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US Democratic party sues Russian government, Wikileaks and Trump presidential campaign, says defendants were part of conspiracy to damage Clinton campaign, Trump's participation proven in part by his public support for Wikileaks

Donald Trump will not attend funeral of Barbra Bush out of respect for family, last time sitting president participated in funeral of former first lady was when John F. Kennedy attended that of Eleanor Roosevelt in 1962

Investigation into death of Prince in 2016 closes, not possible to prove who gave him fentanyl pills which are thought to have killed him

US Air Force orders design and development of hypersonic missile from Lockheed Martin to cost of USD 1 billion, follows rapid advances from China and Russia in field

California couple arrested after returning to crime scene where they blackmailed and killed 70-year-old war veteran Kenneth Coyle who they later burned in front of their children at other location

Former first lady and president mother Barbara Bush dies at 92

Statue of father of modern gynecology J. Marion Sims moved from Central Park to cemetery in Brooklyn after controversy concerning experimental surgery on enslaved women without anesthesia

Oregon U.S. District Court dismisses felony tax evasion charge against 53-year-old Michael Bowman who hasn't paid federal income taxes since 1999 as his Christian ideals prohibits him from funding abortions, feds claim Bowman owes USD 356,857 in back taxes and penalties

War of words between Donald Trump and James Comey ahead of former FBI chief publishes autobiography Tuesday in which he calls president unethical and untethered to truth and compares his behavior to that of mafia bosses

Donald Trump pardons Lewis "Scooter" Libby, former chief of staff of Dick Cheney was sentenced to prison in 2007 for lying and obstructing investigation about unmasking CIA operative Valerie Plame, original sentence was commuted by president George W. Bush

Libertarian Tarl Warwick, better known as political YouTuber Styxhexenhammer666 runs for governor in Vermont – wants to decriminalize drugs and fight tax increases as well as weapon restrictions

Airbnb and Vancouver sign agreement concerning mandatory licenses for short-term rentals, hosts have until August 31 to obtain license from government or they will be removed from platform

FBI raids office of Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen after receiving referral from special counsel Robert Mueller, secures material regarding payment of USD 130,000 to Stormy Daniels before 2016 election as part of nondisclosure agreement related to pornographic actress' alleged 2006 affair with Trump

One dead and six firefighters injured as fire breaks out in apartment on 50th floor of Trump Tower in New York

14 dead when a bus with the Canadian Junior hockey team Humbolt Broncos collides with a truck north of Tisdale in central Canada, it was on its way to semi final in the province Saskatchewan's junior hockey league

Republican legislators in South Carolina introduce bill that would allow state lawmakers to debate whether to secede from US if federal government were to violate Second Amendment and confiscate legally purchased firearms

Canadian fertility physician Norman Barwin is sued in a class action suit, accused of having used his own sperm instead of the patients' sperm during the 70s and 80s, DNA-tests have shown that he is the father of one of his patients' daughters

15-year-old Aidan Jackson from Virginia Beach Young Republicans plans March for Our Guns rally May 19 at Mount Trashmore, invites those with opposing ideas to come and hear arguments for Second Amendment rights

Donald Trump wants military to guard US-Mexico border, plans to deploy National Guard until wall is built

FCC gives approval to plan by SpaceX to build global broadband network using satellites, project has previously been endorsed by FCC chairman Ajit Pai

Planned Parenthood Keystone calls for Walt Disney Co to create princess who has had an abortion, also demands that company creates protagonist who is illegal immigrant, transgender and union worker, removes tweet upon reflection

Donald Trump plans on using Pentagon funds to build Mexico border wall as spending bill imposes limits on how USD 1.6 billion border security earmark can be spent

Professional clown Steve Lough candidate for House of Representatives in South Carolina's 5th district

Arizona governor Doug Ducey suspends Uber's permission to test self driving cars on state's roads, company has previously stopped testing after lethal accident last week

March for Our Lives protest in Washington DC much smaller than 800,000 participants reported by responsible organization, image analysis company Digital Design & Imaging Service Inc says correct number is 202,796 people with 15 percent margin of error, largest US one-day demonstration was Women's March 2017 with 440,000 participants

Donald Trump instructs defense secretary James Mattis to ban transsexuals from serving in US military, exceptions will be made in limited number of cases

Blue Mountain school district in Pennsylvania puts five-gallon bucket of river stones in every classroom to give teachers and students last resort against armed intruders – throwing rocks more effective than crawling under desks and waiting, according to superintendent

Doubloon from 1787 sold at auction for USD 5 million, made by silversmith Ephraim Brasher who was neighbor of George Washington in Cherry Hill in southern Manhattan, believed to be one of the first coins ever minted in US

Donald Trump approves USD 1,300 billion in federal spending after recently threatening to veto, contains many budget increases but no major amounts toward strenghtening Mexico border security

Donald Trump replaces national security adviser H.R. McMaster with former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton

Government agency Service Canada stops addressing people as Mr and Mrs, mother and father, switches to gender neutral terms which better reflects country's diversity and does not exclude some sexual orientations

Suspect in Texas serial bombing case detonates explosive charge and dies after confrontation with police

US Senate decides to table bill challenging American involvement in Yemen war, Trump administration has resisted proposal arguing that withdrawal would hurt relations with Saudi Arabia

Lone gunman shoots two at Great Mills High School, Maryland, later shot to death by school security guard

Trump administration plans easing restrictions on exporting military drones as US manufacturers have lost market shares to Chinese and Israeli competitors, Nato countries and allies like Saudi Arabia and Japan likely initial buyers

Fifth bomb detonate in southern Texas, this time in FedEx distribution facility in San Antonio, previously four bombs have exploded in short amount of time in Austin

New Jersey high school temporarily suspends two students for posting images on Snapchat from family visit to shooting range, local gun organization says school policy violates second amendment

Mississippi passes law banning abortion after week 15, earliest limit of any US state, exceptions only to be made when health of mother is in danger or in cases of severe fetal abnormalities

Two men seriously injured in explosion at home in Austin, Texas, earlier in March two people were killed and one injured in bombings police consider to be related

University of California Santa Cruz publishes list of unacceptable microaggressions, includes statement about America being land of opportunity

Vanessa Trump applies for divorce from Donald Jr, eldest son of president, couple has been married since 2005 and have five children

Four people dead as newly erected pedestrian bridge spanning several lanes of traffic collapses at Florida International University in Miami

Larry Kudlow replaces Gary Cohn as Donald Trump's top economic adviser, has worked under former President Ronald Reagan and is frequent CNBC contributor

Disagreement over North Korea possible cause of Rex Tillerson dismissal, according to Reuters sources, former secretary of state has long argued for talks with regime whereas Trump has stood for harder line

So-called clock boy Ahmed Mohamed's lawsuit against Irving, Texas dismissed, sought 15 million USD on claims of having been discriminated against after bringing home-made clock which school staff thought looked similar to bomb

Donald Trump positive to new space-based branch of military, creating a Space Force has previously been proposed by other politicians

New CIA boss Gina Haspel was responsible for secret prison in Thailand where terrorists Abu Zubayadah and Abd al Rahim al-Nashiri were waterboarded in 2002, also ordered video recordings of these events to be destroyed

Doug Ford elected leader of Ontario conservative party, has previously been city councillor and candidate for mayor, brother of previous mayor Rob Ford who became famous for smoking crack

Trump administration suggest new gun laws, excludes previous proposal to raise age limit for semi-automatic weapons from 18 to 21, instead contains expanded background checks and recommendations for more retired police and military officers in schools

Pilot survives but all five passengers die as helicopter of model Eurocopter AS350 crashes in river east of Manhattan

Perpetrator and three women found dead in hostage drama at home for US war veterans, man participated in program for people with PTSD, women thought to be employees

Martin Shkreli sentenced to seven years in prison for defrauding investors, became infamous after his company raised price of pyrimethamine which is used to treat parasite infections, notably in HIV patients

Oklahoma house speaker calls for updated rules for who can give sermon of the day after critics say preachers from non-Christian religions are currently excluded

Texas Eight Court of Appeals overturns conviction of sex offender as defendent had been electrically shocked three times during trial for not following courtroom etiquette

FBI pays Best Buy computer repairmen as informants to report evidence of crime confirmed in FOIA documents received by EFF

Former chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs Gary Cohn leaves Trump administration, president's announcement of tariffs may have contributed to decision, Cohn was driver of tax overhaul enacted in December

Senators Bernie Sanders (independent), Mike Lee (R) and Chris Murphy (D) submit draft resolution calling for end to US military support for Saudi-led coalition in Yemen's war, exploit provision in 1973 law that gives Congress authority to overrule president and withdraw troops if it believes conflict is not authorised

Innocent 62-year-old Bill Amor acquitted after 22 years in prison, confessed murder of mother-in-law which he did not commit, UIS Innocence Project worked on case for more than a decade

White House communications director Hope Hicks resigns, has been one of Donald Trump's longest-serving and most trusted aides

Barbra Streisand clones favorite dog Samantha twice, animal rights group PETA critical and says souls of pets can not be cloned and adoption of abandoned animals preferable

Donald Trump reaches informal deal to buy two Boeing 747 planes for next generation Air Force One, cost of 3.9 billion USD represents substantial saving compared to previous estimate 5 billion USD

Mother and daughter stop armed robbery of their liquor store in Tulsa by shooting shotgun-armed robber multiple times, police say suspect recovering from injuries and may be connected to 10 other robberies in area

US Supreme Court declines hearing DACA case which was proposed by Trump administration in attempt to bypass lower courts

DNC in California does not endorse reelection of senator Dianne Feinstein, delegates favor rival Kevin de León by vote of 54 percent to 37, both candidates fall short of 60 percent threshold required to receive party endorsement, Feinstein still expected to win senate election

Mack Beggs wins Texas state championship in wrestling for women, is using testosterone to change gender from female to male, hasn't lost since treatment started, Beggs' mother claims strength is not factor and that it's discipline and technique that has lead to success, Beggs would prefer to wrestle men

Donald Trump suggests armed teachers and security guards to frighten off potential school shooters, admits proposal is controversial, directs at Justice Department to work on regulation that would effectively ban bump stocks

Acupuncture increasingly common method of pain management as opioid crisis grows, mainly targets low-income groups and to those who doctors do not wish to introduce to fentanyl

Donald Trump delegates to Attorney General Jeff Sessions to prepare ban of bump stocks which enables semi-automatic guns to be fired almost as fast as fully automatic ones, was used by Stephen Paddock during mass shooting in Las Vegas 2017

Porn is health hazard according to Florida house of representatives, Ross Spano (R) says research indicates correlation between consumption and mental issues as well as decreased cognitive capacity

Man dies after being shot by UberEats driver as he received food delivery outside his apartment in Atlanta, no arrests have been made according to police

FBI admits failing to act on recurring tips about suspected Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz where he among other things used own full name to write about "going to be a professional school shooter", local sheriff also admits failing to act on last years' about 20 calls about Cruz

Californian couple in their 70s assaulted by burglar, scares him off by shooting him multiple times, 27-year-old suspect treated for wounds determined to be non-life-threatening was on parole and had lengthy violent crime record, male victim says only message is wish for everyone to arm up

Ohio judge grants 17-year-old's maternal grandparents custody as child's parents opposed hormon therapy after quick depression treatment showed her identifying as boy, psychiatric evaluation by psychologist not affiliated with original hospital needed according to sentence as judge concerned about clinic so far considering 100% of patients appropriate for gender treatment

Three suspects taken into custody after car crashes outside NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland, no indication of any link to terrorism according to FBI

At least 17 dead in Florida school shooting, 19-year-old former student identified as suspect and taken into custody by local police

Harvard gives course "Cacaphonies: Toward an Excremental Poetics", focuses on feces as creative force in French 19th and 20th century literature, will also include gender perspective "as gender organizes both literature and defecation"

Kehinde Wiley paints official portrait of Barack Obama, has previously made paintings of black women decapitating white women with inspiration from biblical story of Judith as well as "kill whitey" meme

Twelve days without a homicide in Baltimore is longest period since 2014, coincides with ceasefire called for by community activists

Steve Bannon warns that anti-patriarchy movement has found ideal opponent in arch-patriarch Donald Trump, predicts that it will grow larger than Tea Party movement and says 10,000 year history is coming to end

Vanessa Trump, wife of Donald Trump Jr, taken to hospital after opening letter with white powder which was later determined to be harmless

West Virginia deploys National Guard in fight against opioid crisis in Huntington, assists local police by reconnaissance by helicopter during ongoing operations

17-year-old in Lincolnton, North Carolina shoots and kills robber and scares away two accomplices after being shot at during home invasion, deceased man's family's visit to scene of crime following day repelled by robbery victim's brother's brandishing of AR-15 rifle

Democrat FISA memo not approved for release by Donald Trump, contains classified information according to spokesperson, had previously been cleared by House Intelligence Committee

Ex-president George W Bush claims there is clear evidence for Russian interference in 2016 election but not certainty as to whether or not outcome was affected

US senate votes to continue and expand federal government activities despite lack of financing, decision delayed by opponent Rand Paul (R), parts of government shut down for second time during 2018

Bermuda becomes first country to repeal same-sex-marriage, strong support for ban among public and in parliament

Ithaca High School in New York cancels student musical after SJW protests against Esmeralda in Hunchback of Notre Dame being portrayed by white actress

Justin Trudeau in controversy after mansplaining to woman that she should say peoplekind instead of mankind at MacEwan University Q&A, Canadian PM interrupted question about volunteer work from young member of World Mission Society Church of God

New Hampshire woman sues state for lost anonymity in connection with winning 560 million USD in Powerball lottery, accepted winnings without knowing that anonymity can be guaranteed by collecting money through trust, desires freedom to go grocery shopping without being targeted as a wealthy person

106 million in audience makes latest Super Bowl the least viewed one in eight years, low numbers may have to do with controversy around some African-American players' refusal to stand during national anthem

House Intelligence Committee votes to release Democrat response to memo accusing FBI and Department of Justice for misleading FISA court to wiretap Trump election campaign

Secret documents about Super Bowl security forgot in commercial airliner, discovered by CNN reporter in same seat on later flight, contains evaluation of exercises to test capacity of local rescue services to manage anthrax attack against Minneapolis arena

Two killed and at least 116 injured, several of which seriously, as passenger train from New York to Miami is send to wrong track and collides with freight train in South Carolina, third lethal accident in as many months in US train network

Eight police officers in Baltimore charged with corruption say some cops carry fake guns to plant on innocent people, seek to protect themselves in cases when unarmed suspects are shot

FBI and Department of Justice used allegedly Russian false documents about Trump to motivate surveillance of Trump staffer during election campaign, marketed dossier's credibility in media and then used media coverage as argument in FISA court

Father of three of serial child molester Larry Nassar's victims tries to attack the former USA Gymnastics national team doctor in court, had earlier request for five minutes alone in locked room with Nassar declined by judge

Detroit prospects brightening after three years of budget balance, last layer of state oversight may be liften in March

Reports of growing abuse of loperamide in wake of opioid crisis, large doses of cheap non-prescription drug against diarrhea can give effects similar to heroin, morphine and oxycodone, US food and drug agency calls for producers to take measures to curb usage

Transgendered prisoners in Canada to be allowed choice between men's or women's facility, will also have choice of pronoun to be addressed with and gender of staff at examinations, rules to apply independent of legal gender or anatomy

Four injured as 12-year-old girl opens fire in Los Angeles school, perpetrator arrested but motive unknown