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Beijing favorite Carrie Lam selected as Hong Kong Chief Executive with more than twice the votes of second-placed John Tsang, majority of election committee members have ties to China 

Armenian opposition activist arrested suspected of having smuggled anti-aircraft missile system into country, part of government's attempt to spread fear ahead of election in April according to opposition bloc 

23.6% of Japanese have considered suicide according to survey, up 5 percentage points since 2008, number of suicides down steadily since 2010 

North Korea missile detonates seconds after launch, a failure according to US military spokesman 

Nuclear disaster similar to Fukushima averted after 2008 Sichuan earthquake according to vice chairman of China atomic energy authority, government has previously stated all nuclear facilities were safe 

Tens of thousands Christians flee Myanmar, attacked by both government forces and radical Buddhist monks after refusing to assimilate 

Obstetrician at hospital in Maharashtra, India provides services free of charge if newborn is female, wants to even out imbalance where 918 girls born per 1,000 boys 

Foulmouthed Duterte warns EU not to force its culture on Philippines after union criticizes reinstatement of death penalty 

Sri Lanka president Sirisena thanks China defense minister Chang Wanquan for generous support in times of crisis, deeper cooperation to be expected in future 

Beijing closes last coal power plan in effort to improve air quality, still imports electricity from coal plants in Hebei and Inner Mongolia 

Narendra Modi elects Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister of Indian state Uttar Pradesh, appointed minister supports strong laws for cow protection and has said those who oppose yoga should leave country 

Swift cuts off all North Korean banks connected to the system in unusual move, may be response to diplomatic pressure 

Rex Tillerson says military action against North Korea cannot be ruled out, development of weapons programme could lead to conflict 

Decline of the Yakuza continues, number of affiliates now less than 40,000 following 50% decline in 25 years, believed to be due to active work against the organizations which have made it difficult for members to support themselves 

Teacher at Australian public school resigns after receiving threats of being beheaded by Muslim students in fifth and sixth grade, complaints to state government have been dismissed 

Four North Koreans on Interpol's red notice, suspected involvement in murder of Kim Jong-nam, North Korea calls murder a political scheme by US and South Korea 

46 Muslim clerics in Assam issue fatwa against Indian pop singer Nahid Afrin, demand cessation of performances deemed violating Sharia, police investigate if prompted by recent anti-terrorist activism  

Party of India PM Modi victorious in local elections in Uttar Pradesh, indicates good chance for reelection in 2019 

Duterte orders structure in Philippine Sea to assert sovereignty after Chinese ship was spotted in area last year, says measure is taken in spirit of friendship 

Ban on unvaccinated children in child care and pre-school considered in Australia, study shows 5% of children have incomplete vaccination 

Indonesian Buddhists sentenced to caning according to Sharia for first time since method was expanded to non-Muslims in 2015 

South Korea Constitutional Court removes president Park Geun-hye from office, new election to be held in 60 days 

Highly skilled workers will be allowed to apply for permanent residency in Japan after one year in country in bid to attract talent and boost productivity 

Japanese politicians argue for first strike capability against North Korea, says country should acquire bombers and cruise missiles 

Mysterious video claimed to show Kim Jong-nam's son Kim Han-sol comment on murder of father, uploaded by previously unknown group Cheollima Civil Defense which according to South Korean sources assists refugees from North Korea 

George Friedman: Lower growth rate in China sign of approaching economic decline, country needs to get rid of crony companies but cannot afford risk of civil unrest that follows increasing unemployment 

Japan military on highest possible alert after four missiles fired from North Korea into sea 350 kilometers from neighbor country, new level of threat according to Shinzo Abe 

Malaysia declares North Korean ambassador persona non grata and demands that he leaves country within 48 hours, decision comes after envoy questioned Malaysian investigation into murder of Kim Jong-nam 

Japan's LDP extends party presidency limit from six to nine years, allowing Abe to run for third term and enabling sitting Prime Minister to remain in office until 2021 

China announces increase in defense budget with seven percent compared to last year, slowest growth rate since 2010 brings discontent among officers who demand larger rise to match US 

Paid trip to New Zealand for foreigners willing to be interviewed for jobs in Wellington tech sector 

China parliament has 100 dollar billionaires, US Congress has none 

460 confirmed cases of H7N9 bird flu in China, WHO warns of risk for pandemic 

Government of Japan agree with opposition to allow emperor Akihito to abdicate, formal process remains to be decided upon 

Five members of Islamist terror outfit Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh sentenced to hang, found guilty of murder of Japanese farmer and Bangladesh resident Kunio Hoshi 

South Korea closes country's largest market for dog meat ahead of 2018 winter olympics, traders offered compensation for losing business involving 80,000 dogs per year 

India considers shutting down 700,000 companies viewed as shell corporations used for money laundering 

World's last war elephants in use by army fighting for Kachin independence from Myanmar, four dozen animals mostly used for transports through roadless jungle 

Hong Kong announces record surplus and large tax reductions, city state has only three direct taxes, income tax capped at 15% 

Thousands of police officers in Hong Kong gather to show support for recently imprisoned colleagues, aftermath of case in which seven police officers were convicted of beating activist Ken Tsang in 2014 

Larry Ong: Multiple possible explanations for Chinese stop to coal imports from North Korea, may be revenge for assassination of Kim Jong Nam who was under protection by China regime, Jiang Zemin faction has documented ties to North Korean leaders 

Market for male escorts growing in Japan, business women tired of unattentive Japanese men pay up to USD 100,000 per night for professional courtship 

South Korea holds North Korea responsible for murder of Kim Jong Nam, calls incident terror attack, warns neighbor may use military provocations to divert attention from assassination 

India's only volcano erupts for first time in 150 years, ash plume and lava observed at Barren Island east of Andamans 

Childcare benefits withheld for 140,000 families in Australia for not vaccinating children, new rules have led to 200,000 additional vaccinations 

50 suspected rhino poachers killed in Kaziranga National Park since 2014, Indian government has given park guards authority to shoot and kill poachers without having to worry about legal consequences 

Court upholds prosecutor's second request to detain Samsung's vice chairman Lee Jae Yong for bribery, money said to have ensured State approval of merger of two Samsung companies 

Second robot attempts to investigate Reactor 2 at Fukushima Daiichi, fails and get stuck in debris, TEPCO reports important clues for next step collected 

Filipino senator publishes bank statements claimed to belong to Duterte, says president's credibility as fighter against corruption undermined by USD 47 million in undeclared assets 

Three men risk prison sentences for killing and eating orangutan on Borneo 

Hedge-fund industry grows rapidly in China, capital under management tripled in two years, has private city for managers one hour from Shanghai 

Hedge-fund industry grows rapidly in China, capital under management tripled in two years, has private city for managers one hour from Shanghai 

4,000 Thai police in operation against temple outside Bangkok in bid to arrest abbot Phra Dhammajayo suspected of money laundering, singled out 72-year-old rejects accusations and claims political motive 

800,000 Indians voluntarily planting 50 million trees in one day, effort is part of country's international climate commitments 

China postpones USD 1.1 billion investment in Sri Lankan port, awaits end of dispute where island country's former president Rajapaksa and trade unions oppose plans to create Chinese industrial zone 

Eight dead in knife attack in western Chinese Xinjiang - Uighur Muslim separatists believed to be perpetrators, three of the dead participate in attack and shot by police 

Thousands of dead bats in Casino and Singleton, New South Wales, after temperatures hit 46 degrees Celsius (115 F) 

International crime syndicate Mara Salvatrucha begins to operate in Australia, according to the Federal Police a result of the booming drug market 

Tomato potato psyllids that carries viruses and bacteria discovered in Perth, could threaten the cultivation of sweet potatoes, potatoes and tomatoes, affected farms quarantined 

Australian Sunni Muslim leaders wish to ban the burka to prevent crime, believe more Muslims would advocate ban if debate had not been led by right-wing politicians 

Crustaceans in Mariana Trench contaminated with 50 times more toxic chemicals than crabs in heavily polluted rivers in China 

IS terrorist Khaled Sharrouf stripped of Australian citizenship, first case of terror crimes leading to loss of citizenship 

India water resources minister Uma Bharti claims to have ordered police to torture rape suspects, says torture in front of victim is correct treatment 

At least 18 injured by fire bomb in Hong Kong subway, man arrested alleges personal reasons 

Robot built to examine Fukushima meltdown fails, camera malfunction likely due to unexpectedly high levels of radiation which is estimated to 650 Sieverts 

Rodrigo Duterte claims two out of five of his statements are true while rest are just jokes, laments media not being attuned to his character 

Japan accepted 28 refugees during 2016, almost 11,000 applied for asylum, 44% more than previous year when 27 were received 

Malaysia may regain island Pedra Branca which the International Court of Justice awarded to Singapore in 2008, new evidence includes letters and maps from 50s and 60s 

1,000 Rohingya Muslims may have been killed by Myanmar military, 70,000 have fled to Bangladesh in recent months, UN official warns that persecutions are more extensive than previously suspected 

South Pacific islands New Caledonia prepare referendum on independence from France – might conclude long and sometimes violent struggle for sovereignty  

3.4 tons of pangolin scales seized by Shanghai customs, smuggled with timber from Africa by three people now arrested on suspicions of multi-year smuggling operation 

7% of Catholic priests in Australia have been accused of child sexual abuse since 1980, according to hearing of royal commission investigating issue since 2013 

Homeless artists getting own exhibition in Sydney gallery as well as 70% of profits from sales and recurring use 

Three children in Perth, Australia catch measles from child of non-vaccinating family in hospital, virus was allegedly brought to country from Bali 

Singapore court sentences Saudi diplomat to caning and 26 months in jail for molesting hotel intern while on holiday 

Highest radiation levels to date detected in Fukushima reactor, 530 sieverts per hour enough to kill humans at brief exposure, 7 times higher than previous top measurement 

Thai bill to require journalists to be licensed, creates council to penalize news outlets, media organizations deliver protest letter against restrictions of already very limited freedom of press  

Heroin flows in election campaign in Indian Punjab, given away to users in exchange for votes, opposition accuses ruling party Akali Dal of being driving force 

Japanese National Police admit to having covered up use of GPS to track suspects, said to have been done since 2006 without court permission, judiciary divided on whether tracking is to be considered legal or illegal, since 2015 court order is required 

Duterte's war on drugs creates murder economy, police and professional assassins earn USD 160-300 per person killed, no bonus paid for arresting suspects, some police officers earn additional income by taking bribes from funeral homes as well as stealing from murder victims, according to report from Amnesty International 

Sri Lankan astrologer predicts death of President Maithripala Sirisena, is arrested on charges of fake predictions and misleading the public, astrology deeply rooted in country 

Xiao Jianhua abducted by police from Hong Kong apartment, billionaire with strong ties to Xi Jinxing said to be held by mainland police, case has similarities with last year's kidnappings of book dealers 

Highest Islamic organization in Indonesia makes fatwa against fake news, considered big problem before gubernatorial election 

Australian government intensifying the fight against smoking, plans to increase price to 40 AUD per package, design and package branding have been almost entirely banned 

Taiwan could become first Asian country to allow same-sex marriage, proposal has support of president and large parts of parliament 

Man killed by tiger after scaling three meter wall to avoid paying 20 USD entrance fee at zoo in China's Zhejiang province 

Philippines dissolves special forces in war against drugs in order to clean up corrupt police force 

Russian mafia said to be behind asbestos lobbying in Australia, accused of intimidation and bribery by union representative at senate inquiry 

112 acquitted in trial on arson of hundreds of Christian homes in Lahore  

Ko Ni, lawyer and close advisor to Aung San Suu Kyi, shot dead at Yangon airport 

Only 13% of inhabitants have returned to area around failed nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan as restricted zone decreased from 2014 to 2016, fear of exposing children to radiation said to be primary cause 

Bougainville to hold referendum on independence from Papua New Guinea – preliminary date 15th of June 2019 

Duterte accuses Catholic church of corruption, offers to resign if country's bishops do the same 

North Korea resumes operation of reactor at Yongbyon suspended since 2015, according to US think tank — located at main site used to produce plutonium for nuclear weapons program 

New Zealand could have become US state in the 1800s, history repeats itself as wealthy Americans purchase real estate in concern for social collapse, Peter Thiel has also become citizen 

Hong Kong returns nine Singapore armored vehicles previously confiscated, unclear if concessions had to be made  

Philippines apologizes to South Korea for police kidnapping and killing South Korean man, criticized police chief Ronald Dela Rosa still has Duterte's support 

Japan launches first of three communication satellites to increase emergency response capabilities in event of escalated conflict with China or North Korea 

China closes 111 golf courses and warn 88 million Communist party members against playing, golf viewed as connected with extravagant living and has been in focus during anti-corruption campaigns 

Chinese authorities launches campaign against unauthorized internet service providers and VPN services, aims to strengthen censorship