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Alex Jones and Infowars website launch "Meme Wars 3.0" prize contest, pledge USD 10,000 to winning designer using "NPC" icon to create humorous new anti-Leftist meme

FBI engages criminal investigation of Manhattan District Attorney's office, Democrat Cy Vance, Jr. failed to bring charges against numerous entities which made donations to his campaign

Boeing C-32 carrying First Lady Melania Trump returns to airbase after smoke fills cabin, the plane made a safe landing and the trouble was attributed to a "minor mechanical issue"

Secretary of State of Cherokee Nation rejects US Senator Elizabeth Warren's claim of tribal ancestry, claims the use of DNA tests to establish Cherokee identity is "inappropriate and wrong"

200,000 households still without electricity after Hurricane Michaels swept southeast U.S., at peak 3.2 million without power, some customers to wait additional two weeks until restored

Senator Elisabeth Warren (D) publishes DNA test that indicates she had a Native American ancestor 6-10 generations ago, intending to silence critics who have questioned her claimed heritage

Kanye West meets Donald Trump at the White House Oval Office, delivers ten minute monologue declaring the MAGA hat "made a superman cape for me"

US supreme court upholds lower court ruling that North Dakota's new voter ID law is constitutional, requires voters to show ID that includes home adress, Democrats protest as this will not allow them to maximize voting in swing-areas by moving primaly Native-Americans to these areas to vote

20 people killed in upstate New York after out of control limousine crashes, the dead included the passengers and driver and two pedestrians near the scene of the accident

Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to US Supreme Court after 50-48 vote in US Senate, Senate Majority Leader McConnell claims the vote establishes Senate as place where "evidence and the facts matter"

Supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh receives endorsement from two key Senate swing votes, Susan Collins (R) and Joe Manchin (D) advised that they will not let sexual misconduct accusations prevent their votes in support of Kavanaugh, an ongoing FBI investigation has failed to turn up substantial evidence of misconduct

7 South Carolina police officers shot with one dead after hostage stand-off, 112 US police officers have died in the line of duty in 2018 according to the Officer Down Memorial Page

West Virginia University bans 5 fraternal organizations from its campus for 10 years, the school cites instances of sexual misconduct, hazing and substance abuse and the ban comes in the wake of a 2014 death of a freshman at a fraternity event

Elon Musk steps down as chairman of Tesla and remains CEO and pays USD 20 million fine in SEC settlement, the company will also pay a USD 20 million fine to cover investors harmed by Musk's "going private" tweet, the executive and founder remains open to other civil and criminal suits brought by investors

Fatal opiod drug overdoses rose 20% year over year in Ohio, USA, a record 4,854 unintentional deaths occurred in 2018 with nearly 75% linked to the synthetic fentanyl

US federal survey data shows an increase in marijuana use amongst aging Baby Boomers, ten percent of those surveyed aged 50-64 said they have used cannabis in the past year, the number has doubled over past decade

Eight people shot over holiday weekend at San Bernardino, CA apartment complex, police have no leads and witnesses are not cooperating with the investigation, victims include children as young as 17 years-old

NPR exposes the gross exaggeration of US school gun shootings with independent research documenting major errors in US government data collection that impact behavior, policy and budgets

Nevada marijuana tax exceeds revenue expectations by 40% in first year, the tax raised USD 69.8 million of which USD 27.5 million will be used to fund public schools

24-year old professional gamer David "Bread" Katz shoots dead two competitors at Florida game tournament, the killer was participating in Madden NFL 19 competition in Jacksonville and became enraged after a loss, he later took his own life as the murders and crowd panic were captured live on social media

Democratic National Committee decides to reduce the power of superdelegates in nominating future presidential candidates, the new practice will shift power from establishment figures in the party to the grassroots public, superdelegates heavily favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the 2016 nomination process

Republican senator and previous presidential candidate John McCain dead at 81 due to aggressive glioblastoma

US government discovers drug smuggling tunnel in KFC restaurant in Arizona, the tunnel was 180m long and nearly 10m deep, a similar type of tunnel almost 800m long was discovered last year in San Diego, California

Incarcerated members of Jailhouse Lawyers Speak plan nationwide strike amongst US prison population, organizers are protesting living conditions and "modern slavery" of USA's 2,3 million prison population, the strike is scheduled to close on the anniversary of 1971's Attica prison uprising

Protesters at the University of North Carolina have pulled down a 1913-era Civil War memorial statue, students and university staff used ropes to pull down the "Silent Sam" as a symbol of white supremacy, over 110 such symbols have been removed in USA since 2015 by official or unofficial means

Masked Antifa protesters club Bernie Sanders-supporter over the head at Portland rally, the counter-protester carried an American flag in effort to "take back" the symbol from alt-right demonstration, the enraged assailants left one of their own with a concussion and laceration which required four staples to mend

EFF amicus brief: existing US Privacy Act law prohibits federal retention of First Amendment related records,'s Justin Raimondo and Eric Garris case against FBI claims their “threat assessment” surveillance files are in violation of the law, federal monitoring of social activists has history dating back to MLK, Jr., US Army observation of protest groups

More than 1,000 children sexually abused by 300 Catholic clergy members over 70 year period Pennsylvania, USA grand jury finds, the Church engaged in a systematic coverup according to its own internal records, prosecutors believe the true number of victims may be in the thousands

First openly transgender candidate Christine Hallquist wins Democratic gubernatorial nomination in Vermont, USA, the candidate claims her victory has expanded the nation's "moral compass", 10 transgender candidates won elected office in USA in 2017, 43 transgender candidates have run for office so far in 2018

US federal appeals court rejects German pharmaceutical company's motion to block use of its drug in Nebraska execution, Fresenius Kabi claimed its drug contracts prohibit use of its products in capital punishment schemes

McDonald's corporation and franchisees announce conversion to self-service kiosks and integration of digital ordering experience, the changes will represent investment totalling hundreds of millions of USD aimed at creating a modern, tech-centric dining experience

Puerto Rican government discloses over 1,400 people may have died in 2017 hurricane rather than official death toll of 64, the government is seeking USD 139 billion in emergency funding from US Congress in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the disclosure is related to year-over-year comparisons of average deaths in the last tertiary of the year

Activist college professor Eric Clanton receives 3-year probation deal after striking 7 people in the head with a bike lock at a Berkeley rally, a police investigation after the attack found Antifa and anarchist paraphernalia in Clanton's personal effects, he was originally outed by users of the website 4Chan after video of the attack surfaced online

Right-wing demonstration meets left-wing counter-demonstration in Portland, OR, USA resulting in undisclosed number of minor injuries and arrests, police confiscate a number of homemade weapons after Antifa confronts supporters of Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys organizations promoting "freedom and God"

HIV-positive worker at US immigrant care shelter charged with 11 counts of sexual abuse of minors, one of many such instances of physical abuse uncovered in government-licensed facilities

Amazon removes products bearing Nazi and white supremacist symbols from its online store and blocks the sellers, is now checking for other similarly-themed goods

Libertarian Glenn Jacobs (R), better known as American pro wrestler Kane, elected mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, ran campaign light on policy details despite being known for radical libertarian views in blog posts at and other sites

Canadian man legally changes gender to save CAD 91 per month on car insurance for Chevrolet Cruze, says he "just basically asked for it" to get the doctor's permission needed, transgender community critizices stunt for downgrading gender changing process

Five dead, more than 38,000 evacuated as forest fire hits Redding, California amid drought

Invasive burmese python wreaking havoc on Everglades' ecosystem, temperature as well as abundance of defenseless prey ideal for snake who came to area in 1970s due to being released by careless owners, area estimated to house more than 150,000 of the reptiles who can grow to 7 meters and 110 kg, 99% reduction of fur-bearing animals recorded according to interviewed biologist

Trump pardons Oregon ranchers Dwight Hammond Jr. and son Steven Hammond who were convicted of arson in 2012 for setting fire to public land where they had grazing rights, case gave rise to the 2016 armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Michael Jackson's father Joe dead at 89

Second oldest Supreme Court judge, 81-year old Anthony Kennedy, chooses to retire, appointed in 1988 by Ronald Reagan as conservative, but has in certain cases sided with progressive judges as in Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015, forcing all states to allow same sex marriages

Two riders plunge ten meters as roller coaster car derails at amusement park in Daytona Beach, Florida, six people hospitalized

Thousands taken by bus to federal prisons in California, part of Trump's plan to combat illegal immigration, first time in US history detained immigrants has been treated as other criminals

Indiana highschool orchestra teacher John Kluge claims school forced resignation after "very threatening" meeting for referring to transgender student by last name instead of preferred first name, says he feels school's compelled speech policy violates First Amendment rights

Trans woman Terry Miller wins 100 and 200 meter runs in Connecticut State Open, competed as man last winter

US suicide rate up 30 percent since 1999, increase seen among both men and women, all ethnic groups and all levels of urbanization, only half of 45 000 cases since 2016 preceded by diagnosis of psychiatric illness

California limits water usage to 208 liters per day for private individuals, in practice ban against showering and doing laundry in same day, water suppliers forced to report overuse

Mexico introduces new tariffs on US products including pork, steel, cheese and whiskey

Donald Trump rescinds White House invitation to Super Bowl winners Philadelphia Eagles after team refuses to stand for anthem, ceremony will instead be held exclusively for fans

Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty to charges of rape and sexual assault against two women, could face between five and 25 years in prison if convicted on the most serious charges

Family and friends of deceased fight in Harlem, New York funeral home, two police officers bitten as they try to intervene

Bill Clinton says previous apologies for own behavior sufficient, proclaims self feminist champion of MeToo

Talk radio host Alex Jones confronts former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders about his racism against whites and opposition to guns, Sanders refuses to answer and lets bodyguard ask Jones about his stance on Sandy Hook massacre

US military invest in AI for tracking nuclear missile launches as part of long-term focus on military AI, students at MIT show how current system can be tricked into identifying plastic turtle as rifle

Donald Trump signs three executive orders making it easier to fire low-performing federal workers, centralizing negotiating union contracts and posting copies of agreements online and limiting amount of time federal workers can spend on union business

80-year-old Morgan Freeman apologizes after being accused of sexual harassment by eight women, says he never intended to make "anyone feel disrespected or uncomfortable", Vancouver Public Transport pauses using his voice and Screen Actors Guild considers stripping him of lifetime achievement award

At least one additional informant attempted to infiltrate Trump campaign, according to Donald Trump's former aide Michael Caputo

Potentially deadly acid fumes and glass-like particles threaten inhabitants of Hawaii, formed when erupting lava reacts with sea water

Starbucks changes policy to allow noncustomers to sit in cafes and use restrooms, follows five weeks after two black noncustomers were arrested at Philadelpia Starbucks for refusing to leave store

Ontario transwoman sues spa for CAD 50,000 after Muslim female employee refused leg-waxing service on religious grounds, CEO says company respects staff members' "feelings of safety and dignity in regards to the right not to perform waxing services on males or male genitals"

US Senate votes to reinstate net neutrality rules for internet service providers, bill has little chance of advancing in House of Representatives

Victims of former gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar agree to settlement with Michigan State University, school to pay USD 425 million to 332 victims with another USD 75 million set aside in trust fund for future plaintiffs

US Senate Intelligence Committee approves Donald Trump's nominee to lead CIA Gina Haspel, expected to be confirmed by full Senate next week

Trump administration changes guidelines to house inmates according to biological sex instead of gender identification, change due to four women filing federal lawsuit arguing sharing facilities with transgender women putting them at greater risk of rape, previous guidelines introduced in January 2017 just days before Obama left office

New Kansas law makes it illegal for police to have sex with people they stop for traffic violations or detain during criminal investigations, was one of 33 states to allow such relations, sex with people in jail already banned for police

New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D) resigns after allegations of physical abuse by four women, denies accusations

Alaska lawmakers try to limit amount of alcohol distilleries and breweries are allowed to serve per day, reason not public health but to protect traditional bars

One gram of weapons-grade plutonium disappears from Idaho State University after last having been documented to be on campus in 2004, university faces fine of USD 8,500

Largest earthquake in more than 40 years hits Hawaii with strongest tremor measuring 6.9, volcano Kilauea erupts forcing hundreds to evacuate

Iowa passes law banning abortion after fetal heartbeat is detected which is often at six weeks, most restrictive legislation in US

18 Republicans in House of Representatives urge Norwegian committee to consider Donald Trump for Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to solve North Korean nuclear tensions

Texas and six other Republican-governed states sue Trump administration to end DACA, argue that Obama exceeded authority by creating program in 2012 without congressional action

More than USD 33 million missing from City of Philadelphia's largest cash account, city controller suspects money could have been deposited in wrong account or that it has been stolen, accounting firm investigates incident at cost of USD 500,000

Comedian Bill Cosby found guilty of three cases of sexual assault, could get ten years in prison per sentence

Alek Minassian may have ties to Incel movement, posted on Facebook before Toronto attack that revolt has started among involuntary celibate and said sexually successful "Chads" and "Stacys" are to be overthrown

10 dead, 15 injured after van driver struck pedestrians on Toronto sidewalk, driver in police custody

Senator Rand Paul (R) changes mind and supports Mike Pompeo’s nomination to be US secretary of state, Senate Foreign Relations Committee expected to approve Pompeo on vote of 11-10

Four shot to death at waffle restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee before guest takes gun from perpetrator who then fled naked from scene

Actor Verne Troyer dead at 49, best known for playing Mini Me in the Austin Powers' movies, was held under involuntary psychiatric hold after suspected alcohol poisoning earlier this month

US Democratic party sues Russian government, Wikileaks and Trump presidential campaign, says defendants were part of conspiracy to damage Clinton campaign, Trump's participation proven in part by his public support for Wikileaks

Donald Trump will not attend funeral of Barbra Bush out of respect for family, last time sitting president participated in funeral of former first lady was when John F. Kennedy attended that of Eleanor Roosevelt in 1962

Investigation into death of Prince in 2016 closes, not possible to prove who gave him fentanyl pills which are thought to have killed him

US Air Force orders design and development of hypersonic missile from Lockheed Martin to cost of USD 1 billion, follows rapid advances from China and Russia in field

California couple arrested after returning to crime scene where they blackmailed and killed 70-year-old war veteran Kenneth Coyle who they later burned in front of their children at other location

Former first lady and president mother Barbara Bush dies at 92

Statue of father of modern gynecology J. Marion Sims moved from Central Park to cemetery in Brooklyn after controversy concerning experimental surgery on enslaved women without anesthesia

Oregon U.S. District Court dismisses felony tax evasion charge against 53-year-old Michael Bowman who hasn't paid federal income taxes since 1999 as his Christian ideals prohibits him from funding abortions, feds claim Bowman owes USD 356,857 in back taxes and penalties

War of words between Donald Trump and James Comey ahead of former FBI chief publishes autobiography Tuesday in which he calls president unethical and untethered to truth and compares his behavior to that of mafia bosses

Donald Trump pardons Lewis "Scooter" Libby, former chief of staff of Dick Cheney was sentenced to prison in 2007 for lying and obstructing investigation about unmasking CIA operative Valerie Plame, original sentence was commuted by president George W. Bush

Libertarian Tarl Warwick, better known as political YouTuber Styxhexenhammer666 runs for governor in Vermont – wants to decriminalize drugs and fight tax increases as well as weapon restrictions

Airbnb and Vancouver sign agreement concerning mandatory licenses for short-term rentals, hosts have until August 31 to obtain license from government or they will be removed from platform

FBI raids office of Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen after receiving referral from special counsel Robert Mueller, secures material regarding payment of USD 130,000 to Stormy Daniels before 2016 election as part of nondisclosure agreement related to pornographic actress' alleged 2006 affair with Trump

One dead and six firefighters injured as fire breaks out in apartment on 50th floor of Trump Tower in New York

14 dead when a bus with the Canadian Junior hockey team Humbolt Broncos collides with a truck north of Tisdale in central Canada, it was on its way to semi final in the province Saskatchewan's junior hockey league

Republican legislators in South Carolina introduce bill that would allow state lawmakers to debate whether to secede from US if federal government were to violate Second Amendment and confiscate legally purchased firearms

Canadian fertility physician Norman Barwin is sued in a class action suit, accused of having used his own sperm instead of the patients' sperm during the 70s and 80s, DNA-tests have shown that he is the father of one of his patients' daughters

15-year-old Aidan Jackson from Virginia Beach Young Republicans plans March for Our Guns rally May 19 at Mount Trashmore, invites those with opposing ideas to come and hear arguments for Second Amendment rights

Donald Trump wants military to guard US-Mexico border, plans to deploy National Guard until wall is built