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Neapolitan mastiff Martha crowned World's ugliest dog, the contest in Petaluma, California celebrates the kind of dogs that never win beauty pageants  

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, elects pitbull Brynneth Pawltro as mayor, fourth dog to be elected mayor in town, USD 1 charged per vote with unlimited voting where money usually goes toward town improvements 

CIA contractors steal potato chips and chocolate bars worth USD 3,300 by breaking connection to payment system on vending machines 

Exeter boys protest school uniform's ban on shorts by wearing skirts as UK experiences record heatwave 

Unique sword from late middle ages found in excavation of Polish peat bog, completely intact except hilt which has decomposed 

Powerful miniature crossbow adapted for firing of toothpicks new popular toy in China, concerns about damage causes bans in several cities 

Rod Dreher: Genuinely unmodern Venice fantastic city that no one would plan, similar to Orthodox Christianity with rich Byzantine beauty  

Sota Fujii wins 28th straight shogi match, now tied for the all time record, already holds the record for youngest professional player, says mainly he's just been lucky 

Aggressive orcas harass, rob and pursue fishing boats in Bering Sea, compared to motorcycle gangs by fishers, reports indicate related financial losses amount to USD 500 per day 

Josh Herring: Greek and Nordic mythology milestones of essential knowledge but inferiority to Christianity evident in views of tragedy, while Greeks placed it in mythical past and Northerners in the far future, Christianity makes it both present and hopeful 

Acrobat Erendira Wallenda beats world record hanging by her teeth from helicopter 91 meters above Niagara falls 

Pope Francis wishes for new doctrine to excommunicate members convicted of corruption or mafia crimes, sees habitual criminality as different in nature from one-off sins 

Todd VanDerWerff: Oliver Stone's obsequious interview series with Putin humanizes the Russian leader and reveals his materialistic view of history despite sub-par execution by the famous director 

New Zeeland store owner apologizes after placing dog food in snack aisle leading to complaints from parent who have fed treats to their children 

Spanish matador Iván Fandiño deceased, gored by bull after catching feet in own cloak during bullfight in France 

"F*** you, I'm Millwall!" name of new product from Swedish brewery Frequency Beer Works, hommage to Roy Larner who was severely injured while single-handedly fighting three terrorists at Borough Market 

Christian Butler: Wonder Woman could transcend brand of being women’s film made by a woman, fantastic production but impossible to enjoy if interpreted through myopic feminist perspective 

Helmut Kohl dies at 87, long time CDU leader and chancellor during Germany's reunion (German)

Cryptocurrency PotCoin finances Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea, former NBA player has long-time friendship with Kim Jong-un 

Man with Hirschsprung's disease forced to remove part of colon containing 13 kg of feces, came into hospital with an extremely bloated stomach and could barely breathe 

Adam West, actor famous for 60's Batman role and as Family Guy's mayor West dead at 88 after short leukemia battle 

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik changes name to Fjotolf Hansen, the first name Fjotolf extremely rare while the last name Hansen is very common 

Archaeologists unearth elaborate mosaics and coins in 1,700-year-old villa in Ptolemais, ancient Roman city in present-day Libya 

Ryan Landry: Author Chuck Palahniuk before his time in describing lost masculinity and decadence in books Fight Club and Survivor, has in recent years become dull mainstream liberal [audio] 

E Antony Gray: Highly influential poet Borges offers uniquely rich introspection regarding limits of man and ways to create different identities 

Creator of wetsuit Jack O'Neill dead at 94, loved ocean and founded company O'Neill 

Swiss village Bergün bans visitors from taking photos, inhabitants think village is so beautiful that if people see photos of it on social media they will feel miserable 

Richard Carroll: Kondo Marie's book about art of organizing most reactionary book ever written, to live in an orderly manner builds confidence, discipline and habits that in long run lead to virtue 

Stephanie Mann: Joan of Arc has been used as symbol of everything from feminism to warriors and mad women, but should primarily be remembered for her love for Jesus 

Johnsonville in Connecticut up for sale for USD 1.9 million, city abandoned for nearly 20 years apart from occasional ghost hunting 

Sologamy new trend among women in UK, US and Japan – to marry oneself seen as way to celebrate independence or to be princess for a day 

Wild bear spotted in the canton of Bern for the first time since 1823, important in the legend of the city's name and heraldry (German)

Sir Roger Moore dead at 89 after short battle with cancer, most known for portraying James Bond in seven movies 

Egyptian lantern-makers seek to save ancient craft in struggle against imported replicas, Chinese plastic lanterns common despite being banned by decree from 2015 

Morbidly obese monkey caught and put in captivity, ate junk food from tourists but has now been placed on strict diet 

Richard Carroll: Hesiod's poetry is despite its place in Homer's shadow required reading for those who seek classical education, value of virtue and hard work characterizes didactic poem Works and Days 

Dutch king Willem-Alexander recently quit as KLM co-pilot, flew smaller plane twice a month, few recognized him, will train to fly Boeing 737 

Rock singer Chris Cornell from Soundgarden and Audioslave dead at 52, cause of death unknown 

Paul Krause: Modernity's separation of beauty and moral big relativistic error, return to Plotinus' and Greco-Roman ideas of beauty as moral compass and inspiring excellence preferable 

John Horvat: Dreher's Benedict Option dangerous postmodern idea, differs from Saint Benedict when it comes to its local and fragmentary ambition as well as too much focus on what is opposed rather than advocated 

Microsoft solves Outlook emoji problem, were autocorrected to proprietary Wingdings font turning :) into J on non-Microsoft products 

Chanel accused of cultural appropriation when offering USD 1,400 boomerang as part of accessories collection, statement issued with apologies following Twitter critique  

Japanese fishermen diversify their businesses to also offer wake up calls, will share their wisdom from years spent at sea to those who so wish  

DJ Roberto Concina dead at 47, trance pioneer in 1990s under the name Robert Miles 

Suicide prevention group starts using drone to monitor rugged coastline in Japan known for its many suicides, usually patrol the area by foot which together with Pokemon Go has had a positive effect in preventing suicides by making the cliffs less secluded 

Creator of Pepe, Matt Furie symbolically kills frog in one page comic after six months long Save Pepe campaign failed to make people present character as peaceful and friendly 

Company in Australia offers customers to cremate unused embryos from in vitro fertilization to use in the creation of jewelry 

Ukraine forbids Steven Seagal to enter country, is considered security threat after receiving Russian citizenship by decree issued by Putin 

South African author Karel Schoeman commits suicide at 77 by seizing to eat or drink, known for autobiographical and historical novels 

Rats drank 1 million liters of confiscated alcohol according to police officers in Bihar, India who are tasked with explaining absence of confiscated goods to superiors 

First wolf pack in Denmark in 200 years, pregnant she-wolf expected to have given birth or to do so shortly, since 2012 only five wolves have been sighted in country 

Extremely rare albino orangutan rescued by NGO after two days in captivity in Borneo village 

Ferrari 275 GTB from 1964 may become world's most expensive car, could fetch USD 100 million at auction following death of owner Preston Henn 

Female dragonflies fall to ground and play dead to avoid unwanted sexual advances, behavior previously observed in other species 

Doug French: Yearly NFL draft beautiful example of division of labor, marginal phenomenon has become one of year's largest TV events and created entire new sector of specialized workers 

Rod Dreher talks about his childhood, Christian journey and newly launched book The Benedict Option in article from The New Yorker, says Christians should live together in local communities to avoid being dragged into liquid modernity which resembles Great Flood of Bible 

Alternative chess ranking evaluates each move with Stockfish AI instead of final results of games, leads to better predictions compared with ELO-ranking, places Carlsen as number one, Fischer as number three 

Book readers more popular on dating services, statistics shows reading Hunger Games make women more attractive, Richard Branson business books have largest positive effect for men 

Rouben Adalian on Tom Woods Show: Tragically unknown Armenian genocide final solution to long period of persecution and massacres – silent leaders in West appease allied Turkey despite wealth of evidence of government sanctioned systematic mass killing [audio] 

Theodore Dalrymple: Mark Zuckerberg's supposedly folksy wearing of t-shirts synonymous with cynical product exploiting and mocking common people, elite thinks dressing down is sign of subtle intellectual sophistication when rather it is a striving for eternal youth 

Gog, a 2000 year-old oak tree dies in flames in south England, leaves behind neighbouring oak tree Magog and Glastonbury, Somerset villagers 

UK National Union of Students recommends “consequences” for expressing support by "whooping" and applause because it excludes deaf 

Ex-Marxist and historian Thaddeus Russell launches Renegade University and podcast, makes appearance on Tom Woods Show and talks about range of topics from trade unions and work ethic to own political development [audio] 

Oregon citizen with Engineering degree proves through meticulous investigation that traffic lights are not according to regulations, is fined for referring to himself as Engineer in email despite lacking proper Engineering license 

Robert M. Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, dead at age 88, bestselling book was rejected 121 times before publication, became one of most popular work of popular philosophy in modern era 

Webroot antivirus program flags essential Windows files as infected by trojan, web pages like Facebook blocked 

Wild boars kill three and injure five IS terrorists in northern Iraq, Islamists believed to have disturbed animals while setting up ambush  

Hash browns recalled by McCain Foods in US due to containing pieces of golf balls, may cause choking and physical injuries to mouth 

Finland withdraws commemorative coin depicting execution of Reds during civil war after online outrage, other coin in series to depict drowned Syrian refugee child 

12-year-old took family car and drove 1,300 km through Australia, intended to cross continent from east to west but was arrested by police after one third of way 

Ravens often sinister symbols in folk stories but almost always positively depicted in the Bible, among others as lookouts for dry land from Noah's ark and as bringers of food to holy men including the prophet Elijah and St. Benedict 

Martin Filler: Three German princesses succeeded by combining classic and scientific education in contributing to England's cultural and material progress in the 18th century 

Bee stings hurt most in nostrils and on upper lip, least on toes and top of head, according to man who systematically let bees sting him on 25 different body parts 

Ipswichian cleans car and finds McDonald's Szechuan Sauce from 1998, auctioned it online as product was mentioned in TV series Rick and Morty, sold for USD 14,700 

Micronation Neco Republic announced after positive response to April Fools' joke, crowdfunding to finance island where cats rank higher than humans, free healthcare and pensions important parts of creating feline paradise 

Head size on election posters used to predict outcome of South Korean presidential elections, since 1992 candidate with smallest depiction of head has won, indicates Ahn Chul-soo will be next leader of country 

MIT Press publishes communist children's book where conflict is solved by workers expropriating factory 

3,000-year-old ball game recreated in Mexico, Ullamaliztli played on narrow court where ball must be kept moving using hips, tradition of sacrificing losing team to gods left out of modern version 

US porn industry on hold after performer suspected to be HIV positive, minimal risk of transmission but industry health protocols rigorous 

57-year-old Gloucester man convicted of killing two butterflies, sought to frame rare Maculinea arion and add to collection, reported by amateur investigator and given six months suspended sentence 

Jamaica minister tells funeral directors to restore dignity of ceremonies and curb vulgarity, threatens to regulate market 

60 cows on train station in Kent causing delays and cancellations 

Students at Indiana University told to take short and cold showers to counter climate change 

Pope opens laundromat in Rome, to be used free of charge by homeless, laundry also named after Francis 

Archaeoacoustic research seeks to recreate sound scares of human prehistory by measuring correlations between resonance in caves and traces of their former inhabitants 

Coins worth USD 1.5 million thrown in Trevi fountain in Rome during 2016, money collected by city council and handed to charity organization Caritas 

Greek bishop Seraphim of Piraeus calls for Erdoğan to denounce Islam and convert to Orthodoxy with Putin as godfather, Turkish president will otherwise join prophet Muhammad in hell and eternal suffering 

Japanese macaques detained on island against their will, local authorities recruit guards to ensure no monkeys escape over temporary land bridge, believe they will not return voluntarily if allowed to leave 

Japans supreme court finds Megumi Igarashi guilty of obscenity, sentenced to pay a fine of 3 650 USD for distribution of 3-D scans of her vagina, sent to people who donated money for the construction of a kayak designed to look as the artists genitals  

8-year-old boy in Ohio takes 4-year-old sister to McDonald's in parent's car, flawless driving followed by cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets at drive-through, boy claims to have learned to drive by watching YouTube videos 

Brit charged for swatting after tricking police to storm house of US man, victim shot in head with rubber bullets 

Law makers in Oregon proposes repealing ban on government employees engaging in gun duels 

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: Bleeding hand after icepick trick made me realize that double nature of Christ as both divine and human enables God to be risk taker, Trump's visible flaws made me realize he would win primaries 

Hospital in Denmark fulfills dying man's last wish, a cigarette, a glass of wine and watching the sunset 

Enthusiasts find gold bars worth 800,000 GBP in fuel tank of T54/69 battle tank during renovation, probably loot from Iraqi soldiers during the war, tank bought on eBay for 30,000 GBP 

Fake fur may be from cats, says Humane Society International after conducting lab tests on shoes sold in UK 

Stephen Limbaugh: Government aid for music and arts contributing factor to cultural decay, while authorities fund ideologically appproved modern projects private donations are necessary in order for classical works to survive 

Wet half-naked woman found walking in middle of Fresno street, claims to be a mermaid, can not be identified with fingerprints, has webbed toes on both feet according to police 

Pennsylvania man with Drunk Lives Matter shirt prosecuted for drunk driving after being caught by police with 2.5 times the legal amount of alcohol in blood 

Microsoft updates its privacy policy, will for the first time report a complete list of diagnostic data collected