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Venezuelans regret six-year-old gun control bill, in affect a declaration of war against an unarmed population, the bill sold as a hardline effort to improve security and sharply reduce crime, many now point to Venezuela as case study for how gun prohibition produce the opposite effect

Venezuela’s last nationally circulated, anti-government newspaper El Nacional stops publishing print edition amid paper shortages and unrelenting government pressure, with an onslaught of tax reviews, advertising restrictions and lawsuits, will become an exclusively online publication

Brazil will pull out of United Nations migration pact, says incoming foreign relations minister Ernesto Araújo, who will take office in January under president-elect Jair Bolsonaro

Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro names retired General Carlos Alberto Dos Santos Cruz government minister, led the UN peacekeeping forces in Haiti, fifth addition from the country's military

Colombia suspects Venezuelan military agents seek to infiltrate shelters for migrants to start riots, 3 out of 15 Venezuelans recently expelled from country after violent confrontations members of armed forces

Local citizens of Tijuana, Mexico protest recent arrival of Central American migrant caravan, the 3,000 asylum seekers are projected to grow to 10,000 in coming weeks, residents worry about criminal backgrounds and believe they are looking for handouts

UNHCR claims refugees fleeing Venezuelan economic crisis reaches 3 million, the UN agency estimates nearly 2.4 million are residing in neighboring Latin American countries

2,000 members of Central American migrant caravan bound for US return to Honduras, the activists have experienced difficulty securing border crossing permission between Guatemala and Mexico

Haitian police in Port-au-Prince fire on protestors demanding reconciliation of USD 3.8 billion of state oil revenue, Petrocaribe agreement with Venezuela provided for discounted oil purchase but most funds disappeared into incomplete construction projects

Bare-chested women marchers in 33rd National Women's Encounter fire bomb church in Trelew, Argentina, the feminist association gathered to support abortion rights and separation of church and state

Jair Bolsonaro now leads Fernando Haddad in Brazilian presidential election polling, the right wing candidate also received an endorsement from the Brazilian farmer's lobby

Nearly 2 million refugees have fled economic collapse in Venezuela since 2015, UN refugee agency chief says nearly 5,000 people leave the country daily and 2.6 million Venezuelans now living abroad

ICJ blocks Bolivian attempt to force Chile to negotiate the country's former access to the Pacific Ocean, Bolivia lost coastal access in 1879-1883 war with Chile but still maintains a naval force

105 prisoners escape maximum security prison in northeastern Brazil after about 20 heavily armed men blow down front gate and fire on watchtowers, 41 of the escaped prisoners recaptured after security forces lock down state capital João Pessoa

Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro stabbed during campaign rally with injuries to liver, lung and intestines, undergoes surgery to treat wounds and prevent infection, one suspect identified with Socialism and Liberty Party apprehended

Argentinian President Macri announces export taxes, plans to abolish half of government ministries, balanced budget measures to stem inflationary crisis, Argentinian peso has fallen by 50% against US dollar in 2018

Protesters battled police on the perimeter of the recently burned-down Brazilian National Museum, the crowds were upset about the government's budgetary neglect of its cultural wealth

Venezuela arrests 131 people accused of sabotaging Maduro's economic reforms, several large-chain managers accused of speculating and hoarding price-controlled basic products among arrestees, 1.5 million people have fled Venezuela since 2015

Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro advocates police murder of criminal suspects, says "you cannot treat them as if they were normal human beings", Bolsonaro is polling second behind jailed former president likely to be barred from elections

Chilean Supreme Court orders USD 1,6 million in Pinochet family assets seized in corruption scandal aftermath, the funds were placed in a number of accounts belonging to Pinochet's relatives in the US and other places outside Chile

Mexican farmers near VW's Puebla, Mexico plant protest use of sonic atmosphere disruption devices, they claim the anti-hailstorm technology is so effective it has created an artificial drought, the farmers are seeking financial damages against the company for destruction of crops

Magnitude 7.3 quake strikes Venezuela, the tremor could be felt as far away as Bogota and Trinidad, no major damage or injuries have been reported

Residents of Brazilian Pacaraima drive out hundreds of Venezuelan migrants after restaurant owner was stabbed and robbed in his home by four Venezuelans, migrant group then attacked 30 border shopping Brazilians, Venezuela concerned about reports of attacks on migrated citizens and asks Brazil to guarantee their safety

Maduro pegs bolívar to government's petro cryptocurrency effectively devaluing by 96%, also says will hike minimum wage by over 3,000% and boost corporate tax rate, tells people to trust him as he wants the country to recover and he has the formula, economists expect "much more aggressive stage of hyperinflation"

Venezuela's Maduro ends subsidized petrol prices for political opponents compounding weaponized sustenance program of food at subsidized prices only for regime supporters

Cuban government enables free mobile internet for island's 5 million subscribers for a day, the government is testing the new service ahead of a planned for-pay launch, most residents utilize internet at Wi-fi hotspots that cost 1 USD per hour when average monthly wages are USD 30, dissident Cuban blogger and social media pioneer Yoani Sanchez labels it "citizen's victory"

Nicolas Maduro announces the phasing out of state subsidies for petrol over two years in effort to curb smuggling, the official rate of 1 Bolivar per liter creates valuable arbitrage as street price is Bolivar 4 million per liter, the Venezuelan government claims that fuel smuggling costs the country USD 18 billion per year in lost revenue

Chile's Minister for Cultural Affairs resigns after facing criticism for 2015 comments about human rights museum, Mauricio Rojas claimed museum was a "shameless and inaccurate use of a national tragedy", human rights organizations and local politicians pressured him to quit four days into his new job

Brazil struggles with "serious problem with lethal violence" after achieving record high of 63,880 murders in 2017, data compiled by Brazilian Public Security Forum shows an average of 175 murders per day corresponding to 30.8 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, incidence of rape also increased 8% to 60,018 for the period, murder has a strong racial and political element with many victims being young, black men and little police follow-up

Ecuadorian government declares state of emergency as Venezuelan migration surges, Venezuelans fleeing economic dislocation typically arrive via border with Colombia, the declaration mobilizes aid and social workers to help manage the impact of uncontrolled mass migration

Venezuelan President Maduro unharmed but seven National Guard soldiers injured after alleged drone attack against military event where he gave a speech in Caracas, says everything points to right-wing plot linked to Colombia and Florida and several were caught, little-known group "National Movement of Soldiers in T-shirts" claims responsibility for attack in series of social media posts

Right wing populist Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro trailing jailed former president Lula da Silva in polls despite larger social media following, considers descendant of the country's last emperor or retired army general as running mates

Fields medal stolen 30 minutes after being awarded to professor Caucher Birkar and three others in Rio de Janeiro

Venezuela to remove five zeroes from currency bolívar instead of the three planned in June and tie it to state-backed petro cryptocurrency – no details offered concerning the petro tie, but President Nicolás Maduro calls the plan "great economic change"

Brazil's government indigenous agency Funai releases footage of uncontacted indigenous man who has lived alone in Amazon forest for at least 22 years, man believed to be in his 50s fells tree in video and appears to be in excellent health, believed to be only survivor of land grab attack in 1995, Funai whose policy is to avoid contact has protected 8,070 hectares in area

Pablo Escobar's widow and son charged with money laundering by federal judge in Argentina where they live, assets frozen but no arrests made

Brazil's President Michel Temer orders army and federal police to clear highways blockaded by striking truck drivers after protest over fuel prices and graft enters fifth day, state of emergency declared in São Paulo over fuel shortages

Brazil truckers on strike for four days due to rising fuel prices, demand tax cuts, nationwide shortages hit supermarkets, numerous flights cancelled, some factories idle

Venezuela expels American diplomats Todd Robinson and Brian Naranjo as Donald Trump authorized new sanctions against country after widely-condemned presidential election

Nicolás Maduro re-elected as Venezuelan president with 67.7% of vote in election that main opposition boycotted, both second placed Henri Falcón and third candidate Javier Bertucci demand new election due to irregularities

Giant anti-communist flag displayed on Rio de Janeiro hill on Karl Marx's 200th birth day, firefighters called to remove it since it was placed in national park (Portuguese)

Venezuela raises minimum monthly wage by 155% to VEF 1 million three weeks before presidential election, raise to USD 1.61 at black market exchange rate third increase this year

Mexican presidential candidate Jaime "El Bronco" Rodriguez says during debate that robbers' hands should be cut off, was country's first independent governor and is in fifth place in most opinion polls

Ten killed and at least 100 injured in Nicaragua after three days of clashes between police and people protesting pension reform, protests concerning 5% pension tax and increased forced contributions to system for both employees and employer

Cuba communist party nominates 57-year-old Miguel Díaz-Canel as only candidate to replace 86-year-old Raúl Castro who retires after ten years in power

Venezuelan National Assembly approves preliminary impeachment proceedings against Nicolás Maduro after corruption scandal, not clear what effect will be as legitimate Supreme Court is exiled in Colombia and has been replaced by loyalist magistrates

Ecuadorian president Lenín Moreno confirms three journalists kidnapped at Colombia border in late March are dead, says military operations against drug gangs in area will continue

Venezuela's Supreme Court in exile orders detention of President Nicolás Maduro and asks Interpol to issue arrest warrant, court is recognised by Organization of American States and consists of magistrates appointed by opposition in 2017

More than 800 Venezuelans flee to Brazil each day to escape shortages of food and medicines in homeland, other destinations include Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Argentina and Peru

Brazil's Supreme Court rules that Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva can begin to serve his 12-year sentence for accepting bribes, rejects former president's plea to avoid prison while he appeals

Carlos Alvarado Quesada wins over Alvarado Muñoz in Costa Rica's presidential election; at age 38 he will be the country's youngest president ever

Passion play in southern Brazil is interrupted when a man rushes onto the scene to "save Jesus", a man who plays a Roman soldier is attacked with kicks and beatings with a motor cycle helmet

Seven policemen die in a riot in a prison in Amatlán de los Reyes in eastern Mexico

The former military dictator in Guatemala, Efraín Ríos Montt dead at 91, lead the country 1982-83 and in 2011 was convicted of crimes against humanity, the appeals process continued until his death

Peru president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigns after video is made public where representatives of his government apparently try to bribe opposition to oppose impeachment motion which would have been voted on Thursday

Venezuela imposes electricity rationing in six western states after drought reduces water levels in key reservoirs, four-hour formal outages announced but blackouts so far up to 14 hours per day

Brazilian left-wing politician Marielle Franco killed in drive-by shooting, opposed military taking over security in Rio

Venezuela presidential election to be postponed from 22 April to 20 May, poll not seen as legitimate and several countries warn that they will not recognize result

Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro wants to add legislative, state and municipal votes to presidential election in April after opposition said it will boycott poll, government loyalist National Constituent Assembly to decide on matter, opposition leaders in prison or in exile

At least 44 dead as bus drives off road into ravine in southern Peru, second serious bus accident this year, in January 48 died as bus collided with truck

Increased suicide rate in Puerto Rico after several years of decrease, may be connected to hurricane Maria according to experts who say natural disasters cause post-traumatic stress

Oxfam scandal tip of iceberg according to Haiti president Jovenel Moise who demands investigation of Doctors Without Borders which has been forced to send 17 of its staff home due to misconduct

Oxfam deputy chief executive Penny Lawrence resigns, UK aid organization accused of covering up facts related to employees buying sexual services on Haiti after 2010 earthquake

18 dead in clashes between Venezuelan army and miners in southern part of country, Maduro has previously declared war on illegal miners in region

Oxfam admits staff engaged in sexual misconduct during recovery work in Haiti after 2010 earthquake, "full-on Caligula orgy" with prostitutes in guesthouse rented by charity among accusations

Zetas kingpin José María Guízar Valencia caught in Mexico City, drug cartel leader likely to face extradition to US on smuggling and money laundering charges

Uruguay to extend economic aid to six former Guantánamo prisoners who resettled in country in 2014, offers USD 450 in salary and pays their rent until January 2019

Venezuela presidential election planned for April 22 after negotiations between government and opposition, the latter sought date during second half of year to have time for primary elections, several key challengers in prison or exile

Venezuela's ruling socialist party selects Maduro to run for re-election in April's presidential election, Maduro favorite to win vote as leading opponents barred from standing

Fidel Castro's eldest son Fidel Castro Díaz-Balart dead at 68 after committing suicide, was recently released from hospital after months of depression treatment

Kenji Fujimori, member of Peru parliament and son of former PM Alberto Fujimori, expelled from Fuerza Popular party by his sister Keiko after voting against party line to impeach president, believed to have negotiated for pardoning of father

Truck driver causes permanent damage to Nazca lines in Peru, world heritage geoglyphs are 2,000 years old, were last damaged by Greenpeace activists in 2014

Brazil's former president Lula da Silva guilty of money laundering and taking bribes according to appellate court, prison sentence prolonged to twelve years, could make him ineligible to stand for election

Brazil declares six month yellow fever emergency in south-eastern state of Minas Gerais, at least 15 dead from disease in area since December, emergency allows local authorities to commission special services and buy in emergency materials

Colombia says 550,000 Venezuelans now living in country of which 126,000 legally permitted to stay, migrant numbers up 62% in last six months, a million Venezuelans registered for migration card allowing entering Colombia for shopping scarce supplies

Seven killed after 107 lootings or attempted lootings in the first 11 days of January in Venezuela according to human rights group – store owners still running business arm themselves with what they can find, team up and coordinate guarding shifts via WhatsApp

Thousands of emigrated Venezuelans stranded due to printing shortage making it impossible to renew passports

Chile's president Bachelet urges country to welcome and respect Pope Francis after three Catholic churches firebombed and pope threatened days before first papal visit since 1987, attacks insignificant and damage to buildings minor according to authorities

Four Venezuelans dead after trying to reach wealthy island of Curaçao by boat, Maduro has banned all air and sea travel to several islands in order to prevent smuggling of Venezuelan goods by alleged mafias

Belize first developing country to end oil operations in its ocean waters, reported as enormous win for the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System World Heritage site

Maduro orders 72 hours shutdown of all traffic with Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, accuses island smugglers of plundering Venezuela by running black markets on everything from copper to food

Venezuela raises minimum wage by 40% from January, Maduro says measure to protect workers against US economic war to sabotage socialism, most economists say country fomenting vicious inflation cycle

Haiti cracks down on Dominican egg smuggling, authorities hope for increased domestic production while merchant fears starving

Maduro accuses Portugal of sabotaging Christmas by not delivering ham subsidized by the Venezuelan government as part of US-led international conspiracy, Portuguese food company says crux of dispute rather that tens of millions of euro remain unpaid from last year

11.8 million Brazilians illiterate according to Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, first time inclusion of racial parameter shows blacks or mixed race more than twice the rate of whites

Retail chain in Paraguay sponsors mass wedding among employees who formerly lived in sin, more than 100 couples marry

Caracas mayor Antonio Ledezma escapes house arrest, flees across border to Colombia and then on to Spain to reunite with his family, is accused by Maduro of supporting coup attempt

Socialists in Venezuela celebrate centennial of October revolution with large mobilization and portraits of Lenin and Chávez

Venezuelan opposition politician Freddy Guevara seeks refuge in home of Chile's ambassador in Caracas after regime sought to remove his congressional immunity so that he could be tried for instigating violence

Catholic organization Caritas warns that 280,000 Venezuelan children could die of malnutrition due to country's shortage of food and medicine

24 meter steel wire kraken sunk outside British Virgin Islands to form base of coral reef

108 arrested in 24 states in Brazil in major raid against suspected pedophile ring

O Sul é o Meu País to arrange plebiscite on October 7th in Brazilian regions Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina as well as Parana, inspired by Catalonia's referendum they wish to gauge the people's want for independence

São Paulo police foil bank heist where gang dug 500-meter tunnel during four months to steal USD 286 million, 16 people arrested

Many Venezuelans flee to Colombia as the crisis is getting worse, 700,000 have applied for permission to move back and forth across the border without a passport

Forensic investigation concludes that Argentinean prosecutor Alberto Nisman was murdered, crime took place when he was expected to present evidence that President Kirchner covered up Iran's involvement in terror attack against Jewish community in Buenos Aires 1994 in exchange for lucrative trade agreements

More than 200 dead as southern Mexico is hit by 7.1 magnitude earthquake, occurs on anniversary of 1985 quake which killed over 5,000

Netflix series Narcos' location scout Carlos Muñoz Portal shot dead in central Mexico while viewing landscapes for the show – body and car found near Hidalgo state, considered country's most violent region

In 2014-2015 a new species was discovered in the Amazon every 1.9 days according to report by the World Wildlife Fund, ten percent of all known species reside in the Amazon

Political party of FARC guerrilla members could cost USD 13.4 million for tax payers, according to Colombian deputy minister of Finance