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Franciscans gather in the Lateran Basilica in Rome to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the rules of the Franciscan order, regula bullata, which was drawn up by St. Francis of Assisi and approved on November 29, 1223 by Pope Honorius III and the current Pope in a letter calls on the Franciscans to go out into the world and mission

The hacker group SiegedSec, which describes itself as gay furries, hacks into the computer system of the largest US nuclear research center Idaho National Laboratory and steals data on thousands of employees and offers to delete the stolen data if research on human-cat hybrids commences

Catholic Saint Mary's College for women only in Notre Dame, Indiana, accepts applications from men who identify as women after changing their policy, school president Katie Conby writes that practices are still being determined as a result of the decision

The number of women in England who gave birth at the age of 50 or older has increased by 15 percent in recent years, between 2019 and 2021 seven women over 60 gave birth and two of whom were over 65

Elon Musk agrees, on X, with user who write that Jewish groups engage in the same dialectical hatred of whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them, Musk writes that it is not just limited to the ADL and that the anti-white racism that some groups conduct must stop

Peter Thiel thinks it doesn't matter who wins the next election and has lost interest in democracy, agrees to the interview to make it easier for him to stand firm that he will not support any politician in the upcoming presidential election, he thinks Curtis Yarvin is an interesting and powerful historian and refuses to comment on the information that he is an informant for the FBI

Mike Tyson visiting pigeon breeder in the village of Piątnica in Poland with a population of 1,800 and allegedly bought 100 pigeons but the seller has refused to comment, the American boxer has often spoken of his love for pigeons which he says was a way for him to escape his bullies as a child and he is said to have given his first punch to someone who tore the head off his beloved pigeon

Repeated exposure to explosions such as firing heavy weapons can cause brain damage and symptoms similar to PTSD, something that American soldiers who have never been close to the enemy but have fired cannons have experienced, among other things according to a report published in 2019 by the Marine Corps, which has since left no comment about the results

The Catholic Church releases the 42-page report "A Synodal Church in Mission" during the conference Synod on Synodality in the Vatican without any mention of LGBTQ+ which was included in the draft while the possibility for women to become deacons is kept open, during a new meeting in October 2024 the final recommendations are expected

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling writes she happily spend two years in prison if the alternative is compelled speech and forced denial of the reality and importance of sex, has previously said she truly believes we are witnessing one of the worst medical scandals in a century regarding surgeries of minors' genitalia

Oppenheimer actress Emily Blunt apologizes for referring to a Louisiana restaurant waitress as gigantic in a now-viral clip from 11 years ago that led her to now being called fatphobic, says she is appalled that she said something so insensitive, hurtful and unrelated to the story she was trying to tell

40-year-old tourist from the United States smashes two Roman statues from the 2nd century in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem as he believes they symbolize idolatry and that they are in conflict with the Torah, his lawyer claims the man suffered from Jerusalem syndrome, which means that religious pilgrims get say they are a biblical person

Mike Jack from Ontario, Canada sets the world record for eating 50 of the world's strongest chili peppers, Carolina Reapers, in the shortest time when he does it in six minutes and 49 seconds, he goes on to eat a total of 135 in one hour and 8 minutes

Contemporary Latin translation of Christopher Columbus' letter from 1493, sent to inform Europe's elite of his discovery, will be auctioned by Christie's, the explorer did not know he was the first European since the Vikings to reach North America and thought he was close to Japan

52-year-old Madeline-Michelle Carthen was wrongly declared dead by US authorities in 2007 and since then has not managed to get the decision changed, has over the years been denied a mortgage, lost her job and the right to vote, 10,000 people affected by the mistake every year

Zoologist and crocodile expert Adam Britton pleads guilty to having sex with, torturing and killing over 40 dogs, has worked for the BBC and National Geographic and collaborated with David Attenborough, the 51-year-old is said to have had a container at home for the purpose and said he has a sadistic sexual interest especially in dogs

US cyclist Sepp Kuss wins la Vuelta a Espana, making Jumbo-Visma first team to win all three Grand Tours in a single year, after second placed Jonas Vingegaard's win at the Tour de France and third placed Primož Roglič's triumph at the Giro d'Italia earlier this year, both with Kuss as a domestique

26-year-old Sicilian guitar virtuoso Matteo Mancuso releases debut album The Journey, the guitarist has been hailed by Steve Vai and Al Di Meola and has played with Tommy Emmanuel, says when asked why he thinks many great guitar players are Italian that Itait could be the food

Niall Ferguson: Elon Musk, my friend for a decade, is the Napoleon of our time, like legendary general has superhuman intuition, leads from the front lines, has thoroughly warlike attitude to life and many children with his mistresses

McDonald's ends the option for customers to fill their own drinks in the US, says the the decision is intended to create a consistent experience for both customers and crew across all ordering points

The competition to be the laziest resident takes place in Brezna, Montenegro with EUR 1,000 in the prize pool for the winner, the person who has been lying down on a mattress the longest wins, last year's record was 117 hours

The dogs Cookie, Sophus and Sica perform Mozart together with the Danish Chamber Orchestra, it has been chief conductor Adam Fischer's desire to perform this piece for several years because he can then have dogs perform

All known rock carvings in Sweden are collected in a database by the Swedish Rock Carvings Research Archive (SHFA) in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg and shall contain, among other things, high-resolution images, search functions with maps and 3D models

The man believed to be the first to raise the alarm about the Great Fire of London in 1666 has been identified as Thomas Dagger, the fire in Thomas Farringer's bakery was the starting point and the research started in connection with the London Museum's new exhibition about the fire

The Egyptian Mohamed Al Fayed, the former owner of Harrods and the father of Dodi, who died in the same car accident as Princess Diana, dies at the age of 94, was also among other things the owner of the British football club Fulham and the Ritz hotel in Paris

The environmental issue increasingly important to the far right in Hungary and Poland according to the author of the book Far-Right Ecologism, Balsa Lubarda, who believes that there is something fundamentally ideological about the need to associate environmental protection with the nation's collective well-being and to compare immigrants with an invasive species that threatens the garden of the nation

Carlos Santana says during concert that a woman is a woman and a man is a man and the guitarist apologizes on Facebook but then deletes the post and replaces it with "the energy of consciousness generates its own kind, hate begets hate, love begets love"

Egg has a place in art history, references have been found in ancient Egypt and they were painted by Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Paul Cézanne, the editor of the book "The Gourmand's Egg - A Collection of Stories & Recipes", David Lane, mean they represent birth, new beginnings but also death

Billionaire Christer Gardell says that Swedish politicians have limited power, that it is inevitable to consider the Wallenberg family to have the most power and that American politicians and authorities have established a legal apparatus that gives them the power to put anyone who deals in dollars

International Chess Federation FIDE bans men who identify as women from competing in women's classes pending investigation and final decision, lobby group The National Center for Transgender Equality considers it degrading to what they call cis women and trans men and to the game itself, no reporting on how many people affected

AI-generated poems are recorded as an audiobook by German director Werner Herzog, the dark and twisted poems are based on the AI's own perspective and are about the life cycle of a computer program, the creators hired Herzog when he wanted to attract the target audience

Hip hop turns 50 as August 11, 1973 is considered the birthday when Jamaican teenager Clive Campbell deejayed in the Bronx during a party for his sister, lengthened parts of the songs and started talking over the beat in the style of "toasting" in Jamaica, which that then spread around New York City

Virginia son Oliver Anthony's country song Rich Men North of Richmond, which describes the deteriorating state of the world, goes viral, blaming those in power for high taxes and for giving more attention to minors on an island somewhere than American working women and men

27-year-old Indian Naveen Kumar cracks 273 walnuts with his head in 60 seconds and thus breaks the world record, has over the years competed for the title with the previous record holder Muhammad Rashid who last managed to crack 254 in the same time

Musician and songwriter Sixto Rodriguez dies aged 81, best known for Malik Bendjelloul's Oscar-winning documentary Searching for Sugar man, which chronicled the popularity of his music in South Africa where he was believed to be dead, and how he was subsequently found and the career took off again for the first time since the 80s

Spanish cyclist Federico Bahamontes dies at the age of 95, the eccentric Eagle of Toledo became the first Spaniard to win the Tour de France in 1959 and won the King of the Mountains classification six times, inspired future Spanish generations such as Luis Ocaña, Pedro Delgado, Miguel Indurain and Alberto Contador

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who is 168cm tall, wears trousers that are way too short according to Californian fashion blogger Derek Guy, dismissing the conspiracy theory that the Indian chose the style to look taller saying it just about fashion

The food chain Penny in Germany is raising the prices of sausages, yogurt and cheese for a week, in an attempt to extract the real cost to the climate and people's health, Wiener sausages will cost almost double while vegan schnitzel is increased by five percent

Memes combining mushroom clouds with Barbie actors in the wake of the blockbusters Barbie and Oppenheimer are frowned upon by Japanese, whose country is the only one to have experienced the atomic bomb, the official account of the movie Barbie has tweeted in response to such an image that it will be a summer to remember

Bolowatife Oluwasemilore Oluwadamilola Oyekunle Ayanfeoluwa Emmanuel Michael Oladele is the person with the longest name to graduate from the University of Kent in England, Professor Ben Cosh says it is always an honor to call people up to the stage to collect their degrees as you literally announce for the world that this person has done something real, challenging and meaningful, so it's kind of important to get their name as right as possible

Irish singer Sinéad O'Connor is found dead at the age of 56, known for performing the song Nothing Compares 2 U written by Prince, her mental illness, tearing up a photo of the Pope as a protest during Saturday Night Live, having four children and being married four times as well as converted to Islam

The British-Jewish comedian David Baddiel, who wrote the book Jews Don't Count, thinks, in reference to the new film Oppenheimer, that not every Jewish role needs to be played by Jews but that it can be discussed, he sometimes receives calls from directors who want to check whether a particular actor is kosher to play a Jewish role

Hitchhiking is social roulette and it decreased further during the covid pandemic and had its golden age in the 60s, 70s and 80s, according to Matti Fouchault-Airasmaa, chairman of the hitchhikers' association HitchPro, says further that the motivation to hitchhike today, unlike in the past, is rarely financial, but that there are still places in the country that are difficult to reach by public transport

The Homeless Soccer World Cup is underway in Sacramento, California and the eight-man Northern Ireland squad, selected by the charity Street Soccer NI, have easily won against the likes of Norway and Finland and are on course to advance from the group stage

The YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, with the stage name PewDiePie, welcomes together with his wife Marzia their first child, a son who will be called Björn, the couple married in 2019, in the days before the birth, the famous Swede said that he was very excited to become a father

Man Rikkie Valeri Kollé, 22, who identifies as a woman, wins Miss Netherlands and will become the second man who identifies as a woman to compete in Miss Universe, which takes place in El Salvador later this year

Since the 1980s, horse owners in Iceland have been extracting and selling hormones from their pregnant mares that are used to increase the fertility of other animals, and now Icelandic police have dropped a preliminary investigation into the practice, which was launched after complaints from foreign animal welfare associations

Authorities in Sichuan, China are investigating whether the restaurant that challenged its customers to eat 108 dumplings violated the law on food waste, the offer had been advertised on social media, meanwhile in the US, Joey Chestnut recently won an eating contest when he ate 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes

The five crew members of the submarine Titan are confirmed dead after parts of the craft were found 500 meters from the wreck of the Titanic which they were on their way to, after they were reported missing efforts was made to find them before the oxygen was expected to run out, one of the dead is British billionaire and explorer Hamish Harding

The Swiss cyclist Gino Mäder dies as a result of injuries sustained after crashing into a ravine at the end of the fifth stage of Tour de Suisse, the Team Bahrain Victorious rider won one stage at Giro d'Italia in 2021 and became 26 years old

In order for customers to gain access to the grocery chain Aldi's store in Greenwich, London, it is required that they download an app and scan a QR code at the entrance, goods are then scanned in the store with their mobile phone and payment is deducted from the bank account when they are finished

Book publishers are increasingly publishing main characters with neurological defects in books, often written by authors with such ailments, Elle McNicoll is considered to be a prominent figure in what the article author Amelia Hill calls revolution and she says that too often such characters have been secondary and that they die during the course of the book

Author Cormac McCarthy passes away at the age of 89, perhaps best known for the books The Road and No Country for Old Men which were later made into films, colleague Stephen King writes that he was maybe the greatest American novelist of his time

Media mogul and Italy's prime minister for nine years, Silvio Berlusconi, passes away at the age of 86, he was the owner of the football club AC Milan, friend of Vladimir Putin, positive to the EU and to liberalization of the economy and was over the years at the center of several scandals

Pablo Picasso's mistress, the French artist Francoise Gilot dies at the age of 101, wrote the popular memoir Life with Picasso, which was made into a film in 1996, about her relationship with the Spanish cubist

Singer Tina Turner passes away at her home outside Zurich in Switzerland at the age of 83, said in her last interview six weeks ago that she wants to be remembered as the Queen of Rock'n'Roll, leaves behind two of her four children and her husband since 2013 Erwin Bach

Oldest complete Hebrew Bible Codex Sassoon sells for $38.1 million at auction in New York, is more than 1,000 years old and is now the most expensive manuscript in the world and was bought by American lawyer and former ambassador Alfred Moses for the Jewish Museum in Tel Aviv who says he rejoice in knowing that it belongs to the Jewish people

American talk show host and mayor Jerry Springer passes away at age 79, hosted the scandalous The Jerry Springer Show between 1991 and 2018, said his passion was politics and has said that if you're the child of Holocaust survivors, it's not hard to be liberal

New Zealand's Strongest Man winner Dale Shepherd is applying to compete in the women's deadlift competition at Global Powerlifting New Zealand in protest against allowing men who identify as women to compete in the women's category, arguing that biological women are at a significant disadvantage, in the rulebook for 2023 the country's powerlifting committee approves self-identification of gender and believes that gender is expressed on a spectrum

Beatriz Flamini, 49, voluntarily spends 509 days in a 70-meter-deep cave in Motril, Spain, apart from breaking up for six days just outside the cave due to nasal problems, part of an experiment that will become a documentary, when she came out she said she never thought about to interrupt and that she got along well with herself

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore dies aged 94, best known for the observation called Moore's law that predicts that the number of transistors per microchip would double every two years, was CEO of Intel between 1979 and 1987

Kenzaburo Oe dies at age 88, Japanese Nobel laureate in literature frequently invoked the atomic bombings of Japan, and said in a speech after winning the prize that he fervently hope his pursuit, as a Japanese, of literature and culture will, in some small measure, repay Western Europe for

Man is ordered by a court in Vélez-Málaga in Spain to pay 204,624 EUR to his ex-wife Ivana Moral as compensation for her 25 years as a housewife, the calculation was made by Judge Laura Ruiz Alaminos and is based on the minimum wage for the years they were married, Morality says it is a

Elon Musk plans to build his own town for employees outside Austin, Texas called Snailbrook, according to sources to the Wall Street Journal, Musk and his ex Grimes, Kanye West and the rapper's architect last year held several discussions about its design, Bastrop County has not yet received

Toblerone sold since 1908 needs to remove Matterhorn from the packages as part of the production moves from Switzerland to Slovakia since national symbols are not allowed to be marketed on milk products not exclusively produced in the country, American owner company Mondelez says it will be

India has the most attractive people according to swimwear brand Pour Moi's analysis of thousands of posts on the Reddit forum, the US in second place, Sweden in third and Japan in fourth, while broken down by gender, British men come out on top followed by Indian men

East Germany's last communist leader Hans Modrow dies aged 95, took over the country after the fall of the Berlin Wall, agreed to share power with the opposition and advanced the first democratic elections, which he participated in as leader of the Party of Democratic Socialism

American composer Burt Bacharach passes away at the age of 94, among his songs are Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head, I Say a Little Prayer For You and Walk on by and his music has been performed by Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, among others , Tom Jones, Elvis Presley, the Beatles and

Henry Åström wins Swedish newspaper Flamman's Erdoğan satire contest with his paraphrase of Goya's Saturn devouring his son, comments that he often turns to Goya to capture mania and paranoia and that it struck him that the Turkish president swallows his own people, more than 400

Pig about to be slaughtered kills Hong Kong butcher after first being stunned with stun gun but then unexpectedly wakes up and pushes 61-year-old man who appears to have fallen and sustained 40 cm wound from a meat cleaver, colleague finds the injured man who was taken to hospital and there

World Athletics proposes allowing trans women to compete against women in international track and field events but halving the allowed amount of blood testosterone from the current five nanomoles per litre, studies show that male puberty results in permanently increased muscle mass and bone

Russian NHL defenseman Ivan Provorov's jerseys selling out after media condemning him for not donning Pride colors during pregame warmups, Provorov has commented that he respects everybody's choices and that his choice is to stay true to himself and his Russian Orthodox faith

Treasure hunt in rural Ommeren in the east of the Netherlands after map believed to indicate where German soldiers hid four large boxes filled with precious stones and metals looted at a bank in 1944, National Archive spokeswoman Anne-Marieke Samson says the institute had found the story

Football legend Pelé dies aged 82, introduced himself to a global football audience at 17-years of age in the 1958 World Cup in Sweden where Brazil won the final against the host nation 5-2, the only footballer to win three World Cup golds

World's largest active volcano, Mauna Loa in Hawaii, erupts for first time since 1984, no threat to populated areas at present

The video game I Am Jesus Christ in which you play as Jesus, explore Nazareth and perform miracles, is being released on December 1, trailer is available for viewing

The coldest days ever at the South Pole since measurements began in 1957, applies to November 16-18 compared to the same date in previous years, the winter of 2020-2021 was also the coldest ever, it has been a very bad year for climate catastrophists all round according to the writer Chris Morrison

University of Leiden first removes but then returns painting from 1974 depicting the school's board, has come under attack in recent weeks with activist academics claiming the painting shows male dominance, also three of the board members are shown smoking cigars, the painter, Rein Dool, says the university's actions are "stupid and sad"

10,000 minks released into the wild after break-in at mink farm in Ohio, USA, the animals are carnivores and eat freshly-killed animals that they often hunt themselves, several individuals are said to have destroyed the fence during the early morning

KFC apologizes for German promotion urging customers to commemorate Kristallnacht with cheesy chicken, says the automated push notification was linked to calendars that include national observances and that internal processes will be reviewed

Antisemitic book series Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America is a bestseller on Amazon, Apple Books and Barnes & Noble in the US after NBA star Kyrie Irving's tweets, beats out Barack Obama's autobiography A Promised Land in the "Black & African American Biographies" category, the books include theories about Jewish control of institutions such as media and passages from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Andrew Anthony: There are many men who have functional and party-focused relationships with other men, but lasting friendships, of the kind you see between many women are not something most men over 40 see any need to have, after having married their wives start arranging dinner parties and gatherings

Kanye West refuses to walk back or apologize for his comments about Jews despite losing a dozen endorsement deals and a large chunk of his personal wealth, holds an impromptu press conference where he reads a list of names of top Jewish executives of major media and entertainment corporations from a spreadsheet, says him being burned to the flesh every single day proves what he says about Jews teaming up on him

35-year-old Russian Vyacheslav Matrosov who forced a man who sexually abused his 6-year-old daughter to dig his own grave and kill himself released after serving six months of the 18-month sentence, widespread sympathy for Matrosov where locals in his village Pribrezhnaya raised money for his initial legal fees and 2,500 people signed a petition demanding that he should be fully acquitted

Rock icon Jerry Lee Lewis dies aged 87, perhaps best known for the songs Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On and Great Balls of Fire, was married seven times, third marriage was to his 13-year-old cousin when he was 22, reported dead by news site TMZ a couple of days ago, something that then was denied and taken back

John Jennings in Chester, England known as the local cat rescuer, gets stuck in a tree after his ladder is blown down due to rapid weather changes, is rescued by firefighters, left by colleague who sought shelter from the rain for his hearing aids, was afraid the tree would fall on him and then panicly called the emergency services

1,200 sheep and 200 goats wander through central Madrid during festival that recreates traditional moving of livestock to new pastures, organizers make symbolic payment to city hall for the right to use the roads with 50 maravedi, the Spanish medieval currency, according to an agreement between the shepherds and the city from 1418

Cameras measuring sound levels to be trialed in Bradford, UK to clamp down on antisocial driving, designed to identify and track drivers who break law by revving engines and using modified exhausts

Queen Sonja of Norway visits the Mindekirken church in Minneapolis where services are still held in Norwegian, pastor Gunnar Kristiansen says they speak English in everyday life but need the language of their hearts when they praise God, the Lutheran congregation has about 200 families as members

Hajara Shuaibu is called Nigeria's most fertile woman since she gave birth to quintuplets at home, had 13 children previously, says she never had any special diet or routine, or attended any maternity care, all her children were born at home

Bear 747 wins Fat Bear Week for the second time in three years, weighs about 750kg kilograms, received 10,000 more in the final round than 6-year-old female bear Bear 901, the competition is organized by Katmai National Park and is decided by online voting where weight, size change, personality and the tribulations they have overcome are judged

Sleep tourism growing trend, said to be partly an effect of the pandemic, hotels are starting to offer, among other things, sleep analysis, pillow menu, scented pillow mist and clinical sleep examination to identify sleep disorders

Water manager Kendall Chamberlin in the small village of Richmond in Vermont, USA, secretly lowered the fluoride level in the drinking water almost four years ago, worried about the quality of the additive as it comes from China, raised concerns in the village about the children's dental health, resident Katie Mathers admitted that her two children eat a lot of sugar but notes that her dentist recently found their first cavities, and that they were not recommended fluoride supplements because the city water provided enough, adding fluoride to the water has been standard in the US since the mid-20th century

The Finnish ship Glenbank that sank off the coast of Western Australia in 1911 found by fishermen, Finnish sailor Antle Kitala then the only survivor, clung to timbers, washed up on Legendre Island, then went without food and water for three days before being picked up by a boat, his now 80-year-old grandson Matti Latva-Panula had never heard of what happened

Lisa Williams from Suffolk defends her title in the world porridge cooking championship and wins the Golden Spurtle once again, her porridge was rich, flavourful, well seasoned and had the perfect texture says one of the judges, during the pandemic the championship has been held digitally with virtual taste as one of the assessment criteria, Williams runs Stennetts Community Cafe in Trimley St Mary

The Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2022 goes to the human rights activist Ales Bialiatski from Belarus, and the human rights organizations Memorial and Center for Civil Liberties from Russia and Ukraine respectively, on the grounds that have made an outstanding effort to document war crimes, human right abuses and the abuse of power and together they demonstrate the significance of civil society for peace and democracy

New York-based artist Kris Kashtanova claims the first US copyright for AI art with her graphic novel Zarya of the Dawn created using Midjourney, hosting site Getty Images recently declared that they wouldn't accept AI-generated images noting ongoing copyright questions and Shutterstock among others have also decided to not accept such art

Magnus Carlsen: I believe that cheating in chess is an existential threat to the game and that Hans Niemann has cheated more than he has publicly admitted to as his over the board progress has been unusual and he was not even concentrating as he outplayed me as black, I do not want to play against confirmed repeated cheaters as it is unclear what they are capable of doing in the future, I would like to say more but need explicit permission from Niemann to speak openly

Swedish football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic set to star as a Roman soldier in the upcoming movie Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom, the trailer shows him flicking up a helmet from the ground with his feet and using it to uppercut his opponent to the floor

US National Intelligence Manager for Aviation updates its logo to include a traditional UFO shape, follows intelligence budget where objects positively identified as man-made after analysis will be passed to appropriate offices rather than be considered under the definition as unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena which has been interpreted to imply that officials know there are some UAP not of this planet