Poachers reduce number of forest elephants in Minkébé National Park by 81% since 2004, according to survey conducted by measuring elephant dung 

Suicide bomber kills 39 and injures 50 at market in Somali capital Mogadishu, no group has claimed responsibility 

Robert Mugabe should be nominated and elected even if he is dead, says wife Grace 

Ghana bans fishing for two months to enable fish population to recuperate, entrepreneurs wonder how to pay employees in the mean time 

South Sudan general resigns and accuses president Kiir of supporting tribalism in military, claims government forces systematically abuse civilians 

Ban on conflict mineral trade defeats purpose, easy for warlords to shift to other sources of income, artisanal mining and related livelihoods destroyed 

Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo new president of Somalia, incumbent Hassan Sheikh Mohamud admits defeat 

Unrest in Nigeria as President Buhari extends his two-weeks and counting sick leave in London, still unknown what condition the leader is suffering from 

Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger set up counter-terrorism force to combat Islamists in Sahel region, await approval from UN Security Council 

Étienne Tshisekedi, popular opposition leader in Democratic Republic of Congo, dead at 84 – jeopardizes peaceful transition of power from Joseph Kabila where Tshisekedi was supposed to lead transitional government 

Gorillas killed when their territories overlap areas with coltan deposits, locals earn more exporting minerals to China than preserving apes 

900 churches in northern Nigeria destroyed by Boko Haram since 2009, according to Christian youth organization 

Water shortage forces bureaucrats in Pienaar, South Africa to visit toilet in shopping mall 6 kilometers away 

Zimbabwean state agricultural experts expect good harvest despite persistent rains requiring drainage and slowing down weeding 

Nigerian bishop encourages Christians to buy swords to defend themselves against Islamic extremists after dozens killed in recent weeks, derives right to self-defense from Luke 22:36 

Gambia no longer Islamic republic, name change signal from new president Barrow that increased rule of law is on agenda 

Nigerian residents affected by Shell oil spills cannot sue for relief in the UK, according to ruling by UK High Court, lawyers promised to appeal the judgement 

About 1.8 million at risk of starvation in Northeastern Nigeria as Islamists block food transports, according to UN World Food Programme 

Al-Shabab claims to have killed dozens of Kenyan troops in attack on Somalia military base 

At least 28 dead and 43 injured after car bombing and storming of hotel in Somalian capital Mogadishu, al-Shabaab claims responsibility 

Equatorial Guinea applies for OPEC membership and could thereby become cartel's 14th member, daily production 32.5 million barrels 

Seven Zimbabwean immigrants killed in South Africa by group The Community with xenophobic motive, according to social media reports 

Morocco builds first high-speed railway in Africa, will operate between Tangier and Casablanca 

Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba commits to deal with illegal immigration despite criticism, says inhabitants of city must respect the law 

14 members of pro-government militia Gatia killed in Kidal in northeastern Mali, former rebels of Coordination of Azawad Movements blamed for the attack but have not yet responded to allegations 

Robert Mugabe Jr rents 10 room villa in Dubai for USD 42,000 per month, Grace Mugabe claims money comes from family's successful farming business 

Mugabe's Zanu PF party plans to increase its social media presence ahead of 2018 elections, in spite of earlier opposition 

Cameroon bans two organizations demanding independence for southern part of country, claims they threaten state security and national unity 

Yahya Jammeh steps down from post as Gambia's president following intervention from neighboring countries, leaves the country for exile in Equatorial Guinea 

Violence in Nigerian Port Harcourt during pro-Trump Biafra demonstration, where he is said to support independence — eleven dead reported by protesters, only a few wounded according to police 

Competition over leadership of Namibian tribes in campaign for German reparations for 1904 genocide — chiefs council opposed to US court lawsuit 

Boko Haram claims responsibility for attack on University of Maiduguri, motive said to be University mixing Islam and democracy, suicide bomber was 7-year-old 

Senegalese troops enter Gambia to ensure power transfer to country's newly elected President 

Winner in Gambia presidential election Adama Barrow sworn in as president in country's embassy in Senegal, Yahya Jammeh refuses to resign despite persuasion attempts from regional leaders 

Approximately 60 dead and 100 injured after suicide attack on military camp in northern Mali, al-Qaeda affiliate says bombing was punishment for cooperation with France 

At least 52 dead, 200 injured as Nigerian military aircraft mistakingly bombs refugee camp near Cameroon border 

Gambia's president Jammeh declares state of emergency citing unwarranted foreign interference, could allow cancellation of newly elected Barrow's inauguration says opposition 

Zimbabwe pastor detained for prophesying soon-to-be 93-year-old Mugabe's death in October – was already in court for wearing the national flag when arrested 

Two dead in bomb attacks against University of Maiduguri in Nigeria, Boko Haram believed to be perpetrators 

Group of elders in Niger Delta ask militant Niger Delta Avengers to not resume bombing of oil pipelines 

At least 6 killed and 14 injured in suicide bombings in northeastern Nigeria probably carried out by Boko Haram, terrorist group's seven-year-old insurgency has caused 15,000 deaths 

26 dead in plague outbreak in two regions of Madagascar, the location somewhere from endemic area lacking cases reported since 1950 

Morocco bans sale, manufacture and marketing of burkas - manufacturers and dealers are given 48 hours to get rid of stock before it is confiscated 

Nana Akufo-Addo sworn in as President of Ghana, pledges tax cuts 

Chad closes border to Libya after rebel groups are moving south in the country 

Mutiny in Ivory Coast over after negotiations between mutiny leaders and government, terms of the deal not public but soldiers expect pay on Monday 

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, 92, blows at least 36 million USD on foreign and domestic travel first 10 months of 2016, exceeding cost of several ministries and country's entire parliament, unclear whether wife's expenses are included 

Zambia introduces menstruation law giving women right to one day leave per month, sufficient to inform employer on same day 

Mutiny in Ivory Coast military spreads, soldiers want USD 8,000 and a house each, president Ouattara claims to have reached agreement with troops 

Drone collides with passenger airplane in Mozambique, damages plane's nose cone, no passengers injured 

Ongama Mtimka: South African Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa best equipped to save ailing ANC, has experience of uniting adversaries and building strong movements, will however face difficulties convincing the public 

Tharwa Boulifi, aged 15: Tunisia highlighted incorrectly as religiously tolerant, not possible to criticize Islam, terrorism takes over society 

Railway workers in Uganda on strike against Chinese employers due to poor pay and sexual harassment, claiming that only those who accept sexual advances get paid 

Burundi's Environment Minister Emmanuel Niyonkuru shot dead in capital of Bujumbura, woman arrested 

Tanzania seeking loans of USD 300 million from banking giant Credit Suisse to finance infrastructure projects, also plans to launch Eurobonds in coming year for same purpose 

Boko Haram trains kidnapped young boys to rape, abducted girls testify of daily abuse 

Grace Mugabe pays debt for Kongo-Kinshasa military by delivering elephants, lions and other animals to China as payment for boots and uniforms – Mugabe family known to have close ties to Kabila family 

Vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa prepares to assume power in Zimbabwe as Mugabe expected not to stand for reelection in 2018 

Mugabe's right hand man and governor Cain Mathema weds 23-year-old lover, left previous wife in 2009 to marry 20-year-old housekeeper 

President Muhammadu Buhari announces Nigeria's army has expelled Boko Haram from Sambisa Forest, some of abducted Chibok girls thought to be in area 

Military intervention led by Senegal may happen if Gambian President Jammeh refuses to resign, troops at border ready to secure compliance with will of the people says head of regional cooperation organization 

DRC security forces kill 34 in protests against President Kabila, says Human Rights Watch, political mediation talks sponsored by Catholic Church underway 

Liberia in recession, growth reduced to -0.5%, Finance Minister Boima Kamara reduces public spending by five percent 

Nigeria customs agency seizes 102 sacks of fake rice made of plastic, similar incident previously reported in China 

Raymond Louw: South African comedians and journalists risk jail if ANC's hate speech law proposal becomes reality, has been used by rulers in other African states to silence criticism, government should instead repeal defamation laws as they promised 2015 

South African court declares re-employment of previous chief operating officer of state-owned media corporation SABC "irrational and unlawful", accused of fabricating matric qualification and purging those he disagrees with 

Two seven-year girls blow themselves up in attack on market in Nigerian city of Maiduguri, Boko Haram believed to be responsible but have not yet acknowledged, modus operandi characteristic of the terrorist organization 

Gambian president Yahya Jammeh does about-face and challenges election results at Supreme Court, victorious opposition leader Adama Barrow fears for his safety according to diplomatic source 

Suicide bomber kills at least 16 at port in Somalian capital Mogadishu, terror group al-Shabab probably behind the deed 

50 die as church in Uyo in southern Nigeria collapses during ordination ceremony, state governor was present but escaped injuries 

Two girls perform simultaneous suicide bombings at market in northern Nigeria, 56 dead and 57 injured, bears similarities to Boko Haram bombings although group has not claimed responsibility 

Uche Atuma: Despite resistance from establishment polarized Nigeria must consider peaceful secession rather than violence and new civil war, history shows that the former is clearly preferable over the latter 

Ghana opposition leader Nana Akufo-Addo seems to win presidential elections according to radio stations, struggling economy possible reason why current president Mahama gets defeated 

Democratic Republic of the Congo may not be able to afford presidential elections, as President Kabila remains in power despite maximum number of consecutive terms exceeded 

Nigeria president Buhari expected to replace vice president Yemi Osinbajo in 2019 election, perceived as more loyal to competitor Bola Tinubu, replacement likely to come from northern parts of country like Buhari himself 

Thousands of English-speaking teachers and lawyers on strike in Cameroon to protest discrimination in mainly Francophone country 

Zimbabwe opposition party MDC assures leader Tsvangirai cancer diagnosis not cause of worry, treatment for colon cancer in South Africa going according to plan, first public appearence after long absence conducted 

Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai asks Mugabe to accept South African rand as currency as country struggles with cash shortage, rejects newly introduced bond notes 

Fake US Embassy in Ghana run by international crime syndicate for ten years, pleased clients bought valuable travel documents, surprised authorities shut operation down last summer, questions remain 

Opposition leader Adama Barrow wins presidential election in Gambia with 45.5% of vote, authoritarian Yahya Jammeh admits defeat after 22 years in power 

Ratio of female African elephants born without tusks up from 6% to 98% in certain areas after poachers eliminate best ivory sources from gene pool 

Nande militia kills 30 civilians, most of them Hutus in eastern Kongo-Kinshasa, part of escalation between ethnic groups 

Uganda shuts down schools funded by Gates and Zuckerberg, teachers lacking qualifications and lacking transparency among stated reasons, Bridge International Academies runs more than 400 schools across Africa 

Nigerian money changers go underground after authorities try to cap the dollar rate 

President Zuma organizes rallies in loyal regions of South Africa hoping to mobilize grass roots for power struggle, says white businesses, Western powers, opposition and party veterans conspire to bring down ANC 

Monkey pulling off girl's head scarf causes four days of clashes in southern Libya with at least 16 dead and 50 wounded, tanks and mortars used in fighting between region's most powerful factions 

At least 73 dead and 100 injured in western Mozambique as fuel tanker explodes, accident occurred as villagers tried to steal gas says government 

Makonde community in Kenya receives Kenyan citizenship after 50 years of being stateless, moved from Mozambique to work on colonial farms 

Poverty in northern Ghana increases despite high concentration of NGOs, citizens doubtful about accepting projects in their communities, believe most of the money is spent on administration 

Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda in Angola wishes Portugal to oversee referendum on the region's political future 

Senegal to introduce digital currency based on blockchain technology alongside traditional fiat money in effort to prevent counterfeiting and fake transactions 

Johannesburg's new mayor Herman Mashaba advocates capitalism, private property, and personal responsibility, says ANC has destroyed black initiative 

Mzukisi Qobo: President Zuma's crony capitalism and abuse of power reason for South African crisis, breaches several laws according to public prosecutor, ANC must get rid of him or be punished in elections 

Nigeria develops military cooperation with Russia, buys military equipment for prices lower than on world market 

South Africa hub for IS terror cells, plans made for attacks in other countries, says home affairs minister 

Ivory Coast prohibits sale, import and production of alcohol in sachets popular among the poor, wants to reduce impact on young people 

Five soldiers killed in raid against village in Niger near border with Mali, sign of growing Islamist insurgency in region 

Martin van Staden: South African National Health Act violates rule of law, gives bureaucrats mandate to decide if private clinics are allowed to expand, holds back development of healthcare services 

Two soldiers killed, five injured in Mogadishu after bombing by al-Shabab, terror group has increased activity in capital ahead of parlament elections 

Biafra leadership welcomes President Buhari's declaration that all parties wanting to secede from Nigeria are free to do so, wishes to set date for independence referendum