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Prototypes of upcoming frontier walls against Mexico appear in San Diego, guidelines that prototypes should be between 5.5 and 9.1 meters high, difficult to climb as well as being aesthetically appealing from the American side 

New Mexico adjusts school plan and reinstates parts on global warming, evolution theory and age of the earth, previous decisions to remove the parts from the curriculum were met by public outcry 

Barack Obama replaces Jefferson Davis when elementary school in Jackson, Mississippi, changes its name, new proposals submitted by parents, students and staff, the school has 96 percent black students 

Michigan woman who refused to vaccinate son jailed for five days while son received four immunizations, father receives 50/50 split custody 

Lee High School in San Antonio, Texas, changes name to Legacy of Educational Excellence High School to avoid being associated with Confederate General Robert E. Lee, new name with acronym LEE unpopular among students 

Liberal government of Canada proposes tax hike on benefits of retail employees, opposition says absurd proposal punishes low-income earners and creates head aches for small businesses 

Detroit fire fighter sacked for having brought water melon as gift to colleagues on first day of work, African American fire fighters offended, zero tolerance for offensive behaviour in workplace according to Fire Commissioner 

Adherent of Satanic Temple in Missouri claims state's abortion law violates freedom of religion, law compels women who want to undergo abortion to read text which stipulates that life begins at conception, case to be transferred to state Supreme Court 

US vice president Mike Pence leaves football arena after players kneel during national anthem, athlete protesting police violence against minorities has previously been criticized by president Trump as being disrespectful toward war veterans and American flag 

Hygiene products manufacturer Dove in controversy after ad campaign shows black woman removing shirt and turning first into white, then asian woman, company apologizes after flood of criticism in social media 

FBI Domestic Terrorism Analysis Unit declares "black identity extremists" violent threat, assesses it very likely perceptions of police brutality against African Americans spurs lethal violence against law enforcement justified as self-defense, according to leaked report 

FCC approves Alphabet's application to provide emergency cellular service to Puerto Rico through balloons – 83% of territory's cell sites remain out of service as of Friday, according to commission 

20,672 abortions reported in Ohio in 2016, lowest number since record-keeping began 40 years ago, related to new laws and a cultural shift according to president of Ohio Right to Life 

Man in Georgia sentenced for disorderly conduct after pointing the finger at a pastor in connection with church prayer, State Supreme Court revokes judgment, noting the conduct protected by the First Amendment 

40 percent of US cancer cases can be linked to obesity, associated most clearly in women, 71 percent of the country's adult citizens are overweight or obese 

Texan buys WW2 tank for USD 600,000 and parks outside his home, homeowner association sends letter as it "impedes traffic" and causes "serious concerns for neighbors" 

After decades of decline, the rate of sexually transmitted diseases in the US has started to rise, 20 million new cases registred per year, chlamydia the most common 

Suspect in Edmonton terror attack 30-year-old from Somalia who had tried to claim refugee status, was flagged in 2015 for extremist views 

At least 58 dead and 515 injured as shooter opens fire from hotel room during Las Vegas music festival, perpetrator who committed suicide after attack identified as 64-year-old Stephen Craig Paddock 

Five injured after man runs over and stabs police officer and later plows van into crowd in central Edmonton, 30-year-old terrorist suspect presumed to have acted alone, IS flag found in car 

The Trump administration suspends the Jones Act for hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, the law forces shipments to the island to be made with American-flagged vessels manned by American crews 

1,900 opioid overdoses with fatal outcome in New Jersey 2016, clear upward trend reflecting overall trend in the country, most of the deaths involved heroin and fentanyl 

Government contractors start building eight prototypes of wall between US and Mexico, Trump stresses that construction should be see-through so that agents can prevent drug trafficking 

Student group Berkeley Patriot cancels Free Speech Week at UC Berkeley, event headliner Milo Yiannopoulos promises inofficial arrangements and a police-backed March for Free Speech alongside Pamela Geller, Mike Cernovich and others  

Six confirmed dead after hurricane Maria and two towns under evacuation in Puerto Rico since Guajataca dam failing causing flash floods, everyone near river urged to immediately evacuate 

Law enforcement use of cell-site simulators to track suspect's phone without warrant violates Constitution, according to D.C. Court of Appeals in landmark ruling reversing Superior Court decision 

Canada's Supreme Court authorizes health centre to perform blood transfusions on 14-year-old Jehova's Witness with Hodgkin's lymphoma against her and her family's wishes – lawful to protect children even against their wishes when decision can irreversibly alter their lives, according to Superior Court Justice 

Police in Portland, Oregon, stop using registers over gang members after pressure from minority organizations 

Entire Puerto Rico without power after being hit by Hurricane Maria, curfew issued through Saturday morning 

Los Angeles declares outbreak of hepatitis A, most infected are homeless or use drugs but healthcare workers have also caught the decease, San Diego has also had a major outbreak of hepatitis A 

Miami-Dade County residents threatened with fine for building code violations hours after Hurricane Irma, 680 safety notices for downed pool barriers and 177 electrical hazard safety notices handed out 

Legislation bill for stopping sex trafficking is criticized for opening up possibilities to prosecution of web site operators for user created content  

Bureaucracy holding up the installation of 5G cell towers, can take a year to get approval for a tower that takes an hour to install according to industry representative, also needs permission from native American tribal authorities even though towers are not near tribal lands 

Statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee removed from Dallas park after City Council decides it is a symbol of injustice 

San Diego flushes the streets with bleach, outbreak of hepatitis A has killed 15 people and infected 400, homeless worst affected, mass vaccination of homeless people in progress  

Mayor of Seattle Ed Murray resigns after allegations of sexual offenses against children, several Democrats involved in similar scandals 

Canadian judge suspended 30 days without pay for wearing MAGA hat in court, wanted to lighten the mood 

Database created by law professor tracks crimes committed by police officers in the US through media reports, 8000 arrested and over 13000 criminally charged between 2005 and 2011, database does not include civil charges or misconduct handled by administration or misconduct without criminal charges 

Lawsuit over monkey selfie reaches settlement, PETA brought the suit in 2015, attorneys representing a macaque monkey claimed protection of law extends to animals including copyright law, 25% of photo's revenue will go to charities that protect crested macaques 

Students and staff at UC Berkeley offered support and counseling as Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro is scheduled to speak at university 

Parents at California charter school highly critical after kindergarten teacher promoted transgenderism without parental notification, girl at same school is called to principal’s office for referring to former class mate by male name 

US agency for emergency relief FEMA will be out of money when hurricane Irma hits, congress pressed to inject more funds 

Man breaks through security barriers during ceremony at the Burning Man festival and throws himself into the fire, dies in hospital 

US security officials warn about growing tensions between "anti-fascists" and nationalists, reports that Homeland Security in several cases has classified left wing violence as domestic terrorism 

Utah nurse follows hospital policy and refuses to draw blood from severely burned and unconscious patient despite policeman insisting, gets handcuffed and arrested, later receives apology 

Petition to get George Soros declared as a terrorist and all of his assets seized started, has received 60,000 signatures in ten days 

Chinese restaurant in California closes after boycott following confirmed information that the owner donated money to former KKK leader David Duke's election campaign to take a seat in the Senate, the restaurant owner denies racial accusations  

Trump promises to donate USD one million of own funds to the restoration after Hurricane Harvey, vice president Pence contributes by picking up debris in Texas 

The volunteer organization Cajun Navy mobilizes 763 boats and 1,500 volunteers to support the rescue work of flood victims in Houston, Texas 

Quebec and Airbnb agrees on collection of 3.5 % lodging tax from October 1st, will be drawn automatically from bookings, collected funds are said to finance the province 22 tourism offices, Airbnb's public policy manager calls deal a milestone and defining moment for the company in Canada 

1939 film "Gone with the wind" removed from Memphis cinema after Facebook uproar, deemed "insensitive" against black community 

Hundreds of masked "anti-fascists" armed with shields storm through police lines into larger leftist demonstration, attack conservative protesters and pepper-spray leader of Patriot Prayer group 

Homeowner in Corpus Christi, Texas, shoots intruder trying to commit burglary during Hurricane Harvey 

Florida executes murderer with new drug cocktail, rocuronium and potassium joined by etomidate, which replaces midazolam, which was suspected of causing unnecessary suffering 

YouTube user wins legal battle over fair use of copyrighted material in "reaction videos", doesn't apply to all reaction videos but is important precedent 

Los Angeles Metro imposes fine for manspreading of USD 75, with repeated offenses, the perpetrator may be prohibited using the metro 

Former security director and programmer Eddie Tipton sentenced to 25 years in prison for rigging lottery systems in multiple states through his job at Multistate Lottery Association, pleaded guilty to manipulating the lotteries random number generators 

Three people with minor injuries after driver accelerates through vigil in Saint Louis to escape activists surrounding car and hitting it with flag poles, vigil honouring trans woman shot dead after stabbing police officer 

Applause in courtroom as Las Vegas jury refuses to convict four defendants in Bundy Ranch case, accusation was threatening federal officers by wielding guns in the standoff 

25-year-old Texas man arrested for trying to destroy Confederate statue in Houston, was caught kneeling by monument carrying explosive liquids  

"Anti-fascist" attacks Colorado man with knife in belief that he was a Nazi, victim's long on the top, buzzed-on-the-sides haircut assumed to be reason for assault 

New "Calexit" initiative seeks a constitutional convention aiming for the secession of California from the United States, other ongoing efforts seek more independence from the federal government 

Apple blocks Apple Pay for sites selling white supremacy related products, referring to company official guidelines, similar actions also from PayPal 

Report by former intelligence members suggests that DNC email theft was a leak rather than a hack, the transfer could not have happened remotely at the reported speed according to the group, report has been mostly unnoticed by mainstream media 

Pax Dickinson: Police co-operated with rioters to create chaos in Charlottesville – forced rally-goers into clash with violent protesters instead of upholding law and order 

One dead, 19 injured after vehicle plows into counter-protester crowd in Charlottesville, Virginia, two hours after police broke up clash between nationalists and counter-protesters, state of emergency declared in city 

Alcohol consumption and abuse has increased in the US since 2002, increase greater among women, older people, ethnic minorities, and people with lower income and education 

Oregon becomes the fifth state to raise the legal age to 21 for the purchase of cigarettes, e-cigarettes and other tobacco products - Hawaii, California, New Jersey and Maine have previously raised the legal age 

11,000 fewer government jobs during Trump's first six months as president, total number of jobs increases by one million during same period, unemployment rate at 16-year low 

Colon cancer increasing among whites younger than 55 in the US while decreasing in blacks, cancer is strongly associated with obesity and diet which are better among whites, doctors don't know what the cause may be 

Google fires employee who wrote memo about the company's political correctness, CEO acknowledges there are employees who question whether they can openly express their views at the workplace, especially those with a minority viewpoint 

US FDA investigates the possibility of regulating the amount of nicotine in cigarettes, the tobacco industry is expected to lobby for their products while they also can take the US government to court 

Barack Obama's birthday August 4th official holiday in Illinois, schools are closed and public servants get the day off 

Grass root campaign 'Nobody kill anybody' canceled following two fatal shootings, aim of 72 hours without shots being fired lasted only 40  

Montreal's Olympic Stadium being transformed into temporary asylum shelter, many illegal Haitian immigrants flee U.S. due to policy granting them temporary protected status after 2010 earthquake expiring in January 2018 

UAW union accuses Nissan of running a "nasty" campaign against vote to unionise in Mississippi, accusations of "bribes" and pressure from supervisors also made, labour agency claims regulation violations on both parties 

60-year-old Texas grandmother kills one armed suspected home invader and scares away the other, neighbour compliments woman and says "that's Texas" 

Wisconsin government to grant USD 3 billion in subsidies for Foxxcom to build USD 10 billion factory, mostly tax breaks 

Trump replaces Chief of staff Reince Priebus with John Kelly 

US military spent USD 294 millions on sildenafil since 2011, erectile dysfunction most common in retirees but also in younger soldiers, 85% of those with PTSD exhibit sexual problems  

Trump eliminates funding for teenage pregnancy prevention programs, started in 2010 by Obama the funding was intended to last until 2020 

Nine men believed to be illegal immigrants found dead in sweltering trailer in San Antonio, Texas, another 28 people taken to hospitals of which 20 in "critical to very critical" condition from dehydration and heat stroke 

Man in Houston may have to pay USD 65,000 in child support for child who isn't his, many years ago didn't fight that the amount was deducted from his pay check and that may be enough to bind the man to the now 16-year-old girl he hadn't met until the case went up in court 

US authorities shut down AlphaBay and Hansa on darknet, users immediately move to the alternative DreamMarket, the e-commerce sites specialize in drugs, chemicals and weapons 

Number of concealed carriers in the US hits record high, blacks and women lead decade-long growth trend 

Man spends USD 550 to build stairs to community park in Toronto, authorities threaten to tear them down due to non-compliance with regulations, original proposals submitted to the city to build new stairs were USD 65,000-150,000 

OJ Simpson will face a parole hearing this week in Nevada, if approved he could be released by Oct. 1st, friend says that if released Simpson will likely return to golfing hobby 

World's largest firefighting aircraft stuck on ground despite more than 50 active large fires across western U.S. as U.S. Forest Service won't give it permission to fly, reason for non-decision unknown but budget concerns is suggested 

US Department of Justice prosecutes 412 people who participated in fraud against the US healthcare system that cost taxpayers 1.3 billion USD, doctors have prescribed unnecessary opioid drugs and sent the bill to the government 

US recommends its citizens to have adequate vaccination when traveling to Europe, measles eradicated in the US but has strong foothold in Europe 

From September 1 it will be legal to carry swords and other long knives in public in Texas under new law adopted by the governor 

3,156 hectares on fire in California, 400 fire fighters struggle to contain destruction, tens of thousands affected by evacuation orders 

Abandoned suitcase found near White House causing lockdown, investigated by police for one hour before object is declared safe 

Survey about beer prices in US not reliable due to laws and taxes differing between states, Tennessee tax 0.34 USD per liter, Wyoming equivalent 0.005 USD 

DNC servers said to be hacked by Russia has not been examined by FBI, Crowdstrike investigates and finds connection to hackers who broke into government networks in 2015 

Newborn in Canada registered as having unknown gender after campaign from non-binary parent who says doctors should not draw premature conclusions based on sex organs 

House Democrats push bill to oust president, would create bipartisan commission to medically evaluate sanity to possibly invoke 25th amendment, proponents claim initiative is not targeting Trump 

Cannabis legal in Las Vegas, hundreds in line to be among first customers of new dispensaries, allowed to buy and possess up to 28 grams for recreational use, consuming in public remains illegal 

Canada seeks larger international role as US retreats, intensifies criticism and lobbying of southern neighbor 

17-year-old shot to death in conflict between transgender groups in Athens, Georgia