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Germany’s minister of justice Marco Buschmann calls for concerted EU action against Telegram over spread of extremist content, saying it's in Telegram’s own best interest to have uninterrupted access to the European market, while Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov made it the messenger’s policy not to cooperate with authorities in any country

Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann and NBC settles lawsuit over media giant's wrongful portrayal of the Kentucky student in controversy during interaction with Omaha tribe elder in 2019, Sandmann asked for USD 275 million in damages when filing suit

Meta reverses policy that suspended Kyle Rittenhouse's Facebook and Instagram accounts, sabotaged donations for his legal representation, blocked searches and removed content containing praise or support of him, Rittenhouse has not rejoined either platform

Jack Dorsey steps down as Twitter CEO effective immediately and will leave the board at the 2022 stockholders' meeting, says he left of his own accord and that he believes it to be severely limiting and a single point of failure for a company to be founder-led, former CTO Parag Agrawal appointed CEO

British newspaper The Independent criticized for claiming that Kyle Rittenhouse shot three black men despite all three attackers being white, Singaporean newspaper The Straits Times and Dutch news site also described the rioters as black

Facebook blocks searches related to Kyle Rittenhouse who is currently on trial for shooting three people in self-defense during a 2020 riot in Wisconsin, the company comments that it deems the incident a mass murder and has removed Rittenhouse's Facebook and Instagram accounts

Facebook shuts down its face recognition system that automatically recognizes opt-in users in pictures and videos as well as automatically creates image descriptions for visually-impaired people, promises to delete more than a billion people's individual facial recognition templates, says that facial recognition is a powerful tool but that limiting its use is appropriate due to societal concerns and regulators still being in the process of providing a clear set of rules

Facebook changes its company name to Meta to reflect the vision for working and playing in a virtual world, Mark Zuckerberg comments that it's in the company DNA to build technology to connect people and that he hopes the metaverse will reach a billion people within the next decade

Doctors around the world report rise in cases of tics in young girls due to watching TikTok videos about Tourette syndrome, Texas Children's Hospital reported 60 cases of teen girls being admitted with tics since March 2020 compared to 1 or 2 the previous year, concerned parents are advised to encourage their kids to take a break from social media or block Tourette videos

Internal Twitter research shows bias in algorithm for rightwing politicians and news outlets, largest discrepancy found in Canada, the company says it is unclear as to why the results were produced but that it may now need to change the algorithm

Google quietly updates its image search to promote greater skin-tone diversity for terms related to beauty and family, comments that they are in the early phases of the effort and that they will continue to experiment to provide greater diversity in results

China bans video games featuring same-sex relationships and effeminate men, red flag if regulator is unable to immediately determine character's gender, also cracks down on games where player can choose between good and evil actions, state gaming association says games are not pure entertainment but should convey correct set of values

Sky News Australia barred from publishing new material for one week by YouTube over Covid reporting

British news channel GB News vows to be anti-woke and that they will have no no-go areas which has triggered outrage on the left despite claiming to be heaving with diversity, recruits high profile presenters from BBC, ITV and Sky as well as a former Labour MP

Video site LiveLeaks shuts down, has been leading platform for material banned from other sites, has been at center of several major political and military disclosures

Facebook freezes Nicolás Maduro's account for 30 days for repeatedly stating that carvacrol works as a miracle medication against COVID-19, Facebook's spokesman comments that they follow WHO's guidelines saying there currently is no medication to cure the virus

Donald Trump will return to social media in 2-3 months with his own platform which is going to completely redefine the game, has been having high-powered meetings with various teams and numerous companies have approached the former president, according to his advisers Jason Miller

CNN hemorrhages viewers since Donald Trump left office, dropping 49% since Inauguration Day from 3.1 million primetime viewers to 1.6 million and 58% among key demographic of adults age 25-to-54 most important to advertisers

Indian authorities threaten to jail local Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter staff if companies don't abide to government requests to remove information on protests over agricultural bills which have drawn thousands of farmers to rally in the Indian capital

Disney slaps The Muppet Show with offensive content disclaimer, warning viewers the show features stereotypes and mistreatment of people or cultures and that "these stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now", wanting it to "spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together"

Facebook blocks pages from domestic and international news organisations as well as state governments in Australia in escalation of dispute with the government over law to require it to share news revenue with news outlets, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Facebook is as arrogant as they were disappointing

Rush Limbaugh loses battle against lung cancer at age 70, was foremost star of talk radio and for three decades one of the most influential individuals in US politics

China bans BBC World News claiming it seriously violated broadcasting regulations, saying BBC’s relentless fabrication of lies of the century in reporting China runs counter to the professional ethics of journalism, comes a week after Chinese state channel was kicked off Britain's TV screens

Parler partially reappears with the help of Russian technology firm DDos-Guard, displaying a message from its chief executive John Matze saying they are working to restore functionality

Gab CEO Andrew Torba recreates President Trump’s Twitter on Gab from a backup before the account is deleted, traffic for Gab was up 753% while adding 600 000 new accounts in a single day

AP: Podcasting loophole through which extremists can escape censorship, Big Tech has taken responsibility for silencing oppositional voices in other formats but still allow unacceptable opinions on their podcast platforms

Facebook blocks President Donald Trump's account for at least two weeks while Twitter locks the Presidents account for 24 hours, with Zuckerberg saying the risks of allowing the President to continue to use their service during this period are simply too great

Pornhub banned from accepting Visa and Mastercard payments after investigation shows the platform has distributed illegal recordings of sexual abuse, company claims to have taken extensive precautions to prevent similar material being published in the future

Independent Press Corps is an organized group in league with the Black Lives Matter activists, reporters seen as not sufficiently sympathetic to the cause will be followed, be harassed, have their notes photographed and their phones blocked or stolen

Twitter deletes Breitbart video of press conference held by America’s Frontline Doctors sharing their views on Covid-19 and the medical community’s treatment of the virus for violating social media's Covid-19 misinformation policy, also removes posts by President Trump and suspends Donald Trump Jr. for sharing video footage

NBC News and MSNBC to capitalize the "B" when referring to black people or their community

John Malkovich blames social media idiocy for the death of comedy with its toxic outrage culture, says what is considered funny one day could well end an entertainer’s career the next, the ire of a generation a few clicks away from being sparked

Social media to be regulated through executive order by Donald Trump, could change interpretation of 1996 law which shields platforms from legal liability for content published by users

President Trump threatens to regulate or shut down social media companies after Twitter for the first time adds fact check warning to his tweets, Trump says social media platforms can never be allowed to totally silence conservative voices

Dutch grandmother ordered to delete photos of grandchildren which she uploaded to social media against the wishes of parents, court finds GDPR applies despite exception for personal processing of data since pictures where made available to wider audience

New York Times develops own ad system and phases out third-party data collected on other sites, part of industry trend where publishers move toward more privacy-friendly solutions

Joe Rogan quits YouTube and joins Spotify, has one of world's largest podcasts with 190 million downloads per month, reportedly gets more than 100 million USD for five year exclusive deal

23-year-old Iraqi-born Tishko Ahmed Shabaz charged with murdering Swedish 17-year-old girl Wilma Andersson and keeping her head in his closet, claims innocence

YouTube bans all videos linking covid-19 to 5G networks, decision follows live-streamed interview with David Icke where he says that 5G is linked to today's health crisis and that human life as we know it is over if 5G networks are allowed to spread according to plan, YouTube spokeswoman says all content that disputes WHO and local health authorities is now in violation of its policies

Google removes Infowars' app from the Play store after Alex Jones posted a video where he questions the world governments' Covid-19 approach including quarantines and lockdowns, Jones blasts the ban and says the app is still available on the Infowars website

Netflix and YouTube reduce streaming quality in Europe for 30 days after appeals from EU officials to reduce network strain

Fox News averaged 3.5 million viewers during prime time in February, 35% more than same month previous year, highest rating since channel was founded 24 years ago, top shows by Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham also sets records, Trump's State of the Union address month's most watched telecast with 11.6 million viewers

US federal appeals court rejects Prager University's claims that YouTube illegally censors conservative content as the platform is a private forum and thus not subject to First Amendment scrutiny, also dismisses false advertising claim as YouTube's boasting about its commitment to free speech is merely opinions

More than 80% of workers in UK cultural sector say controversial opinions are punished with ostracism, 70% would not criticise a funder and 40% have been pressured by funders not to speak out, according to survey by journal ArtsProfessional

Twitter tests adding brightly colored labels to lies and misinformation posted by politicians and other public figures, corrected data by verified users to be shown directly beneath the tweets and visibility to be reduced, also tries system where users can earn points and badges by acting "like a good neighbor" and providing critical context to help people, the company calls misinformation a critical issue and says they're testing many different ways to address it

Scandinavia's largest airline SAS deletes commercial about nothing being truly Scandinavian, ad claimed windmills were invented in Persia and meatballs in Turkey along with a black man stating that we are not better than our Viking ancestors, heavily criticised online with numerous comments referencing #BoycottSAS and #GetWokeGoBroke

Digital publishers fills void left by dying local press in US, some through hyperlocal news platform Patch which has 1,200 such sites, successful projects focus heavily on local reporting and make money through subscriptions and donations

Donald Trump awards conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom during his State of the Union address – says the highest civilian honor is in recognition of his decades of tireless devotion to the country, the millions of people he inspires per day and his incredible charity work

Conservative radio profile Rush Limbaugh reveals advanced lung cancer diagnosis, says he has a great team of doctors assembled and intends on keeping as close to the regular daily schedule as circumstances permit

Mark Zuckerberg says new stand for free speech will "piss off a lot of people" but that people need to know what the company stands for to trust it, that political advertising will not be banned even though profits aren't worth the controversy, and that "the goal for this next decade isn't to be liked, but to be understood"

George Soros: Facebook and Trump has formed alliance to help Trump win elections and protect Facebook against regulation, the corporation is a publisher rather than a platform and should be held accountable for all content on its site

Facebook hires Jennifer Williams to lead curation of video material in upcoming news tab, Williams has previously worked as a producer at Fox News running shows Fox & Friends and The Daily Briefing

Online news outlet Zero Hedge gets Twitter account suspended for abuse and harassment following controversial reporting on corona virus, the site which has previously been banned from Facebook responds that they will not self censor to gain favour with "the powerful"

Rupert Murdoch launches UK radio channel Times Radio with opinion-led talk shows without breaks for advertising, primarily aims to compete with BBS Radio 4

News aggregator Knewz launched by News Corp, combines human and machine curation of content from more than 400 sites and lets users compare how multiple sources cover the same events, aims to help publishers become more independent of social media platforms and to let users avoid filter bubbles

Berkshire Hathaway sells entire portfolio of newspapers, BH Media Group which owns more than 100 outlets to be acquired by Lee Enterprises for 140 million USD, Berkshire additionally provides Lee with 576 million USD loan

Facebook launches "Off-Facebook Activity" tool that lets you access how the company is tracking your activity and provides option to turn off that tracking, the launch follows longstanding promise from CEO Mark Zuckerberg who during the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal vowed to provide a "clear history" tool

China demands apology from Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten and cartoonist Niels Bo Bojesen after graphic of the Chinese flag showing the coronavirus symbol in place of the five yellow stars was published, writes that "it has crossed the bottom line of civilised society and the ethical boundary of free speech and offends human conscience"

MSNBC anchor Alison Morris flubs by mashing up basketball team names "Knicks" and "Lakers" during live coverage of Kobe Bryant's death, Twitter users accuse her of using the n-word

BBC's Director General Tony Hall says he will leave the company in six months to allow a new person to lead financing negotiations with Boris Johnson's government, the 68-year-old joined the company as a news trainee in 1973 and defended it as the gold standard of impartiality and truth in a fake news era

The Sun launches US edition, tabloid owned by Murdoch family says UK edition has 16 million monthly readers in US, team based in New York City will produce unique content for American readers

Instagram and Facebook remove posts voicing support for Soleimani to comply with US sanctions, Iran's government calls the actions undemocratic and creates portal where removed posts can be submitted

Over 100 CollegeHumor employees laid off when parent company InterActiveCorp cuts its losses, project had been losing money for years, other subsidiaries include Vimeo,, Tinder and The Daily Beast

Convington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann wins settlement from CNN in $275 million lawsuit for defamatory assertions about Sandmann's personal convictions, exact settlement figure unknown

Benjamin Netanyahu accidentally refers to Israel as a 'nuclear power' while reading brief on energy policy, quickly corrects himself to say 'energy power'

Google and Apple removes ToTok from app stores after millions of downloads in Middle East, reason thought to be that United Arab Emirates developed the app to spy on its population, security researcher Patrick Wardle says to New York Times that there is a beauty in approach of letting users offer up information instead of hacking them

YouTube updates harassment policy to ban insults based on race, gender and sexual orientation, also prohibits language that "goes too far", creators on platform expect mass censorship of videos and comments

Jimmy Wales launches social network to compete with Facebook, projekt described as reboot of journalism project WikiTribune

Steve Bannon launches radio project from basement of his DC house, War Room: Impeachment to broadcast live every day until senate votes on impeaching Donald Trump, former White House chief strategist thinks president needs more support as threat from Democrats in congress is more serious than most Republicans think

Kik Messenger app with millions of active users shuts down, enabling company to concentrate on its Kin cryptocurrency, staff cutbacks reduce overheads by 85%, giving it a much better chance of winning legal fight with US Securities and Exchange Commission over launch of Kin

Comic Shane Gillis fired from Saturday Night Live four days after his announcement as new cast member, the dismissal occurred following pressure from several entertainment publications and leftist outrage on social media calling for his termination for making jokes about minorities as a white man, Gillis comments "I was alway a Mad TV-guy anyway".

PewDiePie cancels USD 50,000 donation to far-left Anti Defamation League, says he made the mistake of picking a charity he was advised to instead of picking one he is personally passionate about, saw it as an opportunity to put an end to alt-right claims thrown against him

Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey has own account taken over by hackers, group referring to itself as the Chuckling Squad claims responsibility, account tweeted out remarks using the n-word and anti-Semitic comments referencing the Holocaust

Sky News New Zealand fined equivalent of USD 2,500 by Broadcasting Standards Authority for broadcasting clips of Christchurch massacre, watchdog rules video had potential to cause significant distress to Muslim community as well as family and friends of victims

Facebook collects audio from voice chats on Messenger and pay contractors to listen to and transcribe them, tech giant says it only affect users who have given their consent, but doesn't disclose in its data-use policies it transcribes user audio, Bloomberg reports

India's government contacts international media such as Al Jazeera and BBC over alleged fabricated Kashmir videos, claims only 20 people were present at protest which report says 10,000 took part in, news organisations say videos are geniune and they can provide raw footage if required

Federal judge orders Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin to pay Jewish woman Tanya Gersh USD 14 million in damages, Gersh and her family were harassed for years after Anglin posted her name and contact information in article covering her dispute with Richard Spencer's mother

Facebook offers news outlets millions of dollars to license their content for its new News tab, to be launched later this year, no longer interested in driving traffic to traditional news sites

The movie The Hunt portrays liberal elites kidnapping and hunting "deplorables" who express pro-life positions or are deemed racist, hits theaters in September

Network provider Cloudflare terminates 8chan's service, says evidence shows suspected El Paso shooter as well as the Christchurch shooter posted to the website before the attacks, wishes to work with policy makers regarding "lawless platforms" such as 8chan and Daily Stormer

Ines Pohl, Deutsche Welle editor-in-chief: The Frankfurt tragedy where an Eritrean man threw an 8-year-old in front of a train will have serious consequences for an already-tense societal debate, balancing insecurity with maintaining Germany's identity as a prosperous country – important to report truthfully and impartially, and the perpetrator's origin is a part of the full truth

Russian Embassy in Syria has Twitter account suspended after posting video showing fully functional Idlib market the White Helmets said was destroyed by Russian airstrikes, Russian Foreign Ministry calls suspension flagrant freedom of speech violation

Federal judge dismisses Nicholas Sandmann's USD 250 million lawsuit against Washington Post, rules newspaper's seven articles and three tweets about the smirking MAGA hat teen protected by First Amendment

YouTube stops Christian veterans Mighty Oak Foundation from using Christian as ad keyword, says religious beliefs are personal and not allowed to be used to target users, foundation's founder Chad Robichaux says term has been used for years and entering keyword Muslim instead works without issue

Polish newspaper Gazeta Polska to issue "LGBT-free zone" stickers with next issue – move criticized by US ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher who says we must side with diversity and tolerance, and deputy mayor of Warsaw Paweł Rabiej who compares it to German Jew-free zones, Instagram removes newspaper's post about the stickers citing it as hate speech

34 years after Svetlana Alexievich published Poslednie svideteli, a collection of memories from Soviet children during World War II, an English translation titled Last Witnesses is released

Apple and Google introduces 72 new emojis to represent gay, straight and lesbian couples in combinations of five races and multiple disabilities, lacking understanding they are a symbolic shorthand, Ken Broni, calling himself an emoji researcher, says to be truly inclusive companies must introduce 80,000 emojis

Instagram hides number of likes on posts in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Japan and Brazil to "help people focus less on likes and more on telling their story", number of likes on own posts still viewable

Tommy Robinson found guilty of breaching contempt law by Old Bailey judge after filming suspects outside sex abuse trial, awaits sentence which could see him back in prison or keep his freedom having already served two months

Satire magazine Mad ceases publication after 67 years, has struggled to find niche in new media landscape competition with internet cartoons and late night shows, after next two issues with original content, remaining subscription responsibilities will be fulfilled using reprinted material

German authorities fines Facebook EUR 2 million for under-reporting complaints about illegal content, Facebook says it received 1,048 complaints during second half of 2018 compared to Twitter and Youtube who reported more than quarter of a million complaints each for the whole year, Facebook says it complies with the law and reserves the right to appeal

Mark Zuckerberg admits mistake taking too long to flag doctored video of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that had been slowed and made her appear incoherent, describing it as an execution mistake, addresses firm's struggle with "deepfake" videos

Reddit quarantines subforum The_Donald, says users have promoted violence against politicians and police officers, group has 754,000 followers and is thought to have significant political impact, seen by critics as bridge between radicals and mainstream where content flows from 4chan and Gab to mainstream politicians and Trump supporters, quarantine makes forum harder to find, imposes warnings and in some cases complete blocking

Jordan Peterson to launch pro free speech platform Thinkspot, will according to Peterson not yield in to online de-platforming campaigns

Infowars and Pepe the Frog creator Matt Furie reach settlement over company's use of the frog on posters, Infowars will pay USD 15,000, stop using the frog and destroy all posters in stock

Donald Trump calls on Twitter to restore accounts of conservatives banned from platform, citing freedom of expression and saying the social media platform is making a giant mistake – CEO Jack Dorsey last year said majority of company's employees share left-leaning editorial bias but are trying to operate with impartiality

Vietnamese blogger Nguyen Ngoc Anh sentenced to six years in prison for Facebook posts allegedly urging for peaceful protests, government crackdown on social media has been escalating since 2017

Youtube bans thousands of channels not in line with company's guidelines on harmful content, including channels they claim promotes Nazi ideology or denies well-documented violent events such as the Holocaust or the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary took place, also removes videos promoting phony miracle cure for serious illness or claiming earth is flat

HBO miniseries Chernobyl tourism boom in area around the plant and ghost town Pripyat, bookings have risen by 30-40% because of the show, a visit gives a person around two microsieverts radiation

Russia requires Tinder to hand over data on its users, including messages, to national intelligence agencies, the dating app included on list of 175 online services affected by demand, Russia banned Telegram last year, claiming extremists used it to plot terrorist attacks, but the messaging app is still available