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South Korea faces a kimchi crisis after the price of cabbage skyrockets 60% this year, an abnormally long monsoon between June and August topped by three typhoons in August and September destroyed cabbage fields needed to make kimchi

A ban on transgender women competing in international rugby matches will not stop them playing the women’s game in England if they maintain testosterone levels below a certain level for a year as it is claimed more evidence is needed to justify a full ban, Fair Play For Women, which campaigns against trans women in women’s sport, say the international ban put safety top of its agenda and ask why the same is not offered to amateurs

Rod Stewart ships his 124ft long and 23ft wide model railway replica of a 1940s US city from Beverly Hills to his English mansion in Essex, will be dismantled for the journey and put back together by the veteran singer and a team of craftsmen

12-year-old Jackson Oswalt has managed to build a working nuclear reactor making him the youngest on record to achieve this feat, he began building his own DIY nuclear reactor after being inspired by the previous Guinness World Record holder Taylor Wilson, who had managed to construct one by the age of 14

Slovenian Tadej Pogačar set to be the youngest winner of Tour de France in 111 years after turning a 57-second deficit to favourite and fellow countryman Primož Roglič into a 59-second lead on the penultimate stage, will also claim the King of the Mountains jersey and the young riders' white jersey

Two strict vegan parents plead guilty to negligently causing serious injury after their baby developed cerebral palsy, they repeatedly ignored medical advice that their plant-based diet would not sufficiently nourish their young child, the father made his own vegan formula out of dates, fruit and other vegetables, he has now adjusted his own diet and eats meat

Oscars introduce diversity requirements for films that wish to be eligible for the Best Picture Award, needing to hire more black, female, LGBT or disabled cast and crew or address themes that affect those communities, new rules to be introduced in 2024

Liberty Minecraft announces end of project, libertarian game server will be online until June 2021 but will not receive any updates, founder Nathan Dempsey thanks players for five wonderful years

BBC sends TV licencing letter to Kew Palace in Richmond whose last resident was King George III and family in 1820, as free licences for over 75s are scrapped in Britain

A wooden statue honouring the 1980s movie Rambo First Blood has been erected in Hope, British Columbia, actor Sylvester Stallone was quite pleased with the statue before it went up in the city where the 1982 action movie was filmed

The vegan community was dominated by wealthy white women but black and racialized vegans want to take over, black people make up the fastest growing vegan demographic, unlike whites who had to culturally appropriate foods to fit a vegan agenda vegetable-rich diets are not new for people of colour

British farmer Stuart Baldwin in Wigan deposits 421 tyres on front yard of man who was caught on CCTV dumping them on Baldwin's land, had given the culprit a deadline to come and collect the tyres

Yvel is creating the world’s most expensive coronavirus mask with a price tag of USD 1.5 million, the 18-karat white gold mask will be decorated with 3,600 white and black diamonds, the buyer specifically requested it would be the priciest in the world, designer Isaac Levy said he would not wear it himself but he was happy the work was able to provide for his employees during very challenging times

George W. Bush publishes book with portrait paintings of 43 immigrants as well as biographical essays he has written about them, purpose is to campaign for liberal immigration laws but publication has been intentionally delayed to after the 2020 presidential election

Movement of "sovereign citizens" grows world-wide according to BBC, consists of individuals who do not see themselves as obligated to follow laws or pay taxes after using legal means to exist contract relationships with states, habit of challenging laws and regulations in court described as paper terrorism

Poppy Lekner wins the 2020 Parkin Drawing Prize of 25 000 NZD, her winning piece of art featuring thousands of forward-slash characters on an A4 piece of paper was created the day before entries closed using a typewriter, Charlotte Davy, head of art at New Zealand's national museum explained the reasoning for the decision, "It's such a beautiful... minimal work where she's really exploring a kind of meditation of process, literally just repeating forward-slash over and over again ... creating a beautiful woven pattern,"

Terunofuji wins historic summer basho in Tokyo after major injury problems, first wrestler ever to have fallen as far down the divisions and then climb back up to lift the Emperor's Cup, won his first tournament as an Ozeki in 2015 before dropping out of the Makuuchi division in 2018

Afrofuturist pioneer Sun Ra articulated negative theology pointing to vacuum at core of African American experience, challenged black people to turn marginalized position into creative opportunities, portrayed by Ming Smith in photographs featured in upcoming book

Arbiom trials a new plant-based protein based on fermented and broken down wood claiming a very easily digestible, high protein content, antibiotics free, environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative made from dead trees and wood manufacturing scraps for both humans and livestock, the larger food manufacturing community has reacted mostly positive to the new ingredient

Director Joel Schumacher dead at 80 from cancer, got famous for directing the successful movies St. Elmo's Fire, The Lost Boys and Flatliners, also directed Falling Down, A Time to Kill, Phone Booth, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin

Singer Vera Lynn dies at 103, became a symbol of hope in Britain during World War Two with her song We’ll Meet Again and was known as the Forces’ Sweetheart

Maya inspired prophecy of world ending in December 2012 based on confusing Julian and Gregorian calendars, tweets scientist, ancient calendar actually ends on June 21, 2020

Japanese sweets feud ends as Kyoto court allows Shogoin Yatsuhashi Sohonten to continue informing customers about founding of company in 1689, competitor Izutsuyatsuhashihonpo, founded in 1805, sued on grounds that highlighting longer manufacturing tradition falsely implies better products, defense attorney Orita Yasuhiro admits that the conflict probably is comprehensible only to the people of Kyoto

Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant Alice Cutter is jailed for three years and her former partner Mark Jones for more than five for being members of banned group National Action, court admits Cutter never held a leadership role and she denies ever being a member

Serial burglar Jake Fletcher in South Wales is caught mid-burglary when squawking parrot wakes its owner who stops the thief from getting away with her daughters rucksack, video games, a bottle of prosecco and a bottle of gin, the burglar is jailed for two years

German low-cost carrier Eurowings resumes services from Düsseldorf to Sardinia, is forced to turn around at its destination as the Olbia Airport is still closed to commercial traffic

Parrot to give evidence at trial of men who raped and beat woman to death in Argentina, police officer standing guard outside the murder scene claims to have heard the bird repeat the victim's last words "no, please let me go"

South Korean fotball club FC Seoul apologizes after replacing supporters with apparent sex dolls in stadium stands, some of the dolls held signs mentioning adult sites, doll manufacturer say dolls were not for sexual use

Sumo wrestler Shobushi dead at 28 due to multiple organ failure caused by Covid-19, is thought to be the first person under 30 to die from the virus in Japan

Jerry Stiller dead at 92 from natural causes, most known for playing Frank Costanza on Seinfeld

Elon Musk can't name his son X Æ A-12 as California's computer system can only handle the 26 English alphabet characters plus an apostrophe, bill to allow for more characters was dropped in 2014 due to the system upgrading costs being too large, according to family law attorney David Glass

Elon Musk and Claire Boucher announce birth of son X Æ A-12, Musk's sixth son after twins and triplets from his previous marriage

Kraftwerk co-founder Florian Schneider dies from cancer at 73, the German quartet set the template for synthesiser music in the 1970s and 80s with songs like Autobahn and The Model

Icelandic Game of Thrones actor and strongman Hafþór Björnsson beats Eddie Hall's deadlift world record by lifting 501 kg with straps, says he believes he could have done more but that he and his family were happy with breaking the 2016 record by 1 kg

Raven in Bashkortostan, Russia uses plastic lid as snowboard, four runs caught on film as it grabs the lid with beak after descending hill to fly up and go again, watching raven appears disinterested

American actor Brian Dennehy dies at 81 of natural causes, won two Tony Awards, a Golden Globe and earned six Emmy nominations, had roles in films such as First Blood, Cocoon and F/X

Several cyber-attacks thwarted in the Czech Republic, Prague Airport detects attack on homepage in preparatory phases and several hospitals successfully blocks cyber intrusion, malware used designed to damage or destroy victims’ computers according to researchers

64-year-old retired man ejected by mistake from Rafale-B plane at 2500 feet while grasping for ejector handle during ascent at 47 degree angle, loses helmet not fastened properly and lands in field next to German border with minor injuries, the man had never expressed desire for such flight but got it as surprise present and found it hard to decline, pilot lands safely despite system intended to eject both seats

New edition of Mine Were of Trouble, Peter Kemp’s narrative of the Spanish Civil War from the Nationalist side, the book exposes knowledge not commonly known and provides a vivid description of the Nationalists entirely different from the dominant Leftist caricature

Pope Francis accused of comparing convicted, now acquitted, child abuser Cardinal Pell to Jesus after comments during mass and on Twitter saying we have witnessed the persecution that Jesus underwent and how he was judged ferociously even though he was innocent

UFC President Dana White plans on renting private island to host events during the Covid-19 pandemic starting with UFC 249 on April 18, says the location is still top secret but that the deal is very close

European football championship Euro 2020 postponed until summer 2021 because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Uefa decides during emergency video conference on Tuesday, will now run from 11 June to 11 July next year

Hundreds of crab-eating macaques swarm the streets in Thai city of Lopburi in search of food during current drought crisis, the infamously naughty macaques are a great nuisance in parts of Thailand and the yearly city festival serving the monkeys a buffet exacerbates the problem, authorities began a program in 2014 where gibbons and langurs were trained and deputized to control the monkeys

Teenager in Leeds sent home from school for selling hand sanitizer to fellow students for 50 pence per dose, his mother has trouble disciplining him as father calls him a legend, culprit himself plans to use profits to buy kebab

Test subjects notice no difference when 25% of butter in cake is replaced with larva fat, if ratio is increased to 50% they report an unusual taste and say they would not buy the cake, according to Belgian researchers hoping to find ways to increase consumption of insect food

Actor Max von Sydow dead at 90, appeared in several landmark films and TV series over several decades with iconic roles in for instance The Seventh Seal and The Exorcist

900-strong Hungarian vigilante grouping "Easy Riders" pit biker brawn against against domestic abuse, one phone call summons legion of wind-browned bikers to your residence, Easy Riders also offer counselling services for those who wish to extricate themselves from abusive relationships, existing civil organizations against domestic abuse largely ineffective says female member Vera Mero

Wuhan stages perfunctory grocery deliveries just in time for Sun Chunlan's Premier progress through Wubei province, entourage of Party sycophants stand by in mute admiration as couriers defy infection hazard for the good of the nation, 15-second video clip of residents jeering "It's fake!" from rooftops trends briefly on Weibo before vanishing without trace Friday

61 year old woman in Ireland spends 20 years cutting down non-native spruces planted by the state and replacing them with indigenous trees, convicted for stealing logs but claims she has only fulfilled civic duty to protect environment and biodiversity

Jack Welch dead at 84, was CEO of General Electric from 1981 to 2001 and one of the iconic big business leaders of his generation

Music activists makes computer generate all possible melodies formed with twelve notes with eight different tones, copyrights all of them under permissive license to prevent musicians being sued for copying them in the future

Freeman Dyson dead at 96, was leading theoretical physicist and mathematician, pioneered important concepts in space exploration and several other areas, worked at Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton from 1953 to his death

Hans-Hermann Hoppe answers questions from Jeff Deist in in-depth interview, topics include his family background, views on Christianity, the controversy about physical removal, anarchy, immigration and the future of the West

Vladimir Putin denies rumours he uses doppelganger in public appearances, TASS reporter hazards "Are you real?", to which Putin replies "Yes", concedes rumours are true inasmuch as the FSB suggested Putin use a body double in the early 2000s, claims he gracefully declined

62-year-old former Marine George Hood sets world record by staying in the abdominal plank position for 8 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds, has trained an average of 7 hours per day for the last 18 months to regain the record he lost to Mao Weidong from China in 2016, now aims to beat the world record of 2,806 pushups completed in one hour

Skylines of African cities transformed by buildings funded, designed and built by Chinese actors who now have 40% of Africa's construction markets, transnational Sino-African architecture expected to link cultures for many decades to come

LEGO Chief Designer Jens Nygaard Knudsen dead at 78, created the iconic minifigure and was behind many of the classic themes such as Space and Pirates

Self-taught engineer and daredevil "Mad" Mike Hughes dead at 64 after crashing in a steam-powered rocket during filming of Science Channel series Homemade Astronauts, Hughes who reached 419 meters in a self-built rocket in 2014 also failed a 2018 rocket launch aimed at proving the Earth's frisbee shape and has held the limousine ramp jumping world record since 2002

Chess reborn as esport with more, faster and more entertaining games, new generation of chess pros build careers on Twitch and YouTube and world championships expand audience by millions online

Vegan activist Joaquin Phoenix rescues cow and calf from Los Angeles slaughterhouse, names them Liberty and Indigo before relocating them to sanctuary for liberated farm animals

Animal welfare organisations slam Pigeons United To Interfere Now's protest where pigeons with MAGA hats were released in Las Vegas prior to the Democratic debate, say the birds are likely suffering and that it's no laughing matter, one pigeon fitted with blonde Trump wig instead of a hat

Walking is a radical act of rebellion against modernity's obsession with speed, promotes clarity of thought and creativity says Norwegian explorer Erling Kagge who has travelled by foot to the North Pole, the South Pole and Mount Everest

Ghost ship runs aground in Ireland after drifting without crew over the Atlantic for 18 months, was hijacked while being towed to Guyana after crew abandoned ship near Bermuda, owner of vessel remains to be determined

Jordan Peterson near death during withdrawal from benzodiazepine tranquilizers, is currently at clinic in Russia where he has undergone eight days of medically induced coma, has sustained neurological damage but is on the mend according to daughter Mikhaila Peterson

Kirk Douglas dead at 103, iconic actor was last living representative of Golden Era of Hollywood, acted in more than 80 movies during seven decade career

Legendary Irish mercenary Michael "Mad Mike" Hoare dead at 100, was hired in 1964 to strike down the communist-backed Simba rebellion in the Congo and failed at overthrowing the socialist Seychelles government in 1981 – was impopular in parts of the world due to his fervent anti-communist beliefs and got his nickname from East German radio regularly describing him as "that mad bloodhound Hoare", a moniker he carried with pride

Man boards American airlines flight bound for Houston wearing a gas mask causing unease among fellow travelers, refuses to take mask off and is consequently removed from plane, the man allegedly wanted to make statement the nature of which remains unclear, gets rebooked for following day and boards without mask

10,000 bees estimated to have frozen to death after their hives were kicked over on grounds of Wisbech Castle in Cambridgeshire, the deceased insects belonged to rare species of British Black Bees, local police publishes photo of the two suspected culprits

Greta Thunberg trademarks her name as well as "Fridays for Future" and "School strike for climate", says the protection is needed as the terms are constantly used for commercial purposes – plans setting up nonprofit foundation to handle money from such things as book royalties, donations and prizes transparently

83-year-old French writer Gabriel Matzneff comments on his well-documented underage sex tourism in Asia that no one back then thought of as crime but that if he regrets if he did anything wrong, Matzneff who has been awarded two major state honours and also benefits from special pension as well as reduced rent for his Paris apartment calls pulling his works from bookshops neo-puritanism and says government threats of taking away his pension is a Soviet style trap to get him to kill himself

41-year-old former basketball player Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter among the nine killed in helicopter crash in Calabasas northwest of Los Angeles, was considered one of basketball's greatest players of all time

French author Gabriel Matzneff spent decades writing and talking about his sexual relations with minors but only recently is he being investigated by police, book by Vanessa Springora who was seduced by Matzneff at 14 years of age sparks debate about how cultural elite protects predators

Building company Regard in Tokyo lets customers try out how it would be to live in one of their houses, provides the would be buyers with a wife and daughter to act out common situations such as preparing for a party, doing homework or relaxing on the balcony, good response with one man proclaiming that he now has a goal to have such a family

Two Vietnamese men fined USD 78 after video of them showering from a bucket and rinsing their hair while riding a motorcycle went viral – were fined for driving without driver's license, crash helmets, rear-view mirrors and civil insurance certificate

German police launches investigation after beer being sold under the name "German Reich Brew" labeled with the imperial eagle and the Iron Cross for EUR 18.88 per case in the eastern German town of Bad Bibra, neither the eagle nor the cross among the country's "anti-constitutional" banned symbols, the beer launched by former NPD politician Tommy Frenck is said to have sold out

Switzerland's national mint creates world's smallest gold coin at 2.96 mm in diameter and 0.063 grams, the 2020 official commemorative coin portrays Albert Einstein and has a nominal value of CHF 0.25, 999 coins have been made and will be sold for CHF 199 including special magnifying glass

Founding 'Monty Python' member and 'Life of Brian' director Terry Jones dies aged 77, diagnosed with dementia in 2015

Wombat physically removed from Tasmanian suburb after 12 months of entering houses through cat flaps to feast on cat food and make beds out of cushions, the animal who also tunneled under fences and dug out gardens is said to have lived in council pipes during days and visited the neighbourhood during nights

Coca-Cola has no intention to phase out plastic bottles, much to the chagrin and dismay of environmental activists, Coke head of sustainibility Bea Perez tells BBC reporter consumer wants must be premiered over activist furore, Coke projects they will recycle as many plastic bottles as they produce by 2030

New Hampshire father strangles coyote to death with his bare hands after it attacked his family during hike, the predator is also believed to have attacked another hiking family as well as a 62-year old woman with her dogs, rabies tests to be performed

Woman discovers 6-8 feet Boa Constrictor wrapped around sink in the bathroom of her home in Liverpool, Constable Chris Eastwood from the Matrix team gave the snake a drink of water before coaxing it to unravel itself

Hank Azaria says he will no longer voice the Simpsons character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, decision follows years of criticism accusing the character of reinforcing racial stereotypes with regard to his eight children, arranged marriage and job as a convenience store owner, unclear if Apu will get a new voice or be dropped from the cartoon

Rare 22-carat Edward VIII gold coin first British coin to sell for GBP 1 million, coin originally from a small trial set collection created when Edward took the throne in 1936 but never publicly released as he abdicated the same year to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson, coin also unique as Edward preferred to show his left profile and thus broke with the tradition of successive monarch's heads facing in opposite directions

J.R.R. Tolkien's son Christopher dead at 95, drew the Lord of the Rings maps and edited most of his father's posthumous works – also translated legendary sagas such as the Icelandic 13th century Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks which inspired his father to create Middle-earth

Two confirmed deaths and more maimed in wake of chemical plant explosion in Catalonia, gas-buildup sends one ton steel plate crashing into residential block two miles away, cause believed to be ignition of volatile precursor ethylene oxide

Paraplegic South Carolina man Adam Gorlitsky beats the world record for marathon in an exoskeleton suit by completing Charleston Marathon in 33 hours, 50 minutes and 23 seconds, completed the race without taking sleeping breaks and says he's gained a whole new level of respect for the former world record holder Simon Kindleysides who finished the 2018 London Marathon in 36 hours and 46 minutes

Conservative luminary Roger Scruton dies at 75, prolific scholar and thinker who produced works on everything from architecture to theology, was diagnosed with cancer summer of 2019

Montana's Glacier National Park replaces decade-old signs predicting glaciers to be gone by 2020 – park officials stated to have known the glaciers to be intact in 2020 by 2017 when the US Geological Survey forecast model changed, but strict maintenance budgets belated the sign changing

Paul Krugman claims in deleted tweet that his IP-address was compromised to download child pornography, believes it was either a fluke or a deliberate attempt to "QAnon" him, has since backpedalled to say it was probably just a 'scam'

Photographs surface showing Bill Clinton posing with Jeffrey Epstein's former associate Ghislaine Maxwell and sex-slave Chauntae Davies during five-day humanitarian trip to Africa, Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker reported to have been on the same private jet, ostensible purpose of trip to promote awareness of AIDS and poverty

Toyota Motors CEO Toyoda Akio reveals plans to build hydrogen-powered eco city in central Japan, capacity for 2000 inhabitants comprising mainly Toyota employees, fossil fuels cars to be prohibited as citizens are nurtured cradle to grave by AI and robotics

276 kilogram bluefin tuna sold for USD 1.8 million in first Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market auction of 2020, second highest price on record paid by Sushizanmai restaurant owner Kiyoshi Kimura, who also holds the record after spending USD 3.1 million on a tuna last year

Neighbour mistakes talking 40-year-old parrot Rambo for a woman screaming for help and calls the police to couple's Florida home, owner taught his pet to yell "help, help, let me out" when he was a child

Mother of Britain's biggest family Sue Radford pregnant with her 22nd child, Sue and her husband Noel had their first child in 1989 when she was 14 years old, the couple also has five grandchildren

India approves third lunar mission planned for 2020 launch months after last one failed to successfully land on the moon, the Chandrayaan-3 mission said to cost less than the previous mission and a human space-flight mission is slated for late 2021

Monkey house at German Krefeld Zoo destroyed in fire killing all animals but two chimpanzees, the enclosure housed rare Bornean orangutans, chimpanzees and marmosets, among other animals

Julian Assange tells journalist friend Vaughan Smith "I'm slowly dying here" in slurred phone call from Belmarsh prison on Christmas Eve, comes weeks after 60 doctors warned he could die without urgent medical care in open letter addressed to Home Secretary Priti Patel

Pope Francis recoils in dismay when a pilgrim forcefully yanks him by the hand in St Peter's Square, had only just returned from a thanksgiving service dedicated to the previous year

Public First poll shows 74% of Britons want BBC license fee scrapped and 60% back plans to decriminalise non-payment, support for change higher among younger people than older ones, licence is stuck in place until 2027 but its level can be changed from 2022

Ari Behn dead at 47, was author and ex-husband of Norwegian princess Märtha Louise, claimed to have been sexually harassed by Kevin Spacey who day before Behn's death posted video where he talked about killing enemies with kindness