Tino Sanandaji: US media give sensationalist picture of refugee criminality in Sweden, crime concentrated to ghettoes and stems from decades of immigration, taboo against relevant statistics is biggest problem 

Maintenance of positive image of Sweden in era of Trump requires serious media and criticism of sources, says king Carl XVI Gustaf in interview 

Russian government launches fake news tracker, claims to expose propaganda in UK and US mainstream media 

Project Veritas releases 100 hours of secret recordings from within CNN, asks public for help to review the material, also offers USD 10,000 for additional material 

Adroll breaks ties with Infowars, channel reports losing large part of revenues and suspect reason is support of Donald Trump 

Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart after criticism of statements on sex between boys and adult men 

Church Militant makes major investments in media operation, has 35 employees and produces 10 articles and 3 videos per weekday, has previously said only way to rule country is by Catholic monarch protecting people from themselves 

Mark Zuckerberg edits his manifesto, removes line about using AI to monitor private communication 

Mark Zuckerberg worries that resistance to globalization makes people question Facebook vision of more connected world 

Kremlin instructs state media to curb celebrations of Trump, American president receives more media mentions than Russian counterpart but is now feared to be less friendly toward Russia than previously hoped  

CNN Español broadcasts on YouTube after being censored from network television in Venezuela 

The US government could initiate investigation of Fox News, the company is suspected of having failed to inform shareholders about settlements made with female employees who claimed to have been subjected to sexual harassment by Roger Ailes 

Two radio journalists murdered in Dominican Republic during Facebook live broadcast, police arrest three men 

Maduro says CNN not welcome in Venezuela due to having spread fake news and interfered in country's affairs 

Disney breaks off partnership with Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg after YouTube star publishes joke perceived as antisemitic 

President of Italy's lower house of parliament demands Facebook fight harder against hate speech, disappointed over lack of action after November meeting with company representatives 

Media representatives call for boycott of White House Correspondents Dinner which has taken place yearly since 1921 

Fake interview with Pope Francis published on fake frontpage of Vatican newspaper, sent anonymously to cardinals and bishops, suspected to be part of conservative uprising against radical pope 

Apple CEO Tim Cook says fake news is killing minds, calls for government information campaigns and says tech companies should build tools to diminish volumes 

Wall Street Journal tightens paywall, will halt exceptions for visitors coming via Google searches, earlier experiments along same lines increased number of subscribers substantially 

UK espionage legislation to stop data leaks could treat journalists and whistleblowers as foreign agents and render them long prison sentences 

Liverpool FC bans reporters from The Sun from training and match events due to its coverage of 1989 Hillsborough incident 

Annika Henrroth-Rothstein: Daily Trump bashing in Swedish media is diversion where media and political establishment shift focus from country's own growing problems which they themselves were part of creating 

Twitter stock down 10%, Q4 revenue 23 million USD lower than expected, US revenue lower than a year ago, Trump's active usage of platform one of few positive factors 

Twitter implements additional features to report tweets and block new accounts, function "Safe Search" filters out objectionable views 

Hashtags less common than previously in Super Bowl ads, Twitter and Facebook handles also down, companies choose to display web addresses to drive traffic to own sites 

MSNBC host Katy Tur asks Republican senator whether Trump will start killing journalists 

Fake news on rise in US mainstream media, The Federalist shows corrections get much less attention on social media 

Kremlin demands apology from Fox News after Bill O'Reilly calls Putin killer in Trump interview, unacceptable and insulting according to Russian spokesperson 

Red Ice launches new collaboration Norse News with Ingrid & Conrad, to release monthly update on Scandinavian news in English 

Der Spiegel defends cover where Trump is depicted with bloody knife and severed head of Statue of Liberty, editor-in-chief says illustration is defense of democracy 

Two judges in Georgia supreme court claims to have been pressured in lawsuit over control of main opposition TV channel, requests national prosecutor to investigate 

Social media makes it harder for therapists to be blank screens for patients who increasingly Google them 

Buzzfeed sued by Russian tech company named as having hacked the DNC in controversial reporting on Trump's connection to Russia 

EEG measurement of brain activity of cinema goers predicts recollection of trailers and future ticket sales according to study published in Journal of Consumer Research 

Fake news did not alter US presidential election, most readers can tell true from false, according to researchers at Stanford and NYU saying effect on outcome would imply each fake article being as influential as 36 TV ads 

Encouraging fact-checking leads to substantial decrease in rankings of tabloid articles in subreddit for news aggregation with more than 15 million subscribers 

David Cameron pressured Daily Mail to fire editor for supporting Brexit, say sources to BBC 

Social media make users anti-social, jealous and reckless in hunt for likes, according to study from Kaspersky Labs 

Twitter discloses two secret data requests from FBI, wants to take up fight for more transparency regarding data shared with the government 

Instagram's clone of Snapchat Stories steals considerable amount of traffic from original whose view count is down 40% August to November 

With the recruitment of Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren, MSNBC and NBC would like to take a more conservative tone and become the next Fox News, insiders say 

Drudge Report had 1.7 billion pageviews in December, ESPN and MSN only news sites with more traffic, has 87% direct traffic while MSN has 59% 

Ryan McMaken: Influence of advertising overrated, research indicates that people under 30 do not respond to ads and exhibit low brand loyalty 

Hillary Clinton rumored to consider own TV talk show to remain relevant ahead of 2020 elections 

Steve Bannon says US mainstream media's failure to understand the country cause of wrong election predictions, lacks integrity and intelligence 

Japan state media company NHK gets new CEO who promises to break with regime loyal orientation, assures broadcaster will deliver fact based news from all angles 

Google took down 1.7 billion scam advertisements in 2016, banned 200 "fake news" advertisers 

Texas radio station HITS 105 boycotts Madonna after artist's controversial speech at Women's March, says decision is patriotic rather than political 

George Orwell's 1984 sales sky rocket after Kellyanne Conway's statement about "alternative facts," currently sixth best-seller on Amazon  

The Guardian considers changing to tabloid format in effort to cut costs, one of few British newspapers that previously changed from broadsheet to Berliner format 

Media outlets disappointed with exposure via Facebook and Snapchat — not enough money made on Instant Articles, too small audiences on Facebook Live, Snapchat financially uninteresting 

Apple does not approve Gab iPhone app claiming content is objectionable, Andrew Torba asserts that company operates with double standards 

Nigel Farage new political commentator for Fox News in US 

Spanish rapper Strawberry sentenced to one year in prison for glorifying terrorism on Twitter, has encouraged kidnapping and joked about sending cake-bomb to the king 

Netflix continues to make losses, reason is expensive self-produced programs, expects to recover money in the long run 

New British news site Westmonster launched, inspired by the Drudge Report, run by UKIP financier Arron Banks 

RT blocked 20 hours from posting articles on Facebook, could post text, official explanation use of unauthorized video stream in broadcast from Obama's last press conference 

Alt-right profiles Richard Spencer, Daniel Friberg, Henrik Palmgren and others join forces and launch platform [Audio] 

Japan's largest advertising agency Dentsu publishes internal report showing 997 customers were billed for non-completed services, staff shortages cause according to company 

Udo Ulfkotte found dead in his home, published book "Bought Journalists" in 2014 which claims that European journalists work on behalf of CIA 

Facebook Germany commits to act within weeks against proliferation of fake news, responding to demand from German Minister of Justice 

Facebook Germany commits to act within weeks against proliferation of fake news, responding to demand from German Minister of Justice 

Facebook Germany commits to act within weeks against proliferation of fake news, responding to demand from German Minister of Justice 

Californian democrat Jimmy Gomez proposes bill to teach high school students to identify fake news, considers it poses a threat to democracy 

Peter Thiel interviewed in The New York Times, declares demise of Apple era and claims smartphones have reached peak innovation, also states that Google held too much power in Obama administration 

Fox News defends CNN against Trump's accusation that they publish fake news regarding his Russian connections, says they cannot confirm sources but believes that they followed good journalistic practice 

Rod Dreher: Cultural progressive power structure called The Cathedral on the rise, demonized reactions and insults on social media expression of its tribal solidarity rather than justice and respect 

Backpage pulls adult ads in US after authorities pressured credit card companies to threaten to stop doing business with them 

Rich Noyes: Obama had most positive biased media coverage of all presidents, say goodbye to decade of media drooling over him 

Remainder of Yahoo after Verizon acquisition is named Altaba, will focus on maximizing return from shares of Yahoo Japan and Alibaba 

Twitter temporarily bans Martin Shkreli accused of harassing journalist Lauren Duca 

IMDB defies California law against publishing age of actors, says it violates First Amendment and cannot be enforced 

Culture section of Swedish Aftonbladet propaganda center for Kremlin, several employees associated with known fronts for GRU, according to report by Swedish Institute of International Affairs 

Blogging service Medium cuts third of staff, CEO says ad based media broken system and bad for readers, recognizes need to seek other business models 

Soundcloud reports USD 52 million loss for 2015, will run out of cash in 2017 unless business picks up 

Disney can get USD 50 million insurance payout after Carrie Fisher's death, hedged against risk of lost revenue if she could not finish shooting Star Wars trilogy 

Mark Zuckerberg pledges to finish visiting all 50 states in 2017, another indication he might run for office 

CNN uses image from Fallout 4 to illustrate alleged Russian hacker attack during American election, error discovered by user on Reddit 

Facebook censors image of statue of Neptune, spokesperson for the company apologises and approves the image after review 

News of dysfunctional democracy in North Carolina fake, ranked higher than many other US states in survey that places DPRK ahead of Bulgaria 

Mark Zuckerberg no longer an atheist, speaks about his Jewish upbringing and importance of religion in Facebook comment 

Washington Post revises high-profile article on Russian hackers threatening US power grid, computer with malware was not connected to control system of power grid 

Matt Drudge implies that US government may have tried to crash Drudge Report which suffered from the largest attack since its founding 

Hadley Bishop: 2016 successful year for Social Matter, doubling traffic to website, increased quality and quantity of posts, new poetry department, own subreddit, and several new podcasts 

Author and Vanity Fair reporter Kevin Sessums temporarily banned from Facebook, termed Trump supporters horrible fascists – statement conflicts with platform rules of conduct 

Norway shuts down FM radio system in favor of DAB beginning January 11, two of three against transition in poll by Ipsos 

Glenn Greenwald: The Guardian writes tendentious article about Julian Assange, being inaccurately represented as pro-Russian and biased in the US presidential election 

Turkey continues its raid on social media, investigates ten thousand users who allegedly support terrorism 

Holocaust denying websites have Google rankings decreased after algorithm update, stated purpose to increase quality of search results 

Thomas Sowell stops writing for Creators Syndicate after 25 years as columnist, wishes to spend more time doing photography 

Rick Falkvinge: Today's fake news scare same fear of losing a monopoly as when the printing press challenged the church  

Amazon restricts evaluation of book following negative appraisals from Ivanka Trump supporters after author defends his husband aggressively confronting Trump on airplane 

Turkey introduces temporary restrictions on access to social media, believed to follow the spread of IS-video in which two alleged Turkish soldiers are burned alive 

Relatives of victims of Orlando massacre sue Facebook, Twitter and Google for aiding IS terrorists radicalize shooter Omar Mateen, relatives say companies enabled emergence of IS 

Washington Post creates browser extension to automatically fact-check Donald Trump's tweets 

German legislators consider demanding EUR 500,000 fine from Facebook if fake news and hate speech is not deleted within 24 hours, express worries about impact of social media on 2017 elections 

Thousands protest in Warsaw against proposal to ban all but five selected TV stations from recording parliamentary sessions, limit number of journalists allowed in parliament building 

Facebook announces erroneous measurement method for fourth time since September, increasing number of advertisers reevaluating and demanding analysis by independent third party 

New York Times to consolidate office space, adopt more modern space and lease out 8 floors