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Turkish newspaper reports death of Jamal Khashoggi murder suspect via car accident in Riyadh, Mashal Saad al-Bostani was a 31-year-old Saudi Royal Air Forces lieutenant who was surveilled entering the Istanbul consulate prior to Khashoggi's disappearance

UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura plans to step down from post held since July 2014, cites personal reasons and claims he will stand by his responsibilities until he leaves

Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi leads to economic disruption and investment conference cancellations in Saudi Arabia, Saudi King Salman denies knowledge of the event as President Trump theorizes "rogue killers"

Jordanian-Syrian border station at Nassib reopened to traffic of goods and people, the transit point had been closed since 2015 due to Syrian Civil War and resulted in billions of dollars of lost trade

Turkish government requests permission to search Saudi consulate in Ankara following disappearance of journalist, Turkish ministers believe dissident Jamal Khashoggi was deliberately murdered while retrieving personal documents

Egypt sentences 75 to death and more than 600 to jail terms for pro-Muslim Brotherhood protest, the Rabaa Adawiya square square incident in Cairo led to the deaths of nearly 800 protesters and 8 members of the security forces in 2013, rights groups called the decision an mockery of justice while the Egyptian state claims it is fighting an active Islamist insurgency

Turkish military forces kill "most wanted" member of Kurdistan Workers' Party in northern province of Gumushane, Baris Oner was designated red in the color-coded terrorism watchlist and carried codename of "Turk Tarik"

Turkish government apprehends two suspects after early morning drive-by shooting at US Embassy in Ankara, the suspects appear to be be common criminals with histories known to the police, Turkish government issues statements condemning the attacks as US government ratchets up pressure and sanctions over detention of Pastor Andrew Brunson

Delegation from Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces seeks recognition of political autonomy in meeting with Syrian government, Kurdish YPG militia seized the opportunity in 2011 uprising to capture more territory for itself rather than seeking to topple the Assad government

Saudi coalition airstrike in Yemen hits schoolbus killing at least 29 children amongst numerous other dead and wounded, Yemen the site of 258 verified Saudi airstrikes in the month of June one third of which hit residential areas, ongoing war in Yemen considered the globe's worst humanitarian crisis according to numerous international organizations

Construction of Ihsu dam in southern Turkey necessitates physical relocation of 800-year-old Artukulu Haman bathhouse to cultural park located on higher ground, 1500-ton structure being moved 3km via 256-wheeled specialty device along with 6 other monuments representative of the area alongside Tigris River which has been continuously inhabited for over 10000 years

72-year-old Syrian woman saves four grandchildren from IS terrorists by killing two terrorists with her AK-47 as they tried to storm her rural home, held her ground despite being shot in stomach until Syrian army showed up

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas says they "view the prisoners and the martyrs as planets and stars in the skies of the Palestinian struggle", and that the last penny would go to them if needed, stipends in question amount to USD 330 million representing about 7% of 2018 budget

Australia withholds financial aid to the Palestinian Authority due to its funding of terrorists through "pay to slay" program, "declaration of war" according to PA officials

Protests in Jordan for third night in row, unrest in response to tax hikes and austerity measures, king Abdullah calls for compromise from all sides

Court in Algerian city of Béjaïa sentences blogger Marzouk Touati to ten years in prison and USD 430 fine for communicating with Israel and inciting civil disobedience in January 2017 during political protests, Attorney General of Béjaïa Judiciary Council asked for life sentence

Egypt's top administrative court orders one month YouTube block over "Innocence of Muslims", a low-budget 13-minute video denigrating Prophet Muhammad first uploaded in 2012, ruling considered final and cannot be appealed

Saad al-Hariri once again designated as Lebanon's next prime minister after vote in parliament, resigned in November fearing for his safety, post of prime minister is reserved for Sunni Muslim in country's sectarian power sharing system

Syrian army restores control over all areas surrounding Damascus after recapturing al-Hajar al-Aswad district and Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp from IS terrorists

Israel's ambassador to Turkey declared persona non grata filmed by invited journalists while being denied access to VIP lounge and bodily searched at Istanbul airport, Israel responds by inviting press to film Turkish diplomat who was asked for documents by security guard while arriving at Israeli Foreign Ministry

Iraq catches five "most wanted" IS terrorist commanders, leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi not among captured

Sausan Alkassem selected as judge in Haifa District Labor Court, fist female Druze judge in Israel

US cancels financial support to White Helmets in Syria which is helping population in areas controlled by Islamists, will make group lose third of overall funding

Benjamin Netanyahu claims to have evidence of secret Iranian nuclear weapons program which Tehran dismisses as propaganda, comes two weeks before Trump administration will decide on deal with Iran

Missile attacks targeting outposts close to Aleppo and Hama in Syria kill 26 pro-government fighters, mostly Iranians, according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, speculation that strikes were carried out by Israel

Saudi airstrike in northwestern Yemen kills at least 20 people attending wedding and wounds another 30, incident will be fully investigated according to spokesman for Saudi-led coalition

Top-ranking Houthi political leader Saleh al-Samad killed last week in Saudi-led airstrike in Yemen

Saudi security forces say shot down amateur drone near royal palace in Riyadh according to orders and instructions, amateur footage shows loud gunfire lasting at least 30 seconds

US-Israeli actress Nathalie Portman refuses to receive Genesis award in Israel in protest against IDF killing 36 Palestinians during riots at Gaza border

EU parliament adopts legislation preventing aid to Palestinian Authority if funds used for education to hatred, determines EU funded classes must reflect peace, liberty, tolerance and non-discrimination, Israeli research institute CEO comments that it's strange to transfer EUR 3 billion over ten years without real attempts to ensure education in line with European values

Selfies, popcorn and red carpet as AMC Cinema Riyadh shows Black Panther to Saudi celebrities, Islamic kingdom's first cinema in 30 years housed in converted concert hall, at least one princess attended

Robert Fisk visits Douma in Syria and finds no evidence of gas attack, is told by Syrian doctor Assim Rahaibani that infamous video is authentic but injuries were caused by dust clouds that came into basements and cellars where people lived, suffering from oxygen loss they arrived at clinic when someone shouted "Gas!" and panic began

Pentagon's claim that missile strike against Syria set back chemical weapons program for years exaggerated according to defense analysts, sulfur mustard and sarin gas easy to reproduce and stockpiles likely spread around many locations

Eight Egyptian soldiers and 14 jihadists killed after suicide bombers and gunmen armed with grenades attacked army base around dawn, attack took place hours after state of emergency extended for fourth time since last year, soldiers killed by four militants detonating explosive belts

One Palestinian killed and hundreds injured as protests at Gaza border continue for third consecutive Friday, dozens of Israeli flags and photos of Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman burned

Syrian government now in full control of eastern Ghouta as Douma falls, according to Russian defense ministry

Russia reserves right to shoot down US missiles fired at Syria and destroy launch sites, according to Moscow's envoy to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin

Saudi Arabia signs agreement with Paris Opera for it to help set up national orchestra and opera in country's second city Jeddah, deal made as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visits France

Israeli F-15 jets attack air base in Homs in central Syria with ballistic missiles according to Russian news agency Interfax, Israel does not comment on incident, Syrian media initially blamed US for assault

Patrick Cockburn: Many Palestinians have died in recent Gaza protests but Israel has to large extent escaped criticism, if Syrian government had acted in same way Western leaders would have denounced Assad as butcher

White Helmets claims Syrian army has dropped nerve agent on Douma in Eastern Ghouta and publishes images of civilians who allegedly were killed, Syrian government denies allegations which have not been verified

Twelve civilians killed in Saudi airstrike in coastal city of Hodeidah in western Yemen, Houthi rebels later target Saudi Arabia’s southern border area with missile

Most of eastern Ghouta now under Syrian government control according to army source, military operations continue in city of Douma which is controlled by Jaish al-Islam

At least ten Palestinians killed and hundreds injured in large clashes with Israeli troops at Gaza border, Palestinian rioters throw firebombs and rocks according to Israel's military

Turkish military enters Iraq's Sinjar region according to President Erdoğan, Iraqi security forces refute claim and say border is still under control

Seven ballistic missiles fired from Yemen toward targets in Saudi Arabia, all of them intercepted as explosions are heard across Riyadh, debris rains down in some neighborhoods

First airplane allowed to pass through Saudi airspace on way to Israel touches down at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, trip from New Delhi takes 7.5 hours which is 2 hours shorter than previously

Syrian rebels and their families leave Eastern Ghouta town outside Damascus, transported to opposition-held Idlib province in northwest after deal with Syria's government

Israel military reveals being responsible for 2007 destruction of suspected nuclear reactor Al-Kubar in eastern Syria, according to Israel facility was built with help from North Korea to produce weapons-grade plutonium

Employee of French consulate in Jerusalem among nine individuals arrested on suspicions of gun smuggling from Gaza to West Bank

IS terrorists capture southern Damascus suburb Qadam, area has previously been held by rebels who have now been relocated to northern Syria due to deal with government, 36 government soldiers killed in attack

Remains of 39 indian construction workers found in Iraq mass grave, kidnapped by IS terrorists in 2014

Islamist militias supported by Turkey plunder homes, stores and restaurants in Afrin after Syrian city captured from Kurdish forces

Turkey and allied Islamist rebels conquer Afrin in northern Syria, celebrate by pulling down statue of mythical figure Kawa

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman says Saudi Arabia will develop its own nuclear bomb if Iran is allowed to get one, has previously announced development of nuclear energy programme

Qatar announces five year plan to increase independence and become self-sufficient in face of blockade from neighboring countries, energy consumption to be rationalized in parallel with investment in renewable energy and domestic agriculture, government supported company Baladna has previously brought 3,400 cows to country with Qatar Airways

Iraq and United Arab Emirates plan to rebuild Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul which was constructed during 12th century and destroyed by IS terrorists in 2017, not clear whether famous leaning minaret will be built on slant

Erdoğan claims Turkey and allied rebels could enter city of Afrin in northern Syria at any moment which is being denied by Kurdish militia YPG, Syrian government says Turkish offensive way to annex lands that were part of Ottoman Empire

Government forces have retaken between 30 and 40 percent of parts of Eastern Ghouta in Syria that were controlled by rebels when offensive began in February, rebels have begun negotiating possible surrender

32 passengers dead as Russian Antonov An-26 transport plane crashes on landing at Hmeimim airbase in Syria

At least 36 Syrian soldiers killed in Turkish airstrike in Afrin according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, will reduce possibility of informal deal between Syria and Turkey according to analyst

Nine civilians killed and at least six wounded in Saudi airstrikes in north and west Yemen, happens day after five civilians were killed in same way

Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre to reopen as city suspends plan to tax commercial properties owned by church, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu creates committee to try to resolve dispute

Women required to offer sexual services to get access to emergency aid from UN and other organizations distributed by local partners, has been known for years according to aid workers

Saudi Arabia allows women to apply for positions in military on condition that male guardians live nearby job's location, thought to be security rather than combat roles

Saudi king Salman fires military chief of staff and head of air force, no official explanation given

Russia only partially complies with UN Security Council ceasefire in Syria, implements daily five-hour truce to allow civilians to leave eastern Ghouta

Turkey deploys special forces in Afrin region in northern Syria, country and its allied Islamist groups ignore UN Security Council's decision of ceasefire

Church of the Holy Sepulchre closed in protest against Israeli tax measures and proposed property law, Jerusalem Mayor claims city is due EUR 152 million in uncollected taxes on church properties, says new legislation would only affect commercial establishments owned by churches

At least 14 dead and 43 injured as two car bombs explode in Aden in southern Yemen, IS terrorists claim to have carried out attack

UN Security Council unanimously approves 30-day ceasefire in Syria, calls for fighting to stop without delay

Saudi Arabia and Israel describe Iranian proxy warfare and undermining of countries in region as striving towards hegemony, Netanyahu compares Iran to Nazi Germany and says Tehran advocates Shia supremacy, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif claims US and its client states suffer from consequences of their own poor choices

Ankara calls reports about deal between Syrian military and YPG propaganda, government spokesman İbrahim Kalın says at same time that there may have been "dirty and secret negotiations", confirms that Operation Olive Branch will continue

Kurdish official claims Syrian government forces will cooperate with YPG in Afrin, could lead to direct confrontation with Turkish military and Free Syrian Army, development highlights complex battlefield of northern Syria

Six journalists sentenced to life in prison for participating in failed coup in Turkey 2016, supposedly sent subliminal messages in TV and news articles and had contact with Gülen movement, 73 journalists behind bars in country which is highest number in world ahead of China and Egypt

Saudi religious leader Sheikh Ahmad al-Ghamdi says celebrating Valentine’s Day does not contradict Islamic teachings, has previously questioned legality of gender segregation in Islam, part of Saudi modernization

Benjamin Netanyahu to be prosecuted for accepting bribes according to recommendation by Israeli police, is said to have accepted gifts worth USD 280,000 since 2007, PM says gifts had no economic value and no services have been asked for or been delivered in return for them

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi lives but due to injuries and poor health does no longer lead IS terrorists, lives in desert in eastern Syria and has been unable to walk since 2015 due to fractures, according to Iraqi intelligence service

Trump questions peaceful ambitions of both Israel and Palestine, says Israeli settlements complicate situation and urges Israel to be cautious, claims Jerusalem issue is overblown and emphasizes that he supports solution to which both parties agree

Two Turkish troops killed after Kurdish forces shoot down military helicopter in northern Syria, 19 Turkish soldiers in total killed during operation launched January 20th to uproot YPG from Afrin

Israeli F-16 downed by Syrian anti-aircraft fire after attacking launch site of drone heading toward Israel, IDF calls drone incident serious attack from Iran

More than 100 Syrian pro-government fighters killed by US led coalition in eastern part of country, incident underscores potential for further conflict in region where Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) holds swathes of land after offensive against IS terrorists

Saudi Arabia allows Air India to use country's airspace for flight to Israel, softening of 70 year old ban thought to be connected with new Saudi political orientation, improved relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel as well as upcoming Narenda Mode state visit to Israel

Russian defense ministry confirms pilot Roman Filipov took own life to avoid capture after ejecting himself from Su-25 hit by anti-aircraft missile from Tahrir al-Sham rebels over Idlib province, Syria

Saddam Hussein's oldest daughter Raghad one of 60 in Iraq government list of most wanted, all suspects said to be connected to IS terrorists, al-Qaeda or Baath party, Raghad lives in Jordan

13 Turkish soldiers killed since start of Afrin offensive in northern Syria two weeks ago, Erdoğan spokesman hints operation might be expanded further east

Su-25 fighter jet shot down over Idlib province, first time Russian plan downed by rebels during Syria conflict, does not affect war significantly according to expert, besides low-flying aircraft model likely to be taken out of service

Iranian opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi accuses Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of economic and political mismanagement, has been under house arrest since 2011 without trial

Turkey detains 311 politicians, journalists and activists after they criticized invasion of Afrin region in Syria, associations of doctors and architects have previously opposed war

Egyptian army chief Sami Anan arrested after being accused of announcing his intention to run for president in violation of country's military code, considered to be last high-profile challenger to President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi

Eleven killed, including 11-year-old boy, as Saudi airstrike hits market in northern Yemen, more than 10,000 have died in conflict

Thousands of Iranians sentenced for drug crimes could escape death penalty and be handed prison sentences after softening in country's law, possessing two kilograms of cocaine could trigger capital punishment compared to 30 gram under previous law

Iran bans teaching of English in primary schools after Supreme Leader Khamenei said early learning of language opened way to Western cultural invasion

At least 20 civilians killed after Saudi-led airstrikes hit market and gas station in Yemen's Red Sea port city of Hodeidah, death toll likely to increase as many critically injured

Coptic church in Giza stormed by hundreds of Muslim demonstrators, church's contents destroyed and visitors assaulted until security personnel broke up attack, church not state-sanctioned and building permits hard to get as local authorities fear protests by Muslim conservatives

230 partying youths in Tehran arrested by police for drinking alcohol, mixed parties of unrelated men and women illegal

Israel fires several missiles hitting military position near Damascus according to Syrian state television, has launched almost 100 attacks in Syria during last six years of war

At least 235 killed after bomb and gun attack against Sufi Muslims at Friday prayer in Egypt's North Sinai province, assailants blocked of mosque with burning cars, set off bomb and shot people trying to flee, no group has yet claimed responsibility

Police lieutenant Sayed Basam Pacha bear hugs suicide bomber in Kabul just before detonation, limiting number of casualties to 14, half of which policemen

At least 450 dead and 7,000 injured as magnitude 7.3 earthquake hits western Iran, 13 killed in Iraq