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76-year-old Chinese lady arrested after throwing coins into jet engine before boarding Lucky Air flight, second incident this year 

1st of April 2019 set as date of Emperor Akihito's abdication according to government sources, chosen instead of more natural January 1st in order to avoid conflict with important religious ceremonies and 30th anniversary of passing of former Emperor Hirohito  

McDonald's in Singapore offers guests lockable cellular storage cabinets, will stimulate families to interact under the slogan "Phone Off, Fun On" 

Three Pakistanis put to death for blasphemy four days before Pakistan wins seat on UN Human Rights Council; fourth man shot to death in police custody; they were arrested for removing posters from their mosque which called for social boycott of their Ahmadi Muslim faith 

Betle nut chewing is believed to be cause of mouth cancer epidemic in Papua New Guinea, previously only used for religious ceremonies but has now become a common practice also among young children, effects are similar to those of nicotine and the nut is highly addictive 

Unsent text message draft accepted as valid will by Brisbane Supreme Court, less formal wills accepted after law was changed in 2006 

Kobe Steel admits to falsifying dimensions and strength of 20,000 tons of aluminium and copper during last year, products have been used in cars, trains, rockets and aircraft 

Thailand bans smoking on several popular tourist beaches after littering, punishment up to a year in prison or equivalent of USD 3,000 

Temple in Nagano, Japan, vandalized with more than 100 small white crosses, the incident is being investigated by police, leaders of the temple promise to increase security patrols, other visitors dismayed by the incident and call the actions unforgivable 

Kin Jong-un promotes sister Kim Yo-jong to alternate member of politburo at celebration of 20th anniversary of Kim Jong-il accepting title as general secretary of party, indicates family line from Jong-un and Yo-jongs mother Ko Yong-hi established as order of succession 

84-year-old Thai historian says he will be taken to military court for lèse-majesté for doubting historical accuracy regarding 1593 royal elephant duel 

31-year-old Japanese journalist died of heart failure in 2013 after working 159 hours of overtime the month before, Shinzo Abe proposes capping overtime at 100 hours a month 

Over 70% of West Papua's population sign petition to UN for independence vote despite it being banned by Indonesia and blocked online so that the petition had to be smuggled across land 

Myanmar says government takes over land of over 400 burnt Rohingya villages according to disaster management law, says redevelopment will be very effective but does not elaborate on any plan or what access any returning Rohingya could expect 

Intruder armed with a knife is stopped at the home of Australian farmer, drives the intruder to the police station where the gun of the farmer is confiscated 

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen (DPP) facing increasing internal party pressure to pardon ex-President Chen Shui-bian who currently is serving 19 year jail sentence for bribery, considered unlikely to happen by anonymous source from Presidential Office according to United Daily News 

Rodrigo Duterte's son Paolo faces allegations of drug trafficking, Philippine president says he would approve son's killing if claims are true 

Uzbekistan ends forced labor for cotton harvest, work officially voluntary but extortion a common experience for those who abstain, many students and state employees must bribe officials to avoid expulsion or dismissal 

China limits refined petroleum and natural gas trade to North Korea and bans textile trade following North Korea's nuclear test 

Six civilians killed and 30 wounded in shelling along disputed border between India and Pakistan, most of casualties were reported on Pakistani side 

Sri Lanka admits at least 11,000 babies adopted by foreign couples in 1980s were either bought or stolen from their biological parents, health minister says government takes matter very seriously and will set up DNA database to help families search for relatives 

Japanese man to be arrested by Chinese authorities on espionage charges, details of the case or the identity of the man not yet made official  

Australian party company owner fires employee who posted on Facebook that it was OK to vote no to legalizing same-sex marriage, views post as open homophobia which she sees as bad for business and damaging for children the company works with 

Hong Kong leader Lam urges immediate end to independence debates in region, says issue harms relationship with China and violates constitution's "one country, two systems" 

Decline in demand and population creates problems for gas stations in rural Japan, local governments launch subsidies to incentivise re-openings 

Shinzo Abe places the first stone at the start of construction of a new 500 km long high speed railroad between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, financed mainly though beneficial Japanese loans, part of strategy to tie the countries closer together to counter growing Chinese ambitions in the region  

China imposes restrictions on bank accounts held by North Koreans, prevents clients from making deposits or remittances 

The kangaroo population in Australia is increasing dramatically, causing damage to fences and crops, many are killed in traffic, experts urge people to hunt and eat kangaroo 

Rohingya insurgents declare month-long unilateral ceasefire to enable aid groups to help ease humanitarian crisis in northwest Myanmar, nearly 300,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh since August 25 

Beijing bans new shared bikes deliveries, 15 companies already have 2.4 million bikes in city, cleaning projects and new regulations in pipeline 

Japan's princess Mako formally announces engagement to Kei Komuro, law firm employee Komuro describes princess as someone who watched over him like the moon 

Cambodian opposition leader Kem Sokha arrested accused of treason, video shows him discussing overthrowing PM Hun Sen with support from "the Americans" according to pro-government website 

Uzbekistan removes 16,000 people from blacklist of 17,000 potential Islamist extremists, President Mirziyoyev says it is time to educate and bring them into society, delisted people not required to report their location or submit a request to leave town 

About 400 dead after week's fighting between Myanmar's army and Rohingya Muslim insurgents after attack against military base and police posts, 38,000 Rohingya's fled country for Bangladesh according to UN sources 

Information that Russian authorities request 1,500 citizens living near the North Korean border to leave the area, continued tension in the region  

Australian government introduces drug tests for 5,000 unemployed benefit recipients in two-year trial period, if positive, the recipient receives 80% of the premium locked in "BasicsCard" with which only basic items can be purchased 

Sri Lanka's ambassador to Brazil chooses to leave country after human rights group files lawsuit, former general accused of overseeing bombings and torture during war against Tamils in 2009 

Japan and US to call for international embargo on oil exports to North Korea, tighter sanctions will be discussed during emergency UN Security Council meeting 

38 dead and more than 100 injured in riots in Panchkula after Dr. Saint Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim Insan was sentenced to 20 years in prison for two cases of rape in 2002, the influential guru claims to have 50 million followers 

North Korea fires missile which passes over northern Japan and falls into waters off Hokkaido, Japanese military did not attempt to shoot down projectile according to defense minister Itsunori Onodera 

Philippine president Duterte fires sniper rifle at enemy position while visiting soldiers battling Jihadists, wanted to show support for fight against Islamists hiding in Marawi City 

Nepal to introduce laws against religious conversions and "hurting religious sentiment", several Christian groups worried about increasingly totalitarian trend, law passed by parliament and expected to be signed by president next week 

At least 12 police killed after Rohingya Muslims stage coordinated attack on 30 police posts in Myanmar, 150 Rohingya men also repelled trying to break into military base, 59 militants killed 

Justice minister Rajapakshe sacked by Sri Lanka's president Sirisena for speaking out against deal to sell stake in Hambantota port to China 

Christian 16-year-old in Pakistan narrowly avoids being beaten to death after Muslim mob breaks into police station, accused of blasphemy after allegedly burning Quran 

North Korea ranked "most oppressive place in the world for Christians" 16 years in a row, estimated 70,000 Christians imprisoned in country's concentration camps, 36% of the population practices Christianity. 

Muslim terrorists in southern Thailand stole two cars from rental car dealership, later used the cars in bomb attacks, employee at the car company held hostage and was later murdered 

Chinese teenager dies two days after being sent to internet addiction treatment centre, examining doctors find he sustained more than 20 external and several internal injuries 

China bans all imports of coal, iron, iron ore, lead concentrates, lead and seafood from North Korea as part of UN sanctions after country's missile tests, could cost North Korea up to USD 1 billion a year 

Nearly 3.5 million North Koreans volunteer joining or rejoining army since Monday to resist new U.N. sanctions and to fight against U.S., according to North Korean state media 

South Korean district court orders Mitsubishi to pay USD 108,000 to elderly woman and to relative of deceased woman for years spent as forced laborers during World War II, Japanese professor of international relations calls ruling outrageous deviation from 1965 bilateral agreement 

Liu Xia, Chinese poet and widow of peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo, has disappeared since 26 days ago - in house arrest since 2010 despite protests from the UN, US and EU 

KCNA says North Korea has released Canadian pastor Rim Hyon Su, frequent North Korea visitor was sentenced to hard labour for life in 2015 for alleged attempt to overthrow regime, humanitarian reasons said to be behind release 

Local council together with Land and Environment Court in Australian Bondi ban synagogue construction due to risk of building being targeted in terror attack, Jewish leaders call move caving in to Islamic extremism and creating dangerous precedent 

Duterte signs law granting taxpayer-funded tuition fees for state universities, economic managers adviced rejecting measure as government not expected able to handle estimated USD 2 billion yearly cost 

More than half of Australian university students say they were sexually harassed in 2016, 7% were sexually assaulted in 2015 or 2016, according to study of 39 universities and 31,000 students 

148 Chinese nationals arrested in Indonesia on suspicion of fraud, have claimed to be attorneys or police officers who for a fee could close down ongoing legal cases against wealthy Chinese officials or businessmen, can potentially have made profits of up to USD 450 million since the start of the year  

More than 120 people killed in widespread flooding in Indian Gujarat, infrastructure paralyzed and tens of thousands of cotton farmers also suffering heavy damage 

Pakistan's Supreme Court unanimously ousts Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after investigative team alleges his family could not account for its vast wealth 

Indian government won't allow autonomous cars, says transport minister, reason given is to protect jobs 

Armed guards deployed to markets in Central Indian state Madhya Pradesh after a five-fold hike in tomato price, heavy monsoon rain limits the supply 

Duterte plans to bomb schools teaching communism to children from indigenous groups, human rights activists say this would be a war crime 

68,000 USD of New Zealand taxpayer money is spent on imported South Korean mud for a music festival, organizers want to give Mudtopia visitors the experience of various types of mud 

South Korea's former minister of culture receives a two year suspended sentence and her chief of staff is sentenced to three years in jail, the chief of staff created a list of cultural figures critical of the regime and used the list to deny them any government subsidies 

Former president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf says in interview that he considered using nuclear weapons against India during the 2001 conflict between the countries, only deterred by the risk of retaliation 

At least 26 Afghan soldiers killed and 13 injured as Taliban attack military base in Kandahar province, more than 80 terrorists neutralized 

North Korea cancels annual Taedonggang beer festival for unknown reasons shortly before second planned installment 

Sri Lanka plagued by major outbreak of dengue fever, more than 100,000 victims this year, which is 4.3 times more than the average since 2010, military personnel have been called in 

At least 30 dead, 42 injured as suicide car bomb strikes bus carrying government employees in Afghan capital Kabul, Taliban claim to have carried out attack 

US to ban its citizens from travelling to North Korea, special validation needed once ban comes into effect next month, Swedish embassy is investigating number of American tourists left in country 

Indian district court denies abortion for 10-year-old girl raped by her uncle, girl 30-weeks pregnant according to ultrasound scan, country generally allows for abortion up until 20 weeks but exceptions can be made when pregnancy threatens mother's life 

Papua New Guinea's electoral chairman Patilias Gamato wins court decision to ban the nickname Tomato, tired of bloggers posting pictures of him where his face is replaced with the vegetable 

Brawl in Taiwan parliament for second consecutive day, chairs and water balloons thrown, multibillion project including light rail and flood control measures for regions faithful to ruling party contested subject 

Yakuza group distributes manual on how to act in relation to Japans new anti-conspiracy law, claims that the police will target yakuza members to show that the law is working as intended, says lies will be used to arrest people who have never committed any crimes  

Buddhist theology students file suit against Japan's education ministry, want to stop transfer of ownership of their Buddhist university to new owners aligned with Confucianism, claim a takeover would make it difficult to graduate and become Buddhist priests 

Seven Hindu pilgrims killed and twelve wounded in Indian Kashmir as their bus got caught up in crossfire in connection with separatist attack, Pakistan-based group behind attack according to police 

Pakistan PM Sharif with family dismiss corruption probe report stating they accumulated wealth far above earnings, report ordered by Supreme Court in April after 2–3 split verdict failed to remove Sharif from office 

Nepalese speaking Gurkha minority on strike in Darjeeling, wants own state to be created by secession from West Bengal 

Almost half of Japanese aged 18 to 34 are virgins which contributes to demographical issues 

Chinese billionaire Xiao Jianhua still missing, Hong Kong based business empire begins selling assets, this amid Chinese President Xi Jinping's crackdown on corruption 

Khaltmaa Battulga wins Mongolia presidential election, originally known as prominent wrestler and later as successful business man, election campaign marred by mudslinging from all sides 

16 dead, 15 still missing after record rainfall over western Japan, several deceased caught in landslides triggered by the downpour 

Motorbikes to be outlawed in Hanoi by 2030 to cut emissions and congestion, city's seven million inhabitants have five million motorbikes 

China escalates harsh language toward India after 20 day Sikkim stand-off, says Indian provocation can lead to war and greater losses than in 1962 war 

Villagers near nature reserve in Uttar Pradesh suspected of sending older family members into the forest to be killed by tigers, bodies then moved to enable claiming compensation from the government 

1.5 million people plant almost 67 million trees in 12 hours in Indian state Madhya Pradesh, beat previous world record where state Uttar Pradesh planted 50 million saplings in July 2016 

Japan wants to put a man on the moon in 2030, wants to join NASA-led mission to build space station in the moon's orbit, China and India already have ambitious space plans 

Japanese men choose silicone dolls over women, claim new plastic partners are easier to communicate with than heartless and selfish female compatriots 

New party Tomin First no Kai clear winner in Tokyo local election, claims 49 of 127 seats, LDP down from 57 to 23 seats, worst result in party history 

India cancels registration of more than 100,000 companies after finding irregular transactions following the banknote ban, "further stern measures will be taken in the coming days" according to Prime Minister Modi 

More than 50,000 hectares of forests burn in Siberia according to NASA, recent forest fires in region have been most extensive in 10,000 years according to 2013 study 

All activities threatening China's stability are absolutely impermissible, says Xi Jinping on Hong Kong visit, also pushes Hong Kong parliament to pass pending laws regarding implementation of communist propaganda in public schools 

India introduces Goods and Services tax overhaul plan, Finance minister says tax will help the economy grow by 2% 

US State Department approves arms deal with Taiwan worth USD 1.3 billion, must be cleared by Congress, includes radar systems, anti-radiation missiles, torpedoes and missile components 

First trial begins on responsibility for Fukushima nuclear disaster, three former Tepco bosses claims innocence, previous decision by prosecutor not to pursue charges overturned through unusual legal maneuver 

Prominent Vietnamese blogger sentenced to ten years in prison for defaming Communist regime on Facebook and in interviews with foreign media, says she has right to freedom of expression and will appeal verdict 

Philippine parliament passes law forcing citizens to sing national anthem with fervor whenever it is played publicly, refusal punished with fines and up to one year in prison 

Project to repopulate Mongol steppe with wild horses continues as four Przewalski's horses are sent to Gobi desert from Prague zoo, 190 specimens believed to exist in the wild 

30% of Australians have no religion, up from 0.8% in 1966, proportion of Christians from 88% to 52% in same time period 

IS terrorists still control central Marawi City in Philippines despite army's daily attacks and month long siege, merging of 14 jihadist groups behind IS' growing influence in region