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Media company Vice Media Group, co-founded by Gavin McInnes and valued six years ago at $5.7 billion, is filing for bankruptcy on Monday, George Soros-backed Fortress Consortium has agreed to acquire the assets for $225 million unless another buyer place higher bids

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wins gold and silver medals in Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition in Redwood City, California, says he took up the interest during the pandemic, one of his trainers called the Shadow says it was pretty epic to watch Zuck compete and that no match was easy and everything was earned

David Miranda, Brazilian congressman and the husband of American journalist Glenn Greenwald, dies at age 37 after nine months in intensive care for gastrointestinal infection, leaves behind couple's two sons

Tucker Carlson leaves Fox News, LA Times reports that Rupert Murdoch fired him but the media house has not provided further comments, CNN's Don Lemon and the CEO of NBCU Jeff Shell have also had to leave during the day

Dominion Voting System is suing Fox News for USD 1.6 billion for defamation after the media company reported that the vote counting machines may have influenced the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election, among other things Fox mentions in the defense that Dominion's product and security

Meta introduces paid subscription service for Facebook and Instagram, called Meta Verified and allows you to verify your account with government ID, get extra identity protection and direct access to customer support, Twitter launched similar service in conjunction with Elon Musk's takeover

YouTube's CEO of nine years Susan Wojcicki resigns and is replaced by the platform's Indian Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan, supported Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate publicy and is known for deplatforming and censorship of opinions, in 2022 Youtube had advertising revenue of USD

The New York Times is suing the European Commission after the institution failed to release text messages between its president Ursula von der Leyen and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, which the newspaper claims may contain information about the decision to buy doses of the vaccine against Covid-19,

Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts are being reactivated, Meta has been working on new rules of conduct for his accounts that cannot be broken unless they are to be shut down again, Twitter reactivated his account in November but the former president has not posted to date

Russia Today's German branch shuts down following the latest round of EU sanctions, the move follows RT France's closure last month after their assets were frozen, RT DE describes the sanctions as repressive restrictions on press and media freedoms and says they will continue to operate from

One of America's most influential conservatives Pat Buchanan retires from writing at the age of 84, was a former adviser to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, three-time presidential candidate and popularized the concept of America first

Russian state-owned media channel RT's French-language branch shuts down after their bank accounts were frozen since the outbreak of war, the channel's director Xenia Fedorova tweets that the authorities have achieved their goal of shutting down RT France after five years of harassment,

YouTube and Twitter follow Indian demands to take down links to the BBC documentary "India: The Modi Question" on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's role in the 2002 Gujarat riots where over a thousand people died, the documentary is stated to having been checked by senior officials from multiple

Public arguing between Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro's company The Daily Wire after Crowder was offered a USD 50 million four-year contract with deductions for demonetizations and deplatforming, Crowder calls the structure essentially enforcing Big Tech's policies while The Daily Wire says it

Jeffrey Tucker: To get spread on Facebook you now need to write something insignificant, my decision in 2020 to focus solely on oppression in the name of the pandemic led to me losing all spread and my account has long been irrelevant to me but test with publishing picture on sweet dog, on the

Meta says it is removing content supporting or praising the Brasília storming, comments that Brazil has been designated as a temporary high-risk location and the storming a violating event meaning that the situation is actively followed

Meta's Oversight Board overturns decision to remove a Facebook post containing the phrase "death to Khamenei", says the slogan is often used to mean "down with Khamenei" and thus does not constitute a violent threat, says such statements differ from threats posted around January 6 as

Seattle's public school district sues the companies behind TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat for causing a mental health crisis among youth, writes that the defendants have successfully exploited the vulnerable brains of youth by hooking them into positive feedback loops with

AP fact checks and rebuts claim that 1,598 athletes have suffered cardiac arrest since Covid-19 vaccinations began compared to a previous average of 29 per year, says the comparison from sources with different methodologies is scientifically unsound, exemplifies with some cancer cases and

Media company The Daily Wire is buying the rights and plans to produce a TV series based on Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged, co-CEO Jeremy Boreing says his vision since the company started in entertainment has been to show the author's work about the creative power of economic freedom and the

Internal documents show Twitter's internal communications related to the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and that head of safety Yoel Roth had weekly meetings with the FBI

Western media falsely reports that Iran is shutting down its morality police, statements by Attorney General Mohammad Javad Montazeri are being misinterpreted as he only acknowledged cuts it in recent months, but the parliament and the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution will announce

The creator of the US loan company SoFi's retracted advertisement says that the criticized character would not be an archetype of a Jewish banker but a professor, in the ad, a young couple is harassed by a middle-aged man who, among other things, looks for money in the woman's bag and kisses dollar bills, the company announces that the ad is now being removed out of caution given the current rise in anti-Semitism

Elon Musk says he has resolved the misunderstanding with Tim Cook that Apple could consider removing the Twitter app from the App Store since the two met in Cupertino, Twitter's new owner criticized the mobile company in a series of tweets, claiming that their control of the app store violates free speech

The CEO of Kering, the fashion house Balenciaga's parent company, François-Henri Pinault owns the auction site Christie's, which auctions disturbed so-called art of young children in sexual situations, including a work called F*ck Face with a toddler with an erect penis instead of a nose and anus instead of mouth

Kanye West once again suspended from Twitter after having posted image of swastika inside Star of David, platform's owner Elon Musk says that controversial rap star thereby committed incitement to violence

EU Commissioner Thierry Breton tells Elon Musk that Twitter must significantly increase efforts to protect users from hate speech, disinformation and other harmful content to avoid violating the new Digital Services Act regulations that come into force next year

Twitter users vote to restore all suspended accounts in poll on the platform by Elon Musk, the amnesty that applies to all users who have not broken the law or spammed is to begin this week

Elon Musk tweets that publicizing Twitter's internal discussions surrounding the censorship of Hunter Biden's computer news just before the 2020 US election is necessary to restore public trust in the social media platform, at the time users were banned from sharing the article and The New York Post's account was locked for more than two weeks

Fashion house Balenciaga replaces its criticized campaign that shows small children holding teddy bears wearing bondage accessories and poorly hidden excerpt from Supreme Court ruling on child pornography with campaign that uses books with pedophile and occult undertones as props

Elon Musk reinstates Donald Trump's Twitter account after poll shows users voting 51.8% yes and 48.2% no on the matter, Trump has said he will stay on his social media platform Truth Social instead of returning to Twitter as it is doing phenomenally well

Banned right wing groups return to Twitter immediately after Musk's takeover, Britain First who was banned in 2017 after posting inflammatory anti-Muslim videos among the returnees which worries the Center for Countering Digital Hate who fears the group might spread divisive hate and racism, Musk writes that anyone suspended for minor and dubious reasons will be freed from Twitter jail which is interpreted as indicating that Jordan Peterson's suspension for using transgender actress Elliot Page's former name is to be examined

The documentary Republika Srpska: The Struggle for Freedom by Boris Malagurski which, among other things, depicts the war in the former Yugoslavia is accused of being revisionist and calls to be silenced, the Institute for the Research of Genocide in Canada has received 30,000 signatures and says it promotes the denial of the genocide in Srebrenica, the idea of ​​a Greater Serbia and the independence of the Republic of Srpska and its unification with Serbia

Kanye West buys social media platform Parler which was created during Trump era to cater to conservatives, rap star was recently banned from Instagram and Twitter for making controversial statements about Jewish influence

Meta included in Russia's list of terrorist organizations, was banned in March for Russophobia, Facebook and Instagram are still used in Russia with the help of VPN services

Trump files USD 475 million lawsuit against CNN for defamation, claims the company has been running a campaign of libel and slander that has been escalating due to fear of a possible candidacy in the presidental election 2024, he concludes that he is proud to file the lawsuit in order to begin the process of standing up to Fake News and the Mainstream Media

WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon retires at 77 with a USD 3.4 billion fortune, the decision follows an investigation by the company's board for agreements to pay USD 12 million over 16 years to suppress allegations of sexual misconduct, is succeded by his daughter Stephanie

Netflix loses 970,000 subscribers during Q2 2022, largest quarterly loss in the company's history, shares up more than 10% as the market expected at least 1.4 million lost, Netflix shares dowwn two-thirds of their value since the start of 2022

Google, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram all suppress any advertising for Alex's War, the documentary about Alex Jones is ranked 2nd on the iTunes movie preorder rankings behind Top Gun: Maverick, director Alex Lee Moyer says the movie is an impartial, fly-on-the-wall look at why so many revere Jones as a hero when he has said things that would make anybody uncomfortable

Twitter sues Elon Musk to try to force him to buy the company according to his contractual obligations, Musk walked away from his proposed USD 44 billion takeover due to not being given information about the number of fake and spam accounts on the platform

Dutch right wing broadcaster Ongehoord Nederland fined EUR 92,000 for spreading wrongful information and not differentiating between facts and opinion, allowed for instance Flemish politician Felix de Winter to unopposed talk about replacement theory, ON chair Arnold Karskens calls the fine unjustified and says they are getting fined for letting elected representatives speak about mass migration and the consequenses of rampant climate measures

Elon Musk threatens to walk away from his USD 44 billion bid to buy Twitter as the company repeatedly has refused to provide information regarding the amount of spam bot accounts, says the company's offer of only providing details about the testing methods breaches the merger agreement obligations

BBC alters female rape victim's quote from he/him to they/them to prevent misgendering the transgender attacker, the pronouns reportedly changed on advice from the 14-member central diversity team in accordance with the editorial policy

Johnny Depp awarded USD 10,35 million by unanimous jury in defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, Heard awarded USD 2 million for winning her defamation countersuit

Infowars files for bankruptcy, presumably to avoid paying damages for commentary on Sandy Hook massacre

Elon Musk buys 9.2% of Twitter and becomes largest shareholder, has critized the platform for lacking free speech and hinted at planning shake-up of social media industry

Germany forces its five largest internet service providers to block porn site xHamster as it does not do enough to block children from accessing it (German)

Meta agrees to pay USD 90 million to settle a 2012 class action lawsuit over a Facebook Like button plugin tracking even logged-out users, the company says they are glad to move past the issue and denies any wrongdoing

Zero Hedge denies vague CIA accusations that they spread Russian propaganda, say they only published views that challenge the conventional narrative such as the Covid-19 virus being created in a Chinese lab or disputing that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent, says no cooperation with Russia has ever taken place and that it is bizarre that the deep state chooses the trite and discredited Russiagate conspiracy theory for the hit piece silencing attempt

Germany blocks several of Covid-19 denier Attila Hildmann's Telegram channels from German users and investigates a Bavarian man for hate speech and Holocaust denial on the platform, Interior Minister Nancy Faeser met with Telegram earlier this week and has previously threatened to shut down the platform in the country as researchers have found that that popular power users such as Hildmann and Austrian Identitarian Movement leader Martin Sellner contribute to a spiral of radicalization

Tencent Video restores the original Fight Club ending after the cut with a blank screen saying police foiled the plans went viral, nude sex scenes between Brad Pitt's and Helena Bonham Carter's characters still missing

More than 70 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience removed from Spotify, the heavily discussed episode featuring the mRNA pioneer and vaccine scientist Dr. Robert Malone remains

Russia closes the Moscow bureau of German broadcaster Deutsche Welle and revokes its employees' accreditations in the country, will also terminate the broadcasting output on its territory and plans to label the company a foreign agent, Russia has earlier criticized a German ban on the state broadcaster Russia Today's German-language programming

Former CNN anchor Leon Harris arrested accused of trying to leave a DUI crash scene in Maryland, faces a total of nine charges including driving while under influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, attempting to elude police and failure to control vehicle speed to avoid a collision, Harris previously pleaded guilty to DUI in 2013

Facebook loses a million daily active users during Q4 2021 which is the first ever decline, adds 2 million monthly actives which is the slowest ever quarter-on-quarter growth rate, has close to 3 billion daily active users across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp

CNN President Jeff Zucker resigns immediately over undisclosed relationship with his key lieutenant Allison Gollust, Gollust remains with the company and says she looks forward to continuing the great work, senior executives Michael Bass, Amy Entelis and Ken Jautz to fill the position as interim heads until the merger with Discovery is complete

Fight Club gets new ending on Chinese streaming platform Tencent Video, the ending with exploding buildings is replaced with a black screen and a text explaining that the police figured out the plan, arrested all criminals, prevented the bombs from exploding and sent Tyler Durden to a lunatic asylum

BBC director-general Tim Davie warns about job cuts after GBP 285 million missing in the budget due to freezing the licence fee for two years, says they need to rethink their operational structure, the staff reportedly upset and depressed according to insiders

Netflix shares down 21.8% after report showing slowed subscriber growth, the company added lots of subscribers during 2020 due to Covid restrictions but this effect has waned

Nigeria lifts ban on Twitter after seven months For its 200 million people, the ban followed a censoring of a President Buhari post where he threatened to handle separatist rebels "in the language they will understand", Twitter reportedly to open an office in Nigeria, appoint a country head and meet its tax obligations according to the deal

Germany’s minister of justice Marco Buschmann calls for concerted EU action against Telegram over spread of extremist content, saying it's in Telegram’s own best interest to have uninterrupted access to the European market, while Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov made it the messenger’s policy not to cooperate with authorities in any country

Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann and NBC settles lawsuit over media giant's wrongful portrayal of the Kentucky student in controversy during interaction with Omaha tribe elder in 2019, Sandmann asked for USD 275 million in damages when filing suit

Meta reverses policy that suspended Kyle Rittenhouse's Facebook and Instagram accounts, sabotaged donations for his legal representation, blocked searches and removed content containing praise or support of him, Rittenhouse has not rejoined either platform

Jack Dorsey steps down as Twitter CEO effective immediately and will leave the board at the 2022 stockholders' meeting, says he left of his own accord and that he believes it to be severely limiting and a single point of failure for a company to be founder-led, former CTO Parag Agrawal appointed CEO

British newspaper The Independent criticized for claiming that Kyle Rittenhouse shot three black men despite all three attackers being white, Singaporean newspaper The Straits Times and Dutch news site also described the rioters as black

Facebook blocks searches related to Kyle Rittenhouse who is currently on trial for shooting three people in self-defense during a 2020 riot in Wisconsin, the company comments that it deems the incident a mass murder and has removed Rittenhouse's Facebook and Instagram accounts

Facebook shuts down its face recognition system that automatically recognizes opt-in users in pictures and videos as well as automatically creates image descriptions for visually-impaired people, promises to delete more than a billion people's individual facial recognition templates, says that facial recognition is a powerful tool but that limiting its use is appropriate due to societal concerns and regulators still being in the process of providing a clear set of rules

Facebook changes its company name to Meta to reflect the vision for working and playing in a virtual world, Mark Zuckerberg comments that it's in the company DNA to build technology to connect people and that he hopes the metaverse will reach a billion people within the next decade

Doctors around the world report rise in cases of tics in young girls due to watching TikTok videos about Tourette syndrome, Texas Children's Hospital reported 60 cases of teen girls being admitted with tics since March 2020 compared to 1 or 2 the previous year, concerned parents are advised to encourage their kids to take a break from social media or block Tourette videos

Internal Twitter research shows bias in algorithm for rightwing politicians and news outlets, largest discrepancy found in Canada, the company says it is unclear as to why the results were produced but that it may now need to change the algorithm

Google quietly updates its image search to promote greater skin-tone diversity for terms related to beauty and family, comments that they are in the early phases of the effort and that they will continue to experiment to provide greater diversity in results

China bans video games featuring same-sex relationships and effeminate men, red flag if regulator is unable to immediately determine character's gender, also cracks down on games where player can choose between good and evil actions, state gaming association says games are not pure entertainment but should convey correct set of values

Sky News Australia barred from publishing new material for one week by YouTube over Covid reporting

British news channel GB News vows to be anti-woke and that they will have no no-go areas which has triggered outrage on the left despite claiming to be heaving with diversity, recruits high profile presenters from BBC, ITV and Sky as well as a former Labour MP

Video site LiveLeaks shuts down, has been leading platform for material banned from other sites, has been at center of several major political and military disclosures

Facebook freezes Nicolás Maduro's account for 30 days for repeatedly stating that carvacrol works as a miracle medication against COVID-19, Facebook's spokesman comments that they follow WHO's guidelines saying there currently is no medication to cure the virus

Donald Trump will return to social media in 2-3 months with his own platform which is going to completely redefine the game, has been having high-powered meetings with various teams and numerous companies have approached the former president, according to his advisers Jason Miller

CNN hemorrhages viewers since Donald Trump left office, dropping 49% since Inauguration Day from 3.1 million primetime viewers to 1.6 million and 58% among key demographic of adults age 25-to-54 most important to advertisers

Indian authorities threaten to jail local Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter staff if companies don't abide to government requests to remove information on protests over agricultural bills which have drawn thousands of farmers to rally in the Indian capital

Disney slaps The Muppet Show with offensive content disclaimer, warning viewers the show features stereotypes and mistreatment of people or cultures and that "these stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now", wanting it to "spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together"

Facebook blocks pages from domestic and international news organisations as well as state governments in Australia in escalation of dispute with the government over law to require it to share news revenue with news outlets, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Facebook is as arrogant as they were disappointing

Rush Limbaugh loses battle against lung cancer at age 70, was foremost star of talk radio and for three decades one of the most influential individuals in US politics

China bans BBC World News claiming it seriously violated broadcasting regulations, saying BBC’s relentless fabrication of lies of the century in reporting China runs counter to the professional ethics of journalism, comes a week after Chinese state channel was kicked off Britain's TV screens

Parler partially reappears with the help of Russian technology firm DDos-Guard, displaying a message from its chief executive John Matze saying they are working to restore functionality

Gab CEO Andrew Torba recreates President Trump’s Twitter on Gab from a backup before the account is deleted, traffic for Gab was up 753% while adding 600 000 new accounts in a single day

AP: Podcasting loophole through which extremists can escape censorship, Big Tech has taken responsibility for silencing oppositional voices in other formats but still allow unacceptable opinions on their podcast platforms

Facebook blocks President Donald Trump's account for at least two weeks while Twitter locks the Presidents account for 24 hours, with Zuckerberg saying the risks of allowing the President to continue to use their service during this period are simply too great

Pornhub banned from accepting Visa and Mastercard payments after investigation shows the platform has distributed illegal recordings of sexual abuse, company claims to have taken extensive precautions to prevent similar material being published in the future

Independent Press Corps is an organized group in league with the Black Lives Matter activists, reporters seen as not sufficiently sympathetic to the cause will be followed, be harassed, have their notes photographed and their phones blocked or stolen

Twitter deletes Breitbart video of press conference held by America’s Frontline Doctors sharing their views on Covid-19 and the medical community’s treatment of the virus for violating social media's Covid-19 misinformation policy, also removes posts by President Trump and suspends Donald Trump Jr. for sharing video footage

NBC News and MSNBC to capitalize the "B" when referring to black people or their community

John Malkovich blames social media idiocy for the death of comedy with its toxic outrage culture, says what is considered funny one day could well end an entertainer’s career the next, the ire of a generation a few clicks away from being sparked

Social media to be regulated through executive order by Donald Trump, could change interpretation of 1996 law which shields platforms from legal liability for content published by users

President Trump threatens to regulate or shut down social media companies after Twitter for the first time adds fact check warning to his tweets, Trump says social media platforms can never be allowed to totally silence conservative voices

Dutch grandmother ordered to delete photos of grandchildren which she uploaded to social media against the wishes of parents, court finds GDPR applies despite exception for personal processing of data since pictures where made available to wider audience

New York Times develops own ad system and phases out third-party data collected on other sites, part of industry trend where publishers move toward more privacy-friendly solutions

Joe Rogan quits YouTube and joins Spotify, has one of world's largest podcasts with 190 million downloads per month, reportedly gets more than 100 million USD for five year exclusive deal

23-year-old Iraqi-born Tishko Ahmed Shabaz charged with murdering Swedish 17-year-old girl Wilma Andersson and keeping her head in his closet, claims innocence

YouTube bans all videos linking covid-19 to 5G networks, decision follows live-streamed interview with David Icke where he says that 5G is linked to today's health crisis and that human life as we know it is over if 5G networks are allowed to spread according to plan, YouTube spokeswoman says all content that disputes WHO and local health authorities is now in violation of its policies

Google removes Infowars' app from the Play store after Alex Jones posted a video where he questions the world governments' Covid-19 approach including quarantines and lockdowns, Jones blasts the ban and says the app is still available on the Infowars website