremists and the tunnel's purpose is still unknown

Stores that sell toys in California and has at least 500 employees are forced to have gender-neutral departments starting at the turn of the year, Assemblymember Evan Low says he was inspired by an 8-year-old girl who asked why a store should tell her what a girl's shirt or toy should be

Harvard's first black president Claudine Gay is stepping down after six months at the post in the wake of recent scandals involving her research plagiarism and her inability to distance herself from anti-Semitism

Republican Governor Mike DeWine votes against bill that would ban puberty blockers and sex hormones to minors and ban boys from competing in girl's sports after five years of receiving donations from hospitals that perform gender reassignments

Illegal immigrants get health care for free in California starting January 1, 2024, a USD 68 billion budget deficit is expected in the state next fiscal year

Chicago's black and Democratic mayor, Brandon Johnson, asserts in regards to the immigration to the United States, if the federal government does not make substantial investments the repercussions will not be limited to Chicago alone as the entire nation is at risk, highlighting that nearly 15,000 individuals currently reside in temporary shelters in the city

Barack Obama is said to have lobbied for Harvard to stand behind its president Claudine Gay according to source to Jewish Insider, Obama's former Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker serves as senior fellow of the university's highest governing body

Democrat-appointed judges at The Colorado Supreme Court disqualifies Donald Trump from running for president in the state on the grounds that he violated the 14th Amendment of the Constitution as a result of his responsibility for the events at the Capitol on January 6, it is the first time in history that Section 3 of the amendment has been invoked

250 years since the Boston Tea Party on Saturday 16 December which is being commemorated in Boston with a re-enactment of actors and the throwing of tea into the harbour, the audience could be heard booing as actor performing as King George III read out orders to close the bay

US Senate employee Aidan Maese-Czeropski, who was fired for recording a gay sex video in the Senate chamber, writes in a statement that he was attacked for political reasons for who he loves, and says that he would never disrespect his workplace

Early applications to Harvard down 17 percent compared to last year, the deadline was before President Claudine Gay's high-profile congressional testimony but the first round of applications after Supreme Court ruled affirmative action unconstitutional

Rudy Giuliani is ordered to pay USD 148 million to Rudy Freeman and Shaye Moss, who sued the former New York mayor for defamation after he alleged that the two women, whom Joe Biden later awarded Presidential Citizens Medals, contributed to election fraud in the state of Georgia in 2020, Giuliani says the appeal will take time as there is so much to appeal

The satanist exhibition at Iowa's State Capitol destroyed by Christian military veteran Michael Cassidy by beheading the statue depicting Baphomet, says he did it to awaken Christians to the anti-Christian acts promoted by our government

Elon Musk plans university in Austin, Texas, with funding of 100 million USD according to tax filings of his charity The Foundation, the intention is to create a university dedicated to the highest level of education

Harvard's board write in a statement that they reaffirm their support for the university's president Claudine Gay after she said it was depends of the context that calling for the genocide of Jews violates the school's code of conduct and after accusations that she plagiarized her research, UPenn president Liz Magill recently resigned as a result . of similar statements about anti-Semitism

The number of deaths from overdose in San Francisco up to and including October of this year was 692, while the deadliest full year, 2020, saw 720, and in a survey of 74 of the city's restaurants, 3 percent stated that they had not experienced vandalism during the month in question

56-year-old James Yoo blows up his house in Arlington, Virginia, when police were attempting to execute a search warrant and is confirmed dead, had contacted the FBI countless times and posted on LinkedIn recently with, among other things, pictures of neighbors who he believed were after him

4.5 million foreigners have come to the United States since Joe Biden became president and there are a total of 49.5 million foreign-born in the country in October 2023 according to statistics funded by US authorities

Derek Chauvin, who was sentenced to 22 years in prison for murder after the death of George Floyd, was seriously stabbed by inmate on Friday, his lawyer has advocated that he be kept separate from other inmates because he could be a target

The U.S. Army is asking unvaccinated soldiers to return as it falls short of 25,000 recruits this year despite lower enlistment requirements and higher bonuses, writing letters to nearly 2,000 of those discharged as a result of vaccination requirements, saying that as a result of the suspension of all current Covid-19 vaccination requirements, former soldiers who were involuntarily discharged for refusing can request a correction of their military records

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is being sued for in 1993 sexually assaulting a woman who is seeking USD 5 million, the filing came shortly before the expiration of the temporary Adult Survivors Act, which for a year circumvented the usual time limits for sexual assault lawsuits, a period during which Bill Cosby and Donald Trump was sued

Former US First Lady Rosalynn Carter dies at age 96, leaving behind her husband and former President Jimmy Carter and their four children, eleven grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren

The new speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, says he will release 40,000 hours of footage from the events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, adding that about fem percent of the material is being withheld on the grounds that it may involve sensitive security information related to the building architecture

FBI seizes New York City Mayor Eric Adams' cell phones as part of investigation into whether his campaign colluded with the Turkish government to receive illegal foreign donations, a week after raiding the home of the campaign manager, the 63 year old denies any wrongdoings

Donald Trump says in an interview that he may consider using the legal system to impeach political opponents if he wins the election now that the Democrats have let the genie out of the bottle, says that the trials against him are political and that the people gets it, and calls Joe Biden dumb and corrupt

Parts of the manifesto of mass murderer Audrey Hale, who believed she was a man and called herself Aiden and shot dead six people at a Nashville school in March, are leaking online, and words like white privilege and a hatred of people at private schools with khaki pants and sports backpacks stands to read, as well as that she is now ready and hopes that her victims aren’t

Donald Trump has lead to Joe Biden in five of six key states according to a poll by NYT and Sienna College, Biden won all six of these states in the 2020 election and now 22 percent of blacks in those states support Donald Trump and voters under 30 prefer Biden by just a one percent margin

The judge threaten to throw Donald Trump out if he doesn't stop making speeches during his New York civil trial on fraud charges for overvaluing real estate assets, the former president says, among other things, that this is a very unfair trial, and that he hopes the public is watching

Folk singer and Native American activist Buffy Sainte-Marie's origins are being questioned as she says she was adopted into a white family from indigenous parents in Canada, while documents show and family members claim the adoptive parents are her real parents

40-year-old firearms instructor and Army reservist Robert Card, shoots 18 to death and injures 13 in Lewiston, Maine, after his family contacted the Army and police over concerns about his mental health in recent months, received two weeks of psychiatric treatment this summer but was released, is at the time of writing still at large

Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives, has previously voted against gay marriage and against more money for Ukraine, previously Jim Jordan was up for a vote and then Tom Emmer who withdrew after Donald Trump wrote he does not have his support

Investor Peter Thiel has been an FBI informant since 2021, according to his business partner Charles Johnson, who says he helped recruit Thiel by introducing him to Los Angeles-based FBI agent Johnathan Buma, something confirmed to Insider by an anonymous source, Thiel is a citizen of Germany, USA and New Zealand and last year was reportedly in the process of obtaining a passport from Malta

Jacob Chansley (QAnon Shaman): The events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 were orchestrated by the deep state to paint Trump and his supporters as domestic terrorists, the FBI infiltrated the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, Ukrainian spy Sergie Dybynyn was there and has yet to be arrested as well as Nick Fuentes who can be seen on video encouraging people to storm

US Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis says the US should not take in refugees from Gaza on the grounds that all are not Hamas but rather anti-Semitic, says that the Arab States should take them in

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running in the 2024 US presidential election as an independent candidate and withdraws as a candidate for the Democrats, four of his siblings denounce him and sister Rory Kennedy say the decision to challenge Joe Biden is dangerous for the country

Six percent of new hires at the 88 American companies surveyed in the S&P 100 during the years 2020 and 2021 went to whites, who are 60 percent of the population, the survey does not reveal anything about the gender distribution, Hispanics, Asians and blacks were overrepresented by 2.1, 3.1 and 1.9 times in relation to its share of the population, twenty years ago car accident was the most common cause of death in the age group 18-44 while now fentanyl overdose is most common in the eastern US and suicide in the west

Republican Kevin McCarthy is ousted as speaker of the US House of Representatives after eight of his party colleagues along with the Democrats vote for his resignation, the first time in US history that a speaker has been ousted, the leading figure in the vote, Republican Matt Gaetz, believes, among other things, that McCarthy has not done enough to reduce federal spending

Hunter Biden's daughter Naomi worked for the law firm Arnold & Porter as a representative of the government of Peru while living in the White House with her grandfather, she accompanied her father to Ukraine and met Burisma's CEO and his daughter and, according to whistleblowers, father Hunter Biden allegedly tried to deduction for her schooling at Columbia Law School

Democratic US Senator Dianne Feinstein, dies at 90, leaves behind one daughter, USD 102 million in real estate and USD 62 million in private jet

60-year-old Duane "Keffe D" Davis is arrested for planning the murder of American rapper Tupac Shakur in 1996, has previously admitted that he provided the weapon and that he was one of the three now living witnesses to the murder

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D) faces federal bribery charges along with his wife on suspicion of accepting bribes in exchange for helping Egypt and businessmen Wael Hana, Jose Uribe and Fred Daibes, 13 gold bars and USD 636 000 in cash reportedly found in their home

The FBI had so many informants at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, that they had to conduct an audit to determine exactly how many were present, according to former FBI director of the Washington office Steven D'Antuono who testified behind closed doors, the agency spends 42 million dollars each year for confidential missions

44-year-old Adrian Paul Aispuro was arrested during an event with presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy disguised as a US Marshal and claimed to be part of Kennedy's security team, the brother, who dropped him off was also briefly detained and said it was all a misunderstanding and that Adrian Paul, an unemployed emergency medical technician knowing there was a security job for him there

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, the Republican Kevin McCarthy, plans to impeach President Joe Biden for, among other things, the Biden family's dealings with Ukraine, Russia and China, and points out that the president's son Hunter was paid from 2014 one million dollars annually from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma

Federal officials close the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert, the 73,000 attendees are told to take shelter and travelers are told to turn around after rain made the area muddier than usual

Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs is sentenced to 17 years in prison for his involvement in the events on January 6, 2021 at the Capitol in Washington DC and the following day members Dominic Pezzola and Ethan Nordean are sentenced to ten and 18 years in prison respectively

Osama Bin Laden's alleged killer, Robert O'Neill, punches a security guard while drunk and calls him a nigger when the guard tried to help him to his hotel room after he passed out in a Texas hotel bar last week, says the idea that he would have used a racial slur against anyone is absurd and offensive and denies it in the strongest terms

Authorities in Virginia in the US raid the family farm of Amish farmer Samuel B. Fisher for selling meat that was not processed in a facility approved by the authorities and the meat was seized, Fisher says they went through everything, the house and all the buildings, wanted to know every detail about everything and tried to find as many errors as possible