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WHO rescinds appointment of Robert Mugabe as goodwill ambassador after widespread criticism 

At least 231 killed, 275 injured in bombing in Somalia's capital Mogadishu 

Nigerian court sentences 45 Boko Haram members to between three and 31 years in jail, first convictions in mass trials held behind closed doors with more than 1,600 suspected terrorists 

Outbreak of plague in Madagascar continues as 449 cases and 48 deaths have been reported, majority of infections pulmonary plague 

More than 100 hippos found dead in Namibia last week, cause is unknown but experts suspect anthrax, 1,300 hippos lived in country before outbreak 

Robert Mugabe rearranges government, competitor and vice president Mnangagwa demoted as spy chief Happyton Bonyoungwe takes control of justice department and next year's elections, finance minister Chinamasa replaced by loyal Ignatius Chombo and becomes minster of cyber security 

At least 17 killed in independence protests in Anglophone Cameroon according to Amnesty International, internet blocked and electricity cut in area 

Six dead and hundreds arrested in western Cameroon as Ambazonia activists declare independence on anniversary of Cameroon's 1961 independence, government says move carries no legal weight 

Cameroon orders three days complete lockdown of Anglophone region to stop planned anti-government protests – gatherings larger than four people banned, bus stations, eateries and shops to shut 

Brawl in Uganda's parliament as MPs debate presidential age limit, issue controversial as current 75-year limit disqualifies long-standing president Museveni from standing for fourth term in 2021 elections 

Thousands in two Anglophone western Cameroon regions demonstrate for independent Ambazonia, government spokesman calls movement terrorist and says "no stone should be left unturned in the process of getting rid of them" 

Tunisia becomes first country in MENA to repeal ban on women marrying non-Muslims, President Essebsi said marriage law was "an obstacle to the freedom of choice of the spouse," Tunisia has a 99% muslim population 

Kenyan Supreme Court annulls last month's presidential elecion after petition by opposition leader Odinga with claims of hacked electronic voting results, new vote to be held within 60 days, third consecutive election contested by Odinga 

Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe says banks should lower their interest rates in order to boost investment in agriculture, claims banks are inhibition to progress 

Evicted Zimbabwean white farmers initiate proceedings against Mugabe, three ministers and the government, spokesperson refers to binding 2008 judgment where "fair compensation should be paid by the Zimbabwe government for land it had taken" 

Buhari distressed by calls for dissolution of Nigeria in his first speech after three months of medical leave in UK, fails to disclose illness 

Zimbabwe declares Robert Mugabe's birthday on February 21 national holiday to highlight Mugabe's "brilliantly displayed" values and principles for youths to emulate 

Grace Mugabe seeks diplomatic immunity in South Africa where she's under investigation for allegedly assaulting 20-year-old female model with extension chord 

Grace Mugabe allegedly assaulted 20-year-old model in hotel room in Johannesburg, failed to turn herself in despite agreement with authorities, may lead to diplomatic incident 

Over 300 killed with death toll expected to rise and 2,000 homeless after landslide and heavy flooding caused by night's rain in Sierra Leone 

18 dead after gunmen on motorcycles fire randomly on café popular with expatriates in Burkina Faso capital Ouagadougou, al-Qaeda affiliates suspected to have carried out attack 

Zimbabwe plans building USD 1 billion Robert Gabriel Mugabe University to honor President's "indelible mark in the development of the country's education system" 

Hundreds of Nigerians storm Niger Delta crude oil flow station owned by Shell demanding jobs and infrastructure development, army sends reinforcements after protesters said planned two weeks stay at facility 

The majority of Boko Haram's suicide attacks are performed by women and children, an increase occurred immediately after the kidnapping of 276 young female students at Chibok 

Boko Haram kills 31 fishermen in Nigera in two separate attacks on islands in Lake Chad, fishing ban on Nigerian side of lake recently lifted, similar attack carried out in 2014 

Algerian women defy Islamists who demand that they wear burkinis, get targeted by online campaign in which photographs are posted of females in two-piece swimming costumes 

Congo-Kinshasa seeks to prevent exchange of images via social media as opposition grows to President Kabila, clashes between anti-government milita and security forces kill at least 14 

Paul Kagame re-elected as Rwandian president with 99% of votes in turnout topping 90%, thus enters third presidential period made possible by constitutional change approved by 98% of voters 

251 killed in Democratic Republic of Congo between March and June in what UN calls ethnic massacre, new apparently government-backed militia group Bana Mura behind 150 of the murders 

Man armed with machete forces his way into home of Kenya's deputy president William Ruto after injuring guard, Ruto had left house hours before attack 

Grace Mugabe says her two sons Robert Junior and Chatunga Bellarmine give her "sleepless nights" after their eviction from luxury apartment for partying, drinking and smoking with women, blames attacking spirits for children's mischievous behaviour and says she routinely asks the Lord for intervention 

South African opposition parties ask for secret vote on motion of no confidence in president Zuma, are convinced more than the 50 ANC MPs required will vote in favor 

Dozens of alleged Boko Haram suspects died in Cameroon secret custody at military base also used by American and French troops, 101 tortured between 2013 and 2017, according to Amnesty International 

South Sudan declares state of emergency in four northern states after months of clan-based militia clashes, all four states former parts of state Bahr el Ghazal until 2015 

Uganda plans changing constitution to remove 75 year presidential candidate age limit, current president Museveni will be 77 years old in 2021 election, constitution was changed in 2005 to allow Museveni a third term 

Nigeria investigates reports that Cameroonian paramilitary unit killed 97 Nigerian fishermen in Bakassi peninsula after enforcing fishing levy 

Nigerian finance minister says country must continue borrowing to fund 2017 budget, record budget planned to spend way out of recession 

Not possible to hold presidential election in Democratic Republic of Congo later this year according to electoral commission head Corneille Nangaa, opposition leader Félix Tshisekedi condemns announcement as declaration of war on Congolese people 

Botswana bans exports of donkey meat, sales to Asia said to be partial explanation, Ministry of Agricultural Development calls for farmers to ear mark animals to enable identification and taking inventory 

Ghana launches first satellite after development at local university with support from Japan space agency Jaxa, to be used for mapping coastlines and laying ground for future space capacity, including monitoring illegal mining 

Grace Mugabe grabs former state-owned iconic Mazowe Dam and surrounding land tracts, armed police deployed to keep away infuriated villagers, seizure unlawful according to country's Water Act unless permission granted by President 

Niger army kills 14 civilians who were mistaken for Boko Haram militants, were located in restricted zone outside village near Nigerian border 

Nigeria could supply all of Africa with food due to good soil and weather suitable for year-round growing, according to president of Arewa South Africa 

Nigerian investigator of corruption in judiciary attacked in Port Harcourt and is being treated in hospital for gunshot wounds, had received threatening text messages before incident 

Persecution of Christians has increased in Eritrea with 200 arrested by security services in raids on homes, according to Christian watchdog Release International 

South Africa president Zuma gives clear support to president Kabila in Congo-Kinshasa despite the latter's term having run out and ongoing civil war 

Buhari records Eid greeting to dispell rumors of speech problems, has opposite effect as he sounds weak, initiates new controversy due to president speaking Hausa language spoken in Northern parts of country rather than English 

Dissident Zimbabwean pastor Evan Mawarire arrested in connection with speech in support of striking medical students at University of Zimbabwe, already faces charges of trying to subvert government through campaign on social media 

Billions spent on rebuilding post-war Angola vanished into individuals’ pockets, according to politicians, businessmen and academics 

Botswana ex-president Sir Ketumile Masire dead at age 91 

Zimbabwe riot police evict white farmer to give farm to black bishop, more than 15,000 local villagers protest eviction and vow to protest future ones due to wanting the land for themselves, two reporting journalists detained 

Famine in South Sudan over says UN, was first official famine in world since 2011 

Around half the food aid sent to Nigeria refugees not delivered, according to government blaming theft — millions of people in the north risk starvation 

Nigerian vice president threatens growing secessionist movement of Biafra with full force of the law, president Buhari treated in London for unknown illness 

Zambia's president Edgar Lungu receives USD 1.2 billion rescue package from IMF despite increasing totalitarianism — has suspended oppositional MPs and arrested opposition leader 

Former president Thabo Mbeki tells South Africans to refrain from criticizing Mugabe, compares such statements with colonialism, references right of each nation to choose own leader 

Uganda runs out of passports following surge in labor export to Middle East, only issued in emergency cases  

South African mining industry threatened by proposed higher black ownership requirements and increased taxation, the producers' Chamber of Mines prepared to fight the plan in court already next week 

At least two dead after terrorist attack against luxury resort outside Malian Bamako, one of the dead French national while the other unknown, situation under control according to security ministry spokesperson 

Case of bishop found dead in water in Cameroon earlier this month to be investigated, previously suspected to be suicide, follows two other mysterious deaths of priests during last month 

Zimbabwean artist Cde Chinx dies of blood cancer, led the Zanla choir during liberation struggle and supported land expropriation, should be declared national hero according to comrades 

Lauren Graham: Low voting participation among young South Africans not due to lack of interest, youth engaged in communities but don't believe political parties or voting change anything 

Joseph Wandera: Direct and indirect buying of votes will determine Kenyan election, both sides bribe religious groups in order to get support, common for politicians to give small sums of money to poor individuals to buy their vote 

Thomas Thabane Prime Minister of Lesotho again after losing elections in 2015 shortly after he was chased out of country during military coup, inaugurated two days after wife was murdered 

Djibouti says Eritrea occupies disputed area after Qatar, which has mediated in the border conflict between the countries, pulled back its troops from the area 

Two outbreaks of vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 in Congo, high risk of spreading nationally and medium risk of spreading internationally 

Acting president Osinbajo condemns increasing tension between northern and southern Nigeria, Igbo groups continue to make demands for secession 

Mining company Acacia accused by Tanzanian government of operating illegally and cheating the country of billions of dollars by understating the gold and copper concentrate levels in its mineral exports, negotiations have began in order to end export ban costing Acacia USD 1 million a day 

Owen Skae: South African power utility Eskom an example of how state-owned companies are used as instruments by the elite, scandals are common and the business is expensive for tax payers, partly privatized Telkom which just posted handsome profits should be a model for all state-owned businesses 

Tanzania signs USD 154 million contract with state-run China Harbour Engineering Company to expand and strengthen main port of Dar es Salaam in order to better compete with Kenyan Mombasa port, financed through World Bank loan 

Zambian speaker of the house of parliament suspends 48 MPs of the opposition who boycotted the President's state of the nation address, suggests they resign on moral grounds if they do not recognize the Head of State 

Peace talks between Somalian federal states Puntland and Galmudug start, on-going conflict since 1991 over who should get control over city of Galkayo 

Zimbabwe bans grain imports after having produced enough maize to cover domestic demand for the first time since 2001 

South African Arts and Culture minister says his department will no longer advertise in media criticizing the government, ANC or President Jacob Zuma 

Attacks on albinos in Malawi on the rise again, fueled by systemic failures in country's criminal justice system according to Amnesty International, historic cases of attacks remain unresolved 

State-owned South African TV-company SABC lifts criticized ban on showing violent protests and property destruction, fires the previously suspended executive Hlaudi Motsoeneng after he held own news conference criticizing parliamentary inquiry into SABC 

Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba: The city currently has 1,083 open investigations on corruption, fraud and similar crimes, equivalent to 19% of annual budget, leaked e-mail conversations between crony capitalist Gupta family and government proof that these crimes didn't occur in a vacuum  

At least 14 dead and 35 injured as gunmen attack vehicles on highway near South Sudan capital Juba, unknown assailants flee as security forces return fire 

Police in Mozambique warn that bald men could be targeted for ritual attacks after recent killings, perpetrators believed to be looking for gold which according to superstition can be found in bald men's heads 

Zimbabweans benefiting from low-income housing scheme ordered to hang portraits of Mugabe in homes, loyalist groups with mission to spy on neighbors to be formed 

Robert Mugabe says Zimbabwe's few remaining white farmers will have their farms expropriated and given to the country's youth, and that small scale farmers and senior officials who underutilize their land might lose their property 

50 years since Biafra declared independence from Nigeria, recently released and increasingly popular pro-secessionist leader Kanu says Nigeria is not functioning and can never function 

Ethiopia shuts down Internet throughout country due to leaked exam papers for grade 10 

Robert Mugabe spends USD 3.5 million chartering plane to Singapore and Mexico as plane he usually uses is grounded for servicing, has so far this year spent more days abroad than in Zimbabwe  

South African opposition leader Mmusi Maimane denied entry to Zambia and forced to return home, planned to visit detained Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema 

South Sudan president Salva Kiir declares ceasefire and promises to release political prisoners, uncertain whether statement could end civil war as no negotiations with rebels are in sight 

Gambian ex-president Yahya Jammeh believed to have stolen state assets worth USD 50 million during last ten years in power, luxury cars reportedly loaded on to Chadian cargo plane during escape to Equatorial Guinea 

Sorna Govender: South Africa at high risk of civil war, conditions alike those preceding the Arab Spring 

Sorna Govender: South Africa at high risk of civil war, conditions alike those preceding the Arab Spring 

King Letsie III of Lesotho hails Mugabe as wise and astute leader that has helped his country to stability and normalcy 

Death toll rises to 100 following riots in Central African Republic according to UN, militia fighting with religious and ethnic undertones began in 2013 

Rebelling Ivory Coast troops lay down arms, accept increased bonus proposal by previously popular president Ouattara — mutiny caused big disruptions for infrastructure and businesses 

Mutiny in Ivory Coast continues after spokesmen for soldiers reject government proposal, mutineers have taken control over country's second largest city Bouaké 

Soldiers in Ivory Coast revolt in protest against delayed bonuses promised by government, some mutineers thought to be former rebels who joined army after civil war ended in 2011 

Days of fighting between Christian and Muslim militia in Central African Republic kill at least 37, violence by armed groups has risen sharply since late last year 

Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba says he will not build houses to the poor but instead give them title deeds to build their own houses on city's own land 

At least eight killed and dozens injured after suicide attack on cafe in Somali capital, al-Shabaab claims responsibility and says two generals are among the dead 

Buhari returns to London for medical tests, doctors will determine for how long according to spokesman, vice president Osinbajo takes over leadership of government 

Saint Helena's airport used for first time by passenger plane a year after its completion, construction cost over GBP 60,000 per capita, opening was repeatedly postponed because of the area's unfavorable wind conditions 

82 Nigerian school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram released in exchange for imprisoned terrorists, Switzerland and International Committee of the Red Cross involved in negotiations