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Latin America

Next year's Rio de Janeiro carnival threatened by budget cuts, new Evangelical mayor wants to use funds for school meals but is accused of acting from conservative values 

Three men awarded right to marry each other in Colombia, government said to be extremely liberal in matters of sexuality 

Venezuela narrowly avoids OAS resolution which would have forbidden plan to abolish constitution, critical support received from Caribbean island nations dependent on country's oil industry 

Maduro asks Supreme Court to prepare prosecution of Chief Prosecutor Luisa Ortega Díaz, despite being outside of court's authority, points to deeper split among rulers 

2,186 murder investigations in Mexico during May, highest monthly number since 1997, large part related to illegal drug industry, expected to hurt incumbent president i next year's election 

Maduro slams Twitter as fascist for suspending thousands of his supporters' accounts and calls for tweeting pictures of company's Venezuela head, president's salsa music show among blocked accounts 

Venezuela's chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega says her family has received phone threats and been followed by intelligence agents after she criticized Maduro, regime has previously questioned her mental sanity  

Peru asks Ecuador to stop building wall along border between countries, says it can cause flooding and hurt cross-border integration 

Panama's former dictator Manuel Noriega dies at 83 after brain tumor surgery 

Venezuela opposition accuses Goldman Sachs of aiding regime after report shows bank has bought USD 2.8 billion in bonds from state companies 

Raphaël Lima: Former president Lula da Silva spider in the web in corruption scandal that is now unfolding in Brazil, could lead to division of country 

Venezuelans reportedly using Bitcoin to escape hyperinflation and food shortages 

Brazil President Temer calls in armed forces to control 45,000 protesters in Brasilia, smaller group tried to get into government buildings 

Chávez statues destroyed in at least five Venezuelan cities and one of Chávez' childhood homes torched during past month, 16 arrested for tearing down statue sent to military tribunal and risk 27 years in prison 

Several medallists from Rio Olympics have to replace medals because of rust or damage 

Russian national socialist YouTube profile Aleksey Makeyev victim of lynching attempt in his Cancun home, alive but sedated, paralyzed and probably brain damaged 

Protesters demand release of Cuban libertarians imprisoned on political grounds, activists plastered Havana with posters in support of prisoners who have been in jail since February 2 

Mexico surpasses Iraq and Afghanistan to become world's second-most deadly conflict zone after Syria according to International Institute for Strategic Studies, fatalities from war among drug cartels in country grew to 23,000 in 2016 

14 dead and 22 injured by explosion in fireworks warehouse in Chilchotla, Mexico 

Hugo Chávez statue torn down to cheers in Venezuelan city of Valencia, further nationwide protests planned 

Self-governing indigenous community in Peru wins legal dispute that forces oil companies to seek approval from them to use the indigenous land, community still seeks formal recognition from Lima 

Riots continue in Venezuela with several dead and many injured, cars and buildings set on fire, military vehicles driven throw crowd of protestors 

All candidates in next year's Colombian elections are statists, no hope for libertarian ideals, according to PanAm Post 

Maduro raises Venezuelan minimum wage by 60% to USD 50 at black market rate, third raise this year, aims to benefit government workers and the military 

Eight perish as Cuban military plane crashes in mountains, cause of accident still under investigation 

Google launches cache servers in Cuba, makes material on the servers load faster, Internet only available through WiFi spots, one hour of Internet costs USD 1.50, average monthly wage is USD 25 

Brazilian police arrest suspects of "movie-like heist" of armored company in Paraguay, assault rifles and boats used in theft of what could amount to USD 30 million 

Nearly 50 Ladies in White arrested in Cuba, group formed by activists against political prisons reports violent arrests 

Venezuela threatens to leave OAS if meeting is held about country's ongoing crisis without its approval, foreign minister says arbitrary violations of ethical and legal principles will not be tolerated 

GM fires 2,700 employees in Venezuela after factory is expropriated, court ruled in favor of two resellers who sued company in 2000 for missed deliveries 

Ecuador fines four newspapers and three TV channels for not reporting on opposition leaders' alleged offshore businesses before election, accused refer to laws requiring verification and banning interfering in elections 

Venezuela opposition marches in silence in memory of killed during recent weeks of protests, at least 11 were killed Thursday 

GM factory in Venezuela expropriated including vehicles and other assets, company will use every legal possibility for defense, no comments from government 

Colombia president Santos worried about Maduro promises to hand out 500,000 guns to militias 

Maduro orders military into streets to quash protests ahead of Wednesday demonstration which opposition says will be largest so far 

State television cuts broadcast as protestors throw eggs at Maduro, several dead in escalating demonstrations against Venezuela dictatorship 

Protests intensify in Venezuela, demonstrators as well as hospital in eastern Caracas tear-gassed 

Large protests in French Guiana as demonstrators demand increased financial support from France's government, discontent over living standards and rising crime rates behind claim for USD 2.5 billion in aid 

Venezuela opposition leader Henrique Capriles prohibited from seeking political office next 15 years, accused of inciting violence during week of protests in Caracas 

Governing party's candidate Lenin Moreno wins Ecuador presidential election with 51.16% of votes, defeated conservative challenger Guillermo Lasso says he will appeal against results 

At least 193 dead and hundreds injured in southern Colombia as heavy rains trigger flooding and landslide, president Santos declares state of emergency 

Venezuela Supreme court reverses its ruling to deprive congress of legislative powers, decision shows power of dialogue according to Maduro 

Paraguay's Congress building stormed and torched in protest against secret Senate vote allowing president to run for another term, 30 injured in clashes between hundreds of demonstrators and riot police  

Death toll after floods in Peru rises to 94 with 700,000 evacuated, authorities pleading for calm while people complain they are responding too slowly 

Bitter cassava sold in Venezuela where starving people are desperate, unlike sweet cassava the bitter variety contains lethal hydrogen cyanide, hard to distinguish between them 

Former Argentinean president Cristina Kirchner to stand trial on charges of fraudulently administering state funds, claims she has been target of political persecution 

New UN chief Guterres recommends disbanding peace keeping force in Haiti, both Uruguay and US had previously signaled that their participation will end 

Four bakers arrested in Venezuela after making brownies instead of bread in conflict with requirement that 90% of flour be used for bread production, Maduro threatens to take over businesses currently under military supervision 

Brazil police raid companies suspected to have bribed health officials and processed rotten meat, false government certificates may have enabled exports to Europe according to investigator 

Venezuela threatens to expropriate bakeries violating rules on how to use flour, 90% should be used for bread and 10% for sweets 

Peruvian soldiers rescue people from flood with helicopter, remain in area as more might be in need of help 

Recession worsened in Brazil during 2016, GDP down 3.6%, rate of decrease unexpectedly high during last quarter but economists forecast slow recovery in 2017 

500 Cubans to be deported from Panama after US policy change, were en route to US before special rule for refugees from Cuba was repealed by Obama in January 

Bolivia raises cap for legal coca growing area from 12,000 to 22,000 hectares, estimates future legal production to 30,000 tonnes 

Guatemala's navy detains Dutch ship carrying supply of mifepristone and misoprostol, claims abortion violates constitution, organization Women on Waves provides free medical abortion for women pregnant up to ten weeks 

Nearly 75% of Venezuelans have lost an average of eight kilograms in past year due to lack of food according to nationwide survey, 93% say their income is not enough to cover food needs 

Proponents of increased soft drink tax in Mexico have spyware installed on their phones, get fake news aiming to trigger click on link, unclear who is responsible 

Hungry Venezuelans eat flamingos and anteaters as regular food sources become more scarce, biologists warn that slow-moving creatures are in danger 

Jürgen Mossack and Ramón Fonseca arrested for suspected involvement in Brazil corruption scandal, attorney general of Panama calls law firm founded by the two criminal organization 

Crime and violence not symptoms of poverty and inequity according to World Bank report, evidenced by criminality in Latin America remaining high despite dramatic reduction of poverty 

Mises Cuba member arrested for not showing ID to undercover police officer, alleges political persecution 

Police strike in Brazilian state wreaks havoc, 51 murdered in a weekend compared to four in all January 

Colombia banana companies face prosecution for financing death squads, will be charged with crimes against humanity says Prosecutor General 

Sony Pictures miniseries El Comandante about life of Hugo Chávez banned in Venezuela, Maduro claims it disfigures a true leader and orders production of alternate series Chavez for Real 

Venezuelan vice president Tareck El Aissami granted extended powers by direct order of Maduro, can now control ministerial budgets and expropriate private companies as he sees fit — triggers speculation over succession plans  

Argentinian judge orders nationwide ban on Uber, denies arrest of executives requested by the prosecutors 

Banknotes worth five thousand and ten thousand bolivar begins to circulate in Venezuela after orders from Maduro 

Coral reef at mouth of Amazon river threatened by oil drilling says Greenpeace as first photographs of newly discovered formation is published 

Spain extradites to Colombia former Farc rebel accused of carriying out forced abortions, rebel group's female members were compelled to terminate pregnancies to maintain combat ability 

Panama shuts down investigation into Panama Documents after legality challenged, may be restarted after approval by Supreme Court 

Chile keeps borders open to economic migrants despite record inflow, creates tensions on black labor market president Bachelet admits 

Mexico could leave NAFTA if renegotiation leads to worse terms than today, trade deal have to benefit country to get popular support says Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo 

Allison Fedirka: Status quo in Venezuela impossible to maintain entire 2017, despite adaptable population economical and political situation unsustainable 

Brazilian Supreme Court judge Teori Zavascki killed in plane crash, was handling several high profile graft cases 

Trump victim of global hate campaign says Nicolas Maduro, argues that future American president can’t possibly be worse than Obama who leaves behind a world of terrorism and is remembered for three coups in Latin America 

27 inmates killed after prison riot in northeastern Brazil, conflict between drug gangs has led to death of 140 prisoners since start of year 

Chile plans to raise taxes on sugary products and to reduce them for non-sugary ones 

At least 430 arrested in Mexico after 250 stores plundered and highways blocked in protests against 20% increase in gas prices 

Political outsiders to take over as mayors of Brazil's two largest cities, their election victories sign of deep dissatisfaction with corruption of political elites 

Rio policeman admits to murdering Greek ambassador colluding with victim's wife, having an affair with her 

New Argentine Finance Minister Nicolas Dujovne says in first press conference highest priority objectives are reduced deficit and inflation, predecessor was recently sacked by President Macri 

Poverty levels in Costa Rica lowest in seven years, per national statistics, 10 000 households lifted over poverty line, and equally many lifted from extreme poverty 

Catholic archbishop of Caracas pronounces that Venezuela's political leadership is dictatorial as it refuses to recognize opposition-controlled parliament 

Not previously documented Indian tribe in the Amazon captured in photos as Brazilian photographer in helicopter forced to detour by rainstorm 

Zoo in Argentine brings four elephants to sanctuaries as it cannot offer animals a good environment to live in 

At least 31 dead, 72 injured in fireworks market blaze north of Mexico City, cause of fire is being investigated, third similar incident at site since 2005 

Conservative ex-president Piñera in lead just prior to Chilean presidential elections, ahead of Socialist challenger Guillier 

Venezuela closes border to Colombia and Brazil until January 2 when 100 bolivar bank note ceases to be legal tender, chaos at Colombia border as people rush to buy food and medicine 

Bolivia's Socialist Party approves President Morales' attempt to be re-elected in 2019, proposed constitutional reform to allow for fourth term 

Amendment of Brazil constitution disallows expansion of federal budget for 20 years with exception for inflation adjustment, a spending freeze at 2016 level until 2037 

Megalith formation similar to Stonehenge found in Amazon, in combination with discoveries of ancient roads and other large-scale artifacts indication that region had permanent settlements longer than previously thought, may have had 10 million inhabitants 

Bolivia's Vice President announces he will not participate in or support the reelection campaign of President Morales, should he be allowed to stand for third term 

Venezuelan Christmas spirit continues when authorities confiscate 4 million toys from distributor and promise to sell them at below market prices  

Unemployed Venezuelan fishermen become pirates after fishing industry collapses, terrorize local population and former colleagues who remain in business 

Rio de Janeiro's mayor-elect wants to introduce new tourist tax, the proceedings of which are supposed to compensate foreign mugging victims, initative said to be part of effort to destroy city's negative image 

Ecuador president Correa makes additional sweeping changes of military leadership, removes joint command and fires chiefs of navy and air force after public criticism from armed forces representatives 

Cat calling and commenting on the bodies of others to be banned in Buenos Aires, can lead to 60 USD fine 

Italian tourist killed after GPS guides him into favela in Rio de Janeiro 

Peru's government could fall shortly after Education Minister Jaime Saavedra questioned by parliament, part of power struggle between President Pedro Kuczynski and opposition leader Keiko Fujimori 

Trinidad and Tobago largest recruitment source for IS terrorists in Western hemisphere per capita, background Saudi investments radicalizing native black Muslim militants, according to article in Studies in Conflict and Terrorism