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British industry watchdog ASA to ban commercials with men struggling with nappy-changing or women struggling with parking in order to save the citizens from mental trauma arising from being exposed to stereotypical gender roles

Colin Kroll dies at 35, co-founder of video hosting platform Vine and HQ Trivia app, believed to have died of a drug overdose at his home in New York City, reports news website TMZ

The Weekly Standard shutters after 23 years, the magazine which espouses traditional conservatism and has been deeply critical of Donald Trump publish its final issue on December 17, outlets on the right critical of Trump have lost influence, while media organizations supportive of the President have flourished

Venezuela jails German journalist Billy Six, accused of spying, rebellion and "violating security zones", known for his bylines in Berlin-based conservative newspaper Junge Freiheit

Patreon bans the accounts of Milo Yiannopoulos, Sargon of Akkad and James Allsup, Yiannopoulos' ban comes a day after he announced a “magnificent 2019 comeback” tour, was cut off due to his association with the Proud Boys, says Patreon

H.A. Goodman: firing of Marc Lamont Hill from CNN represents Leftist censorship, Dr. Hill hypocritically ignores internecine violence amongst Palestinians, Hamas tried to assassinate Fatah Prime Minister in March

YouTube's most popular content creator plans book review series to increase subscriber base, "PewDiePie" has 200,000 user lead over Bollywood-based "T-Series"

Instructors at Leeds Trinity's j-school advised not to use capitalized words in student communications, the official memo states that such emphasis might scare students about "the difficulty or high-stakes nature of the task"

PayPal refuses to process payments for right-wing activist Tommy Robinson, a left-wing group called SumOfUs received 65,000 signatures on a petition to have Robinson removed from PayPal

Brazil federal government will stop buying ads in media channels publishing fake news, including country's largest daily newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, says president-elect Bolsonaro

Fox News as big as MSNBC and CNN combined in October according to Nielsen Media Research, Fox had 2.8 million viewers in prime time while MSNBC had 1.58 and CNN 0.93, the most viewed program was "Hannity" on Fox

Four state pension fund managers in US call for removal of Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook chairmanship, previous attempt to create independent chairman in 2017 quashed by Zuckerberg's majority control, the investors hope to highlight recent scandals and governance problems at the company

Video game publisher EA under criminal investigation in Belgium for violation of gambling laws, the "loot box" phenomenon is deemed to be an illegal practice by Belgian government which exposes minors to gambling risk

Google removes prominent Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's YouTube ads, Russian officials claimed the videos were illegal according to local election laws, the removal comes amidst mass public protests against pension reform called for by Navalny

Israeli state radio broadcaster apologizes for playing music of Richard Wagner, a listener outcry occurred after Kol HaMusica played the "Gotterdammerung" of the anti-Semitic composer

Muslim feminist artist Sara Alfageeh has redrawn the X-Men character "Dust" over sexualization concerns, the activist and comic book fan claims the character's clothing is unnecessarily revealing for a conservative culture

English Premier League accuses Saudi Arabia of supporting vast pirating of its sports broadcasts, Riyadh-based Arabsat "orchestrated a plague of piracy on world sport over the past year" according to Qatar-based beIN Sports, the Qatari firm is the legal rights holder for the broadcasts

European Commission plans fines for social media firms that do not take down extremist content within 1hr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube as well as smaller social media apps all in the crosshairs, a non-profit group claims Islamic State videos garnered more than 163,000 views between March and June on YouTube

Stefan Molyneux's auto-temp YouTube ban suddenly lifted after fan outreach to YouTube, the company provided no explanation of why the ban was put into place or why it was lifted, Molyneux claims he is being targeted as part of an activist boycott conspiracy against Alex Jones and other right-wing personalities on social media

Twitter suspends Alex Jones from tweeting for a week after he posted a video that violated terms of service, the offensive video on Twitter-owned Periscope platform features Jones telling followers to get "battle rifles" ready, the Infowars host has 889,000 Twitter followers and recently had his content removed from competing social media platforms

Facebook to be sole distributor of Spanish football series La Liga in Indian markets, will be offered to platform's 348 million users in region, terms of deal not disclosed but Sony Pictures Network last purchased rights for USD 32 million in 2014, part of trend where technology companies compete with traditional TV distributors by offering live sports

German entertainment software regulator rules that "anti-constitutional" Nazi imagery can be shown in video games, previously motion picture films designated as "art" and escaped youth protection censorship laws, decision comes after numerous outcries over German-edition video games having offending imagery removed or altered

The Infowars Official app is the number 4 most downloaded Apple Appstore news app after the Infowars podcast is punted off the Apple iTunes directory service, radio host Alex Jones encouraged his listeners to become "unstoppable" by downloading the app after Apple did not believe the app itself violated their terms of service and left it up

Facebook removes four pages owned by Alex Jones "for glorifying violence" and "using dehumanizing language" which the company states violates its community standards guidelines, Jones' content also recently removed from Apple and Spotify platforms in separate incidents which Paul Joseph Watson labeled a conscious attempt to influence US mid-term elections in favor of Democratic candidates

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh celebrates 30 years on air, gets personal congratulatory call from Donald Trump

Spotify removes "specific episodes of The Alex Jones Show podcast for violating our hate content policy", unclear how many episodes and for what specific content, Facebook as well as YouTube removed Jones' content last week

Indonesia overturns ban on Chinese video app Tik Tok after creators agree to censor "negative content" and open Indonesian office to liaise with the government over content, app where you can create up to 60 seconds long clips and add effects was banned in country on July 3 for featuring content deemed pornographic and blasphemous

Breitbart traffic down seventh month in row, from 13.7 million unique visitors during November 2017 to 6.4 million in May 2018, remains far larger than competing conservative outlets Daily Caller and Daily Wire

Charles Krauthammer says farewell to readers, has only weeks to live after reappearance of aggressive cancer

Vice reporter tests whether telephone is under surveillance by saying trigger words for various products, reaches conclusion that phone is likely monitored but does not consider it a problem for normal people

Putin interviewed in Austrian TV about troll factories, says Moscow has no connection to them, tells reporter to look into what George Soros does online

Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam leaves company, was recruited by Steve Bannon in 2014, now accompanies Bannon on trip to Europe

Elon Musk wants to build service to rate credibility of specific journalists and news outlets, site to be called Pravda and has connections to person who recently registered name

Barack and Michelle Obama sign multi-year deal with Netflix, say production company Higher Ground Productions seeks to "cultivate and curate the talented, inspiring, creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples", will make both documentaries and series

Chinese TV channel Mango TV barred from airing Eurovision song contest after blurring rainbow flags, censoring tattoos and not airing Irish and Albanian entries, European Broadcasting Union says censoring not in line with its values of diversity

Website shut down, GoDaddy usually respects freedom of expression but says it has made an exception, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law submitted complaint last month hands over domain that Jean-Noël Frydman has owned since 1994 to French government after Paris court ruling, Frydman files federal lawsuit in US

Netflix to buy cinemas in Los Angeles and New York to increase chances of own productions receiving Academy Awards

BBC clarifies fictional nature of video where news presenter announces nuclear war between Nato and Russian, film made in 2016 for company investigating psychological warfare, original contained disclaimers about information being false but these have been edited out from version going viral

Chinese microblog Sina Weibo reverses decision to remove homosexual content as part of three-month cleaning campaign after protests from LGBT advocates

Facebook bans Richard Spencer's page along with two other pages he controlled, alt-right figurehead continues to have active accounts on Twitter and Youtube

Chinese microblog platform Sina Weibo bans gay and violent content including pictures, cartoons and text posts during three-month clean-up campaign, says action aimed to comply with China’s new cyber security law calling for strict data surveillance

Mark Zuckerberg in first of two days of questioning in US Senate after Cambridge Analytica affair, apologizes for Facebook being used to spread fake news and violating privacy of users but does not back regulation

The Guardian suspicious of book club run by charismatic PewdiePie, Youtube celebrity makes young people read classic literature, but is problematic since he shares much of alt-right culture and draws attention to Jordan Peterson

American TV producer Steven Bochco dead at 74 after years of battling leukaemia, created some of America's best known police drama series such as Hill Street Blues, LA Law and NYPD Blue

Playboy announces withdrawal from Facebook after Tesla and SpaceX removed accounts on Friday, #DeleteFacebook movement grows while it is noted that companies are still active on Facebook-owned Instagram

Tweaked service agreement from Microsoft enables banning of users publicly broadcasting material containing offensive language, nudity, pornography or graphic violence; agreement applies to Skype, Office 365, OneDrive, Bing and Outlook

Youtube introduces tighter restrictions on videos involving weapons, prohibits videos promoting websites selling firearms and accessories, instructions on how to assemble firearms to be banned

Google sets aside USD 300 million for projects to deal with fake news and develop publisher business models, Disinfo Lab to stop false information from being spread in connection to elections and other major events, new platform to simplify for selected media outlets to sell subscriptions, New York Times, Washington Post, Telegraph and Financial Times partners at launch

#DeleteFacebook movement joined by Whatsapp co-founder Brian Acton in reaction to Cambridge Analytica controversy, gains momentum as Facebook stock down 9% in two days, 50 billion USD stock value eradicated

Facebook shuts down page of Britain First after several warnings, says controversial opinions can only be expressed in robust way which does not denigrate others on basis of their identities

Vice Media co-founder Shane Smith resigns from CEO position to renew corporate brand after work place harassment scandal, Nancy Dubuc becomes new head of company

Israel will broadcast football world cup to Arabic neighbor countries over satellite, viewing the games will be free of charge and there will be comments in Arabic, breaks Qatari monopoly and challenges channel biIn Sports which charges 45 USD per home

UK considers not renewing RT's broadcast permission in and from country, Russia responds with threats to stop all British media in Russian, tensions between countries escalate in wake of spy drama

Google bans all ads related to cryptocurrencies in its channels, follows Facebook implementing similar rules, takes effect from June 2018

More affordable internet data plans behind YouTube's increasing popularity in India, new users more prone to getting tricked by fake news according to organization monitoring media trends

Germany's largest newspaper Bild retires traditional featuring of topless female models, will continue to publish topless pictures as part of news reporting

Canadian conservative Lauren Southern stopped and detained by UK-Calais border, questioned about her religious and political views and relation to English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson, denied entry to United Kingdom for previous distribution of fliers about Allah as LGBT-person in densely Muslim populated Luton, follows Islam critics Michael Savage and Pamela Geller who've previous been denied entry

Gerald Sussman: Majority of Americans distrust MSM, not surprising as they are troll farms, accusations of Russian interference in presidential election should be compared to US trying to influence foreign elections 81 times between 1946 and 2000, excluding invasions, blockades, sanctions and assassination attempts

Joseph Bernstein: Prager University converts young Americans to conservatism through famous lecturers, focus on evergreen topics and high quality videos

Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984, pictures of Winnie the Pooh, phrase Xi Zedong and letter n among targets of Chinese internet censorship, tolerance of criticism expected to decrease

YouTube warns and temporarily freezes account of Infowars after Alex Jones claims survivors of school shooting trained by anti-gun lobby ahead of media appearances

Conservative talk radio star Mark Levin gets own show on Fox News, inaugural broadcast this Sunday for Life, Liberty & Levin with economist Walter Williams as guest

Identity verification through physical mail to stop usage of false identities for buying Facebook ads mentioning candidates in US elections, other political ads not affected, Google My Business already has similar method for authentication

Israel boycotts Israeli film festival in Paris due to plans to show controversial drama Foxtrot about how IDF tried to cover up murders of young Palestinians, film repeatedly criticized by Israel culture minister Miri Regev, director Samuel Maoz wishes for his work to be seen as national self-criticism aiming to improve society

Facebook launches "Keeping Muslims Safe Online: Tackling Hate and Bigotry" guide together with Faith Associates, in line with Zuckerberg promise following San Bernardino massacre to "create a peaceful and safe environment" for Muslims

Washington Post reporter Janell Ross placed on leave after speaking at top-secret liberal meeting including George Soros last November without notifying superiors

Mother of boy who modeled H&M's "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" sweatshirt says doesn’t believe ad racially insensitive, urges people to stop crying wolf

Steve Bannon steps down from Breitbart, is a valued part of news organization's legacy according to CEO Larry Solov

Reactionary political theorist and software engineer Curtis Yarvin, known as Mencius Moldbug, escorted from Google headquarters by security personnel after visiting employee for lunch, his presence triggered silent alarm

Macron announces overhaul of French media legislation during 2018 to fight spread of fake news on social media, says strong legislation needed to protect liberal democracies

YouTuber Logan Paul criticized for 15-minute video where he and friends visit infamous Japanese suicide location Aokigahara forest and joke while filming close-ups of dead body

UK may impose taxes on tech giants unless they do more to combat extremism, security minister Ben Wallace calls companies ruthless profiteers who sell user data while not giving them to democratically elected governments

After selling 21st Century Fox to Disney for USD 52.4 billion Rupert Murdoch returns to news and sports, which has been his core business since 1952

Murdoch family to sell 21st Century Fox to Disney, says source to Bloomberg

Google to dedicate more than 10,000 staff to rooting out content on Youtube claimed to be extremist, has already begun redirecting users who search for certain keywords towards playlist of videos that debunk violent messages

Millions of comments to the FCC against net neutrality possibly counterfeit according to Jeff Kao

Facebook purges and bans some 40 goat-related slurs including their grammatical cases, terms said to allude to bestiality and having been used Islamophobically

Twitter's verified check marks perceived by users as endorsement, company enacts new rules regarding hate speech and removes verified statuses of Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler

Amazon announces multi-season Lord of the Rings TV adaptation, will tell new stories based in period preceding The Fellowship of the Ring with potential spin-offs

Reddit CEO and co-founder Steve Huffman says company may go public in 2020 to reward employees and investors, plans to produce own media shut down to focus on core product

Editorial Director of Justin Raimondo diagnosed with late-stage adenocaricinoma cancer and is undergoing experimental therapy, will continue to write as much as possible

Ex-Facebook president Sean Parker claims site created knowingly exploiting "vulnerability in human psychology" with objective to "consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible"

Dan Lattier: History stopped in 1936 according to Orwell, pervasive government propaganda has become more visible after Spanish Civil War, West's understanding of history characterized by soft totalitarianism

Satire writer Paul Horner found dead at the age of 38, known to have produced a lot of false news during the 2016 US elections as political satire

Hugh Hefner dies at the age of 91, founded Playboy in 1953, ran casinos and nightclubs, praised by his son for the work for freedom of speech

Iran publishes fake video footage depicting successful launch of ballistic missile with a purported range of 2,000 kilometers, the material disseminated by state media

Amazon accused of "censorship" after removing homosexuality-themed Bible version where Rihanna created the world, Jesus turned water into mimosas and Trump took Satan's place, book briefly ranked top new release in Christian ebooks and Bibles category on US Amazon version

Conservatives in Silicon Valley communicate through underground network according to fired Google employee James Damore, high admission requirements since leftists try to infiltrate groups

YouTube shuts down two North Korean propaganda channels with 38,000 subscribers in total, academics using channels to study regime's missile programs urge company to revoke decision in interest of national security

Journalist Eric Bolling leaves Fox News, was accused in August of having sexually harassed colleagues

Conservative book publisher Regnery Publishing stops using NYT Bestseller List after newspaper listed book at rank 7 while BookScan had it as topseller, bans authors from promoting selves as "New York Times bestselling author"

Clothing company John Lewis introduces gender neutral children's clothing and decides to remove boy and girl tagging, campaign backfires immediately in the form of angry appeal on Twitter

China tightens Internet censorship ahead of Communist Party's 19th National Congress, service providers to be held responsible for ensuring government can identify users, pseudonyms still allowed but must be tied to real identities

Russian dating app Mamba attempts to boost voter turnout by offering service where users swipe through pictures of potential voting partners, company's CEO says it has been advised to launch feature

Mises Institute launches podcast Historical Controversies to apply Rothbardian revisionist perspective on important American history sagas, first season covers War on Drugs

Social network Gab raises USD 1 million via crowdfunding after alt-right account crackdown by established platforms

Spotify removes several white supremacist bands after review by the site Digital music news, according to Spotify, the record labels and aggregators were at first hand responsible for delivering artists to Spotify

The Daily Stormer moves to Dark Web since Alphabet and GoDaddy decided to cancel the site's registration

Patreon shuts down Defend Europe's account, claims group's mission to obstruct NGO vessels from rescuing migrants on the Mediterranean "likely to cause loss of life"