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Fake online reviews commonplace, users write fake reviews online in exchange for money and free products, some companies avoid using review sites because of risk of competing with phony reviews, using consumer's personal data to create fake verified reviews, known as "brushing", leaves a paper trail showing goods have been bought and delivered

England RFU puts Billy Vunipola on five-year warning over his defence of Christian Instagram post by Israel Folau, which led to Folau being sacked by Rugby Australia, Vunipola told of his responsibilities to share RFU's values on inclusivity and respect, warning will be taken into account in future disciplinary proceedings for a period of five years, his club Saracens intends to educate him soon

Man places USD 85,000 wager at 14-1 odds on Tiger Woods winning the Masters and wins USD 1.19 million, flew from Wisconsin to Las Vegas with the USD 85,000 cash in a backpack and placed the bet after two casinos had rejected his wager, was USD 25,000 in debt after his protein supplement business had gone under four months ago

Seventy-one-year-old Florida man uses squirt gun to shoot his urine at woman walking her dog past his home, is taken into custody and admits to shooting his bodily fluids and says he'd do it again, is released after posting USD 500 bail bond

Rugby star Israel Folau sacked by Rugby Australia over allegedly anti-gay Instagram posting in which drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters are told Hell awaits, Folau see no cause to reconsider his stance and is content to walk away from rugby if that is God's plan for him, reports say he may have legal case for religious discrimination

Measles parties held to intentionally infect children a terrible idea, Canadian professor warns, could give you much more significant chance of disability later in life

UK grocery chain Waitrose apologize after being accused of racism over naming dark chocolate duckling "Ugly", sold in box together with white chocolate duckling "Fluffy" and milk chocolate duckling "Crispy"

Taiwan doctor finds four sweat bees living inside woman's eye, Dr Hong Chi Ting pulls the 4-millimetre insects out by their legs and sends them as specimens to another organisation to be studied, the bees are attracted to sweat and drink tears for their high protein content

Automatic vacuum cleaner locked into bathroom triggers woman to call the police, suspecting a burglar, after deputies surround the house, request a canine to the scene and command whoever inside to come out of the bathroom, they draw their guns and open the door to find a Roomba

Canadian family decides to keep driving when its 87-year-old patriarch dies in backseat while returning home from Florida vacation, when stopped at US-Canada border authorities find the father who had died from a heart attack at least a day before, family cited high cost of US health care, plus cost of shipping the body back to Quebec as reason for not stopping

Police in Fukuoka tackles shortage of female recruits through fashion show and online videos, aimed at students in the southwestern Japanese city, proportion of female recruits only around 9%, Fukuoka police say they've been dealing with string of attacks and crimes connected to gangsters and could not allocate manpower to recruitment efforts

Tennessee woman apprehended and placed in back of police car after a skirmish at car wash, steals the police car, drives off and comes to a stop after driving over spike strips, charged with burglary, evading arrest, vehicle theft and vandalism

Stray cat Sanjuro moves in to Bitchu Matsuyama castle, with his friendly purring and calm demeanour he quickly rises through the ranks to be titled cat-lord of the castle, far away visitors flock to praise him on his own day, the 16th of March

Hundreds of Hungarians in Monty Pythonesque "silly walk" parade in central Budapest on April 1, Benedek Petrok, who organised the march, said event provided opportunity for people to forget about their daily problems

New Zealand Chief Censor David Shanks concerned over computer game which lets players re-enact the Christchurch mosque shootings, says gamer culture can include people "with reduced empathy", the game isn't available on the platform Steam and its developers have been banned from taking payment through Paypal and Stripe

"Reiwa" the new Japanese era name, derived from Japan’s oldest poetry collection "Manyoshu" written in the 8th century, first time an era name has been sourced from classical Japanese literature

Australian court rules farting boss not bullying, claimant says he was forced to move out of shared office space to avoid supervisor's flatulence, boss still entered his small and windowless office and repeatedly broke wind, leading claimant to spray supervisor with deodorant and call him "Mr. Stinky"

Man and his girlfriend arrested after cops say they were having sex on Ferris wheel in Cincinnati while intoxicated, each ride in the enclosed gondolas consists of four spins and lasts 12 minutes

Johannesburg Metro Police Department introduces red and blue body lights affixed to officer’s shoulders, will ensure visibility and form part of clampdown on reckless driving

New male birth control pill 11-beta-MNTDC passes initial safety tests, estimated 10 years before it hits the shelves, pill combines two hormonal activities in one and decreases sperm production while preserving libido, Dr Christina Wang from LA BioMed says

Hail storm smashes 4 million avocados in under 10 minutes at huge orchard in New South Wales in Australia, 80% of the fruit on the 12,000 trees knocked off and onto the ground, hail stones jagged and up to three inches in size, remaining avocados downgraded from premium fruit to class 2 fruit worth half the value

Florida man dies from electrocution while using 20-foot metal pole trying to get pigeon off power line, engineers at prestigious MIT conclude birds are able to perch on power lines without electrocuting themselves because they’re not touching the ground

Major baby boom as nine labor and delivery nurses at Maine hospital are pregnant at the same time, says they’re glad to experience their pregnancies together and plan to be present for the delivery of each baby

British Airways flight destined for Düsseldorf lands in Edinburgh by mistake, after flight paperwork is submitted incorrectly

Army vet Del Hall of Cincinnati, Ohio, down 25 pounds using beer-only diet for Lent inspired by 17th century Bavarian monks, as director of sales at a brewing company a variety of beers are readily available

Naked man attempts boarding plane to Crimea at Moscow airport, shouting clothes make him less aerodynamic, offender detained by police

27-year-old Russian detained after security screening finds drugged 2-year-old orangutan in suitcase, planned keeping the ape as pet, also carried two geckos and five lizards, risks up to five years in prison and USD 7,000 in fines for the attempted smuggling

Uri Geller promises in an open letter to Theresa May to stop Brexit using telepathy, claims he predicted May would become prime minister when she touched Winston Churchill’s spoon on his Cadillac

African Watusi steer Oliver welcomed "with open arms" in Houston-area Petco as Texas couple tested "all leashed pets are welcome" policy

Romanian restaurant owner Ștefan Mandachi builds one-metre-long stretch of motorway on plot of land he owns next to busy main road in north-eastern region of Moldavia to protest country's poor highway infrastructure, Transport Minister Răzvan Cuc declares road illegal due to lack of permits but says he understands Mandachi's concerns

Christchurch insulation company Beneficial Insulation under fire for sun wheel logo, NZD 14.88 per square meter pricing and camouflage print staff uniforms, Insulation Association of New Zealand removes company from website as an interim measure before further investigations

Japan will announce the new era name on April 1, chief cabinet secretary will create short list of three candidates from dozen finalists submitted by scholars, government plans to decide on the new name after a 2.5 hour long meeting with experts and all Cabinet members, before reporting the new name to the Emperor and the crown prince

Valve removes the controversial game Rape Day from Steam before official launch, game described as a visual novel enabling the player to verbally harass, kill and rape women, content also includes sexual assault, non-consensual sex, obscene language, necrophilia and incest

Family throws USD 500 in USD 20 bills out onto California freeway on way back from a funeral, relative says it’s an Oakland thing and a way to honour the man who died, other cars stopped and drivers and passengers rushed out to grab the money, when officers arrived at the scene the money was gone

Luke Perry dead at 52 after massive stroke, best known for his portrayal of Dylan McKay on the series Beverly Hills, 90210

World’s top-ranked bridge player Geir Helgemo suspended after testing positive for synthetic testosterone and clomiphene at a World Bridge Series event in Orlando last September, the Norwegian representing Monaco had all titles, medals and points from the 2018 World Bridge Series revoked

GBP 13 Lidl Scotch wins first-round World Whiskies Awards "Scotch Blended 12 years & under" category, Queen Margot Blended Scotch Whisky bested competitors including Johnnie Walker Black Label and Islay Mist

Shooting range in English New Brighton stands by using pictures of teen IS terrorist Shamima Begum for target practice despite some criticism, says having received "record number of requests from customers"

800-year-old Crusader corpse decapitated by vandals in Dublin crypt, St. Michan's church has seen other criminal acts against its reliquaries in 1996, most recent incident also disturbed 400-year-old mummified body of a nun

Australian Press Council rules cartoon depicting Serena Williams US Open tantrum did not breach media standards, states cartoon showed Williams acting childish rather than complaints' concern about "ape-like" behaviour and that exaggeration and absurdity are common cartoon expressions

Legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld dies at 85 after short illness, known for his signature ensemble of sunglasses, dark gloves and a ponytail as well as for making controversial comments, he caused outrage over anti-immigrant comments during German refugee crisis in 2017

Swiss actor Bruno Ganz dies at 77 at his home in Zurich, famous for his roles in films such as Downfall and Wings of Desire

Vladimir Putin injures finger during sparring session after he participates in trilateral talks on Syria with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts in Sochi, says the increase of adrenaline improves your mood, makes you take a different look on the world around you and helps you get real

Leonard Casley, founder of micro-nation Hutt River in Western Australia, dies at 93, Prince Leonard formed the principality in 1970 after a stoush with State Government over wheat quotas, in 1977 the province declared war on Australia over legal battle with Taxation Office, to which Prince Leonard in 2017 was ordered to pay AUD 3 million in income tax, Prince Graeme says he will continue his father's fight

Lincolnshire couple tackle a butter knife-wielding burglar who tries to steal a prized collection of model trains, 85-year-old former railway worker Mr Headington, who has had two hip replacements, and his wife managed to restrain the burglar by sitting on him, the offender jailed for two years and four months

Japanese bonsai owners urge thieves to water stolen 400-year-old bonsai tree worth USD 127,700, the Shimpaku Juniper was slated to appear in a Japanese beauty competition this month, a total of seven bonsai trees were stolen

52 polar bears invade Belushya Guba on Novaya Zemlya, no longer react to noise and light signals from guards patrolling with cars and dogs, some bears have entered buildings, state of emergency declared and task force to assess the situation on its way

Picture of what looks to be a kiss on the lips between Pope Francis and Grand Imam Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayeb causes a stir online, the two religious leaders celebrated the signing of a document on fighting extremism together at an inter-religious meeting in Abu Dhabi, the act was more of a peck on the cheek than a full-blown smooch

Disney's first-ever official LGBT pride event take place in June this year, “Magical Pride” includes late-night access to the park, a dance party and a parade through Disneyland Paris, organizers partner with LGBT influencers saying "Dress like a dream, feel fabulous and experience Walt Disney Studios Park like never before"

5,500 World Cup fans remain illegally in Russia, people with match tickets and FAN ID allowed to enter Russia during the tournament without a visa provided they left by December 31, Nigerians make up the largest group with 1,863 citizens, expulsion of those still in the country expected to be completed by April

Wikileaks reveals Pope Francis forced the abdication of Prince and Grand Master of the Order Matthew Festing over conflict within the Order of Malta, its critics says the move abolished the sovereignty of the Order and is part of a power struggle between conservative and liberal elements within the Church, the conflict originated from approval of funds for aid mission in Burma distributing condoms

A third of all donations made through GoFundMe raised to cover health care costs, also popular in countries with universal health care for covering associated costs

Tamawashi becomes the second oldest to win a first title in the modern age of sumo, winning the January Sumo Grand Basho at age 34, double joy as his wife gives birth to the couple’s second child the same day, which is the best part of the day, he exclaims

Swedish Royal Court posts job listings for 3 gardeners and 200 seasonal castle workers, locations range across summer palaces and grounds and include requests for help with host and visitor reception, ticket sales, gift shop staff, café operations, and tour guides

John C. Bogle dies at 89, founder of the Vanguard Group, the Malvern-based mutual-fund company, where he pioneered low-cost, low-fee investing and mutual funds tied to stock-market indexes

Queen Elizabeth II's husband Prince Philip involved in road traffic accident near Sandringham Estate, the 97-year-old unscathed but very shocked, two persons in the other vehicle slightly injured

Four minor pro tennis players arrested in France on suspicion of game fixing for gambling ring, Grigor Sargysan deemed the "Maestro" in charge of Jules Okala, Mick Lescure, Yannick Thivant and Jerome Inzerillo, he was arrested in Belgium last summer on numerous charges related to racketeering

Gillette faces backlash from consumers after new ad attacking men, depicts men as jointly responsible for bullying, violence and sexism, claims only a few men stand up against toxic masculinity while the others either actively engage in, or passively watch, harassment of women and children

White House celebrates Clemson national college football championship with American fast-food dinner, President Trump personally financed a meal of hamburgers and pizza due to cooking staff on furlough, claims "we have some very large people that like eating"

Californian man attempts to light gas station on fire over dispute at filling pump, police engaged in a standoff with Juan Roman after fears he was armed, the situation was resolved when negotiations led to a request for cigarettes in return for surrender which was settled by a police robot with a vaping pen

Woman in vegetative state at palliative care facility gives birth to baby boy, police seeking DNA samples of male caregivers at Hacienda HealthCare to establish patrimony, the anonymous victim is a member of nearby San Carlos Indian tribe and survived a near-drowning event over a decade ago

Practice of Heathenry on the rise amongst US military personnel, active group onboard Navy's John C. Stennis aircraft carrier observes 800 year-old Norse rituals, since 2013 the "Hammer of Thor" icon has been available for use on veteran headstones

Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie divorce after 25 years of marriage that resulted in three sons and an adoptive daughter, the Amazon founder is the richest man in the world with an estimated wealth of USD 137 billion

Former TV sportscaster Bo Gunnar Hansson accused of sexually molesting young boys, the famous Swede approached numerous children as young as 13 at Florida parks and groped their genitals, a local judge forced him to post USD 100,000 bail and surrender his passport

Ivory from woolly mammoth found in trinkets from Cambodia market, UK government sponsoring ivory DNA testing in measure to stop illegal trade, 30,000 elephants killed annually for their tusks, genetic samples intended to identify sourcing of ivory supply for targeted enforcement

Instagram entraps Chris Brown in misdemeanor monkey ownership mashup, the singer posted a picture of his daughter cuddling Fiji the capuchin monkey, he was later contacted by CA Dept of Fish and Wildlife agents for illegal possession

Israeli author Amos Oz dies at 79 after a short battle with cancer, regarded as Israel's greatest writer he won dozens of awards and his books have been translated into 45 languages, among the country’s most vocal peace activists and supporters of a two-state solution

British fisherman survives hypothermia after being dragged 5 mi through the ocean by his pilotless boat, Nathan Rogers fell overboard and clung to his netting until the boat hit a pier in Cornwall

Camille Herron breaks two world ultra distance running records at Desert Solstice in Arizona, ran 162.9 miles in 24 hours and completed the first 100 miles in 13 hours 25 minutes, she celebrated her 37th birthday on December 25 and has proved competitive against male athletes

Prada withdraws imaginary creatures with alleged resemblance to blackface, part of Pradamalia collection the fashion house claims not to have any reference to the real world, "that such lapses of judgment are still happening in 2018 is frankly unacceptable," The National writes

IOC allow transgender athletes to compete in women’s sport if they can show Testosterone levels below the arbitrary level of 10nM for 12 months, "the acceptance of athletes that were born men, developed muscle mass, bone mass, lung and air capacity as men" a threat to the virtue of women’s competitions, writes former Brazilian Olympian Ana Paula Henkel

Nebraska public school principal bans Christmas decorations in classrooms, Jennifer Sinclair detailed a list of culturally offensive items in an internal memo, images of Santa, Christmas carol singing and candy canes all prohibited, Sinclair placed on administrative leave by school district

Purported "original" light saber from 1977 Star Wars film pulled from auction, claims about its origins and authenticity were raised by fans online, actor Mark Hamill tweeted "#BuyerBeware" after sharing further skepticism about the device

Irish woman splits up with the ghost of 300-year-old pirate Jack whom she married earlier this year, will explain all in due course but warns spirituality isn't something to mess with, the split another blow for Jack who was executed in the 1700s

Angela Merkel resorted to a cheat sheet with a headshot at the Argentina G20 meeting as she faced Scott Morrison, the fifth Australian prime minister in as many years

Rock fragments from 1970 Soviet moon mission auction for USD 855,000 in New York, the moon rocks originally belonged to the widow of USSR's space program director

Spanish authorities hide "Winnie the Pooh" street performer ahead of Chinese state visit, Xi Jinping has been compared to the Disney character since 2013, Chinese government blocked a related film release in 2018 due to association with political dissent

Magnus Carlsen retains World Champion chess title in 3 rounds of time-limited games, defeats American Fabiano Carauna who hoped to become first US player since Bobby Fischer in 1972 to win title

Men's rights activists begin #ThotAudit campaign to report unpaid income for online sex workers, citing "broken sexual marketplace" supporters notifying US IRS of potential tax evasion

Snow crab sells for JPY 2 million at auction in Tottori, the Guinness World Record-setter was donated by the winning bidder to a local live exhibit for tourism

22-year-old Komusubi Takakeisho wins first sumo championship at Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament, finished with 13-2 record in a tournament that saw two champions sit out due to injuries

Catholic priest paraded through Maltese town in Porsche-chariot pulled by children, Father Sultana recently appointed to Gozitan parish says this is a traditional custom

Painting with starting price of 800 EUR sold on acution in Rotterdam for 570 000 EUR, anonymous buyer probably speculating that the early 17th century painting is an unknown and unsigned work by the Italian painter Annibale Carracci

Icelandic President Guðni Jóhannesson admits going too far threatening to ban pineapple pizza, recommends seafood instead, denies being in the pocket of big fish

Stan Lee dead at 95, created Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Hulk and several other superheroes at Marvel Comics

Wheelchair and physics thesis belonging to Stephen Hawking exceed projected price in recent auction, the two items sold for over USD 1 million while expected to fetch only GBP 165,000 combined

Archaeologists in China recover 2,000 year old alcoholic fluid from bronze pot, the Han Dynasty relic was found in Henan and is believed to be rice wine

Dutchman files lawsuit to legally reduce his age from 69 to 49 years, seeks improved online dating prospects and believes age is part of identity like gender and sexuality

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Revisionist historical narrative required to further libertarian cause, Europe during middle ages best example of social order superior to that of today [video]

Teenager dies eight years after swallowing garden snail as a dare at a party, got infected with rat lungworm and spent 420 days in a coma

Anti-social behaviour reported during Tokyo Halloween celebration, teenagers reportedly climbed a statue, littered and kept making noise after midnight, police reports theft of a wallet and cases of sexual harassment, party-goers spontaneously gather next day to clean up, says they want to be able to celebrate next year as well

The annual Friesland shit week added as Dutch intangible cultural heritage, traces its origins back to 20th century transportation of manure, the week kicks of with the feces arrival and reaches its zenit with the shit-transportation-race between Workum and Warmond

82-year-old Turkish woman shoots burglar with shotgun, the 52-year-old male suspect got into a physical altercation with her and managed to run off with some of her jewelry

Libertarian principles tested empirically in virtual world Liberty Minecraft, new server with more consistent incentives sees increased activity from players, according to founder Nathan Dempsey in quarterly report

Mysterious man with a gun spotted by passenger on Japanese bullet train, police officers board the train in Nagoya only to reveal the man as another police officer on his way to Tokyo, after confirming the safety of the train it can depart, however 36 minutes delayed

Brooklyn bookshop hosts witch hexing of Brett Kavanaugh designed "to cause him harm and see him undone", the event was livestreamed and a Catholic priest in California vowed exorcist prayer in response

Decline in active whetstone mining coupled with increased popularity of Japanese swords leads to stone shortage, the price of natural whetstone has increased 20X in past 5 years, Japan once had 200 active whetstone mines

Fan Bingbing said to have paid 130 million USD to the Chines tax-authorities in order to avoid trial, the entertainment industry recent target for tax-collectors as many artists and actors have two contracts, one official to show the government and one real that shows the true value of the services they provide

Street artist Banksy claims auction shredding hoax did not go according to plan, a video release claims the shredder was intended to completely strip apart "Balloon Girl" during auction

British Library unveils exhibition intended to show "Dark Ages" were time of enlightenment, curator Claire Breay argues period between 5th century and Norman Invasion was a time of high art, literature and complex political administration