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Jordan Peterson to launch pro free speech platform Thinkspot, will according to Peterson not yield in to online de-platforming campaigns

Infowars and Pepe the Frog creator Matt Furie reach settlement over company's use of the frog on posters, Infowars will pay USD 15,000, stop using the frog and destroy all posters in stock

Donald Trump calls on Twitter to restore accounts of conservatives banned from platform, citing freedom of expression and saying the social media platform is making a giant mistake – CEO Jack Dorsey last year said majority of company's employees share left-leaning editorial bias but are trying to operate with impartiality

Vietnamese blogger Nguyen Ngoc Anh sentenced to six years in prison for Facebook posts allegedly urging for peaceful protests, government crackdown on social media has been escalating since 2017

Youtube bans thousands of channels not in line with company's guidelines on harmful content, including channels they claim promotes Nazi ideology or denies well-documented violent events such as the Holocaust or the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary took place, also removes videos promoting phony miracle cure for serious illness or claiming earth is flat

HBO miniseries Chernobyl tourism boom in area around the plant and ghost town Pripyat, bookings have risen by 30-40% because of the show, a visit gives a person around two microsieverts radiation

Russia requires Tinder to hand over data on its users, including messages, to national intelligence agencies, the dating app included on list of 175 online services affected by demand, Russia banned Telegram last year, claiming extremists used it to plot terrorist attacks, but the messaging app is still available

YouTube restricts younger minors from streaming unless accompanied by an adult, recently YouTube disable comments on videos featuring minors

Twitter apologizes for suspending accounts critical of China Communist Party ahead of Tiananmen massacre anniversary, claims it happened by mistake during ongoing cleanup of spam accounts

16 year old girl stands trial for filming herself during sex act, charged with distribution of child pornography, ruling expected this year from Maryland Court of Appeals

Amazon removes books claiming homemade bleach can cure conditions ranging from malaria to childhood autism, social media sites also grapple with the issue

Chinese robot censors calibrated with unprecedented precision ahead of Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary to block all content related to the event, domestic version of internet under increasingly tight control by Communist Party Propaganda Department

Facebook announces it has deleted another three billion fake accounts, rise in number of fake accounts because actors use automated methods to create them, company also removes seven million "hate speech" posts as well as posts for selling drugs and guns, about 5% of active users believed to be fake accounts

France threatens three French journalists with jail time and fine for using secret documents to reveal lies about country's involvement in Yemen war

State broadcaster China Central Television switches scheduling amid US-China trade war, anti-American Heroic Sons and Daughters (1964), Battle on Shangganling Mountain (1954), and Surprise Attack (1960) shown at prime time — films all set during Korean War, otherwise known in China as the War to Resist American Aggression and Aid Korea

Australian DJ Adam Sky dies in accident on Bali, was badly injured smashing through a glass door while trying to help friend who had fallen from their private terrace, Singapore-based Sky was ranked as third most popular DJ in Asia

Snoop Dogg backs Louis Farrakhan who was kicked off of Facebook and Instagram, urges his fans to post their favorite videos of the Nation of Islam leader on their Instagram and Facebook pages, challenges social media platforms to ban him

Facebook and Instagram bans Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan after extensive evaluation, will remove pages and not allow promotion of events when it knows banned individual is participating

British left-wing newspaper The Guardian breaks even for first time in recent history, increased financial contributions from readers major contributing factor

Scientific journal refuses article by professor Ton van Raan over Sleeping Beauty metaphor referring to scientific research lain dormant suddenly being rediscovered as scientific breakthrough, sexualising to women and offensive to other cultures, Journal of the Association for Informational Science and Technology editor Julia Khanova claims, Van Raan will not rewrite his article but publish it in another journal

Facebook blocks 17 pages belonging to three right wing networks ahead of Spanish general election on April 28, social media giant says decision not based on content, but on page coordinators using duplicate and fake accounts, together pages had more than 1.5 million followers and accumulated over seven million interactions since beginning of year

Netflix expects subscriber growth to slow as firm continues to roll out price rises in US, Brazil, Mexico and parts of Europe, prices lifted to help fund production of its own content, says it is excited to compete with new rivals Disney and Apple

Mainstream media gives Katie Bouman credit for first images of black hole while her contributions only represent 0.26 per cent of code, meanwhile Andrew Chael wrote over 850,000 of the total 900,000 lines of code

WhatsApp launches fact-check service Checkpoint Tipline in attempt to combat fake news in India, local start-up Proto will classify messages sent to the service by users as true, false, misleading or disputed

Mark Zuckerberg says he agrees with lawmakers stating Facebook has too much power, wants regulators and governments to play more active role in determine rules on internet content and calls for new regulations in the areas harmful content, election integrity, privacy and data portability

Chinese censorship removes every line of dialogue mentioning homosexuality or bisexuality from movie Bohemian Rhapsody, some parts of movie’s narrative ends up no longer making sense

Facebook bans white nationalism and separatism following the Christchurch attack, will be treated same as white supremacy, users who try to post such content will be directed to website Life After Hate, policy director of counterterrorism at Facebook Brian Fishman says

Spotify acquires story-based podcasting studio Parcast, third such deal in less than two months, founded in Los Angeles in 2016 and employs around 20 people

400 people in mass brawl after rival rapper YouTubers "Thatsbekir" and "Bahar Al Amood" call on followers to face-off at Berlin's central Alexanderplatz, one hundred police officers deployed, using tear gas after trying to calm the crowd over loudspeakers, nine people detained and one police officer injured

Documentary Combat Obscura by former Marine Miles Lagoze aims to display true image of combat in the Afghan war, shows Marines covering up the body of an unarmed shopkeeper and smoking marijuana while on patrol, most of the men in the movie happy the public sees what their experience was like

Owen Benjamin, Vox Day, David the Good and Infogalactic announce streaming site, with hundred hours of free content and a premium service soon to come

Far-left SPLC fires co-founder and former chief litigator Morris Dees as his conduct was deemed not on par with the values of the organization, which declined to elaborate when pressed for details

Facebook blocks Zero Hedge articles citing violation of "community standards", the news site has covered Facebook's many problems including privacy violations, abandonment by younger users, its fake users, and systematic censorship and back door government cooperation

Australia rejects Milo Yiannopoulos' visa application on character grounds, sends him letter stating they can block people that risk inciting "discord in the Australian community or in a segment of that community"

National Association of Black Journalists calls out CNN and its president Jeff Zucker, blasting the company for a lack of diversity in its top leadership, says it placed the company on a media monitoring list so the matter can be studied further after Zucker refused to meet with a four-person NABJ delegation

Britain's Trades Union Congress calls for Tommy Robinson to be banned not only from social media, but from public spaces as well, claims unions have "always come out against fascism and racism wherever it arises"

Comedian Trevor Noah apologises for making jokes about the rise in tensions between India and Pakistan over disputed Kashmir, compared a potential war to a Bollywood dance, caused most anger in India which lacks a well-established tradition of political satire

Facebook deletes former Breitbart editor Raheem Kassams's personal account, picked up by Donald Trump Jr. who says it's funny that these "accidents" only happen one way, Facebook restores the profile and says it was removed in error

BBC and production partner ITV to launch "BritBox" competitor to Netflix in 2H 2019, previous attempts at developing a streaming service in UK had been blocked by regulators

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman admits PayPal works with far-left SPLC when it considers blacklisting conservatives, says most important values are diversity and inclusion

English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson permanently banned from Facebook and Instagram, the company claims he repeatedly violated community standards policies against threatening and bullying messages, Robinson has been known to take a pugnacious stance with investigative journalists by releasing unedited videos of his interviews

Rampant mental health problems reported at Facebook content moderation vendor Cognizant, traumatized employees use drugs during work to cope with reviewing disturbing material, "accuracy" heuristic difficult to hit because of competing interpretations of truth around policies

YouTube bans anti-vaccination channels from monetizing videos, classify such content as "harmful and dangerous" which violate strict ad policies

Disney, Nestle and Epic Games pause advertising on YouTube after reports of pedophile network using the comment section to objectify children and mark time stamps showing child nudity in monetized videos

Washington Post columnist Matt Sears says MAGA hats will have same stigma as Ku Klux Klan hoods one day, claims Trump supporters primarily desire a country without non-white immigrants, argues the iconic campaign headwear is a clear symbol of hate

Canadian DJ Deadmau5 shuts down his Twitch channel after being temporarily suspended for using homophobic language, accuses the streaming platform of having a double standard when it comes to censorship

Facebook under pressure to halt rise of anti-vaccination groups, professor questions why Facebook is unrestrained by the stringent controls against misinformation put on drug companies, WHO points to a 30% worldwide increase in measles

InfoGalactic and OneWay creates social media platform SocialGalactic, alternative to SJW-controlled Twitter as well as Gab which has become hellhole of defamation and Nazi trolls according to InfoGalactic founder Vox Day

Liam Neeson film premiere for Cold Pursuit abruptly cancelled amid fallout from interview, he told a 40-year-old story of when he roamed the streets in search of a black person to kill after someone close to him was raped by a black man, he then sought help from a priest and friends when he realized what he was doing

Wikipedia's top editor Steven Pruitt has made 3 million edits and written 35,000 original articles, has spent more than three hours a day on the site for 13 years, large contributor to project increasing content on women on the platform, lives with his parents and works at US Customs and Border Protection

Wave of media layoff announcements followed by "learn to code" meme on Twitter, former BuzzFeed and other journalists being targeted in online harassment campaign

New Facebook communications chief promises Dublin-based "war room" for May EU elections, Nick Clegg says it will allow "rapid response efforts to fight misinformation", promises strong public-private partnership with government authorities, the former Liberal Democrat politician and anti-Brexiteer says the company has 30,000 people globally devoted to site security and safety

Director Bryan Singer accused of sexually molesting anonymous underage boys in The Atlantic magazine, he denies the charges as a "homophobic smear" campaign timed to coattail ride his movie's box office success, he was fired from the production of "Bohemian Rhapsody" for "unreliable behaviour on set" weeks before the end of filming

Doomsday Clock remains at two minutes to midnight the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists warns, citing lack of progress on nuclear risk and climate change, global destruction heightened by disinformation campaigns and fake news

WhatsApp limits the number of times a message can be forwarded on from 20 to 5 in bid to combat the spread of fake news, change first rolled out in India last summer after rumours spread on social media led to several brutal murders and lynchings

Tech reporter proposes "10 Year Challenge" is elaborate data collection plan to train facial recognition algorithms, Facebook denies Kate O’Neill's speculations they started the challenge

Netflix raises its prices by 13 to 18 percent for its 58 million US subscribers, will help pay for its huge investment in original shows and films, shares up 6.5 percent finishing at USD 354.64 still far from peak of USD 423.21

YouTube announces new monetization policies to reduce incentive for prank videos, wave of dangerous behaviors aimed at creating viral videos include man shot through a book by girlfriend, challenges to eat laundry detergent pods and attempts to drive vehicles while blindfolded inspired by recent Netflix movie "Birdbox"

Megyn Kelly formally resolves contract with NBC News resulting in USD 69 million contract payout, the former Fox News star faced public outrage over her nostalgic comments regarding "blackface" on Halloween

C Jay Engel launches Austro-Libertarian magazine to compete with socialist Jacobin Mag, believes there's an urge among the intellectually inclined for a high quality, minimalistic and pleasant publication away from the world of clutter, rooted in Misesian, Rothbardian and Hoppean ideas

Allum Bokhari: Platforms like Patreon shutting down accounts of dissidents result of pressure from Mastercard, Visa and Discover who in turn take advice from far-left Southern Poverty Law Center and Color of Change, China's UnionPay only other financial actor with global reach

Netflix agrees to remove objectionable content from Saudi service at behest of crown, episode of American Hasan Minhaj's original series deemed to violate anti-cybercrime law, critics cite the move as evidence of crackdown on freedom of expression in Riyadh

Homeless man who became a media darling blaming Brexit for his predicament and earned Jeremy Corbyn’s sympathy is revealed to be a sex offender who tried to rape an 87-year-old widow

Rivalry between PewDiePie and T-Series proxy for frustration over commercial mass entertainment elbowing out individual content producers and sub cultures

Right-wing British website Politicalite loses 70% of income after Google denies ad service, the ad giant claims the group violated its Terms of Service reposting a Marine Le Pen article, the move is part of a growing trend from within Google targeting conservative political voices

Turkmenistan launches its first messaging app, the privately developed BizBarde app will allow the exchange of messages, files, photos and videos, one of the world's most isolated regimes blocks Western services including Facebook, Twitter and Viber, along with popular Russian networks Odnoklassniki and VKontakte

The Zman: The media think they are part of a special class of human, a priestly class that not only reports facts to the public, but provides moral instruction, and when Claas Relotius came back from the bush, reporting exactly what his bosses knew was the case, they had no reason to question it

33-year old Der Spiegel journalist fabricated stories "on a grand scale", Claas Relotious had received CNN Journalist of the Year 2014 award and resigned after admitting to the scheme, pressure to come clean developed after colleague Juan Moreno began questioning sources and details in his stories

British industry watchdog ASA to ban advertising showing men struggling to change a nappy or women who can't park as it may cause offence or harm, claims adverts portraying sexist stereotypes can hold people back from fulfilling their potential, bringing costs for individuals and the economy

Colin Kroll dies at 35, co-founder of video hosting platform Vine and HQ Trivia app, believed to have died of a drug overdose at his home in New York City, reports news website TMZ

The Weekly Standard shutters after 23 years, the magazine which espouses traditional conservatism and has been deeply critical of Donald Trump publish its final issue on December 17, outlets on the right critical of Trump have lost influence, while media organizations supportive of the President have flourished

Venezuela jails German journalist Billy Six, accused of spying, rebellion and "violating security zones", known for his bylines in Berlin-based conservative newspaper Junge Freiheit

Patreon bans the accounts of Milo Yiannopoulos, Sargon of Akkad and James Allsup, Yiannopoulos' ban comes a day after he announced a “magnificent 2019 comeback” tour, was cut off due to his association with the Proud Boys, says Patreon

H.A. Goodman: firing of Marc Lamont Hill from CNN represents Leftist censorship, Dr. Hill hypocritically ignores internecine violence amongst Palestinians, Hamas tried to assassinate Fatah Prime Minister in March

YouTube's most popular content creator plans book review series to increase subscriber base, "PewDiePie" has 200,000 user lead over Bollywood-based "T-Series"

Instructors at Leeds Trinity's j-school advised not to use capitalized words in student communications, the official memo states that such emphasis might scare students about "the difficulty or high-stakes nature of the task"

PayPal refuses to process payments for right-wing activist Tommy Robinson, a left-wing group called SumOfUs received 65,000 signatures on a petition to have Robinson removed from PayPal

Brazil federal government will stop buying ads in media channels publishing fake news, including country's largest daily newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, says president-elect Bolsonaro

Fox News as big as MSNBC and CNN combined in October according to Nielsen Media Research, Fox had 2.8 million viewers in prime time while MSNBC had 1.58 and CNN 0.93, the most viewed program was "Hannity" on Fox

Four state pension fund managers in US call for removal of Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook chairmanship, previous attempt to create independent chairman in 2017 quashed by Zuckerberg's majority control, the investors hope to highlight recent scandals and governance problems at the company

Video game publisher EA under criminal investigation in Belgium for violation of gambling laws, the "loot box" phenomenon is deemed to be an illegal practice by Belgian government which exposes minors to gambling risk

Google removes prominent Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's YouTube ads, Russian officials claimed the videos were illegal according to local election laws, the removal comes amidst mass public protests against pension reform called for by Navalny

Israeli state radio broadcaster apologizes for playing music of Richard Wagner, a listener outcry occurred after Kol HaMusica played the "Gotterdammerung" of the anti-Semitic composer

Muslim feminist artist Sara Alfageeh has redrawn the X-Men character "Dust" over sexualization concerns, the activist and comic book fan claims the character's clothing is unnecessarily revealing for a conservative culture

English Premier League accuses Saudi Arabia of supporting vast pirating of its sports broadcasts, Riyadh-based Arabsat "orchestrated a plague of piracy on world sport over the past year" according to Qatar-based beIN Sports, the Qatari firm is the legal rights holder for the broadcasts

European Commission plans fines for social media firms that do not take down extremist content within 1hr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube as well as smaller social media apps all in the crosshairs, a non-profit group claims Islamic State videos garnered more than 163,000 views between March and June on YouTube

Stefan Molyneux's auto-temp YouTube ban suddenly lifted after fan outreach to YouTube, the company provided no explanation of why the ban was put into place or why it was lifted, Molyneux claims he is being targeted as part of an activist boycott conspiracy against Alex Jones and other right-wing personalities on social media

Twitter suspends Alex Jones from tweeting for a week after he posted a video that violated terms of service, the offensive video on Twitter-owned Periscope platform features Jones telling followers to get "battle rifles" ready, the Infowars host has 889,000 Twitter followers and recently had his content removed from competing social media platforms

Facebook to be sole distributor of Spanish football series La Liga in Indian markets, will be offered to platform's 348 million users in region, terms of deal not disclosed but Sony Pictures Network last purchased rights for USD 32 million in 2014, part of trend where technology companies compete with traditional TV distributors by offering live sports

German entertainment software regulator rules that "anti-constitutional" Nazi imagery can be shown in video games, previously motion picture films designated as "art" and escaped youth protection censorship laws, decision comes after numerous outcries over German-edition video games having offending imagery removed or altered

The Infowars Official app is the number 4 most downloaded Apple Appstore news app after the Infowars podcast is punted off the Apple iTunes directory service, radio host Alex Jones encouraged his listeners to become "unstoppable" by downloading the app after Apple did not believe the app itself violated their terms of service and left it up

Facebook removes four pages owned by Alex Jones "for glorifying violence" and "using dehumanizing language" which the company states violates its community standards guidelines, Jones' content also recently removed from Apple and Spotify platforms in separate incidents which Paul Joseph Watson labeled a conscious attempt to influence US mid-term elections in favor of Democratic candidates

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh celebrates 30 years on air, gets personal congratulatory call from Donald Trump

Spotify removes "specific episodes of The Alex Jones Show podcast for violating our hate content policy", unclear how many episodes and for what specific content, Facebook as well as YouTube removed Jones' content last week

Indonesia overturns ban on Chinese video app Tik Tok after creators agree to censor "negative content" and open Indonesian office to liaise with the government over content, app where you can create up to 60 seconds long clips and add effects was banned in country on July 3 for featuring content deemed pornographic and blasphemous

Breitbart traffic down seventh month in row, from 13.7 million unique visitors during November 2017 to 6.4 million in May 2018, remains far larger than competing conservative outlets Daily Caller and Daily Wire

Charles Krauthammer says farewell to readers, has only weeks to live after reappearance of aggressive cancer

Vice reporter tests whether telephone is under surveillance by saying trigger words for various products, reaches conclusion that phone is likely monitored but does not consider it a problem for normal people

Putin interviewed in Austrian TV about troll factories, says Moscow has no connection to them, tells reporter to look into what George Soros does online

Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam leaves company, was recruited by Steve Bannon in 2014, now accompanies Bannon on trip to Europe