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Malaysia detains 60 Chinese nationals and six Chinese-registered fishing vessels for trespassing into the Southeast Asian country’s waters, Malaysia has reported 89 intrusions by Chinese coastguard and navy ships between 2016 and 2019

A majority of voters in New Caledonia voted against full sovereignty and independence, 53.3% of the voters who participated in the referendum on Sunday have chosen to maintain ties with France

The Azerbaijani military launches a cross-border artillery attack on Artsakh along the entire length of the line of contact, settlements including the capital city of Stepanakert are also under bombardment, Artsakh leadership promises to respond proportionally

Found offers a range of coffees, biscuits, beer and fruit juices that contain cannabidiol at a new cafe in Hong Kong, cannabinoids in foods are legal as long as there is no tetrahydrocannabinol compound in them, Hong Kong is one of Asia's most progressive cannabinoid markets

Singapore makes incoming travellers wear electronic monitoring device to ensure they comply with Covid-19 quarantines, similar to wristbands used in Hong Kong and South Korea, travellers will be allowed to isolate at home rather than at state-appointed facility

Russia is holding military exercises amid clashes between its ally Azerbaijan and Armenian forces, more than a dozen Armenian and Azeri soldiers have been killed in recent days, the countries at odds over Azerbaijan’s breakaway, mainly ethnic Armenian region of Nagorno-Karabakh

Taiwan officials in Hong Kong told they must sign document supporting Beijing's claim to Taiwan under its one-China policy before their visas are renewed, after Taipei opened an office to help people who want to leave Hong Kong due to the new security law imposed

Hong Kong police fire water cannon and tear gas and arrest more than 300 people as thousands of protesters gathered downtown in first protest under new security legislation introduced by China on Tuesday

Three Indian soldiers die after Indian and Chinese troops fight each other with metal rods and stones for a couple of hours at their disputed border in the Galwan Valley, the first deaths since the last major border clash in 1967

Pangolin scales removed from official 2020 Chinese listing of ingredients approved for use in traditional Chinese medicine, the move follows the country's State Forestry and Grassland Administration's decision to raise the protected status of pangolins to the highest level

29% rise in Asiatic lion population in Indian state of Gujarat last five years, the lion population has doubled to 674 lions since 2001 while its footprints have expanded 400%

Covid-19 may have hit China as early as late summer 2019 satellite images showing dramatic spikes in traffic around major hospitals in Wuhan and elevated searches on Chinese internet for symptoms associated Covid-19 suggests, according to Harvard Medical School study

Over 200 dead bats found in the Indian state of Bihar, swab samples of the bats to be sent to the Animal Health and Production for testing, the bats have been buried and the incident area sanitized

China's army chief in Hong Kong says his soldiers are confident and capable to smash any activities that would damage the national unity, in an expression of support of new national security law

South Korean cafe hires talking robot barista to help with social distancing, the system needs no human input from order to delivery, can make 60 different types of coffee and serves the drinks to customers at their seats

Thousands protesting in Hong Kong against China’s plan to directly impose national security laws on city in biggest protests since Covid-19 lockdowns began, police fires tear gas and pepper spray to disperse crowds

China plans setting up mainland intelligence agency bases in Hong Kong to impose national security laws, raising fears it could mean the end of the "one country, two systems" agreement under which Britain returned Hong Kong to China in 1997

Airbus 320 with 99 on board crashes into residential area of Pakistani city of Karachi, at least one passenger survives, the Pakistan International Airlines pilot told air traffic controllers prior to the accident the plane had lost engine power

Japan military launches unit for operations related to outer space, first mission is to track space debris which might pose threat to satellite, small team in Tokyo is expected to grow steadily and receive additional tasks

China reinstates lockdowns after new outbreak of covid-19, 108 million inhabitants in Jilin province affected, tens of thousands under quarantine

New Zealand population grows to 5 million, last million added over 17 years in half due to positive birth rate, in half due to migration

Chinese state media claims Hong Kong schools have become lawless after question on Diploma of Secondary Education test asks students to argue whether Japan had done more good than harm to China during period between 1900 and 1945, says schools promote heresies and have failed to decolonise

China-backed Hong Kong journalist claims Kim Jong-un is dead while Japanese Shukan Gendai alleges he is in a coma, statements about health emerged after delegation of Chinese doctors dispatched to North Korea, but satellite photos show his private train visited holiday home this week

Indonesia sentences six Papuan secession activists to 8–9 months for treason for organising a peaceful protest outside the presidential palace demanding a vote to let the province separate, Amnesty International says the conviction violates their rights to freedom of expression and assembly and adds that there are 51 other Papuan activists being held for peacefully expressing their views

South Korea reports 91 recovered Covid-19 patients testing positive again, health officials say virus may have been reactivated rather than patients being re-infected and that it remains unclear what is behind trend

North Korea launches its eighth and ninth short-range missiles this month on Sunday, flying 230 kilometres into the sea, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff reports, calling it inappropriate at a time the world fights the Covid-19 pandemic

North Korea fires what appears to be two short-range ballistic missiles for 410 km into the Sea of Japan outside the waters of Japan's exclusive economic zone, according to South Korea's military, North Korea launched multiple missiles as part of firing drills earlier this month

30-year-old Japanese Satoshi Uematsu sentenced to hang for knifing to death 19 disabled people and injuring 24 other residents and two caregivers at a Sagamihara residential center in 2016, has repeatedly stated that he has no regrets as he has improved the world by killing people he view as burdens

Japan outlines road map for military technology including hypersonic cruise missiles, armor-piercing warheads for penetrating aircraft carriers, satellite network for continuous positioning and methods for identifying stealthy naval targets

100,000 Chinese ducks mobilized to fight locust in Pakistan, each bird can eat 200 locusts per day and agricultural experts hope they will prevent further spread of swarms to China

At least 20 killed and 189 injured after clashes between Hindus and Muslims in New Delhi over new citizenship law, critics say the new law is biased against Muslims and undermines the secular constitution, at least two mosques set on fire

20,000 Chinese wildlife farms shut down in the wake of the Covid-19 breakout, peacocks, pangolins, civet cats and sika deer among included species, government agencies promoted wildlife farming as an easy income source up until a few weeks ago

Public restrooms upgraded in Japan ahead of Olympic Games, 40% had squat toilets when preparations began in 2016 but since then more than 300 have been refurbished and equipped with sitting models, process similar to that which proceeded 1964 Olympics when 80% of Tokyo lacked sewage system

Outbreak of Covid-19 in South Korea centered in city of Daegu, after more than 200 confirmed cases schools are shuttered and people asked to avoid mass gatherings, prime minister Chung Se-kyun declares health emergency

At least 14 dead and more than 300 people affected after suspected gas leak causes soybean dust overexposure in Karachi according to preliminary report, similar accident occured in Spain two years ago

Robbers armed with knifes steals 600 rolls of tiolet paper från Hong Kong supermarket, incident supposedly related to stockpiling in fear of Covid-19, the stolen goods were found nearby and two suspects have been arrested

Japanese economy contracts by annualized 6,3% from October to December, follows tax hike which has decreased consumption and unusually warm winter which has hurt sales of winter items

Taiwan scrambles F-16 jets for second day in a row to intercept Chinese jets having crossed the Taiwan Strait mid-line – no immediate comment from China on Monday's incident but China's Taiwan Affairs Office says Taiwan's ruling DPP party has been increasing cross-strait confrontation, intensifying Taiwan-US collusion and using the opportunity seeking independence, warns it "not to play with fire"

At least eight dead, dozens injured and about 45 buildings destroyed after clashes between ethnic Kazakhs and Muslims in Masanchi village in south-east Kazakhstan, 47 people arrested – President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev says the area is controlled by the police and national guard and that those spreading hate speech, provocative rumours or disinformation are to be prosecuted, incident sparked by "everyday confrontation" according to Information Minister Dauren Abayev

At least 21 dead and 31 wounded in mass shooting in Nakhon Ratchasima, east Thailand, the shooter, the 32 year old soldier Sgt Maj Jakrapanth Thomma kills his commander Col Anantharot Krasae with whom he had a conflict and an elderly woman on the Surathampithak military camp, then he steals a Humvee, weapons and ammunition and travels to the Terminal 21 shopping mall where he kills several civilians and takes 16 hostages on the fourth floor, his mother is brought in the hopes she could persuade him to surrender

Rodrigo Duterte ends military cooperation agreement with US after Philippine politician has visa cancelled after accusations of involvement in extrajudicial killings

Chinese whistleblower and eye doctor Li Wenliang dies having been infected with 2019-nCov, leading to huge public outrage as Wenliang had attempted to warn fellow medics in december after having found seven cases of Sars like virus, was met with police investigations of the spreading of false rumours, Weibo messeges and hashtags relating to the incident subject to censorship

Myanmar reimposes Internet shutdown for duration of three months in five townships in the conflict torn Rakhine and Chin states amid security and counter-insurgency concerns

Pakistan declares national emergency over locust swarms in country's eastern areas, National Food Security Minister Makhdoom Khusro Bak­h­tiar says armed forces as well as aviation division and voluntary organizations will be put into operation to save crops, first serious locust threat in area since 1993

Beijing drugstore fined USD 434,530 for selling masks at six times the online rate, sold a box of 3M N95 masks for USD 123, the regulator has investigated 31 price violation cases since Thursday and also punishes hoarding and fabricating price hike information

Pakistan suspends release of award-winning film Zindagi Tamasha (Circus of Life) after Islamist political party TLP calls the movie blasphemous, the movie is about a cleric shunned after video of him dancing at a wedding goes viral, release delayed until the film censor board that previously cleared the film consults with the Islamic Ideological Council advisory body

Six killed as sinkhole swallows bus in Qinghai province capital of Xining – several sinkholes reported in China in recent years, often blamed on poor construction works and rapid development

10,000 Australian camels to be shot using helicopters, the drought has pushed them closer to the cities, threatening local water supplies and infrastructure, the species was brought to the country in the 1800s to aid in exploration and the wild population is estimated to be the world's largest

China replaces head of its Hong Kong Liaison Office Wang Zhimin with 65-year-old Luo Huining, Wang had held the post since 2017, the Liaison Office serves as Beijing's platform for influence in the city and has come in for criticism for misjudging the situation

Traditional attire en vogue in China once more, ornate han-Chinese robes and traditional hairstyles inspire 2 million new 'hanfu' devotees

Survey of 5000 participants finds that 80% of South Koreans aged 19 to 34 view their country as 'a hell' and that 75% would emigrate if given the opportunity, survey also gauges self-perception, finding that 30% of young women and 34% of young men view themselves as 'losers'

Hong Kong police arrest dozen protesters in shopping mall near border with mainland China, protesters marched through a mall in Sheung Shui chanting Go back to China, traders buy duty-free goods in Hong Kong and sell them on the mainland

Shipwreck containing five corpses and two human heads washed ashore on Japan's Sado Island, the vessel had Korean lettering painted on its side and is belived to hail from North Korea, corpses were partially skeletonised

At least 12 people killed in Bek Air passenger plane crash in Kazakhstan, plane smashed into a building just after take-off flying from Almaty to Nur-Sultan, the Fokker 100 plane had 100 passengers and crew on board

At least 13 killed as typhoon struck central Philippines over Christmas with winds of up to 120 kph and gusts of 150 kph, heavy rain and flooding, 58,000 people evacuated before storm and 15,000 stranded at ports when ferries were suspended

One million ton water to be released from storage tanks at Fukushima Daiichi efter filtration which removes all toxic substances except tritium, no risk for harm to humans according to experts

Hong Kong police on Christmas Eve fired tear gas at thousands of protesters, many wearing masks and reindeer horns, after scuffles in shopping malls and prime tourist district, as protesters take the opportunity to spread their message to Christmas shoppers

Fewer than 900,000 new Japanese babies born this year for first time on record, down by an estimated 5.9% to 864,000 with 512,000 more deaths than birth

More than 1,500 protesters arrested across India in past 10 days following demonstrations against new citizenship law, additionally some 4,000 people have been detained and then released while at least 19 people have been killed in clashes between police and protesters

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeals for calm as violent protests against Citizenship Amendment Act enters a fifth day, large demonstrations are taking place in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata, protests have left six people dead

Hong Kong International Airport reports biggest fall in passenger numbers in more than a decade this November with just over five million passengers, down 16.2% from a year earlier and falls of more than 12% in three previous months

Indian parliament approves Citizenship Amendment Bill by 125 votes to 105 granting Indian nationality to religious minorities persecuted in and fleeing from neighbouring Muslim countries before 2015, while Muslims must prove they were original residents of India

An estimated 800,000 people in largest anti-government protests in Hong Kong since local elections last month, local government on Saturday said it would humbly listen and accept criticism while the new police boss promised both the hard and soft approach

43 workers die when large fire sweeps through bag factory in Indian capital Delhi, at least 100 people were sleeping inside, the owner of the factory, named as Rehan, is arrested

Four men accused of gang raping, killing and burning corpse of veterinary doctor in India are shot dead as they try to escape while re-enacting the crime, tried to seize weapons from officers and were killed in subsequent cross-fire, officials claim, causing wild celebrations among gathered crowds

Face scans become obligatory for Chinese buying phones, other technical means will be used as well to ensure real-name registration, stated purpose is to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens online

Hundreds of office workers in Hong Kong’s business district gathered at Chater Garden for first in week of lunchtime protests backing anti-government movement, advertising professionals create materials to promote so-called yellow economy

Hong Kong police say they've found almost 4,000 petrol bombs while clearing Polytechnic University campus after protesters having left their barricades, 1,377 protesters have been arrested during the two weeks of stand-off

Hong Kong prepares for Sunday local elections, a record 4.1 million people from a population of 7.4 million have enrolled to vote, young protesters running in seats previously uncontested urge for calm ahead of polls, most of 31,000-strong police force will be on duty

235 anti-government protesters at Hong Kongs Polytechnic University injured when trying to leave besieged campus, with police firing rubber bullets, water cannon and tear gas at anyone trying to escape, 1,100 people arrested on charges of rioting and possession of offensive weapons

Hong Kong protesters fired arrows and hurled petrol bombs with catapults from barricaded Polytechnic University while police fired volleys of tear gas and blue liquid from water cannon on Sunday, soldiers from China’s People’s Liberation Army on Saturday helped clear debris blocking key roads

Gotabaya Rajapaksa wins Sri Lankan presidential election by 52.25% to Premadasa's 41.99%, has promised to secure country against militant threats following Easter bombings against Christians this year and to cut value added tax by nearly half and abolish some other taxes

Hong Kong protesters fortify barricades around universities, stockpiling food and makeshift weapons, thousands of protesters block tunnels and roads, police say city has been pushed to brink of total breakdown and violence has reached a very dangerous and even deadly level

Many injured in Hong Kong during weekend clashes between anti-government protesters and police, more than 300 people arrested, Chinese state media calls for tougher line against protesters who plan to mark Guy Fawkes Day on Tuesday by wearing the famous white mask

North Korea releases images of Kim Jong-un riding a white horse on sacred Mt Paektu, foreshadows new political or military endeavors according to pundits

President Xi Jinping warns attempts to divide China will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones as Hong Kong demonstrators holding umbrellas and wearing masks smash up pro-Beijing businesses and barricade streets over the weekend

Petrol bombs thrown inside Hong Kong Kowloon Tong metro station, but no one was injured, government says, as small group calling itself Silver-Haired Marchers began 48-hour sit-in at police headquarters, describing themselves as old but not obsolete

Hong Kong face mask ban prompts thousands taking part in unplanned protests erupting immediately after ban was announced, reports of 14-year-old in serious condition after being shot in the leg by police

13.5 tonnes of gold worth up to USD 640 million found in corrupt Chinese official's home and USD 37 billion in suspected bribe money in his bank account, the 58-year-old Zhang Qi in Haikou is sacked and under investigation, would make him the wealthiest man in China

Hong Kong police shoots 18-year-old man in the shoulder, first time protester shot by live ammunition during four months of demonstrations, happens amid widespread unrest on 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic

Hong Kong protesters rebuild torn down Lennon-walls with anti-government notes and graffiti ahead of 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, also marking fifth anniversary of Umbrella pro-democracy movement that gridlocked city for weeks

Hong Kong police fired water cannon and volleys of tear gas at thousands of protesters who in turn threw petrol bombs at government buildings and bricks at police, one water cannon catching fire after being hit by a petrol bomb, protesters also tore down and set fire to red banner proclaiming the 70th anniversary on October 1 of the founding of People’s Republic of China

People in Hong Kong have started singing new protest anthem called Glory to Hong Kong, some thinking it should replace Chinese national anthem

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte invites citizens to shoot, but not kill, any public officials they witness taking bribes, promising immunity from prosecution, is careful distinguishing tokens of gratitude from bribes

South Korea formally asks IOC to ban Japanese rising sun flag at next year's Tokyo Games, South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism calls it a symbol of Japan's historical injustices

Protesters in Hong Kong appeal to Donald Trump for help in their 14th straight week of protests, singing US national anthem and carrying banners reading Make Hong Kong great again

Hong Kong police ruthlessly hit people with batons and use pepper spray on metro train, claim they were called to scene amid violence against citizens by radical protesters, unclear if all those injured and arrested were involved in demonstrations

Japan's defense budget of USD 50.3 billion an increase of 1.2%, spending risen by 13% since Shinzo Abe took office, plans to acquire 42 F-35B stealth fighter jets and 105 F-35As in coming years, critics say it's more than is needed for a country committed to self-defense, Japan also plans developing a successor for its aging F-2 fighter jets

Several prominent Hong Kong activists arrested in less than 24 hours amid police crackdown, Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow of political party Demosistō, independence campaigner Andy Chan and lawmaker Cheng Chung-tai of localist Civic Passion party detained

Hong Kong police fires warning shot for the first time in clashes with demonstrators, fires total of 215 rounds of tear gas and 74 rubber bullets over the weekend, while protesters throws bricks and petrol bombs at police, more demonstrations planned in days and weeks ahead

Hong Kong riot police fires tear gas and baton-charged protesters on Saturday as thousands march through industrial Kwun Tong area, first violent confrontation in little over a week, 19-year-old student protester Ryan says government won't respond to peaceful protest

#BoycottMcDonalds trends on Indian Twitter after company tweets all meat is halal certified, users say Hindus want jhatka meat and question why fast food chain obliges the 15 % Muslim population

British consulate employee in Hong Kong was detained for alleged solicitation of prostitution, his friends fear his detention is linked to him sharing pro-democracy images on social media and voicing support for city's ongoing protest movement

Employee of British consulate in Hong Kong put in administrative detention for 15 days by China, the Hong Kong citizen was traveling to border city of Shenzhen on business, British consulate says it needs to establish facts before deciding what action is appropriate

Beijing warns it could use its power to quell demonstrations in Hong Kong, as hundreds of China's People's Armed Police conducts exercises at sports stadium in Shenzhen that borders Hong Kong, says China has option to forcefully intervene without a repeat of June 4th incident in 1989

China accuses US of collaborating with violent extremists in effort to undermine stability in Hong Kong, one activist playing an active role in ongoing anti-Beijing protests was photographed meeting with senior official from US Consulate

Chinese officials reject US request for two US Navy ships making port visits in Hong Kong in coming weeks, citing ongoing unrest, deputy spokesman for the US Navy's Pacific Fleet refers to Chinese Government for further information about why request was denied

Satellite photos show armored personnel carriers belonging to China's paramilitary People’s Armed Police in and around sports complex in city of Shenzhen just across Hong Kong harbor, Chinese state media says exercises were planned before hand and are not linked to ongoing unrest

Safety equipment shops selling articles anti-government protesters use spared global downdraft shaking Hong Kong's economy, but lately reality of a slowing economy is kicking in, economy expected to grind to a halt in coming quarters

Cathay Pacific Airways manager Merlin Swire condemns protests in Hong Kong and vows support for city's government and Beijing, as airline suspends a second pilot and fires two ground staff for engaging in or supporting demonstrations, amid worries over further sanctions from China causing more damage to its brand