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Around 60 killed in Afghanistan in separate attacks on Shia mosque in Kabul and Sunni mosque in Ghor province, number of casualties likely to rise 

Mass murderers honored by ceremony at the Palestinian Al-Quds University, the murderers responsible for terrorist attacks in which children died, Fatah representative spoke at the event 

Iraqi elite forces capture Kirkuk from Kurds largely unopposed, Baghdad will be made to pay heavy price for triggering war on Kurdish people according to Peshmerga 

Kurdish Peshmerga say Iraq has ordered them to quit oil fields and strategic positions in Kirkuk, fighting erupts between Kurdish forces and Shia militia backing Iraqi government 

Coptic priest dies after knife attack in Cairo, one in a series of attacks against the Christian minority in Egypt 

UK man arrested in Dubai for public indecency and alcohol consumption after touching another person in bar according to own statement, gets passport confiscated and could face three years in jail 

UAE taxes sugary drinks 50%, energy drinks and tobacco 100%, hope to compensate for lower oil revenue and decrease diabetes prevalence at 20% 

40 people sentenced to life imprisonment for the planned assassination attempt against Turkish President Erdoğan, the majority ex-servicemen involved in last year's coup attempt 

Yemen cholera outbreak fastest growing epidemic in modern history, will soon surpass number of cases recorded in Haiti after 2010 earthquake and is expected to hit one million by November 

Russian Foreign Ministry officially rejects Iraqi Kurdish referendum for independence 

Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani says yes side won the referendum for independence 

Saudi King Salman issues royal decree giving women right to obtain driving licences, to be implemented by June 2018 

Palestinian kills three Israelis at entrance to Jewish settlement in West Bank, comes as Trump's Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt arrived in Jerusalem to try to revive peace talks 

Lebanon's president Michel Aoun wants to repatriate 1.5 million Syrian refugees living in country, says UN assistance to refugee camps would be better used to facilitate return 

Iraq hangs 42 Sunni Muslims convicted on terrorism charges – Amnesty International criticizes move, saying there is no evidence showing death penalty deters crime more than other means of punishment 

Iraq's Kurds to hold independence referendum according to plan, will never go back to failed partnership says Regional Government President Massoud Barzani 

Eight protesters arrested in Jerusalem Mea She’arim district after demonstration against High Court striking down law exempting religion-studying ultra-Orthodox men from military service, at least two protesters and seven police injured after violent clashes 

Hamas agrees to dissolve Gaza shadow regime and hand power to some form of unity government, Fatah cautiously welcomes new position 

Egyptian cassation court sentences ousted president Mohammed Mursi to 25 years in prison for spying for Qatar, Mursi already serving 20-year sentence for involvement in killing of protesters during demonstrations in 2012 

Israel's Supreme Court annuls 2015 law exempting Orthodox Jews from military service, says it is discriminatory 

Sharmine Narwani: Regional balance of power in Middle East shifts in adverse direction for Israel as Islamist terror groups are defeated, Iran with allies have after fighting in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon built close cooperation supported by Russia and China 

Iraq's PM Haider al-Abadi says IS terrorists have been defeated in city of Tal Afar and entire Nineveh province, urges remaining terrorists to surrender or they will be killed 

At least 13 killed and 19 injured as car bomb explodes in Nawa district in Afghan Helmand province, responsibility for the attack has not been established, comes one month after Afghan forces claimed recapture of Nawa from the Taliban 

Iran's education department prohibits teachers with acne, burns or major birthmarks in the face, women may not have facial hair or be infertile 

Saudi airstrike in Yemen capital Sanaa kills 12, half were children according to witnesses 

Taliban warn Trump in open letter not to listen to warmongering congressmen who seek to prolong war in Afghanistan, says President should have sense of loyalty to Afghan people who defeated communist invaders 

Two US soldiers killed and five injured during combat operations in Iraq, more than 5,000 American troops take part in war against IS terrorists in country 

Israel plans to block Al Jazeera's English and Arabic channels and close its local bureau, accuses Qatar based TV network of supporting terrorism 

Afghan police seize truck loaded with 18 tons of explosives in Kabul, 16.5 tons more than bomb that killed 150 people in city in May 

At least 40 Taliban fighters killed by Afghan security forces in 12 hour gun battle following attack on local market in southern Helmand province 

Worlds fifth tallest residential building ablaze in Dubai, evacuation of residents successful according to local authorities, the same tower was on fire in 2015, at that time the owners claimed the building was correctly built and had passed all government inspections 

Russia reaches cease-fire agreement with rebel forces in northern Homs provinces, agreement to cover 87 towns and villages 

More than a million Yemeni children risk dying of cholera, 200,000 out of those also at imminent risk of starving to death, according to Save the Children 

Saudi Arabia plans turning 34,000 square kilometers with 50 islands into global tourist destination with laws "on par with international standards", project start planned for 2019 and first phase completion 2022 

Jordan parliament votes to repeal law allowing rapists to avoid punishment when marrying their victims for at least three years – 159 rapists avoided punishment by marrying their victims between 2010 and 2013, according to official numbers 

IDF seizes cars Palestinian relatives of convicted terrorist paid for with Hamas compensation funds, West Bank raid part of continuing crackdown by Israeli authorities against funding for Palestinian terrorists and their families 

Palestinian Authority now uses half of foreign aid budget to support terrorists and their families, 13% boost to imprisoned terrorists and 4% increase to families of those killed “in the struggle against Zion” in new budget, according to Institute for Contemporary Affairs 

400,000 cholera cases suspected in Yemen, 1,900 people dead from associated cases in last three months, destroyed water pipelines and continuous bombing of schools and hospitals behind situation 

Warning shots fired by US patrol ship at Iranian vessel in Persian Gulf, approximately 60 unsafe interactions with Iran's navy recorded by US military since 2015 

Iran and Iraq sign agreement to increase military cooperation with aim to fight terrorism and extremism, countries' ties have improved after Iraq's Shiite government came to power after fall of Saddam Hussein 

US drone strike in Helmand province in Afghanistan kills 16 Afghan policemen, 52 airstrikes have been carried out by US in area over past five days 

Seven villagers killed after being kidnapped by Talibans in southern Afghanistan, 30 kidnapped released and 30 still missing – villagers accused of cooperating with the authorities, according to local media 

Three Israelis stabbed to death and one critically wounded as 19-year-old Palestinian broke into home in settlement Halamish, terrorist arrested after being shot by IDF soldier on leave 

Israeli police bar Muslim men under 50 from Old City and Temple Mount during Friday prayers, tensions risen after metal detector installations – 37 injured after police fire rubber bullets, tear gas and stun grenades to disperse protesters throwing rocks and bottles 

The Palestinian Authority's costs of terrorist wages increase sharply, terrorists and their families cost USD 355 million annually 

Iran's president Hassan Rouhani's brother transferred to hospital on second day of detention in connection with corruption case, charges interpreted as attempt to discredit president according to his followers 

United Arab Emirates arranged for hacking Qatari government social media and news sites in late May, prompting current diplomatic crisis, according to Washington Post report citing US intelligence officials 

At least one dead, 56 injured after clashes between police and residents on al-Warraq island in Cairo, state claims land ownership and wishes to demolish buildings while residents say they built the houses 30 years ago and have proof of ownership 

Banks in Yemen capital Aden to close for three days and suspend all clearing operations to protest armed robbery spate, threaten further measures if protection keeps lacking 

Head of IS terrorists in Afghanistan Abu Sayed killed in strike on group's headquarters in Kunar province according to Pentagon, third leader of terror organization to be killed in country since July 2016 

Three injured of which two seriously in a terrorist attack outside Temple Mount in Jerusalem, terrorists shot dead by police 

165 German dairy cows flown into Qatar via Budapest as first part of total 4,000 dairy cows to be delivered within a month from among others Australia and U.S., majority of country's fresh milk and dairy formerly imported from now boycotting Saudi Arabia 

Gaza beyond unlivable after ten years of Hamas governing, all indicators including income, healthcare, education, electricity and fresh water in decline according to UN report 

Syrian Kurds to begin imposing an income tax in northern Syria, government claims taxes will be used to fund health and education services, 75% of population likely to be taxed 

Israeli intelligence minister proposes incorporation of 5 West Bank settlements into Jerusalem without full annexation, residents would be able to vote in Jerusalem municipal elections, 100,000 Palestinians to be removed from census as part of the plan 

IS terrorists completely defeated in Mosul, says Iraq PM Haider al-Abadi 

Cholera outbreak in Yemen continues, more than 275,000 cases identified and more than 1,600 dead since late April 

Thousands demonstrate in southern Yemen for reinstating regional autonomy 

At least 23 Egyptian soldiers killed in suicide bombings in North Sinai, IS terrorists claim responsibility for attack which is the most severe in area since 2015 

Israel cuts USD 1 million from UN funding after UNESCO declared Hebron's Old City, and with it the Cave of the Patriarchs, as a Palestinian World Heritage Site in danger 

Israeli military buys drones for use in urban warfare, can be equipped with machine guns, grenade launchers or other weapons 

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar announces capture of Benghazi from Islamist militias, UN does not recognize Haftar or Tobruk-based government 

Head of Amnesty International in Turkey arrested by police with 7 other activists, are being held incommunicado, Amnesty International decries "grotesque abuse of power" 

Mahmoud Abbas says he will never stop giving salaries to terrorists, would rather resign than cease payments 

Saudi coup d'état likely as supporters of king's brother Ahmed bin Abdulaziz seek to reverse recent change of crown prince, according to whistle-blower 

At least 20 dead by suicide bomb in Syrian capital Damascus, two other bombs destroyed in controlled explosions by authorities claiming to have foiled plot to strike crowded areas 

Cholera outbreak in war-torn Yemen spreads, 246,000 people suspected sick and 1,500 dead since April, according to WHO 

Small autonomous police vehicles paired with companion drones to patrol Dubai around the clock by end of year, equipped with facial recognition, thermal imaging, and licence plate readers 

US-backed SDF launch counterattack on key neighborhood Al-Senaa in Raqqa, took area on June 12 but was pushed out on June 30, has now retaken 30% of the neighborhood 

Nearly 500,000 Syrians have been able to return to their homes during 2017 as security has improved according to UNHCR, uncertain whether de-escalation zones decided by Russia, Iran and Turkey have accelerated return trend 

Israeli author Assaf A. Voll releases book with 120 blank pages, said to be about the history of Palestine, retracted by Amazon after several complaints from customers 

Satellite image from Iranian ballistic missile test appears to show Star of David as target, Israel complains to United Nations 

Saudi foreign minister says Yemen war is tragedy, points to own country being largest donor of humanitarian aid to victims 

Turkish police interrupt pride parade in Istanbul with rubber bullets and detentions, organisers pressed ahead with march despite it being banned for third time in three years 

Israel attacks tanks in Syria with air strike after mortar fire strikes Golan Heights 

Turkey nationalizes Christian churches and places in Midyat, violation of Lausanne treaty article that protects religious buildings, according to Christian communities that have filed court case 

Saudi security forces arrest five members of terror cell planning attack on Grand Mosque area in Mecca according to interior ministry, suicide bomber blows himself up after being discovered and injures eleven  

Civil council expected to rule Raqqa pardoned 83 of IS terror group's militants to promote stability, says high ranking terrorists will not be released 

Qatar receives list of 13 Saudi conditions for resuming diplomatic relations, includes shutting down al-Jazeera, cutting ties with Iran and handing over wanted terrorists 

Kamran Bokhari: Naming of Mohammed bin Salman as new Saudi crown prince expected but unfortunate, new and younger heir lacks experience to deal with increasingly dangerous situation 

Jewish temple in Jerusalem vandalized, mentally ill ultra-orthodox jew spray-painted swastikas on walls, tried to set Torah books on fire 

Israeli airline El Al not allowed to ask female passengers to switch seats to accommodate ultra-orthodox male passengers who do not wish to sit next to women, according to court decision 

Leading politicians in Iran threaten to depose Donald Trump if conflict between countries continues 

IS terrorists destroy 800-year-old al-Nuri mosque in Mosul with its iconic leaning minaret, US rejects terror group's claim that air strike caused destruction 

Saudi Arabia deports 15,000 camels and 10,000 sheep to Qatar as diplomatic spat deepens, common for Qataris to let livestock graze in Saudi Arabia due to Qatar’s small amount of pastoral land 

"A Moses for every pharaoh" Turkish opposition party CHP's message to Erdoğan during march from Ankara to Istanbul, president suggests legal action against protests that arose after CHP deputy Enis Berberoğlu was imprisoned 

Iran destroys 241 tons of date fruit imported from Israel with missing licensing, imports from Israel illegal since 1979 

One Israeli police officer killed and one injured in Jerusalem as three Palestinians carried out shooting and stabbing attacks, terrorists shot dead 

Muammar Gaddafi's son Saif al Islam released from prison by rebels in western Libya after being held since 2011, remains on International Criminal Court's wanted list for crimes against humanity 

Syrian state run TV claims IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed in air strike, reports have not been verified  

Pakistani man sentenced to death for insulting prophet Mohammed after debating Islam on Facebook with person who turned out to be counter-terrorism agent 

Saudi Arabia bans wearing FC Barcelona shirts due to team sponsor Qatar Airways, offenders risk EUR 135,000 fine and up to 15 years in prison, according to Sky Italy referencing Saudi authorities 

At least 160 civilians killed by IS terrorists as they tried to flee fighting in western Mosul according to UN, tens of thousands still trapped inside city 

Kurdish region in Iraq to hold independence referendum on September 25, followed by parliamentary elections on November 6  

At least 13 dead after gunmen and suicide bomber attack Iran's parliament in capital Tehran and Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini, IS terrorists claim responsibility 

Palestinian Authority stops payments to freed prisoners belonging to Hamas, Fatah prisoners freed by Israel sill getting paid 

At least 120 IS terrorists killed in west Mosul during Iraqi operation where strategic Al-Sihha district was recaptured, according to Iraqi authorities 

Cholera outbreak in Yemen unprecedented according to Unicef, 70,000 cases reported over one month, number expected to reach 130,000 within two weeks  

Lebanon plans to ban the movie Wonder Woman starring Israeli actress Gal Gadot, contact and trade with Israelis forbidden in the country 

Mahmoud Abbas admits Donald Trump yelled at him during meeting, Abbas was accused of incitement against Israel, says meeting was uncomfortable