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Hassan Rouhani wins Iran's presidential election with 57% of votes, conservative challenger Ebrahim Raisi gets 39%, unusually high voter turnout of 70% 

Palestinian women's rights groups protest against law facilitating honor killings, 12,000 signatures collected to remove article allowing judges to view motive of defending family's honor as extenuating circumstances 

Egyptian president al-Sisi points out Trump as the one who can solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, claiming both sides are ready for peace 

Israeli man attacked by Palestinian mob in the West Bank, shoots to defend himself killing one Palestinian, condemned by the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process 

Tayseer Abu Sneineh elected Hebron mayor, was convicted as one of four Palestinians to murder six Israeli students and wound 16 others in 1980 shooting 

Battle of Mosul in endgame after seven months of combat, IS terrorists believed to control less than 10% of city as Iraqi army pushes forward, number of civilians fleeing has doubled to about 10,000 a day 

Over 2,000 rebels and their families allowed to leave devastated Qaboun district in Damascus after agreement with Syrian government, Sunni Muslim groups claim evacuation aims to pave way for Shiites to take over area 

Yemen cholera outbreak kills 115 since April 27 according to ICRC, 8,500 people in 14 governorates reported ill, up from 2,300 in 10 governorates last week 

Abu Dhabi royals face charges of human trafficking in Belgium, Princess Hamda Alnehayan and her seven daughters are accused of confiscating passports and not allowing domestic workers to leave property, case dates back to 2008 when police raided luxury hotel 

Council for secession formed in southern Yemen, led by senior military, political and tribal leaders 

West Bank and Gaza among poorest areas in Middle East, domestic industry declining, only public sector grows, bleak outlook for potential independent economy 

Marwan Barghouti filmed eating despite supposedly ongoing hunger strike, authenticity of video released by Israel prison authority is questioned by Palestinians 

156 militant islamists killed in Eastern Damaskus last week in clashes between Jeish al-Islam and the coalition of Faylaq al-Rahman and Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at, each side took back the areas lost during the fighting, according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights 

Patrick Cockburn: Shortage of manpower in both Syrian and Iraqi government forces means IS terrorists will not be fully defeated even if Raqqa and Mosul are conquered 

Unesco passes resolution calling for revocation of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem, PM Netanyahu calls it absurd, president Rivlin says all embassies should relocate to the city 

Israel Housing Ministry plans building 15,000 new settlements in East Jerusalem despite Trump's request for restraint 

Taliban starts spring offensive with usual focus on attacking domestic government forces and their foreign allies, step toward continual conquering of districts, now controls more than half of country's regions 

Discovery of 1,500-year-old etching of menorah in mother-of-pearl proves Jewish presence in ancient Caesarea in present-day Israel, is oldest find of its kind 

Turkey initiates seismic measurements at sea within Cyprus economic zone, interpreted as political move as recommended safety distance to other vessels is smaller than what is common for similar operations 

Turkish air strikes against Kurdish groups in Syria and Iraq kill around 70, Iraqi government condemns attacks as violation of country's sovereignty 

Saudi Arabia reinstates financial benefits and bonuses for civil servants and military personnel after unexpectedly positive budget figures and calls for protests in four cities  

Afghan defense minister as well as country's army chief resign in wake of Friday's terror attack which killed more than 140 people 

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad banned from standing in Iran presidential election, not on Guardian Council's list of approved candidates according to state media 

At least 140 dead and 160 injured in Taliban assault on military base in northern Afghanistan, attackers disguised as military passed two security checkpoints and massacred soldiers at mosque with two suicide bombs followed by gun fight  

Palestinian cancer patient smuggles explosives to Israel for Hamas, stopped in security check, 30,000 Palestinians allowed entry to Israel for medical treatment during 2016 

IS terrorists may have used chemical weapon against Iraqi forces in western Mosul according to Pentagon, attack caused neither deaths nor serious injuries 

al-Qaeda disturbed by IS terrorists' brutal methods, does not agree with persecuting Shia muslims, questions theological correctness, according to lawyer who has defended several high-profile jihadists 

At least 126 killed in Syria after bomb attack on buses carrying civilians from government-held towns near Aleppo, no group has claimed responsibility 

MOAB attack killed at least 90 IS terrorists according to local governor, destroyed network of caves and tunnels, no civilian casualties 

IS terrorists' religious leader Abdullah al-Badrani killed in Mosul air strike according to Iraqi army, issued fatwas justifying murder and torture as well as enslavement and sexual abuse of Yazidi women 

IS terrorists rapidly lose territory, controlled area down from 40% to 7% of Iraq according to country's military 

Iran's former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to participate in upcoming presidential election, disobeying Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's recommendation not to participate, known for his hatred of US and Israel, supported by the poor 

Three dead in explosion at police compound in Diyarbakir, Turkey – explosives placed under building by tunneling from outside, terror attack according to Turkish authorities 

Families of Palestinian terrorists demand payments from PLO be linked to increasing cost of living, USD 173 million paid out during 2016 

Hamas diverts Gaza electricity to terror tunnels and homes of own leaders, humanitarian crisis imminent according to Israel military 

Bomb explodes near church in Alexandria while Coptic pope holds mass, second attack on Palm Sunday 

Putin condemns US attack at Syrian airfields which he says may undermine the fight against terrorists in the country, demands meeting in the UN Security Council, dashes hopes of a US and Russian cooperation against terrorism in Syria 

IS terrorists increasingly attack civilians trying to flee Mosul says source to Sky News, hundreds of thousands remain trapped and are used as human shields against Iraqi army 

Tens of thousands of Yemenis protest in capital Sanaa against Saudi intervention, demonstration organized by Shiite Houthi rebels supporting former president Ali Abdullah Saleh 

Afghan forces withdraw from strategic town of Sangin in Helmand province after months of attacks by Taliban, retreat indication that war is getting worse according to security analyst 

Era of Christianity in Iraq over according to Anglican priest Andrew White who previously served in Baghdad, asks US to help brothers and sisters in need 

Michael Horton: Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen similar to US intervention in Afghanistan, inaccessible mountain areas partial explanation to why Saudis in two years have not been able to subdue lightly armed enemy 

Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu claims harassment by Israeli government, forbidden to travel or talk to media or foreigners, served 18 years in prison, 10 in solitary confinement 

US led air strike against mosque in northern Syria kills 46 of whom the majority were civilians according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, spokesman for US Central Command says allegations will be investigated 

American-Iranian citizen and wife sentenced to death in Iran for arranging parties where alcohol and both sexes were allowed, couple accused of founding cult, believed to Zoroastrians running Tehran art gallery  

IS terrorists' commander in Mosul killed in battle says Iraqi federal police source, government forces now control two out of five bridges over Tigris river 

Hezbollah attacks on Israel should result in retaliation against civilian infrastructure in Lebanon, send country back to middle ages, says Israel education minister Naftali Bennett 

Assyrian king Esarhaddon's palace from 7th century BC may have been found in Mosul in tunnels dug by IS terrorists according to Iraqi archaeologists 

Ukrainian woman with stomach pains examined by doctor in United Arab Emirates, pregnancy detected and couple detained in the country on suspicion of extramarital sex 

Iran blocks navigation app Waze, says it is developed by Zionists 

Saudi Arabia steals 63% of Yemen crude oil production in cooperation with French energy giant Total and ex-president Mansour Hadi, has secret agreement with US to prevent utilization of vast Yemenite oil reserves 

Israel cabinet approves proposed cannabis use decriminalization, users to be fined instead of prosecuted — legislation must be drafted and ratified, expected to take months 

Egypt's former president Mubarak acquitted by top appeals court on charges of causing protester deaths during 18-day uprising 2011 

Iraqi army continues offensive in Mosul and now controls all major roads out of city, several thousand IS terrorists believed to be besieged 

Israeli police evict settlers in Ofra from houses built illegally on private land owned by Palestinians 

Palestinian ambassador to Iran prays for country to build 1,000 nuclear bombs 

Taliban leader Akhundzada says Afghans should plant trees to benefit environment, claims action holds worldly benefits as well as immense rewards in afterlife 

Christian man shot dead by suspected Islamists in home in northern Sinai, Egypt – hundreds of Christians have fled area due to surge of sectarian killings 

Egyptian real estate companies say housing deals with Saudi Arabia suspended due to increasing political tensions between countries, Saudi official refutes claim 

Israeli soldier who shot dead wounded Palestinian terrorist sentenced to 18 months in prison, military court last month ruled him guilty of manslaughter 

Elder of Ziyon: Human Rights Watch celebrates Iran for letting women watch volleyball match while observing Islamic law, double standard as other countries criticized harshly  

Saudi Arabia exported more oil than ever during 2016, on average 7.65 million barrels per day, total production 10.46 million barrels per day 

Marine Le Pen in Beirut to meet president Michel Aoun and representatives for persecuted Christians 

Coptic teacher killed by gunmen on his way to school in Egyptian city of el-Arish, second deadly attack against Christians in less than a week 

At least 72 dead and 250 injured in suicide attack on Sufi shrine in Pakistani province Sindh, IS terrorists claim responsibility 

United Arab Emirates present 100-year plan for building city on Mars, aims to stimulate research and entrench passion for space in youths 

90% of cotton sold as Egyptian not genuine according to Cotton Egypt Association 

Benjamin Netanyahu likely to be prosecuted for corruption within weeks according to Israeli TV sources, has been questioned by police three times and will be questioned again 

Israeli archaeologists explore twelfth cave in Qumran believed to have contained ancient scrolls, cave already looted — first similar discovery since 1956 when latest Dead Sea scrolls were found 

Four injured in mass shooting at market in Petaẖ Tiqwa outside Tel Aviv, Palestinian man arrested 

At least 20 killed and 41 injured in suicide bombing outside Afghan Supreme Court in Kabul, no immediate claim of responsibility for attack that targeted court's employees 

13,000 executed in secret prison in Syria from 2011 to 2015 according to Amnesty International who says government authorized activities 

Iran takes final delivery of 149 tons of uranium from Russia, has imported a total of 359 tons since Obama nuclear deal came into effect in January 2016 

Hamas bomb making chief dies in explosion, terror group describes event as work accident, says preparations for all-out war with Israel will not slow down  

Ballistic missile hits military base outside Riyadh in what is taken to be response to Saudi intervention in Yemen, Saudi authorities try to cover up by claiming explosion was earthquake 

More than 100 dead in Pakistan-Afghanistan borderlands after heavy snowfall, two Afghan villages buried in avalanches 

Snowstorm and 10 cm snow cover in United Arab Emirates, several Gulf countries experience lightning strikes, sandstorms and rough seas 

Jews and Arabs march arm-in-arm through Tel Aviv to protest Israeli government demolishing Arab homes built without permission 

US attack on al Qaeda in Yemen fiasco despite three months of planning and success declared by Trump, air support called in as special forces detected and fired upon before reaching target 

Kuwait announces that citizens from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan will not obtain visas to the country until security situation is improved 

Kamran Bokhari: Despite rhetoric of Trump administration on nuclear weapons, Iran's economic growth is the primary threat to America's balancing of power strategy in Middle East 

Israel Defense Forces require settlers evacuate Amona within 48 hours after Supreme Court decision in 2014 that settlement be demolished not later than February 8, 2017, similar demolition in 2006 caused riots and clashes between settlers and authorities 

Lebanon judge expresses support for decriminalizing homosexuality, says sexuality is personal choice and not punishable offense, current statue can yield prison up to one year 

One US soldier killed and three injured in raid against senior al-Qaeda leaders in Yemen, 14 terrorists neutralized according to Pentagon 

Israel moves towards legalization of cannabis, fines and tutoring replacing prosecution are first steps towards more lenient legislation 

Uzay Bulut: Yazidi girls sold for a few packs of cigarettes while women in West march against Trump, feminists ignore islamists' violence against women 

Elder of Ziyon: Iran builds Shia settlements in Syria contrary to Geneva convention, hypocrisy when Israel is falsely accused for same crime 

Egypt's Museum of Islamic Art with 100,000 objects reopens after being damaged in bomb attack in 2014, restoration also funded by UNESCO, United Arab Emirates and United States 

Unnoticed by the West, crisis in Yemen generates large refugee flows to Somalia, Oman, Saudi Arabia and other African countries 

IS terrorists destroy the world-famous Tetrapylon and Roman Theater in Palmyra, recaptured the ancient city from Syrian government troops in December 

Female Iranian bodybuilder arrested for posting un-Islamic workout photos on Instagram — court deems muscle posing in tank top and pants as nude act 

Iraqi government troops prepare to retake western Mosul, last urban outpost of IS terrorists 

Iran trains and commands up to 18,000 Afghan Shiites in its war in Syria  

Hamas and Fatah announce plans to establish Palestinian unity government after talks in Moscow, believe that Russia can play role in region 

UN announces death toll from war in Yemen to have reached 10,000 and underlines need for peaceful solution as soon as possible 

Young Gazan burns himself in protest against Hamas, dissatisfied with lack of electricity, more protests expected 

Israel and Palestinian Authority sign agreement for water supply to West Bank, fourth agreement in various areas to improve infrastructure 

Houthi militia leader admits to Iran training their troops, commanded rocket attacks on al-Nihm district in Yemen 

Saudi Arabia planning privatizations and cultural reforms in Vision 2030, Grand Mufti warns of development, believes legalization of cinemas risks promoting "atheistic or rotten" influences 

Gazans conduct daily protests against Hamas due to electricity shortage in what is a particularly cold winter