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Manchester United receives complaint about fans using discriminatory language over player's height during game against Wolverhampton Wanderers at Old Trafford, writes email to supporters warning about their conduct

Baby Shark becomes the first YouTube video to reach 10 billion views, the kids' tune was uploaded in 2016 and became the most viewed video on the platform in 2020

19-year-old Brit Emilio Santoro crowned Europe's Elvis tribute champion at the yearly championship held in Birmingham's Metropole Hotel around Elvis' birthday weekend, started imitating the artist at age 4

Monkeys kill at least 250 pups in a month in Indian city of Majalgaon and all pups in neighbouring village of Lavool after dogs killing a baby monkey, the monkeys catch the dogs and throw them from heights, small children and villagers trying to protect dogs also attacked

Kraft reimburses costs up to USD 20 for people making other desserts than cheesecake for christmas, offer made to lessen current cream cheese shortage

TikTok pasta, bacon jam and birria tacos top trending recipes of 2021 according to Google's annual Year in Search

50-year-old Italian man reported to police for wearing a silicone mould over his real arm in hope of getting a Covid vaccination certificate without exposing himself to the substance, the man is reportedly a health worker suspended from his job due to being un-vaccinated, regional government head Albert Cirio calls the attempt unacceptable faced with the sacrifice that the entire community has paid during the pandemic

Yokozuna Terunofuji defeats maegashira 15 Abi to clinch the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament championship victory with one day to spare, securing his second straight yusho since becoming a Yokozuna and his sixth in total

King Athelstan named Britain's top monarch, reigned from 925 to 939 AD and united England after merging the kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex and driving the Vikings out of Northumbria, also defeated the combined invasion forces of the kings of Scotland and Dublin at the Battle of Brunanburh, Elizabeth I in second place, according to poll with 84,000 votes run by the podcast The Rest is History

New IOC guidelines state that testosterone testing is invasive and disrespectful and that transgender women should not have to lower their levels to compete, IOC head of human rights Magali Martowicz says they want to make sure that athletes are not pressured or coerced into making a harmful decision about their bodies, the guidelines are not legally binding and the individual federations make the final call

The painting Salvator Mundi that in 2017 sold for a record-setting USD 450 million to a buyer reportedly on behalf of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is downgraded by Prado curators from being "by Leonardo" to "attributed works, workshop or authorized and supervised by Leonardo", the painting depicts Jesus Christ emerging from darkness blessing the world with one hand while holding a transparent globe in the other

Britney Spears released from conservatorship, regains power over finances and career decisions as well as major personal matters such as whether she can get remarried, the conservatorship was placed in 2008 over concerns about her mental health.

Chinese man dissatisfied with Shanghai bank forcing him to wear a face mask withdraws USD 800,000 in cash and orders them to check it note by note, says he will be back daily for the same procedure until his account is emptied

Alec Baldwin fatally shoots cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injures director Joel Souza in a prop gun accident on the Santa Fe set of the western movie Rust

Hungarian-American psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi dead at 88, was one of the world’s leading researchers on positive psychology, best known for introducing "flow" as a state of mind attained when one becomes fully immersed in an activity

Spanish thriller writer Carmen Mola is a pseudonym behind which three men hide, revealed after Mola received the million euro Spanish literary prize Planeta, Agustín Martínez, Jorge Díaz and Antonio Mercero have previously published novels and worked as scriptwriters under their own names

Gun that was used in 1881 to kill Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid sold for 6 million USD at auction

Norwegian women's beach handball team fined for not wearing bikini bottoms during championship game, instead chose to wear tight shorts covering parts of their thighs which was deemed inappropriate by disciplinary commission of the European Handball Federation

Eric Clapton says he will cancel shows at places that discriminate by requiring vaccination, as a response to the British government requiring Covid-19 vaccine passes for access to live venues and nightclubs

22-year-old Tadej Pogačar wins his second streight Tour de France and also defends his wins in the mountains and the young rider classifications, as Wout van Aert becomes the third rider after Eddy Merckx and Bernard Hinault to win a mountain stage, an individual time trial and a bunch sprint in a single Tour following his win on the Champs-Élysées

Yokozuna Hakuho wins his 45th Grand Basho and his 16th undefeated tournament defeating Ozeki Terunofuji in the deciding match in the Nagoya Grand Basho, despite the loss Terunofuji is expected, in the coming week, to be be named the 73rd Yokozuna, crowning a remarkable comeback story

British sprinter Mark Cavendish equals Eddy Merckx’s record of 34 Tour de France victories by winning the sprint in Friday's stage from Nîmes to Carcassonne, the 36-years-old's fourth win in this year's Tour after not winning a stage for five years

Psychoanalyst Dr. Donald Moss writes article claiming whiteness is a malignant, parasitic like condition with no permanent cure and which triggers perverse appetites particularly targeting nonwhite peoples, published in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association

Uttar Pradesh bride dies suddenly on wedding day, groom instead marries her sister on the same day with dead body of original betrothed lying in next room, family says change of plans was a tough call and that they have never witnessed such mixed emotions

Art school professor stages protest against Pablo Picasso outside Barcelona museum, claims to not believe in cancel culture but feels need to highlight artist's supposed sexism and abuse of women

Amazon unveils coffin-like wellness chamber to offer warehouse workers time to focus on their mental health, featuring potted plants, a small fan and a computer to watch relaxation videos, retail giant deletes Twitter clip unveiling chambers after online ridicule

More than 60 % of Nestlé's traditional food and drinks do not meet an internationally recognized health standard such as the Australian health star rating system and some of the companies categories and products will never be healthy no matter how much money is spent improving them, according to internal presentation to top executives

3,000 year old Scythian DNA could be used for human clones, suggests Russian defense minister Sergey Shoigu, magazine Popular Mechanics fears new army will be created consisting of genetically superior ancient warriors

Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard becomes first transgender athlete in Olympic Games, competed as a man until gender transition in 2013, has since won multiple medals as a women despite attempts to ban her from competitions

German philosopher Juergen Habermas will not accept this year’s Sheikh Zayed Book Award from the United Arab Emirates, reversing an earlier decision, as reason he cites the very close connection of the institution with the existing political system there, the winners in each of the award’s eight categories are granted a prize of 750,000 UAE dirhams

Walter Mondale dies at 93, was US vice president under Jimmy Carter but became most known as presidential candidate in 1984 and for the huge margin with which he lost, 13 electoral votes against 525 for Ronald Reagan

Spock is not rational but terrible at making predictions, 83% of things he says are impossible happen and the more confident he is the more wrong he is, says Julia Galef after analyzing all Star Trek episodes and films

3,400-year-old golden city of Luxor discovered by archaeologists in Egypt containing stunningly preserved remains, built by 18th-dynasty pharaoh Amenhotep III and abandoned by his son Akhenaten, archaeologist Salima Ikram says it’s a snapshot in time like an Egyptian version of Pompeii

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, has died, was married to Queen Elizabeth II for more than 70 years and became the longest-serving consort in British history

Medlar fruits are quietly sneaking back into public awareness in Europe largely thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts, the fruit is harvested in December and only becomes edible when they are overripe, in medieval winters it was one of the very few sources of sugar available

Neanderthals and Denisovans produced art of kinds which has previously only been attributed to Homo sapiens, according to archeologist Tom Higham who thinks cultural exchange between human subspecies about 50,000 years ago may explain proliferation of perforated teeth, shell pendants, color pigments, incised bones, carved art and cave paintings

Meditation is not always a harmless activity without negative side effects, sometimes leads to psychological destabilization which in turn can trigger psychotic episodes, naive enthusiasm and marketing expose sensitive individuals to serious risks

Israeli archaeologists discover pieces of biblical scroll dating back about 2,000 years, described as one of the most significant finds since the Dead Sea Scrolls, fragments include passages written in Greek from the Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets, part of the Hebrew Bible

Blockchain certificates signifying ownership of digital artworks sell for ever higher amounts, so called NFT, Non-Fungible Tokens, is said to be new way for artists to monetize their works, skeptics warn of market manipulation and speculation bubbles, artist Beeple recently sold JPEG file for 69 million dollars through Christie's

74 year old Florida golfer drowns in pond, friends tell police he liked searching the course for lost balls

Six books by children's author Dr. Seuss will cease publication, publishing company saying books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong, discontinued titles include And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, If I Ran the Zoo and McElligot's Pool

Black woman glues her hair solid with Gorilla Glue and it remains so a month later even after she checked herself into a hospital, weighs legal options despite package stating "do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing", while some say racism forced her to use the product

Rod Stewart reaches plea deal to settle battery charges after thumping a security guard in the ribs and making a mock Nazi-era salute while partying on New Year's Eve 2019 at a luxury hotel in Florida wearing a gold lame jacket

85-year-old Spanish woman believed to have died from Covid-19 returns to her care home in Xove where her husband also lives nine days after family were told she had been buried following a mix-up of names, due to coronavirus protocols the family were unable to attend the funeral

Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit launches LauncherOne rocket into space from a modified Boeing 747 at 35,000 feet before releasing ten Nasa satellites into orbit after lighting its NewtonThree engines to boost itself out of Earth's atmosphere, following two aborted attempts last year

Long-tailed macaques who steal from tourists in Bali temple are able to estimate value of loot, demand more food to return more valuable goods, primarily try to snatch phones, wallets and glasses, according to researchers who spent nine months filming thefts and ransom negotiations

In newly unearthed interview tapes from the 1970s Oshima Hiroshi speaks about his role aligning Japan with Germany, as the Japanese ambassador to Germany before and during World War Two he expresses regret for only taking military prowess into account and not consider the overall strength of countries, from economics to industry, expecting Germany to prevail in the war

Worlds first underwater roundabout opens 72 meters under Skálafjørður in Faroe Islands, part of tunnel system which connects most populated island Streymoy with second most populous Eysturoy, roundabout decorated with green and blue lights in artistic creation likened to a jellyfish

Cipher created by the Zodiac Killer cracked 51 years after it was sent to San Francisco newspaper, international team of cryptographers solved the riddle with help from specialized software, two of the serial killer's four coded messages remain to be decrypted

Russian outrage over recommendation to abstain from alcohol two weeks before and four weeks after Covid-19 vaccination, many claim Russians are unable to stay sober for so long, creator of Sputnik vaccine says a glass of champagne doesn't hurt and the important thing is not drinking for three days before and after each injection

USA and Israel is in contact with and cooperates with extraterrestial beings, says Haim Eshed who is retired general and former chief of Israel space security program, Donald Trump was on the verge of disclosing the secret but was stopped by Galactic Federation which does not think humans are ready to know the truth about space and spaceships

IKEA ends seven-decade tradition and discontinues its catalogue which was first published in 1951 and reached its peak in 2016 when more than 200 million copies were distributed to households and IKEA stores in more than 50 countries

Singapore approves, as first country in the world, the sale of meat made in a laboratory to consumers, the product, created from animal cells without the slaughter of any chickens, will debut as a chicken bite with breading and seasoning in a single restaurant priced similar to premium chicken

Diego Maradona dies at the age of 60 from a heart attack at his Buenos Aires home, one of the greatest players of all time was captain when Argentina won the 1986 World Cup and won two Serie A titles with the Italian side Napoli

Josua Hutagalung becomes an instant millionaire after selling a meteorite which crashed through his roof, the sell price was worth 30 years of his salary allowing him to retire from his daily job as coffin maker and build a church in his village

Jeopardy!'s host Alex Trebek passes away at the age of 80, fought stage 4 pancreatic cancer since March 2019

Pig blood becomes protein powder by extraction using enzyme from papaya, finished product is white with neutral taste and can be used as additional nutrient in a range of food stuffs

On World Vegan Day, Britain's first permanent vegan butcher, Rudy's, opened, set to sell meat-free versions of traditional products such as baycon, soysage and turk'y, according to co-founder Matthew Foster people understand what it is they are selling and that all products are designed to emulate meat, taste like meat and have meat-like texture

Sir Sean Connery has died at the age of 90

South Korea faces a kimchi crisis after the price of cabbage skyrockets 60% this year, an abnormally long monsoon between June and August topped by three typhoons in August and September destroyed cabbage fields needed to make kimchi

A ban on transgender women competing in international rugby matches will not stop them playing the women’s game in England if they maintain testosterone levels below a certain level for a year as it is claimed more evidence is needed to justify a full ban, Fair Play For Women, which campaigns against trans women in women’s sport, say the international ban put safety top of its agenda and ask why the same is not offered to amateurs

Rod Stewart ships his 124ft long and 23ft wide model railway replica of a 1940s US city from Beverly Hills to his English mansion in Essex, will be dismantled for the journey and put back together by the veteran singer and a team of craftsmen

12-year-old Jackson Oswalt has managed to build a working nuclear reactor making him the youngest on record to achieve this feat, he began building his own DIY nuclear reactor after being inspired by the previous Guinness World Record holder Taylor Wilson, who had managed to construct one by the age of 14

Slovenian Tadej Pogačar set to be the youngest winner of Tour de France in 111 years after turning a 57-second deficit to favourite and fellow countryman Primož Roglič into a 59-second lead on the penultimate stage, will also claim the King of the Mountains jersey and the young riders' white jersey

Two strict vegan parents plead guilty to negligently causing serious injury after their baby developed cerebral palsy, they repeatedly ignored medical advice that their plant-based diet would not sufficiently nourish their young child, the father made his own vegan formula out of dates, fruit and other vegetables, he has now adjusted his own diet and eats meat

Oscars introduce diversity requirements for films that wish to be eligible for the Best Picture Award, needing to hire more black, female, LGBT or disabled cast and crew or address themes that affect those communities, new rules to be introduced in 2024

Liberty Minecraft announces end of project, libertarian game server will be online until June 2021 but will not receive any updates, founder Nathan Dempsey thanks players for five wonderful years

BBC sends TV licencing letter to Kew Palace in Richmond whose last resident was King George III and family in 1820, as free licences for over 75s are scrapped in Britain

A wooden statue honouring the 1980s movie Rambo First Blood has been erected in Hope, British Columbia, actor Sylvester Stallone was quite pleased with the statue before it went up in the city where the 1982 action movie was filmed

The vegan community was dominated by wealthy white women but black and racialized vegans want to take over, black people make up the fastest growing vegan demographic, unlike whites who had to culturally appropriate foods to fit a vegan agenda vegetable-rich diets are not new for people of colour

British farmer Stuart Baldwin in Wigan deposits 421 tyres on front yard of man who was caught on CCTV dumping them on Baldwin's land, had given the culprit a deadline to come and collect the tyres

Yvel is creating the world’s most expensive coronavirus mask with a price tag of USD 1.5 million, the 18-karat white gold mask will be decorated with 3,600 white and black diamonds, the buyer specifically requested it would be the priciest in the world, designer Isaac Levy said he would not wear it himself but he was happy the work was able to provide for his employees during very challenging times

George W. Bush publishes book with portrait paintings of 43 immigrants as well as biographical essays he has written about them, purpose is to campaign for liberal immigration laws but publication has been intentionally delayed to after the 2020 presidential election

Movement of "sovereign citizens" grows world-wide according to BBC, consists of individuals who do not see themselves as obligated to follow laws or pay taxes after using legal means to exist contract relationships with states, habit of challenging laws and regulations in court described as paper terrorism

Poppy Lekner wins the 2020 Parkin Drawing Prize of 25 000 NZD, her winning piece of art featuring thousands of forward-slash characters on an A4 piece of paper was created the day before entries closed using a typewriter, Charlotte Davy, head of art at New Zealand's national museum explained the reasoning for the decision, "It's such a beautiful... minimal work where she's really exploring a kind of meditation of process, literally just repeating forward-slash over and over again ... creating a beautiful woven pattern,"

Terunofuji wins historic summer basho in Tokyo after major injury problems, first wrestler ever to have fallen as far down the divisions and then climb back up to lift the Emperor's Cup, won his first tournament as an Ozeki in 2015 before dropping out of the Makuuchi division in 2018

Afrofuturist pioneer Sun Ra articulated negative theology pointing to vacuum at core of African American experience, challenged black people to turn marginalized position into creative opportunities, portrayed by Ming Smith in photographs featured in upcoming book

Arbiom trials a new plant-based protein based on fermented and broken down wood claiming a very easily digestible, high protein content, antibiotics free, environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative made from dead trees and wood manufacturing scraps for both humans and livestock, the larger food manufacturing community has reacted mostly positive to the new ingredient

Director Joel Schumacher dead at 80 from cancer, got famous for directing the successful movies St. Elmo's Fire, The Lost Boys and Flatliners, also directed Falling Down, A Time to Kill, Phone Booth, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin

Singer Vera Lynn dies at 103, became a symbol of hope in Britain during World War Two with her song We’ll Meet Again and was known as the Forces’ Sweetheart

Maya inspired prophecy of world ending in December 2012 based on confusing Julian and Gregorian calendars, tweets scientist, ancient calendar actually ends on June 21, 2020

Japanese sweets feud ends as Kyoto court allows Shogoin Yatsuhashi Sohonten to continue informing customers about founding of company in 1689, competitor Izutsuyatsuhashihonpo, founded in 1805, sued on grounds that highlighting longer manufacturing tradition falsely implies better products, defense attorney Orita Yasuhiro admits that the conflict probably is comprehensible only to the people of Kyoto

Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant Alice Cutter is jailed for three years and her former partner Mark Jones for more than five for being members of banned group National Action, court admits Cutter never held a leadership role and she denies ever being a member

Serial burglar Jake Fletcher in South Wales is caught mid-burglary when squawking parrot wakes its owner who stops the thief from getting away with her daughters rucksack, video games, a bottle of prosecco and a bottle of gin, the burglar is jailed for two years

German low-cost carrier Eurowings resumes services from Düsseldorf to Sardinia, is forced to turn around at its destination as the Olbia Airport is still closed to commercial traffic

Parrot to give evidence at trial of men who raped and beat woman to death in Argentina, police officer standing guard outside the murder scene claims to have heard the bird repeat the victim's last words "no, please let me go"

South Korean fotball club FC Seoul apologizes after replacing supporters with apparent sex dolls in stadium stands, some of the dolls held signs mentioning adult sites, doll manufacturer say dolls were not for sexual use

Sumo wrestler Shobushi dead at 28 due to multiple organ failure caused by Covid-19, is thought to be the first person under 30 to die from the virus in Japan

Jerry Stiller dead at 92 from natural causes, most known for playing Frank Costanza on Seinfeld

Elon Musk can't name his son X Æ A-12 as California's computer system can only handle the 26 English alphabet characters plus an apostrophe, bill to allow for more characters was dropped in 2014 due to the system upgrading costs being too large, according to family law attorney David Glass

Elon Musk and Claire Boucher announce birth of son X Æ A-12, Musk's sixth son after twins and triplets from his previous marriage

Kraftwerk co-founder Florian Schneider dies from cancer at 73, the German quartet set the template for synthesiser music in the 1970s and 80s with songs like Autobahn and The Model

Icelandic Game of Thrones actor and strongman Hafþór Björnsson beats Eddie Hall's deadlift world record by lifting 501 kg with straps, says he believes he could have done more but that he and his family were happy with breaking the 2016 record by 1 kg

Raven in Bashkortostan, Russia uses plastic lid as snowboard, four runs caught on film as it grabs the lid with beak after descending hill to fly up and go again, watching raven appears disinterested

American actor Brian Dennehy dies at 81 of natural causes, won two Tony Awards, a Golden Globe and earned six Emmy nominations, had roles in films such as First Blood, Cocoon and F/X

Several cyber-attacks thwarted in the Czech Republic, Prague Airport detects attack on homepage in preparatory phases and several hospitals successfully blocks cyber intrusion, malware used designed to damage or destroy victims’ computers according to researchers

64-year-old retired man ejected by mistake from Rafale-B plane at 2500 feet while grasping for ejector handle during ascent at 47 degree angle, loses helmet not fastened properly and lands in field next to German border with minor injuries, the man had never expressed desire for such flight but got it as surprise present and found it hard to decline, pilot lands safely despite system intended to eject both seats

New edition of Mine Were of Trouble, Peter Kemp’s narrative of the Spanish Civil War from the Nationalist side, the book exposes knowledge not commonly known and provides a vivid description of the Nationalists entirely different from the dominant Leftist caricature

Pope Francis accused of comparing convicted, now acquitted, child abuser Cardinal Pell to Jesus after comments during mass and on Twitter saying we have witnessed the persecution that Jesus underwent and how he was judged ferociously even though he was innocent

UFC President Dana White plans on renting private island to host events during the Covid-19 pandemic starting with UFC 249 on April 18, says the location is still top secret but that the deal is very close