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Legendary comedian Jerry Lewis dead at 91 

German town Staufen with 8,100 inhabitants falling apart after 2007 investment in green geothermal energy, more than 270 buildings fractured after up to 62 centimeter ground rising and more than 45 centimeter sideways moving 

Canadian woman loses diamond ring in connection with weed cleaning on family farm in Alberta in 2004, the ring is found 13 years later around a carrot picked by the woman's daughter-in-law 

Conservationists find 106-year-old fruitcake in the building in Antarctica, relic of Terra Nova Expedition in the early 1900s, some rancid butter smell but otherwise ok 

Minority of post-millennial youth are progressive leftists, born since 1995 most conservative generation in 70 years 

Giant inflatable chicken with Trump hairstyle placed outside the White House, similar actions have been taken in the past when protesters demanded the President release tax return details 

Singer and guitarist Glen Campbell dead at 81, known for songs such as Rhinestone Cowboy and By the Time I Get to Phoenix 

44-year-old Indian man fails running 10,000 km in Mumbai in 100 days as last day's 114 km run was 36 too short – man plagued by infections, fever and fractures and lost 16 kg during project, is already mapping out 40,000 km challenge 

Nova Scotia farmer offers two kilograms of bacon as reward for tips leading to culprit who stole USD 1,000 worth of power tools from property this summer, also offers thief opportunity to work around farm in order to make money in an honest way 

Man trapped between train and station platform doors in Beijing rescued after commuters rally together to push and tilt train away from platform – train services resumed 20 minutes after incident, according to Beijing Subway 

The Malta Heritage Trust will after an eight year long renovation open the British built tunnel system under Valletta, was used to spy on Soviet submarines during the Cold War but was abandoned in 1979 and has been closed since 

Two brothers from Turin caught robbing dozens of cash machines dressed up in Trump masks, claim to be inspired by film classic The Jackal  

Kosovan soccer player recently signed with Macedonian FC Skopje leaves club as logo contains cross, states his Muslim faith very important to him 

Squirrel attacks at least five people in Prospect Park, New York, could be infected with rabies due to its aggressiveness even though rabid squirrels are very rare 

Yokozuna Hakuhō wins his 39th Grand Basho, also breaks the all time record of 1047 won matches, now looks forward towards the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo where he hopes to perform dohyo-iri at the opening ceremony 

Development and support for legendary Paint to end as Microsoft releases update of Windows 10, is replaced by Paint 3D which will be released in April 

Five-year-old girl in London fined GBP 150 for selling lemonade to festival goers without the required license, later receives official apology and fine is withdrawn 

Nielsen Music finds that hip-hop is for the first time listened to more than rock in the US, the former subculture now accounts for 25 percent of all US music consumption 

Djibouti dissolves national football team after 5-1 loss to Ethiopia due to "never-ending series of bad results", switches focus to youth teams according to new federation policy 

Chester Bennington dies at the age of 41, was lead singer of Linkin Park 

Citizenship test debate in Switzerland after 25-year-old woman born in country flunks for lacking recycling knowledge as well as neither knowing baseball-golf hybrid hornussen, folk wrestling style schwingen nor any local shops 

Winnie the Pooh censored on Chinese social media Sina Weibo, no official reason given but the bear has frequently been compared to president Xi Jinping and the autumn Communist party conference is seen as test of his grip of power 

Filmmaker George Romero dead at 77 of lung cancer, director of cult classic "Night of the Living Dead", considered a catalyst for the film's genre 

Surgeons who were to perform cataract surgery found 27 contact lenses in woman's eye, the patient thought the discomfort was due to dry eyes and her age 

Iranian mathematics professor Maryam Mirzakhani dies at 40 of breast cancer, was in 2014 first woman to win prestigious Fields medal and won two gold medals in the International Mathematical Olympiad as a teenager 

Chinese Nobel peace prize laureate Liu Xiaobo dead at 61 from liver cancer, served four prison sentences in total for his calls for political reforms and the end of communist single-party rule, died serving 11 year sentence for subversion 

London Underground to swap "ladies and gentlemen" greeting for "hello everyone" to become more gender-neutral and inclusive, mayor Khan says "inclusive transport service is at the heart of TfL's purpose" 

"See you again" passes Gangnam Style as most viewed Youtube video, has been played over 2.9 billion times 

NASA Juno spacecraft takes images of Jupiter's Great red spot from height of 9,000 kilometers 

Melinda Gates optimistic that Pope Francis will change the Church's attitude towards contraception, claiming they share the same basic view of social justice and that it's only a matter of time 

Spamusment park to be opened in Japanese city of Beppu, will become reality after successful viral video and crowd sourcing campaign, will have nine ridable attractions, among them a bubble-bath roller-coaster and an onsen merry-go-round 

Nine people saved from drowning after Florida beachgoers form 80-person human chain to beat the rip currents 

German Spelling Council officially adds capital Eszett to language, ẞ can now be used instead of SS in German passports, conservatives said to refuse to accept the letter due to its unwieldy girth 

26-year-old Italian wanted by Interpol since 2011 after disappearing in Palermo found barefoot and disoriented in Madrid, has not been interrogated since he only communicates with hand gestures and incoherent phrases 

Florida woman arrested for leaving child for 30 minutes in hot car, complains about high temperature in police car 

Bread used to celebrate Eucharist in Catholic church must not be gluten-free according to ruling by prefect of Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments Robert Sarah, question investigated at request of Pope Francis 

More than 50% of Irish have not eaten ready-made burgers at restaurants according to survey by Safefoods with 1,000 participants, burgers should be cooked well done to be safe according to company representative 

Norwegian 12 ton rock formation "The Troll's Penis" that was knocked down in end of June restored, operation funded by crowdfunding campaign raising about USD 27,000 from 1,000 donors 

Unions protest workers being replaced by goats as Western Michigan University tries environmentally friendly way of removing poison ivy from campus 

Ashutosh Maharaj will continue to be frozen sitting in meditation pose after guru's followers win in Indian court, is according to spokesperson not dead but rather medical science does not understand yogic science 

Increasing demand for exorcisms in UK, partly driven by immigrant communities, Christian think tank warns trend puts mental health of Christians at risk 

India PM Modi plays Imperial March from Star Wars at end of speech, has previously ended speech by wishing for the Force to be with audience 

Vatican police raids apartment, discovers ongoing homosexual orgy and drugs at home of priest and secretary of cardinal close to Pope Francis 

Karl Lagerfeld celebrated in Paris, receives city's highest honor in form of medal, Mayor Anne Hidalgo says foreign-born fashion tycoon's genius has made Paris even more magical 

Indian man hospitalized with perforated ulcer after drinking liquid nitrogen in bar, life saved at private hospital in Gurgaon 

Pope fires Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller from important position as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, interpreted as part of theological power struggle where Francis wants church to be more tolerant and open 

More than 650 human skulls found beneath Mexico City, researchers surprised over bones of women and children as they previously thought Aztecs only collected skulls of captured warriors 

Mallards seen eating smaller birds in Romania, have previously been observed to eat meat, but not bigger vertebrates 

Archeologists find collection of human skulls with carvings at 9,000-year-old megalith site in Göbekli Tepe, Turkey 

R2-D2 droid used on multiple Star Wars sets sold for USD 2.76 million at Los Angeles auction, Luke Skywalker's lightsaber and Darth Vader's helmet sold for USD 450,000 and USD 86,000 respectively 

Praised local Czech brewer hosts party for Liberbeer, official beer of Liberland 

Republican Jason Chaffetz says legislators need additional USD 2,500 housing allowance, claims he cannot afford to live in Washington on current 193,400 USD salary 

150 forced to leave plane at Shanghai airport as 80-year-old woman throws coins at engine as part of prayer for safety 

78% increase in sovereign grant for British Crown Estate, now USD 97 million in total, additional funds to be used for renovating Buckingham Palace 

Stalin voted most outstanding person in Russian history, held in higher regard than Pushkin and Putin who share second place followed by Lenin and Peter the Great 

Body of Salvador Dali to be exhumed for paternity test, Spanish soothsayer claims her mother had affair with legendary artist, emphasizes physical likeness, may get 25% of assets 

Head of Japan Sports Agency surprised by lukewarm response to five year plan to get youth to enjoy physical education, campaign may have opposite effect according to critics who say spontaneous sport activities outside state supervision is more beneficial 

Number of Siberian tigers increased from 3,200 in 2010 to 3,900 in 2016, protected habitats and anti-poaching patrol contributing factors 

Neapolitan mastiff Martha crowned World's ugliest dog, the contest in Petaluma, California celebrates the kind of dogs that never win beauty pageants  

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, elects pitbull Brynneth Pawltro as mayor, fourth dog to be elected mayor in town, USD 1 charged per vote with unlimited voting where money usually goes toward town improvements 

CIA contractors steal potato chips and chocolate bars worth USD 3,300 by breaking connection to payment system on vending machines 

Exeter boys protest school uniform's ban on shorts by wearing skirts as UK experiences record heatwave 

Unique sword from late middle ages found in excavation of Polish peat bog, completely intact except hilt which has decomposed 

Powerful miniature crossbow adapted for firing of toothpicks new popular toy in China, concerns about damage causes bans in several cities 

Rod Dreher: Genuinely unmodern Venice fantastic city that no one would plan, similar to Orthodox Christianity with rich Byzantine beauty  

Sota Fujii wins 28th straight shogi match, now tied for the all time record, already holds the record for youngest professional player, says mainly he's just been lucky 

Aggressive orcas harass, rob and pursue fishing boats in Bering Sea, compared to motorcycle gangs by fishers, reports indicate related financial losses amount to USD 500 per day 

Josh Herring: Greek and Nordic mythology milestones of essential knowledge but inferiority to Christianity evident in views of tragedy, while Greeks placed it in mythical past and Northerners in the far future, Christianity makes it both present and hopeful 

Acrobat Erendira Wallenda beats world record hanging by her teeth from helicopter 91 meters above Niagara falls 

Pope Francis wishes for new doctrine to excommunicate members convicted of corruption or mafia crimes, sees habitual criminality as different in nature from one-off sins 

Todd VanDerWerff: Oliver Stone's obsequious interview series with Putin humanizes the Russian leader and reveals his materialistic view of history despite sub-par execution by the famous director 

New Zeeland store owner apologizes after placing dog food in snack aisle leading to complaints from parent who have fed treats to their children 

Spanish matador Iván Fandiño deceased, gored by bull after catching feet in own cloak during bullfight in France 

"F*** you, I'm Millwall!" name of new product from Swedish brewery Frequency Beer Works, hommage to Roy Larner who was severely injured while single-handedly fighting three terrorists at Borough Market 

Christian Butler: Wonder Woman could transcend brand of being women’s film made by a woman, fantastic production but impossible to enjoy if interpreted through myopic feminist perspective 

Helmut Kohl dies at 87, long time CDU leader and chancellor during Germany's reunion (German)

Cryptocurrency PotCoin finances Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea, former NBA player has long-time friendship with Kim Jong-un 

Man with Hirschsprung's disease forced to remove part of colon containing 13 kg of feces, came into hospital with an extremely bloated stomach and could barely breathe 

Adam West, actor famous for 60's Batman role and as Family Guy's mayor West dead at 88 after short leukemia battle 

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik changes name to Fjotolf Hansen, the first name Fjotolf extremely rare while the last name Hansen is very common 

Archaeologists unearth elaborate mosaics and coins in 1,700-year-old villa in Ptolemais, ancient Roman city in present-day Libya 

Ryan Landry: Author Chuck Palahniuk before his time in describing lost masculinity and decadence in books Fight Club and Survivor, has in recent years become dull mainstream liberal [audio] 

E Antony Gray: Highly influential poet Borges offers uniquely rich introspection regarding limits of man and ways to create different identities 

Creator of wetsuit Jack O'Neill dead at 94, loved ocean and founded company O'Neill 

Swiss village Bergün bans visitors from taking photos, inhabitants think village is so beautiful that if people see photos of it on social media they will feel miserable 

Richard Carroll: Kondo Marie's book about art of organizing most reactionary book ever written, to live in an orderly manner builds confidence, discipline and habits that in long run lead to virtue 

Stephanie Mann: Joan of Arc has been used as symbol of everything from feminism to warriors and mad women, but should primarily be remembered for her love for Jesus 

Johnsonville in Connecticut up for sale for USD 1.9 million, city abandoned for nearly 20 years apart from occasional ghost hunting 

Sologamy new trend among women in UK, US and Japan – to marry oneself seen as way to celebrate independence or to be princess for a day 

Wild bear spotted in the canton of Bern for the first time since 1823, important in the legend of the city's name and heraldry (German)

Sir Roger Moore dead at 89 after short battle with cancer, most known for portraying James Bond in seven movies 

Egyptian lantern-makers seek to save ancient craft in struggle against imported replicas, Chinese plastic lanterns common despite being banned by decree from 2015 

Morbidly obese monkey caught and put in captivity, ate junk food from tourists but has now been placed on strict diet 

Richard Carroll: Hesiod's poetry is despite its place in Homer's shadow required reading for those who seek classical education, value of virtue and hard work characterizes didactic poem Works and Days 

Dutch king Willem-Alexander recently quit as KLM co-pilot, flew smaller plane twice a month, few recognized him, will train to fly Boeing 737 

Rock singer Chris Cornell from Soundgarden and Audioslave dead at 52, cause of death unknown 

Paul Krause: Modernity's separation of beauty and moral big relativistic error, return to Plotinus' and Greco-Roman ideas of beauty as moral compass and inspiring excellence preferable 

John Horvat: Dreher's Benedict Option dangerous postmodern idea, differs from Saint Benedict when it comes to its local and fragmentary ambition as well as too much focus on what is opposed rather than advocated 

Microsoft solves Outlook emoji problem, were autocorrected to proprietary Wingdings font turning :) into J on non-Microsoft products 

Chanel accused of cultural appropriation when offering USD 1,400 boomerang as part of accessories collection, statement issued with apologies following Twitter critique