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100 kg gold coin worth EUR 3.7 million stolen from Berlin museum, thieves may have used ladder, coin minted by Royal Canadian Mint in 2007 

Bryan Caplan guest of The Rubin Report, discussing what anarcho-capitalism is, basic economics and immigration in the US [video] 

Apple's Siri understands all countries emergency numbers and translates them to the place where one is right now, pranksters using this to fool people into calling emergency centers 

San Francisco woman dies from drinking wolf's bane tea, no known antidote for aconite poisoning 

Transgender New Zealander Laurel Hubbard wins international women’s weightlifting title in over 90 kg division, beats four national records 

Author and Nobel Price winner Sir Derek Walcott of Saint Lucia dead at 87, known in particular for epic poem Omeros 

Banker and billionaire David Rockefeller dies at 101 of congestive heart failure, was advisor to several politicians 

Contracting disease from public toilet seats very unlikely, risk greatest when flushing launches fecal matter into air increasing probability of contact with hands 

University of Arizona releases booklet on how teachers and students should handle microaggressions – careless use of pronouns and scheduling tests to religious holidays among listed sins 

Giant statue found in Cairo slum is not Ramses II, could be Psamtek I who ruled 600 years later according to Egypt's antiquities minister 

Three boys climb fence in Czech zoo and kill 16-year-old American flamingo, expressed no regret over attack that started with boys throwing rocks and sticks at the birds 

Pavel Sterec: Czech startup Artstaq enabling art investments without proper understanding with the help of algorithms brings a dark, hopeless vision of the future of art, will drive artists to adapt to uninterested investors' profit hunger 

Dutchman Hans van Manen ordered to remove 80 goldfish released by him into Veenendaal canal, animals regarded as invasive species 

Yearly Hodare parade takes place in Japan, festivites to bring fertility and marital happiness for newlywed women carried on two meter long wooden penis 

Boaty McBoatface sent on first mission to Antarctic, autonomous submarine vessel named by public vote will examine water flow and turbulence in Orkney passage 

Brazil president Michel Temer moves from official residence due to bad energy and spookiness of building which has had detrimental effect on sleep 

The left must return to Enlightenment to counter postmodern alt-right, Georg Lukàcs set out on dangerous road when trying to derive radical conclusions from reactionary premises, say writers in socialist magazine Jacobin 

Washing machine with special mode for curry stains launched in India, also has setting for removing traces of hair oil, maker plans additional models targeting typical stains of other countries 

4chan sabotages Shia LaBeouf video stream of anti-Trump flag, analyzes airplane routes, wind direction and position of stars to localize flag and replace it with Pepe banner 

Giant statue of Ramses II found buried in Cairo slum alongside trash and industrial waste, Antiquities Ministry of Egypt deems discovery significant 

To counter priest shortage, Pope says he is open to allowing married men to be ordained 

Ayn Rand's magnum opus Atlas Shrugged to be launched as graphic novel by New American Library, will be released in three volumes when finished 

Messerschmitt airplane from WW2 found by 14-year-old Danish boy as part of school project, believed to originate from training base for German pilots in Aalborg 

Female from Egypt believed to be one of the heaviest on earth undergoes obesity surgery in India, has since January been losing 220 lbs from the original 1102 lbs 

Potatoes can grow on Mars according to simulation of planet's temperature, air pressure and atmospheric composition by researchers at International Potato Center 

Traditional mole catchers risk livelihood due to proposed regulations of traps which seldom kill immediately 

Fragments of opera by Franz Liszt from 1849 brought together, to be premiered in Cardiff, based on Sardanapalus by Lord Byron, musically inspired by Wagner [text + audio] 

Camille Paglia saw victory of smart and intuitive Trump coming, unsurprised by alt-right rebellion against nonsensical elite discourse, unimpressed by Milo Yiannopoulos, prefers archeology to news 

Nike presents hijab gear for female athletes in Muslim world, with a breathable but opaque head cover 

Zoo owner in Dalton-in-Furness loses license after authorities over three years discover 486 deceased animals, staff member killed by tiger, deficient concrete leading giraffe to slip to its death and sacred ibises escaping 

Gang of 120 people that left Spanish restaurant without paying full price believed to have targeted another eatery in same area, two ringleaders identified 

Russian MP Igor Lebedev suggests legalization and regulation of football hooliganism ahead of Russia's hosting of football World Cup 2018, says new sport could draw large crowds and set example for undisciplined British louts coming to pick a fight 

The Bible should be carried and used with same dedication given cell phones, says Pope Francis, Internet gift from God but must be used wisely 

Increasing number of WW2 bombs found in London due to more construction and taller buildings requiring deeper foundations 

17 turkeys in procession around tragically deceased cat, biologist think threat assessment likely explanation 

Allan V. Evans of Colorado makes claim to throne of Great Britain, places ad in Times of London and declares unbroken primogeniture descent from ancient king of Wales 

120 foreigners celebrate baptism in Spanish restaurant, all leave without paying the full price, restaurant not able to contact any of them 

War veteran in Miami obsessed with photographing and filing police reports of illegally parked police cars, sees method as way to get police to improve from within, considers illegal parking sign of internal structural problems 

Artist Gustav Metzger dies at 90 years of age, known for creating auto-destructive art 

Sistine Chapel digitally mapped in 270,000 pictures ahead of future restorations 

Alcohol may have played key role in human evolution as drunken monkeys were protected from infections, coffee important for weaning mankind from drunkenness  

Ornithologists fight bitterly over whether or not bird names should be hyphenated 

Chicken sandwiches sold by Subway are only 50% chicken meat according to Canadian study, rest is soy, Subway denies the claims 

Dolphin observed in River Thames in central London for third time in nine years 

Mahmud Ahmadinejad praises Trump in open letter for correct description of corruption in US politics, criticizes president for not respecting women 

Rachel Dolezal unemployed and on food stamps, soon to be homeless, only offered jobs in reality TV and porn – former race activist shunned after having lied about being African American, does not intend to apologize 

Japanese city of Iga proclaims itself the Ninja town, February 22 to be officially the city's Ninja Day, 2-2-2 in Japanese pronounced ‘nin-nin-ni’ 

Western dominance among top grossing film on decline, most successful box office so far during 2017 Japanese movie, four films on top ten generated income primarily in China 

Roger Scruton: Portraying old curriculum as irrelevant means betraying the youth, emphasis on ancient history and literature as well as classical languages gives knowledge that can be used to solve unforeseeable problems 

US witches coordinate casting of spell to oust Trump, will perform ritual every crescent moon until desired effect is achieved 

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: Attractive surface contraindication for quality, specialists who diverge from expected appearance more likely to have exceptional skills than those following aesthetic norms 

Camille Paglia: Glamour and romance of Oscars and Hollywood gone, replaced by cynicism and austerity, today's stars pale in comparison to luminous charisma of Elizabeth Taylor 

French waitress drags 180 cm long lizard out of restaurant in Australia, commended by natives for bravery and given nickname "goanna girl"  

Yakuza chief fingered as brain behind knife attack against nurse involved in botched plastic surgery of his genitals 

Polish woman becomes first foreign female professional shogi player, learned game through translated manga, trained by herself before traveling to Japan to compete in tournaments 

New law in Colorado can make home delivery of cannabis legal, the same household may not purchase more than one ounze per day, the user can't be intoxicated and must be 21 years old 

French restaurant awarded Michelin star by mistake, gourmets overwhelm modest bistro which is mostly frequented by lunching workmen 

Omar Abdel-Rahman dead in US prison, inspired numerous terror plots and said to be spiritual guide of 9/11 plotters 

Handwriting style for US librarians developed by committee in 1885, partly based on research done by Edison to find optimal handwriting for telegraph operators 

Residents of Vegas del Genil, Spain demand exorcist being called to cleanse ghost from town hall, mayor dismisses worry as collective psychosis and will focus on earthly matters 

Joel Mokyr: Europe's wealth came to be through political fragmentation spurring competition and innovation combined with cultural unity enabling exchange of ideas 

29% of liberals on Match.com feel less like dating after Trump victory, no similar effect for conservatives now or after Obama victory in 2012 

St Petersburg library offers opulent environment with 5,000 volumes of republished historical works, entrance fee is USD 122 for four hours, yearly membership USD 4,000 

Jessica Kiang: Film about young Karl Marx bittersweet and intelligent but misses opportunities for interesting provocation in too glorifying and unannounced portrayals 

Students wear puzzle-piece shaped pins to highlight their white privilege, want to force everyone to think about racial issues 

Playboy brings nudity back to the magazine, says it represents freedom  

Man sought by police for dressing like Adolf Hitler arrested in dictator's birth town Braunau am Inn (German)

New dating app requires phone call before being able to chat, says users are very interested, calls last 25 minutes on average 

Man sues Uber over glitch that sent ride history to his wife's phone despite him logging off, says it resulted in their divorce 

Double of Adolf Hitler seen multiple times in the latter's birth town Braunau, calls himself Harald Hitler and is sought by police on suspicion of criminal glorification of infamous dictator 

New Zealand PM Bill English wins sheep shearing contest against multiple world champion, expresses deep respect for shearer's skill, work ethic and athleticism 

Dolphins suspected of using blowfish for drug effect, observed holding fish in mouths for hours and passing them to other dolphins 

Boris Johnson renounces US citizenship after having to pay US taxes on sale of London house in 2014 

Apple design highly overrated, bad solutions hidden under polished exteriors, Steve Jobs design philosophy fascistic rather than exacting, new building for 5 billion USD yet another example of design failure 

Traces inside 5,000-year-old Chinese pottery used to brew beer in ancient way by archeology students at Stanford 

Antinatalists think Earth would be better off without humans, thousands and increasingly organized hope this generation becomes last and goes out with liberal and happy party 

Democratic Party gives confusing press conference where Nancy Pelosi says she cannot cooperate with president Bush and Maxine Waters denounces Russian invasion of Korea 

Socialist group at University of Central Florida holds workshop inspired by Fight Club to teach leftist students to fight, marketed with slogan "bash the fash" 

Black Sabbath gives last concert in Birmingham where legendary rock group was founded nearly 50 years ago 

Sequel to horror movie The Ring lacks predecessors' power as young audience does not relate to VHS tapes, technical progress poses challenge to genre which previously made use of talismanic attributes of electrical gadgets 

In Facebook Group Bad Girls Advice women bragging about how they abuse their men are celebrated, administrator claims it to be a one-time event 

74-year-old known as Cookie Man distributes cookies laced with hash oil to fellow parishioners in Bloomington, Indiana, all victims seek emergency treatment at local hospital 

Paris places urinal with built-in compost and plant growing at place infamous for smell of irregular relieving of needs outside Gare de Lyon station 

Man whose back was tattooed by artist Wim Delvoye sells himself to art collector, spends rest of life sitting on display in art galleries, thereafter his skin is framed and made part of collection 

Chinese and South Korean athletes will be able to participate in Asian Winter Games, as organizing committee allows change to accommodation which does not provide banned literature 

Holstein cow My Gold from Wisconsin scores US record in yearly milk production, new amount to beat 34,866 liters, almost 1,300 liters more than previous record holder Gigi 

PETA writes to Warhammer creators, claims fur wearing fantasy characters not acceptable according to moral codes in the year 40,000 

Senegalese chimps kill previous alpha male returning to group, one of nine known cases when adult male has been killed by own group 

Stone marten that put particle accelerator CERN out of action on display at Dutch museum together with other stuffed animals with similar fates 

British warship Lord Clive sunk by Spanish in 1763 believed to carry gold coins worth 1 billion GBP to be raised outside Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay by 80 staff at cost of 4 million GBP 

23% of the most famous historic persons were politicians, followed by actors, soccer players and writers, study of Wikipedia's database shows 

Fossil of Saccorhytus coronarius found in China, oldest known predecessor to vertebrates was one millimeter in size and lived between grains of sand on sea bed 

Goebbels Secretary Brunhilde Pomsel dies at 106 years of age, one of the last living people who had close contact with Nazi leaders 

Elon Musk criticized for his rejection of Trump's travel ban has not been sufficiently sharp and that he would not join the choir depicting the newly elected President as a disaster 

Masaya Nakamura, founder of game company Namco which developed Pac-Man, dead at 91 years of age 

Seven students at Jamaica school said to be possessed by demons after graves disturbed by extension works 

Chinese participation in Asian Winter Games in jeopardy as Sapporo, Japan hotel where athletes are to live keeps forbidden literature – book The Real History of Japan claims Nanking massacre never happened, South Korea has also protested 

Black humor is associated with high intelligence and low propensity to aggression according to Austrian study published in the Cognitive Processing 

British actor John Hurt dead at 77 years of age, known for roles in Alien, Elephant Man and V for Vendetta 

Football club Real Madrid removes cross from emblem on shirts to be sold in Arab countries