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Philippines declares martial law for 60 days on Muslim-majority island Mindanao after clashes between government forces and Islamists during which two soldiers and a police officer were killed 

Microsoft developed Windows 10 edition for Chinese government, gives greater control over telemetry and updates, removes Onedrive and integrates own encryption algorithms 

Mount Everest rock formation Hillary Step confirmed as collapsed, may lead to bottleneck and more dangerous climb 

Huge piles of broken and unused bikes in major Chinese cities after about 30 companies backed by big investors having distributed millions of bikes in hope of gaining market share, growing bubble concerns reported 

Australia gives 7,500 boat migrants until October to prove refugee status or be removed from the country and banned from re-entering, 80% of illegal maritime arrivals arrived without any identity documents 

Princess Mako of Japan gives up royal status to marry legal assistant Kei Komuro, shrinking the already small imperial family 

India launches ambitious naval exercise with Singapore in South China Sea, stepping up cooperation with countries in area in response to China's rearmament 

Duterte signs executive order banning smoking in public places in Philippines, acts according to campaign promise 

Christianity continues to grow in North Korea despite country being world's most difficult place for Christians, according to defector who became missionary in South Korea 

Residents of King Island wish to secede from Tasmania to join Victoria, upset as Tasmanian government reduces freight traffic to the popular tourist island 

Australia PM Turnbull launches explicitly nationalistic USD 89 billion investment to strengthen naval defense, says he wants to secure the country's military and economic future 

South Korea's new president Moon Jae-in inaugurates his mandate by closing ten coal power plants — reduced air pollution top campaign promise 

Danny Chivers: Freedom in sight for people of West Papua who have struggled with decades of Indonesian oppression 

Chinese president Xi Jinping presents plans for new Silk Road, will make USD 125 billion investment in infrastructure and emphasizes economic, peaceful and non-imperialist motives behind project 

North Korea fires yet another ballistic missile according to South Korean news agency Yonhap, test carried out north-west of capital Pyongyang near city of Kusong 

Japanese temples and shrines lease attractive land plots to real estate prospectors in response to shrinking donations, cannot be stopped by neighbors or local governments due to Japans strong laws on ownership 

At least 40 injured as two bombs explode in and outside shopping mall in Pattani, Thailand 

Three men armed with axes storm Ahmadiyya mosque in Bangladesh and attack imam, increased Islamist violence in area noted in last several months 

China restricts usage of national anthem, March of the Volunteers must not be played in non-political situations like funerals and entertainment events 

Christian governor of Jakarta sentenced to two years in prison for blasphemy after insinuating that opponents used Quran verse to manipulate voters 

Tokyo company offers sign language translations live via Skype, wants to simplify lives of people with hearing impairments and demonstrate sign language services as a business rather than welfare 

Vietnamese communist party fires Dinh La Thang from the politburo, accused of mismanagement during his time as chairman of PetroVietnam, part of larger anti-corruption campaign 

50 Afghan soldiers killed and 100 injured in Pakistani counter-attack after Afghan border forces killed 12 and injured 40 when opening fire against security personnel guarding census team, according to Pakistani Inspector General  

North Korea detains US citizen Kim Hak-song, worked at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology and is suspected of hostile acts against the state, described himself as a Christian missionary according to Reuters 

Sacred Japanese island Okinoshima where only men are allowed recommended to be added to UNESCO's World Heritage list, place of important shrine used for more than 1,000 years 

Tajik interior ministry fires 10 police officers who failed to lose weight, warned more than 100 employees in December as requirements of physical fitness was updated 

Abe hopes revised constitution can take effect in 2020, wants to phase out pacifism with reference to Japan's deteriorating security situation 

Number of Japanese children 14 years or younger down for 36th consecutive year, hits all time low with 170,000 decrease to 15.71 million and only 12.4% of population 

Thousands protest in Jakarta, wants Christian governor Basuki punished for blasphemy against Islam, sentence expected within days 

Korea Times publish letter where Chinese authorities are said to seek new employees for jobs related to North Korea border control, may be sign that China prepares for regime collapse which would likely trigger wave of refugees 

122-year-old cross on private property in Bombay suburb demolished by local government officers, outraged diocese will take legal action 

The Vanuatu police provide free gardening tools for young people in order to make them grow more vegetables and less marijuana 

Major ninja shortage in Japan, tourists risk being deprived of popular shows unless more young people learn the ancient martial art of ninjutsu 

Poetry among Chinese factory workers reaches new heights decades after the collapse of communist control over literature, unlikely poets part of tradition of peasant poetry 

Seven Pakistani soldiers killed, two bunkers destroyed in Indian attack at Kashmir border, response to two Indian soldiers reported killed and mutilated by Pakistani security forces 

India says two soldiers killed and mutilated by Pakistani forces after attack in disputed Kashmir region, Indian army vows appropriate response, Pakistan denies the allegations 

Sri Lanka police officers and politicians encourage Buddhist monks violently attacking Christian individuals and services according to report, persecution of Christians up in island nation as nationalism rises 

Advocacy organizations insist on release of Panchen Lama – Tibetan spiritual leader imprisoned and hidden by Chinese government for 22 years 

Jailed leader of Christian party in Pakistan denied hospital care, imprisoned for killing two men who were erroneously suspected of being Islamist terrorists 

Chinese navy ships to visit Philippines for first time in seven years in attempt to reduce tensions between countries 

Taiwanese hiker found after going missing for seven weeks in Himalayas, fellow traveller died short time before help arrived 

North Korea allows first official visit by UN human rights observer, purpose is to survey disabled people's rights 

North Korea elite question authority of Kim Jong-un, in case of his sudden death successor would likely not be member of Kim family, according to study by Rand Corporation 

Chinese region Xinjiang bans the giving of typical Muslim names to infants – Islam, Quran, Saddam and Mecca among names which disqualifies child from registration necessary for accessing health care and schools, men forbidden to grow beards 

Japan's disaster reconstruction minister resigns after remarks that "it was a good thing" that the 2011 earth quake happened in the north east of Japan instead of Tokyo 

North Korea arrests US citizen who spent month in country teaching at university, third American to be detained since 2016 

Statue of Chiang Kai-shek vandalized and decapitated in Taipei in memory of February 28 incident in 1947 which initiated uprising against Kuomintang, political group claims responsibility and says action is vengeance for beheading of other statue last week, vows to keep attacking statues of former president 

Islamists in Bangladesh demand statue of Roman godess Justitia be removed from outside Supreme Court building ahead of Ramadan 

Crowds dispersed in Pakistan after mob assaults mentally ill man accused of blaspheming in mosque, authorities fear more riots 

Finance minister Arun Jaitley says India wants foreign defense companies to set up manufacturing in country 

Chechen leader Kadyrov promises to rid republic of gay men by end of Ramadan, concentration camps built and up to 100 captured 

Villagers in Dong Tam, Vietnam release officials who were kept hostage in conflict over land rights, authorities promise to investigate accusations of land owners being under compensated for expropriation 

Aging Japanese singles living off of parents' pensions growing problem, 4.5 million Japanese ages 35-54 lived with parents in 2016  

Three men questioned by police regarding fourth largest cash robbery in Japan's post war history, business man attacked when leaving bank after withdrawing USD 3.5 million, suspects carried large amounts of cash but do not match witnesses' descriptions 

Australia institute values test for citizenship, extends period when migrants need to live in country before applying from one to four years, sharpens language requirements 

Increased persecution of Christians reported in Australia, four attacks in Sydney against individuals with visible Christian symbols during last six months 

30 dead, unknown number missing after garbage and mud collapses on residential area outside Sri Lanka capital Colombo during new years celebration 

Men caught groping women on Tokyo's subways and trains have started running along the tracks to escape justice, causing disturbances as trains needs to be stopped as the tunnels and tracks are searched, it is also extremely dangerous and previously several men have died during their attempted escapes 

Whistle blowers reveal extrajudicial executions in Philippine war on drugs, say social cleansing reminiscent of China under Mao 

No halal certification for non-alcoholic beer or pork-free bacon in Malaysia, products with names similar to haram goods may not be certified 

Japan's minister for regional revitalization Kozo Yamamoto apologizes for calling the country's museum curators cancer that needs to be eliminated, still believes they have to change their mindset to focus on tourism rather than culture 

Whale meat increasingly rare delicacy in Japan, has gone from staple in households and schools to only being served in specialized restaurants, supermarkets hesitant to stock the product, many elderly miss the taste and are concerned that traditions are lost 

India to use software to identify disproportionate wealth among civil servants and fight corruption, will collect data from banks and tax authorities 

More than 99% of India's population live in regions where cow slaughter is forbidden, breaking these laws can lead to life in prison and USD 7,700 fines 

Student accused of blasphemy tortured to death by mob on campus in Mardan, Pakistan – hundreds of students participated in stripping the man naked and beating him until they crushed his skull 

Worst storm in 50 years hit New Zealand, thousands without electricity, two hospitalized after car accident, wind speeds reach 100 km/h, extensive flooding 

Kazakhstan to switch from Cyrillic to Latin alphabet, standard for transliteration to be ready this year, specialists trained from next year, transition completed 2025 

Thailand curbs freedom of speech even further, bans citizens from following three named regime critics online 

Following ban on alcohol sales in Bihar, India, BJP willing to take same step in two other states, drunkenness said to be cause of sexual harassment 

Violent protest aimed at vice-chancellor of Panjab University as fees are increased, police use water cannon to control situation 

Beijing municipal government offers up to USD 72,000 reward for information about foreign spy activity 

New phenomenon in Japan where 33 % of intrafamily violence resulting in death have fear of the future as a leading motive, parents are killed by their children, who no longer can or want to take care of them, difficult to prevent by using standard methods according to police 

Eight dead and more than 200 wounded in Kashmir after clashes between police and separatists rejecting elections to Indian lower house 

WHO demands smoking ban for all public areas in Japan so that country can successfully host 2020 Olympics, claims tourists expect smoking free environment  

23 coordinated bomb and fire attacks in 19 districts of Muslim dominated southern Thailand, hours after new constitution which increases power of military, 52 electricity poles affected causing major power outages 

Aung San Suu Kyi denies ethnic cleansing of Rohingya, claims Muslims killing Muslims and says 75,000 who have fled should feel safe to come back 

UK trade minister Liam Fox meets Rodrigo Duterte, emphasizes common values, wants to break ground for new trade relations 

Raped girls marrying men who raped them may be best solution according to Malaysia MP, solves social problem and saves victims from remaining unmarried 

Indian PM Modi inaugurates USD 574 million highway tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir, claims project has created 2,000 jobs and calls on state's youths to choose tourism over terrorism 

2011 earthquake cost USD 626 billion according to Japan Center for Economic Research, three times higher than official government numbers, largest difference is estimated costs for cleaning Fukushima-Daiichi which is up from 50 to 250 billion 

42 Christians in Pakistan charged with lynching offered acquittal if they convert to Islam, prosecutor admits blackmail after being confronted with video recording 

At least 22 dead and 57 wounded after bomb attack in Pakistani city of Parachinar, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar claims responsibility 

Court accepts the prosecutor's arrest request against Korea's former President Park Geun-hye, risk of fleeing or destroying evidence, and that the charges against her are serious led to the court's approval, faces up to ten years in prison 

Tasmanian tiger reportedly observed in Queensland, Australia after having been thought extinct for 80 years, researchers will investigate using cameras 

Seven high school students and one teacher killed in avalanche in northeastern Japan during mountaineering training session, another 33 students and seven teachers injured, unusually heavy snowfall in region in March 

Researchers in Western Australia find 1.7 meter long footprint of sauropod, may be world's largest, more remnants of dinosaurs are expected in the area 

Taiwan's former President Ma Ying-jeou (KMT) acquitted on charges of leaking confidential information by Taipei District Court, verdict unacceptable and will be appealed according to plaintiff Ker Chien-ming's (DPP) lawyer 

Beijing favorite Carrie Lam selected as Hong Kong Chief Executive with more than twice the votes of second-placed John Tsang, majority of election committee members have ties to China 

Armenian opposition activist arrested suspected of having smuggled anti-aircraft missile system into country, part of government's attempt to spread fear ahead of election in April according to opposition bloc 

23.6% of Japanese have considered suicide according to survey, up 5 percentage points since 2008, number of suicides down steadily since 2010 

North Korea missile detonates seconds after launch, a failure according to US military spokesman 

Nuclear disaster similar to Fukushima averted after 2008 Sichuan earthquake according to vice chairman of China atomic energy authority, government has previously stated all nuclear facilities were safe 

Tens of thousands Christians flee Myanmar, attacked by both government forces and radical Buddhist monks after refusing to assimilate 

Obstetrician at hospital in Maharashtra, India provides services free of charge if newborn is female, wants to even out imbalance where 918 girls born per 1,000 boys 

Foulmouthed Duterte warns EU not to force its culture on Philippines after union criticizes reinstatement of death penalty 

Sri Lanka president Sirisena thanks China defense minister Chang Wanquan for generous support in times of crisis, deeper cooperation to be expected in future 

Beijing closes last coal power plan in effort to improve air quality, still imports electricity from coal plants in Hebei and Inner Mongolia 

Narendra Modi elects Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister of Indian state Uttar Pradesh, appointed minister supports strong laws for cow protection and has said those who oppose yoga should leave country 

Swift cuts off all North Korean banks connected to the system in unusual move, may be response to diplomatic pressure 

Rex Tillerson says military action against North Korea cannot be ruled out, development of weapons programme could lead to conflict