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The month-on-month price increase in Argentina according to the consumer price index decreases to 4.2 percent in May compared to last month's figure of 8.8 percent, inflation for the first five months of 2024 was measured at 71.9 percent

Argentine President Javier Milei gets reform bill passed in the Senate by 37-36 vote after 11 hours of debate, bill is expected to pass required vote on each individual article and would be Milei's first successful legislative change since taking office six months ago

Honduras outlines emergency measures against gang crime, plans on designating serious gang criminals as terrorists and builds a 20,000-capacity prison where it currently has 21,000 prison inmates in 30 detention facilities, measures resemble those implemented in neighboring El Salvador by Nayib Bukele which reduced murder rates and raised the president's popularity but also drew criticism from rights groups

Florida court orders Chiquita Brands International to pay USD 38 million to the families of eight Colombian men murdered by paramilitary squad United Self-Defence Forces of Colombia which were supported with USD 1.7 million between 1997 and 2004, the company has argued that it was extorted and that the payments were necessary to protect its employees from armed Marxists such as the FARC guerilla

Argentine President Javier Milei on 36-hour trip in Silicon Valley and meets with Apple CEO Tim Cook, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Javier Milei has not once publicly thanked his 81-year-old father Norberto, who Javier says beat him as a child and became a successful businessman in the bus industry, lawyer Eduardo Vacirca, who worked with the father for four years, says he believed that you got ahead in life by beating and putting people down

Close to 500 protesters in Peru's capital Lima after government passes law deeming trans people eligible for mental health care, health ministry says in statement it rejects the stigmatization of LGBTQ+ people and that the legal language simply seeks to ensure more complete health coverage

Javier Milei granted emergency powers by parliament of Argentina to enable reformation of the state, including privatization of numerous large state-owned companies, the proposal still needs to be approved by the senate which previously rejected similar bills from the parliament

Haitian gang leader Vitel'homme Innocent meets CNN in a gold car and gold chains around his neck, leads the way to a rococo mansion, sits on a gold sofa and says that the Haiti they had, the pearl of the Antilles, in which they grew up, can return to being the most beautiful and that one day someone can sit in the Champ de Mars park and have an ice cream, admit that he made some mistakes and regret that he got involved in politics

Argentina's President Javier Milei confirms his relationship with 43-year-old actress Fátima Flórez has ended after they started dating eight months ago, saying it is as a result of her overwhelming professional success as she has received numerous job offers in the US and Europe

Argentine President Javier Milei and Commander of the United States Southern Command, Laura J. Richardson, meet in Ushuaia in southern Argentina and announce the establishment of a naval base in the city, in March Richardson gave a presentation on the necessity to neutralize China and Russia in Latin America and Milei points to Antarctica as a motive for the construction of the base

Ecuadorian police raid the Mexican embassy in the capital Quito and arrest Ecuador's former vice president Jorge Glas, who is accused of corruption and bribery and sought political asylum at the embassy, ​​leading to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador breaking diplomatic relations with the country

Argentina's President Javier Milei says during a speech at the opening of Congress that his reforms will be introduced with or without the support of the political leadership and that if they seek conflict, they will get conflict, is also proposing a social contract for the political class based on ten principles such as the inviolability of private property, non-negotiable fiscal balance and tax reductions

Argentina's former president and Javier Milei's predecessor, Alberto Fernández, is being indicted on Thursday for embezzlement by improperly favoring certain insurance brokers in the handling of public insurance contracts, the husband of Fernández's private secretary, the insurance broker Héctor Martínez Sosa, is also charged

The local government of the province of La Rioja in Argentina defaults on debt payment of USD 26 million on Monday, the green bonds were issued after a restructuring in 2021 due to a default in 2020 and was mostly invested in wind farms, one of which was sold for USD 171 million, which in turn was then invested in two more wind farms

Surplus in Argentina's state budget for the first time since August 2012 and President Javier Milei writes in response to Economy Minister Luis "Toto" Caputo's post on X "let's go, Toto", that zero deficit is non-negotiable followed by his traditional rallying cry "Long live freedom, damn it"

Brazil's former president Jair Bolsonaro formally accused of participation in coup attempt, is being given 24 hours to return his passport, he is also accused of spying during his administration and this week the police raides the home and office of his son Carlos and other related properties

Sebastián Piñera, President of Chile between 2010 and 2014 and between 2018 and 2022 dies in helicopter crash, had a fortune of an estimated USD 2.4 billion

Argentine President Javier Milei's reform package is sent back to square one and Milei refers on X to list of what he believes are the loyalists and traitors, and the government writes in a statement that they got their positions waving the banner of change just to betray their voters

Argentina's La Rioja region, where 67 percent work for the state, plans to issue bonds, bocades, for USD 28 million that could be used to pay local taxes, public services and, in theory, private companies, comes after President Javier Milei cut the government spending and refuses to pay the 20.8 billion ARS that Governor Ricardo Quintela believes the region is entitled to

El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele claims election victory with 81 percent of the vote after 31 percent of votes counted, TIME highlights that he has called himself the world's coolest dictator and 48-year-old voter Sara Leon says that if he's a dictator, may we have a dictator for 100 more years

Argentina's lower house approves Javier Milei's reform proposal by 144 to 109 votes after three days of debate, on Tuesday lawmakers will vote on each of the articles and then the Senate awaits

Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa signs decree that foreign prisoners should be extradited, the country has 32,000 prison places but 33,000 prisoners of which 10 percent have foreign citizenships according to survey in 2022 and this year at least 20 people have been killed in the country's prisons

Argentina's President Javier Milei strips the fiscal chapter from his bill, which included, among other things, an increase in export taxes and the income tax, Economy Minister Luis Caputo argues the changes will make the bill easier to pass in Congress, saying that the 500 articles that remain represent a structural change

Argentina's government requests up to USD 66,000 from organizations and trade unions as compensation for the police operations during the demonstrations on December 22 and 27, the organization Libres del Sur writes in a statement that the bill they received was sent from the Ministry of Security with a 10-day payment deadline

Argentine President Javier Milei's sister Karina is called El Jefe, meaning male boss, and is said to manage his diary, decide who has access to him and how he dresses, and Javier have said that Kari is Moses while he is her spokesman

Argentina's President Javier Milei announces in his first interview after being elected that trading dollars on the unofficial market is no longer illegal and no one will be prosecuted for it, and Foreign Minister Diana Mondino says contracts will be able to be issued in, for example, bitcoin, beef and milk after the package of measures will go through

Argentina's newly elected President Javier Milei presents 300 measures which includes prepare all state-owned companies to be privatised, deregulating the healthcare and the tourism industry, removing price controls on rental properties and abolishing the law that allow the government to set prices and margins for private companies

Argentina's Minister of the Security Patricia Bullrich says at a press conference that if they try to take to the streets there will be consequences, that measures will be taken until the space is completely freed and that the least possible force will be used but it will increase in proportion to the resistance

The Milei administration spokesman Manuel Adorni announces that the Argentinian government will halve the number of chauffeurs for public servants and intends to sell two aircraft that they say were only used as political privileges, saying that they will continue to inform every day about the reduction of privileges

Argentina's new economy minister, Luis Caputo, devalues ​​the official exchange rate of the country's currency, the Argentine peso (ARS), by 54 percent against the USD to 800 ARS per USD, the black market exchange rate is around 1000 ARS per USD while the official was previously 350

Javier Milei takes office as president of Argentina and cuts the number of ministries in half, intends to review all government employee contracts and reduce the number of civil servants by 34 percent

Volodymyr Zelenskyj will participate in the inauguration ceremony of Argentine President Javier Milei on December 10, which will be the first trip to Latin America since the war with Russia, but Brazilian President Lula Da Silva will not attend, among other confirmed guests are Viktor Orbán, King Felipe VI of Spain, the party leader of Vox and Jair Bolsonaro

Referendum in Venezuela results, according to the country's authorities, in 90 percent support for annexing the Essequibo region of Guyana with a voter turnout of close to 50 percent, the mineral- and oil-rich region makes up two-thirds of Guyana

Argentina's incoming president Javier Milei plans to call Congress into extraordinary sessions the day after he is sworn in to launch what he says is a massive package of reforms, saying they will not wait until the regular session in March because it is urgent

Argentina's newly elected President Javier Milei announces that the shutdown of the country's central bank is non-negotiable and that the future government's official information is only published on X

Representatives of Argentine labor unions ready to oppose newly elected President Javier Milei's reforms and left-wing organizations meet to plan how to struggle against austerity

Guyana's President Irfaan Ali says his country will not tolerate Venezuela's claim to two-thirds of Guyana which he says is unlawful and unfounded, referring to the disputed Essequibo region and Venezuela's upcoming referendum on the issue

Libertarian populist Javier Milei is the favorite ahead of Argentina's presidential election on Sunday, which according to opinion polls looks set to go to a second round on November 19, the country has the world's third-highest inflation and has depleted almost all of its foreign currency reserves

Kidnapped council of Duran, Ecuador, Bolivar Vera, found dead with bound hands, bloody clothes and shot in the chest, the country of 17.5 million has had 3,567 murders in the year through early July and presidential elections are scheduled for October 15

Self-proclaimed anarcho-capitalist Javier Milei, leading with a third of the vote after Argentina's primary election ahead of the general presidential election on October 22, wants to shut down the central bank, introduce the dollar as currency, deregulate and privatize the economy, political commentators expected his constant insults to other politicians to hurt him and he is called a fascist by his opponents

Honduras plans to set up prison on Islas del Cisne island 250 kilometers from land to house 2,000 gang leaders, President Xiomara Castro has promised to introduce drastic measures against criminal gangs such as Barrio 18 and Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), biologists are worried about the island's ecosystem

China and Russia positive to Venezuela's intentions to be included in the BRICS cooperation, in a meeting with Brazil's re-elected President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro declared the country's strive to join the organized cooperation between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

Police search the home of Brazil's former president Jair Bolsonaro on suspicion of him falsifying his vaccination status to gain entry to the United States, seizing both Bolsonaro's and his wife's cellphones and arresting close associates

Santiago Pena wins the presidential election in Paraguay, protests are triggered and the right-wing candidate Paraguayo Cuba, who came in third with 23 percent of the vote, requests a recount, calls for protests and says the election was stolen

More than 60,000 imprisoned since last year in El Salvador and since Nayib Bukele became president, the number of murders per year has decreased from 2,398 in 2019 to 496 in 2022, new prison that the president calls a common sense project with room for 40,000 are being built and this week the

Hundreds of Bolsonaro supporters storm the National Congress building as well as the presidential palace and the Supreme Court in Brasília after clashes with police, claim the election was stolen and call for military intervention to overthrow President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Honduras declares war against gangs, several hundred police officers involved in operations during a state of exception in 162 neighbourhoods to combat rising extortion and to counter allegations that the government has not done enough to combat rampant crime, follows example set by

At least 29 people killed in wave of violence involving arson, robbery, and looting sweeping northern Mexico after the arrest of notorious drug lord El Chapo's son Ovidio Guzmán, Guzmán who is described as a high-ranking member of the Sinaloa Cartel is wanted by the United States and his

47-year-old Ecuadoran René Salinas Ramos legally changes gender to help gain custody of his two daughters as the country's laws favors mothers in custody battles, LGBTQ groups express concern that the move will result in the Assembly starting to legislate against them and say it does not make

Juan Guaidó ousted as opposition leader in Venezuela after the US and several European countries recognized him as the legitimate leader in 2019 and an interim government was established ready to take over after the supposed resignation of President Nicolás Maduro

Venezuela claims the English-speaking area of ​​Essequibo in Guyana with 125,000 inhabitants, insists that the 1777 border of the Essequibo River is the more natural one as opposed to current borders established by an arbitration court in Paris in 1899, now instead of refugee flows from Guyana, instead people flee to the country, including Anneris Valenzuela, 23, who says life is better than in Venezuela, although it is quite tough as they use lanterns since there is no electricity.

Brazil's incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro breaks the 45-hour silence after the election loss with a two-minute speech without mentioning his opponent Lula da Silva, does not mention confirming the election results but says he will follow the constitution, regarding his supporters' truck blockades, he says the popular movements are a result of indignation at the way the electoral process was conducted and peaceful protests are always welcome but the methods of the left should not be used

Truck drivers block roads in Brazil after incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro's election loss, truckers were one of candidate's staunchest supporters, union president distances himself, saying group of participating drivers is small, isolated and linked to far-right

Jair Bolsonaro has 50.3 percent and Lula da Silva 49.7 percent of the voter support according to poll ahead of second round of presidential election in Brazil held on Sunday, according to another poll Lula has a narrow lead

26-year-old Nikolas Ferreira won the most votes in Brazil's congressional elections, declares himself at war against the silent threat of communism that he claims victory for presidential candidate Lula will bring, has campaigned alongside incumbent president and candidate Jair Bolsonaro

Brazilian politician Roberto Jefferson resists federal police arrest at his home, fires rifles and throws grenades during hours-long siege, injures two police officers, announces on Whatsapp that he refuses to surrender but he could later be taken into custody, former ally of President Jair Bolsonaro, who has now distanced himself from him

Presidential candidate Lula accuses soccer star Neymar of only supporting incumbent President Bolsonaro because of a previous debt pardon from his income tax debt, saying he believes the soccer player is afraid that if he wins the election he will find out how much

Federal police in Brazil launch investigation into whether pollsters have formed a cartel to manipulate election results, polls ahead of the country's election early October greatly underestimated the support for the incumbent president Bolsonaro, current legislation prohibits the publication of fake polls

EU Ambassador in Nicaragua Bettina Muscheidt is asked to leave the country and is declared persona non grata according to diplomatic sources, the decision follows a statement by the EU in which it urged president Daniel Ortega to "restore democracy", no official comments from the government yet

20 members of the Jewish cult Lev Tahor detained in massive raids by law enforcement authorities in Mexico, the group who claims everyone had the necessary permits and paperwork to stay in the country practices a fundamentalist version of hassidism where women are required to cover themselves in black from head to toe and young girls are forcibly wed to older men

All of Cuba without power after Hurricane Ian swept through causing severe flooding, sustained winds of 56 mps/125 mph registered, around 40,000 people evacuated from the Pinar del Río province

Bolivia's President Luis Arce declares 2022 The Year of the Cultural Revolution to Eliminate the Patriarchy, says the pandemic and the structural crisis of capitalism have deteriorated the living conditions of women, proposes that the UN General Assembly declares a decade of the elimination of patriarchy as it is the most ancient system of oppression and also linked to colonialism and capitalism

At least 16 suspected gang criminals and one police officer dead in favela complex in Rio de Janeiro after police raid with 400 officers, ten bullet-proof vehicles and four helicopters, Governor Cláudio Castro laments the police officer's death and says he will continue to fight crime with all his strength, Complexo do Alemão holds 13 favelas and 70,000 people of which three-quarters are black

Tens of thousands protesting increasing inflation and food prices in Argentina, inflation at 6.7% monthly and 58% annually in April, 43% rise in poverty since the beginning of the year

German-speaking Covid-19 deniers seek to build 1,600-hectare gated community El Paraíso Verde in the Caazapá region of Paraguay, the current population of 150 will eventually grow to 3,000 according to the owners

710 people charged with crimes including sedition and vandalism in Cuba after taking part in anti-government protests in July 2021, 172 people already tried and convicted where the trials are criticized as unfair and the sentences ranging up to 30 years in prison are seen as disproportionate

Brazil's former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva leads in the polls ahead of next year's election and says under a Workers Party government rich Brazilians need to pay more tax and inheritance tax will be raised from the current 4% to 50%, was in prison convicted of corruption just over two years ago

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro says the identities of the officials who authorized Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccinations for 5-year-olds will be revealed despite the country's health regulator stating death threats have been received, comments that everyone has the right to know the names and to form their own judgment

El Salvador plans issuing USD 1 billion in tokenized Bitcoin bonds and build Bitcoin City, 10% VAT to be the only tax, nearby Conchagua volcano to provide energy for Bitcoin mining

At least 68 dead after eight-hour gun battle between rival gangs inside Ecuador's largest prison, more than 300 prisoners have died in clashes in penitentiaries across the country this year, authorities say overcrowding as well as inmates' access to guns constitute major problems but that pardons and international aid will help the situation

25 suspected bankrobbers killed by Brazilian police in offensive during the early hours of Sunday, police spokesperson calls the raid the biggest ever and compares the heavily armed gang to the cangaço outlaws who roamed the country's north-eastern backlands in the early 20th century

Colombian coca growers take 180 soldiers hostage during attempt to eradicate the illegal crops, General Omar Sepulveda says six plutoons were kidnapped in Tibu after being surrounded by farmers armed with sticks and machetes, the office of Colombia's human rights ombudsman has sent a delegation to try and secure the soldiers' release

Venezuela launches new bolívar with six fewer zeroes, the currency lost three zeros in 2008 and another five in 2018, the country's GDP has plummeted by 80 percent since 2013 and IMF estimates that the inflation rate at the end of 2021 will be at 5,500%

At least 79 inmates die in riots at prisons in three cities in Ecuador as two rival gangs were trying to gain criminal leadership within the detention centres and an escape attempt, with 800 police offices helping to regain control of the facilities

Young Venezuelans have turned to selling online sexual content of themselves on OnlyFans to avoid joining the exodus of five million migrants who have already left the socialist country, most subscribers are foreigners paying in USD, Venezuela has the world's highest inflation levels and a constantly depreciating currency

32-year-old Mexican doctor goes into convulsions within 30 minutes of being injected with the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, remains in intensive care after suffering from encephalomyelitis, an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, has a history of allergic reactions

Jair Bolsonaro more popular than ever to surprise of critics of his attitude toward pandemic, Brazil president has downplayed risks, encouraged people to face the virus in manly fashion and said that wearing face masks is for faires

91% of seats in Venezuelan legislature claimed by government allies after opposition boycotts election, the US and EU has disavowed elections as manipulated by Maduro regime

Argentina’s government is considering a one-off tax on the super-rich, the tax would start at 2% and rise depending on wealth starting at a fortune of 2.7 million USD affecting about 12 000 people

The Cuban government has turned 72 state-run shops into "dollar stores", shelves, unlike many regular supermarkets dealing in local currency, are well stocked with basic food and hygiene products but must be paid for in USD, the government denies the new stores are part of a "dollarisation" process turning the USD into the official currency as has happened in Panama, Ecuador and El Salvador

Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for covid-19, is said to have mild fever and receiving treatment including hydroxychloroquine and azitromycin

London court rules British government recognizes Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s president in case to decide which leader controls USD 2 billion worth of Venezuelan central bank gold stored in Bank of England, Nicolas Maduro’s lawyers say they will appeal judgement

Argentina miss already delayed bond payments after missing payments on USD 503 million on Friday in country’s ninth sovereign default, source says ongoing talks between Argentina and its creditors are making substantial progress

Mayor Jaime Rolando Urbina Torres in southern Peru play dead in coffin wearing a face mask after breaking Covid-19 curfew rules to go drinking, police arrest the drunk mayor who has been accused of failing to take the threat of the virus seriously

Jair Bolsonaro takes to streets and joins protesters who demand end to pandemic lockdowns and return to military rule, gives speech from truck where he declares the people are in power and all must yield to its will, rejects accusations of attacking democracy and proclaims that he is the constitution

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro posts on Facebook that he tested negative for Covid-19 after rumours that he tested positive, dined with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago last Saturday along with his press secretary who was diagnosed with the disease following the trip

President Nicolás Maduro wants Venezuelan women to have six children each as part of governmental birth method program, initiative critiziced as the country already lacks food access and health care, 4.5 million Venezuelans have emigrated since 2015 and one-third of the population is unable to meet basic dietary needs according to UN

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele vetoes law intended to allow the prosecution of crimes committed during the country's civil war that lasted between 1980 and 1992 and left 75,000 dead, the narrowly approved law was criticized by human rights organizations as well as families of victims for allowing substantially reduced sentences for war crimes and crimes against humanity

Mexican national guardsmen round up 800 mainly Honduran migrants en route to USA, fly and bus the caravan members back home

Hundreds of US-bound migrants stopped from entering Mexico by security forces – the migrants tried wading across Suchiate river and threw stones at the police but were repelled by tear gas and riot shields, the migrant group dubbed "2020 Caravan" is expected to consist of between 2,000 and 3,500 people

Migrants gathering on the Guatemala-Mexico border on Sunday aiming to cross en masse during Monday in hope of being let through by authorities to avoid clashes, Guatemala says at least 4,000 people have entered from Honduras since Wednesday, Mexico says no safe conduct passes to the US will be issued

Brazil's culture minister Roberto Alvim fired, published video speech with phrase which is claimed to resemble quote by Joseph Goebbels with Lohengrin by Richard Wagner as background music, speech was supposed to inspire a nationalistic ideal for the Brazilian art

Guatemala's new President Alejandro Giammattei cuts diplomatic ties with Venezuela and orders closing of the Caracas embassy, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Rodríguez accuses Giammattei of bowing down to Donald Trump and says that "his government will surely become another bad joke"

Trinidad and Tobago to decriminalize cannabis as part of strategy to fight crime, says Prime Minister while also urging citizens to respect women, after government fails to halt rising crime trend

US impose sanctions on seven Venezuelan government officials including Luis Parra who was declare head of parliament by Nicolas Maduro's Socialist Party which led a bid to wrest control from opposition leader Juan Guaidó

Christmas Eve arson forest fire spread to Chilean city of Valparaíso destroying more than 80 homes and prompting mass evacuations, blaze fed by high summer temperatures and strong winds

President Bolsonaro says God saved his life after he was stabbed in the stomach last year and he thinks it was God's will to make him president, reassures the public he's in good state of health after being examined for skin cancer

President Bolsonaro issues decree allowing tens of thousands of small farmers to gain title to land they cultivate, making good on campaign promise, applies to land occupied by farmers before May 2014 and up to 2,500 hectares

Chilean lawmakers bow to protesters and agrees to hold referendum in April on replacing Pinochet-era constitution, voters also to decide who will serve on commission redrafting the document, opponents say charter has been pillar of stability for investor-friendly Chile