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Canada introduces "right to repair" bill for digital devices, complex web of trade secrets and government regulations blamed for high cost of official repair work on brand name devices versus cost of replacement, the bill would force companies like Apple to provide repair manuals, tools and official parts for those who request them

American actor Jussie Smollett charged with disorderly conduct for filing false police report, claimed he was beaten by two masked men hurling racist and homophobic slurs before throwing liquid on him and looping rope around his neck in his Chicago neighborhood, Smollett allegedly staged the attack

US says "has not asked or pursued any sort of sanctions" against the Sentinelese tribe for killing American Christian missionary John Allen Chau while he in November 2018 tried to go ashore their remote island, which lies between India and Burma

US government denies re-entry to woman from Alabama who joined ISIS in Syria, Hoda Muthana married ISIS terrorists and called for attacks on the West, the daughter of a Yemeni diplomat is now stranded in a refugee camp and Mike Pompeo denies her citizenship based upon technicality in the 14th Amendment

Freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) found to be living in new luxury high rise that does not have affordable housing units, the self-proclaimed socialist campaigned against luxury real estate development and gentrification

"Unconditional Surrender" statue in Sarasota, Florida vandalized with #MeToo graffiti, the sculpture depicts the unsolicited kiss of Greta Zimmer Friedman by US sailor George Mendonsa at the end of WWII, in modern times it has been reinterpreted by some as a sexual assault lacking consent

Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann sues Washington Post for USD 250 million, claims newspaper falsely accused him of racist acts and instigating confrontation with Native American activist Nathan Phillips – additional similar lawsuits to be filed in weeks ahead, according to Sandmann's lawyer Lin Wood

Police shot California rapper Willie McCoy 25 times according to coroner report, the 20-year-old man had fallen asleep in his car with a gun in his lap and did not respond to police commands when he awoke

33 students at two French language schools in Vancouver ordered to stay home during measles outbreak, 8 students have contracted the illness and the targeted students have not proven they have received a vaccination

Fentanyl tablets manufactured in Mexico linked to spike in opioid overdose deaths, the pills are disguised to look like oxycodone and are taken casually at parties, critics allege the drug crisis is worse than 1980s crack cocaine in scope

Chicago police investigates whether actor Jussie Smollett staged an attack on himself with the help of two other men, allegedly because Smollett was being written off of TV series Empire

President Trump will declare a national emergency to obtain funding for the border wall, plans to sign the border security compromise package on Capitol Hill to avert another government shutdown

Senate uncovers no factual evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russia, investigators disagree along party lines when it comes to the implications of a pattern of contacts they have documented between Trump associates and Russians

Katy Perry shoe design team pulls "blackface" slippers from stores, the footwear caught flak on social media for a black variant that resembled the controversial racial meme

14 states have passed laws allowing police or household members seek court orders requiring people deemed threatening to surrender their guns, allegedly aimed at curbing mass shootings and suicides, critics argue the laws opens the door for vindictiveness and revenge

Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore) introduces bill S. 420 to decriminalize marijuana, conditioned on businesses acting in compliance with state marijuana laws, packaged with bills imposing tax similar to federal excise taxes on alcohol and allowing state-legal marijuana businesses claim tax deductions and credits

Oregon’s legal marijuana producers in 2018 grew 6.5 years’ worth of cannabis, producers lay the groundwork ahead of hoped-for changes in federal laws, report notes businesses are in some ways analogous to technology startups, willing to take the risk of losses today for potential large gains tomorrow, but the longer the wait, the more pressure on cannabis startups to make money outside legal system

Elizabeth Warren formally declares her candidacy for president, spotlights her push for government investments in child care, college, infrastructure, the Green New Deal and big government Medicare for All program, makes no mention of her longstanding claims of Native American heritage

California police discover secret underground shooting range at known gang member’s home, numerous weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition confiscated and multiple suspects booked

Polls from both CBS and CNN finds approval rates at 76 percent after Trump's State of the Union Speech, CBS poll shows 72 percent approve of Trump’s immigration proposals while CNN poll shows 76 percent approval with 59 percent very positive

Registration card for the Texas State Bar from 1986 reveals Elizabeth Warren listed her race as "American Indian", shows for the first time that Warren directly claimed the identity, her office doesn't deny the authenticity of the document

Canadian GM workers' union Unifor runs critical ad during Super Bowl, GM had sent the union president Jerry Dias a cease-and-desist letter which was ignored, GM plans to close its Oshawa plant and claims the ad has misleading claims related to 2009 bailout

FBI fails to find clear motive behind 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas, report says Stephen Paddock went to great lengths to keep his thoughts private and left no manifesto or suicide note behind, suggests he was inspired by his father who achieved significant criminal notoriety

Billionaire and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz considers running for president as an independent, Democrats worried he would split votes securing Trump’s re-election

Three men in Kansas receive at least 25 year prison sentence for plot to bomb Somali Muslim apartment complex, their defense attorney claims the men may not have carried through their plot once Trump had won 2016 election, feared that all hope was lost for society if Clinton had won

New York celebrates law that legalizes abortion up until birth in many cases by lighting up One World Trade Center in pink, governor Andrew Cuomo calls it "a historic victory for New Yorkers and for our progressive values"

Birth tourism trend in Sunny Isles, Florida leads to "Little Moscow" designation, the community north of Miami is popular with wealthy Russian mothers-to-be looking to secure US citizenship for their children, US Constitution grants automatic birthright citizenship to children born on US soil

Donald Trump’s former campaign advisor Roger Stone arrested by the FBI for lying to Congress about stolen Democratic Party emails during the 2016 campaign, charged with obstruction of official proceeding, witness tampering and making false statements

Canada seeks to admit 1 million new permanent residents by 2021, immigration chief Ahmed Hussen cites need for migrant labor to support continued economic growth

Hotel laborer awarded USD 21.5 million in damages following jury trial over violations of her religious rights, a cap at USD 300,000 on punitive damage awards in federal court will make her receive a lot less, Marie Jean Pierre claims Conrad Miami forced her to work on Sundays knowing she was an observant member of Soldiers of Christ Church, the hotel says they made numerous accommodations and ultimately terminated her for violations of their own policies

IRS recalls 46,000 employees to handle tax returns and pay out refunds, federal judge rejects angered union’s suit over work without pay, three-quarters of US taxpayers receive annual refunds averaging USD 2,800, lower-income people count on payment as biggest cash infusion of the year

New migrant caravan from Honduras plans route to US southern border, participants cite unspecified political conflict and threats to their lives as reasons for fleeing north, President Trump tweets calls for construction of border wall "or Steel Barrier" to prevent entrance

Mike Cernovich accepts celebrity boxing challenge from Tom Arnold, sets March 1 in Washington DC as venue date and plans to raise money for charity as promotion

Criticism raised over art installation featuring Saudi Arabian flag near World Trade Center Memorial, "Candy Nations" by Laurence Jenkell features sculptures of the G-20 national flags and had been shown without incident in other parts of NYC, predominance of Saudi nationality amongst 9/11 hijackers stoked feelings of insensitivity to survivors

Suspected fentanyl-overdose leads to death of 1 and 12 hospitalizations in Chico, CA, victims ranged in age from 19 to 30, California's opioid overdose death rate is 4.9 per 100,000 and lower than the US national average of 13.3 per 100,000

Trump administration downgrades EU diplomatic status from "member state" to "international organization", the EU was not officially informed of the change which occurred without their knowledge late in 2018

Canada’s new impaired driving laws enables police demand breath samples two hours after you’ve been driving, the onus is on drivers to prove they weren’t impaired when on the road, new laws put in place to limit use of certain defences in drunk driving cases, says government spokesperson

Complaints by Council on American-Islamic Relations prompt Amazon to remove products sold by independent merchants they deem offensive to Muslims, includes doormats, bath mats and shower curtains imprinted with Islamic calligraphy or references to the Prophet Muhammad, CAIR claims they represent intentional Islamophobia and stands ready to police "bigotry for commercial gain"

NYC Mayor de Blasio announces NYC Care health coverage for city's 600,000 uninsured and undocumented residents, claims it will provide primary care to avoid costly use of ER system, projects USD 100 million cost and "no tax hikes to fund it"

Female murderer convicted in 2004 at age 16 granted clemency in Tennessee, Cyntoia Brown deemed to be a victim of sex trafficking, Governor Haslam plans her release for Aug 7 followed by 10 years of parole as she vows to help young women avoid her fate

1 million former felons in Florida to regain voting rights, state Amendment 4 passed November 2018 with 64% of the vote to restore franchise, considered the largest single re-enfranchisement in past 100 years of US history

US House of Representatives Republicans sponsor H.R.25 bill to end income tax and abolish IRS and generate revenue from national sales tax, Rep. Woodall of Georgia proposed the bill to "promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity"

US national debt rises USD 2 trillion since Trump inauguration to USD 21.974 trillion, debt has increased dramatically since 2008 financial crisis amidst continued deficit spending by US Congress

Mats Järlstrom wins 1st Amendment case against Oregon State Board of Engineers, the Board had attempted to fine the man USD 500 for calling himself an "engineer" without a professional license

US House Democrats re-introduce "Gephardt Rule" change in legislative proceedings, late 1970s-era rule automatically raises government debt ceiling upon passing of a budget, strengthen "motion to vacate chair" rule to bolster Speaker Pelosi's security

New York and Illinois top list of US states with population losses in 2018, Democrat-controlled states each lost over 40,000 citizens, Texas biggest gainer with 380,000 new residents according to US Census Bureau

Former Mossad chief claims Donald Trump was the candidate of choice for Russia, comments come on the heels of release of two reports commissioned by US Senate investigating foreign election interference

Women's March in Northern California canceled over concerns of being 'overwhelmingly white', Amy Sawyer Long who planned participating appalled as they live in a predominantly white area, meanwhile Women’s March national leadership accused of anti-Semitism because of ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan

President Trump threatens to close the southern U.S. border unless Congress agrees to provide $5 billion for a border wall with Mexico

Eddie the sea otter at Oregon Zoo dies at age 20, among the oldest of his kind as male sea otters seldom live past 15 years, known for slam dunking a toy basketball and creatively pleasuring himself

Defense Secretary James Mattis resigns at the end of February, saying the president deserves a secretary "whose views are better aligned with yours", announcement comes a day after the White House announced the U.S. would withdraw its troops from Syria

President Trump refuses to sign Senate bill not including funding for Mexico border wall, facing the risk of a government shutdown he demands additional funds for border security

U.S. sends non-Mexican migrants back to wait in Mexico while their asylum requests are processed, wants to discourage those who claim asylum fraudulently

Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) takes a week off for "self-care", feels burned out and laments her political activity changed her lifestyle, claims self-care is political for working people, immigrants, and the poor because of shaming of someone doing a face mask while financially stressed

Trump administration announces federal ban on ownership of "bump stock" device used in Las Vegas shooting, gun rights organizations have threatened legal action in the wake of the announcement, ATF plans to prosecute those who do not turn in or destroy their devices within 90 days

11-year old Delaware boy seeks to change his last name after being bullied, Joshua Trump claims he has been tormented by 5 classmates since the US president's inauguration despite being unrelated to him

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen receives 3 year prison sentence for campaign finance law violations, claims the US president was aware of hush money payments made to women claiming affairs, US DOJ policy is not to indict a sitting president

Two nuns admit embezzling USD 500,000 from a Catholic school in Torrance, CA to fund gambling trips to Las Vegas, Ms Kreuper was the school's head mistress while Ms Chang was a teacher before both retiring earlier this year

23-year old Elizabeth Lecron accused of planning mass murder inspired by Dylann Roof, the previously registered Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter surveyed multiple targets according to FBI, considered bar massacre, pipeline bombing and freeing farm animals

White House chief of staff John Kelly leaves job at end of the year, the previous Marine Corps general has been serving since July 2017

President Trump nominates William Barr next attorney general, served as the nation's top law enforcement official under President George H.W. Bush, and previous State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations

A monument by The Satanic Temple of Chicago added to the Illinois Statehouse rotunda, next to a Christmas nativity scene and a menorah, the monument consists of an extended arm holding an apple on top, with the words “Knowledge is the greatest gift” written on a plaque on the base

Men on Wall Street avoid spending time alone with female colleagues following #metoo, interviews with over 30 male senior executives reveal, could cost women valuable networking and mentoring opportunities

George H.W. Bush, the 41st US president, passes away at age 94, in a three decades long political career he managed the end of the Cold War and ousting Iraqi forces from Kuwait

Deadliest wildfire in California history declared 100% contained, "Camp Fire" killed 85 with 249 still listed as missing, down from 475 as many have since turned up at nearby shelters

San Ysidro border crossing temporarily closed by US government following immigrant caravan raid, US military supporting US Customs and Border Patrol also fired tear gas on asylum-seekers in Mexico

Ban against headcoverings in US House of Representatives to be dropped for Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, the newly elected Congresswoman is an observant Muslim and wears the hijab, ban is 181 years old and has faced numerous challenges in the past

US Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) calls for nuclear reprisals against US gun owners, the politician used Twitter to push for a USD 15 billion gun buyback scheme, claims US citizens who resist should be nuked

Performance of Jewish musical in Baltimore interrupted by man shouting "Heil Hitler, Heil Trump", theatre-goers feared it was the precursor to a shooting during "Fiddler on the Roof"

85-year-old Justice of US Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg said to be awake and joking after recent fall, her nephew is releasing a film on her early feminist political efforts called "On the Basis of Sex"

Wildfire north of Sacramento, CA destroys town of 26,000 population overnight, the "Camp Fire" took Paradise, CA by storm and now threatens Chico, CA with population 93,000

US FDA plans to ban fruit-flavored e-cigarette and vape liquids following "epidemic" in teen use, online sales age-verification enhancements also planned amongst flavors limited to tobacco, mint and menthol

San Francisco passes Proposition C corporate tax to provide USD 300 million for homeless services, the measure was strongly supported by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

USMC veteran of Afghanistan war murders 12 at Thousand Oaks, CA country music bar, the shooter is claimed to have been suffering from PTSD and died at the scene from a self-inflicted wound

Nevada voters pass measure to eliminate state taxes on feminine hygiene products, 56.9% of voters supported the repeal of the 1955 state "pink tax"

Ruth Bader Ginsburg breaks three ribs after fall and is admitted to hospital, sparking intense speculations about the health of the oldest judge of the Supreme Court, the 85-year-old one of four liberals on the nine member court

Jeff Sessions resigns as attorney general at request of President Trump, temporarily replaced by his Chief of Staff Matthew Whitaker

Trump allegedly works only three hours per day, a large portion of the days are scheduled as 'Executive Time', which according to sources among his staff is an euphemism for time spent on twitter, watching television or calling his friends

Mail bombs sent to prominent Democrats and leftist critics of Trump likely originated in Florida, investigators believe the bombs were intended to create fear not physical harm

LGBTQ student at Ohio University who claimed death threats now believed to have sent them herself, the hate hoax perpetrated by Student Senate member Anna Ayers is part of a growing trend of false harassment claims

Alex Jones and Infowars website launch "Meme Wars 3.0" prize contest, pledge USD 10,000 to winning designer using "NPC" icon to create humorous new anti-Leftist meme

FBI engages criminal investigation of Manhattan District Attorney's office, Democrat Cy Vance, Jr. failed to bring charges against numerous entities which made donations to his campaign

Boeing C-32 carrying First Lady Melania Trump returns to airbase after smoke fills cabin, the plane made a safe landing and the trouble was attributed to a "minor mechanical issue"

Secretary of State of Cherokee Nation rejects US Senator Elizabeth Warren's claim of tribal ancestry, claims the use of DNA tests to establish Cherokee identity is "inappropriate and wrong"

200,000 households still without electricity after Hurricane Michaels swept southeast U.S., at peak 3.2 million without power, some customers to wait additional two weeks until restored

Senator Elisabeth Warren (D) publishes DNA test that indicates she had a Native American ancestor 6-10 generations ago, intending to silence critics who have questioned her claimed heritage

Kanye West meets Donald Trump at the White House Oval Office, delivers ten minute monologue declaring the MAGA hat "made a superman cape for me"

US supreme court upholds lower court ruling that North Dakota's new voter ID law is constitutional, requires voters to show ID that includes home adress, Democrats protest as this will not allow them to maximize voting in swing-areas by moving primaly Native-Americans to these areas to vote

20 people killed in upstate New York after out of control limousine crashes, the dead included the passengers and driver and two pedestrians near the scene of the accident

Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to US Supreme Court after 50-48 vote in US Senate, Senate Majority Leader McConnell claims the vote establishes Senate as place where "evidence and the facts matter"

Supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh receives endorsement from two key Senate swing votes, Susan Collins (R) and Joe Manchin (D) advised that they will not let sexual misconduct accusations prevent their votes in support of Kavanaugh, an ongoing FBI investigation has failed to turn up substantial evidence of misconduct

7 South Carolina police officers shot with one dead after hostage stand-off, 112 US police officers have died in the line of duty in 2018 according to the Officer Down Memorial Page

West Virginia University bans 5 fraternal organizations from its campus for 10 years, the school cites instances of sexual misconduct, hazing and substance abuse and the ban comes in the wake of a 2014 death of a freshman at a fraternity event

Elon Musk steps down as chairman of Tesla and remains CEO and pays USD 20 million fine in SEC settlement, the company will also pay a USD 20 million fine to cover investors harmed by Musk's "going private" tweet, the executive and founder remains open to other civil and criminal suits brought by investors

Fatal opiod drug overdoses rose 20% year over year in Ohio, USA, a record 4,854 unintentional deaths occurred in 2018 with nearly 75% linked to the synthetic fentanyl

US federal survey data shows an increase in marijuana use amongst aging Baby Boomers, ten percent of those surveyed aged 50-64 said they have used cannabis in the past year, the number has doubled over past decade

Eight people shot over holiday weekend at San Bernardino, CA apartment complex, police have no leads and witnesses are not cooperating with the investigation, victims include children as young as 17 years-old

NPR exposes the gross exaggeration of US school gun shootings with independent research documenting major errors in US government data collection that impact behavior, policy and budgets

Nevada marijuana tax exceeds revenue expectations by 40% in first year, the tax raised USD 69.8 million of which USD 27.5 million will be used to fund public schools

24-year old professional gamer David "Bread" Katz shoots dead two competitors at Florida game tournament, the killer was participating in Madden NFL 19 competition in Jacksonville and became enraged after a loss, he later took his own life as the murders and crowd panic were captured live on social media