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Facebook launches "Keeping Muslims Safe Online: Tackling Hate and Bigotry" guide together with Faith Associates, in line with Zuckerberg promise following San Bernardino massacre to "create a peaceful and safe environment" for Muslims

Washington Post reporter Janell Ross placed on leave after speaking at top-secret liberal meeting including George Soros last November without notifying superiors

Mother of boy who modeled H&M's "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" sweatshirt says doesn’t believe ad racially insensitive, urges people to stop crying wolf

Steve Bannon steps down from Breitbart, is a valued part of news organization's legacy according to CEO Larry Solov

Reactionary political theorist and software engineer Curtis Yarvin, known as Mencius Moldbug, escorted from Google headquarters by security personnel after visiting employee for lunch, his presence triggered silent alarm

Macron announces overhaul of French media legislation during 2018 to fight spread of fake news on social media, says strong legislation needed to protect liberal democracies

YouTuber Logan Paul criticized for 15-minute video where he and friends visit infamous Japanese suicide location Aokigahara forest and joke while filming close-ups of dead body

UK may impose taxes on tech giants unless they do more to combat extremism, security minister Ben Wallace calls companies ruthless profiteers who sell user data while not giving them to democratically elected governments

After selling 21st Century Fox to Disney for USD 52.4 billion Rupert Murdoch returns to news and sports, which has been his core business since 1952

Murdoch family to sell 21st Century Fox to Disney, says source to Bloomberg

Google to dedicate more than 10,000 staff to rooting out content on Youtube claimed to be extremist, has already begun redirecting users who search for certain keywords towards playlist of videos that debunk violent messages

Millions of comments to the FCC against net neutrality possibly counterfeit according to Jeff Kao

Facebook purges and bans some 40 goat-related slurs including their grammatical cases, terms said to allude to bestiality and having been used Islamophobically

Twitter's verified check marks perceived by users as endorsement, company enacts new rules regarding hate speech and removes verified statuses of Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler

Amazon announces multi-season Lord of the Rings TV adaptation, will tell new stories based in period preceding The Fellowship of the Ring with potential spin-offs

Reddit CEO and co-founder Steve Huffman says company may go public in 2020 to reward employees and investors, plans to produce own media shut down to focus on core product

Editorial Director of Justin Raimondo diagnosed with late-stage adenocaricinoma cancer and is undergoing experimental therapy, will continue to write as much as possible

Ex-Facebook president Sean Parker claims site created knowingly exploiting "vulnerability in human psychology" with objective to "consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible"

Dan Lattier: History stopped in 1936 according to Orwell, pervasive government propaganda has become more visible after Spanish Civil War, West's understanding of history characterized by soft totalitarianism

Satire writer Paul Horner found dead at the age of 38, known to have produced a lot of false news during the 2016 US elections as political satire

Hugh Hefner dies at the age of 91, founded Playboy in 1953, ran casinos and nightclubs, praised by his son for the work for freedom of speech

Iran publishes fake video footage depicting successful launch of ballistic missile with a purported range of 2,000 kilometers, the material disseminated by state media

Amazon accused of "censorship" after removing homosexuality-themed Bible version where Rihanna created the world, Jesus turned water into mimosas and Trump took Satan's place, book briefly ranked top new release in Christian ebooks and Bibles category on US Amazon version

Conservatives in Silicon Valley communicate through underground network according to fired Google employee James Damore, high admission requirements since leftists try to infiltrate groups

YouTube shuts down two North Korean propaganda channels with 38,000 subscribers in total, academics using channels to study regime's missile programs urge company to revoke decision in interest of national security

Journalist Eric Bolling leaves Fox News, was accused in August of having sexually harassed colleagues

Conservative book publisher Regnery Publishing stops using NYT Bestseller List after newspaper listed book at rank 7 while BookScan had it as topseller, bans authors from promoting selves as "New York Times bestselling author"

Clothing company John Lewis introduces gender neutral children's clothing and decides to remove boy and girl tagging, campaign backfires immediately in the form of angry appeal on Twitter

China tightens Internet censorship ahead of Communist Party's 19th National Congress, service providers to be held responsible for ensuring government can identify users, pseudonyms still allowed but must be tied to real identities

Russian dating app Mamba attempts to boost voter turnout by offering service where users swipe through pictures of potential voting partners, company's CEO says it has been advised to launch feature

Mises Institute launches podcast Historical Controversies to apply Rothbardian revisionist perspective on important American history sagas, first season covers War on Drugs

Social network Gab raises USD 1 million via crowdfunding after alt-right account crackdown by established platforms

Spotify removes several white supremacist bands after review by the site Digital music news, according to Spotify, the record labels and aggregators were at first hand responsible for delivering artists to Spotify

The Daily Stormer moves to Dark Web since Alphabet and GoDaddy decided to cancel the site's registration

Patreon shuts down Defend Europe's account, claims group's mission to obstruct NGO vessels from rescuing migrants on the Mediterranean "likely to cause loss of life"

Discord shuts down chat server and accounts associated with Charlottesville events, claims to want to take action against all forms of hate

BBC World Service's 24-hour transmission in Hong Kong since 1978 to be replaced with programming from China’s state radio channel, meant to "enhance the cultural exchange between the mainland and Hong Kong" according to Radio Television Hong Kong spokesman

Pakistani Taliban launches publication for women to encourage them to become terrorists, magazine targets educated English speakers and features in its first issue article which brings up benefits of child marriage

YouTube plans hiding and demonetizing “controversial religious and supremacist” videos via automated system combined with human flagging, several right-wing YouTubers worried about potentially fuzzy algorithms and system abuse

Patreon bans right-wing libertarian freelance journalist Lauren Southern, claims her activities "likely to cause loss of life"

Facebook plans testing paywall for subscription news stories, would allow media partners to maintain full control over which stories to lock behind paywall and full control of their subscriber data, pay model unclear

HBO says Game of Thrones-directors David Benioff and Dan Weiss making a new series for the company, story in Confederate revolves around alternative history where slavery is allowed and the southern states has seceded while the US is headed for third civil war

Facebook will run ads in marketplace for free as a way to test effectiveness, Facebook tells investors they are running out of places to put ads in News Feed

Man who trolled Janet Yellens press conference with handwritten note gets USD 15,000 in bitcoin donations, Bitcoin to release SegWit2x July 21st

SoundCloud fires 40% of staff, runs out of money in Q4, morale among remaining employees at rock bottom, future of company and vast sound collection at risk

Newspaper owners and billionaires Bezos, Buffett and Slim claim economic hardship and demand antitrust exception for collective negotiations with Google and Facebook

CNN prime time ratings fall below re-runs of decades old shows, channel in hot water over made-up Trump stories and extortion of Reddit user

Turkish site applies to Guinness World Records for recognition as world's most censored news website after 48 attempts to block it

China introduces obligatory propaganda in cinemas, film lovers to be informed about Communist Party's latest directives and policy visions to better understand and accept them, according to state media agency

CNN threatens to disclose name of Reddit user who created video where Trump is depicted as wrestling with media company's logo, promises to respect his privacy as long as he behaves according to CNN's wishes

US intelligence agencies and armed forces have affected script and production of over 800 movies and 1,000 TV shows according to 4,000 documents obtained via Freedom of information act, more widespread influence than previous estimates

War on Trump gives media record ratings, makes reporters into overnight celebrities, MSNBC viewership up 73% year-over-year, hostility expected to continue as long as it draws viewers but erodes confidence in media according to analysts

China bans displays of homosexuality in online videos, comes one week after ban on live streaming on platforms like Sina Weibo, iFeng och ACFUN

O'Reilly stops selling books through its own internet shop to focus on its digital subscription service Safari, will continue to sell books through Amazon and retail

Michael Bond dead at 91 following short illness, most known for writing Paddington Bear series

Dave Lindoff: US foremost investigative journalist Seymour Hersh unable to publish articles on White House lies about Syria war, forced to publish in German newspaper Die Welt

Facebook recruits thousands to delete posts containing hate speech, notes that it may be perceived as censorship and says development is ongoing of better system for automatically filtering offensive language

Most successful headline wordings include "will make you", "this is why" and "can we guess", emotional phrases particularly effective on Facebook according to analysis of 100 million social media posts

On undercover video, CNN employee says that stories about Trump's connections to Russia are mostly incorrect and that the narrative is promoted due to being good for ratings

Three CNN journalists resign after channel retracts text about ties between Russian investment fund and Trump staff, content not properly sourced, Anthony Scaramucci receives and accepts apology

Facebook starts producing original content, including series targeting teenagers, no nudity or foul language in episodes airing this autumn

Website of John Kasich replaced with IS propaganda after being hacked, message holds Donald Trump responsible for deaths in Muslim countries and praise IS terrorists

Amazon plans charging 2.8 million USD for 30 second ads during NFL games, invests in sports to attract customers to website and Prime service

Wall Street Journal fires chief foreign correspondent Jay Solomon for having business deal with one of his sources, Iranian business man Farhad Azima

Afghanistan TV channel ZAN focuses on women's rights, 54 of 70 employees are female, since 2001 country has gone from one state owned channel to 76 different alternatives

Media channels with higher ratio of original content get more traffic according to study of dataset with 2.5 million French articles from 2013

BBC regrets headline "Three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem" describing terror attack where Israeli policewoman was killed and at least four were injured

Saudi Arabia bans hotels and tourist facilities from airing Al Jazeera news channels, violators could be punished with fine of up to USD 26,000

CNN breaks off production relationship with Reza Aslan after he posts profane tweet criticizing Trump's promotion of travel ban following London terror attack

Wall Street Journal loses 44% of readers coming via Google after adding paywall for them too, quadruples share converting from free to paying readers

Facebook to create "hostile environment" for terrorists spreading propaganda, wants to provide service where users feel safe, measures proposed in statement after London attack

SoundCloud bans Richard Spencer's podcast alt-right Radio, content found to violate terms of service after examination initiated by Twitter user

CNN terminates agreement with comedian Kathy Griffin after she participates in photo shoot that featured her holding up bloody head resembling that of Donald Trump

US Library of Congress makes 25 million files accessible online, including books, maps and music

William Anderson: US TV sports giant ESPN declining due to outdated business model focused on advertising and cable subscriptions as well as left-wing views

Fox News co-founder and former CEO Roger Ailes dies at the age of 77

Israel shuts down current public service media, is being replaced with new media group, critics argue that the reason is to silence criticism and gain more control

WeChat latest messaging app to be blocked in Russia, has 900 million active users each month of which most are Chinese, Russian authorities believed to be inspired by the Great Firewall

YouTube plans 40 TV series and films, hopes that famous actors will draw advertisers

Facebook hires 3,000 for reviewing video material to avoid public displays of violent crimes, 4,500 already work with similar tasks

New York Times reports highest quarterly revenue growth in six years, strong sales of digital subscriptions in wake of presidential elections, 308 000 sold during first quarter

Video blogger Daddyofive loses custody of two children, published video where child was wrongly accused of bad behavior and punished both physically and emotionally, YouTube account has 800,000 subscribers

4chan's "Operation OKKK" to make media associate the OK sign with white supremacy via memes and the hashtag #NOTok tricks The Independent among others

Russia Today and Sputnik denied access to Emmanuel Macron's campaign meetings after being accused of spreading propaganda, targeted and open discrimination according to Kremlin

Twitter blocks UK government and MI5 from using public API for surveillance, still sells user data to commercial actors

YouTube removes video of man murdering his child after report by BBC, Facebook removed live video 24 hours after it was broadcasted

Hacker WauchulaGhost captures at least 250 Twitter accounts from IS terrorists, uses them to promote Pride and pornography

Trump administration hostility toward press likened to pantomime by Politico, en private best possible relations are nurtured with journalists, display of antagonism serves to distract supporters

Pavel Durov, founder of VKontakte and Telegram, deletes social media profiles, says they are pointless and brain clutter

Bill O'Reilly fired from Fox News after sexual harassment allegations, has settled with five women for a total of USD 13 million

Indonesian Marvel illustrator Ardian Syaf fired for including Islamist propaganda in comic book, inspired by protests against Jakarta's Christian governor, references to Quran and date of protest on X-men character and building

Turkish doctor cleared of charges after sharing images comparing Erdoğan to Gollum, defense says reputation of fictional character rescued by arguments for his benevolence after hours of film watching

Evaluation of Infowars content brought up in custody battle between Alex Jones and his ex-wife who claims things said on air disqualify him from caring for children

Chinese government employees make 450 million internet posts per year to distract from unwanted discussions, done outside working hours and without economic compensation, according to Harvard professor Gary King

Snopes says fake news stereotype of right politics spread by uneducated is wrong, left and educated are just as vulnerable to confirmation bias

Facebook blocks 30,000 accounts in France ahead of presidential election to stop misinformation, will run special fact-checking programs in country during end of campaign season in late April and early May

Netflix to invest USD 6 billion to produce content in California, abandons previous strategy of producing in states offering most beneficial tax deals

2017 Pulitzer prizes announced, responsible for Panama documents awarded for best explanatory reporting, New York Daily News and ProPublica wins public service category

US writers threaten to strike, claim TV boom has not benefited them enough as series have fewer episodes per season

Buzzfeed sues FBI for failure to provide information about Andrew Breitbart after media company files FOIA request