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Gambian ex-president Yahya Jammeh believed to have stolen state assets worth USD 50 million during last ten years in power, luxury cars reportedly loaded on to Chadian cargo plane during escape to Equatorial Guinea 

Sorna Govender: South Africa at high risk of civil war, conditions alike those preceding the Arab Spring 

Sorna Govender: South Africa at high risk of civil war, conditions alike those preceding the Arab Spring 

King Letsie III of Lesotho hails Mugabe as wise and astute leader that has helped his country to stability and normalcy 

Death toll rises to 100 following riots in Central African Republic according to UN, militia fighting with religious and ethnic undertones began in 2013 

Rebelling Ivory Coast troops lay down arms, accept increased bonus proposal by previously popular president Ouattara — mutiny caused big disruptions for infrastructure and businesses 

Mutiny in Ivory Coast continues after spokesmen for soldiers reject government proposal, mutineers have taken control over country's second largest city Bouaké 

Soldiers in Ivory Coast revolt in protest against delayed bonuses promised by government, some mutineers thought to be former rebels who joined army after civil war ended in 2011 

Days of fighting between Christian and Muslim militia in Central African Republic kill at least 37, violence by armed groups has risen sharply since late last year 

Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba says he will not build houses to the poor but instead give them title deeds to build their own houses on city's own land 

At least eight killed and dozens injured after suicide attack on cafe in Somali capital, al-Shabaab claims responsibility and says two generals are among the dead 

Buhari returns to London for medical tests, doctors will determine for how long according to spokesman, vice president Osinbajo takes over leadership of government 

Saint Helena's airport used for first time by passenger plane a year after its completion, construction cost over GBP 60,000 per capita, opening was repeatedly postponed because of the area's unfavorable wind conditions 

82 Nigerian school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram released in exchange for imprisoned terrorists, Switzerland and International Committee of the Red Cross involved in negotiations 

Zimbabwe war veteran leader Christopher Mutsvangwa does about-face and starts backing Mugabe, will likely cause disunion among veterans who are usually counterforce against president 

Mugabe denies Zimbabwe being fragile country, blames economic troubles on evil West, calls own country second most developed on continent next to South Africa 

Former South Sudan general Thomas Cirillo says he is ready to enter civil war with rebel force, urges president Salva Kiir to resign 

Trial against Burkina Faso ex-president Blaise Compaoré and his allies begin despite Compaoré still in Ivory Coast exile – population disappointed in lack of development since coup two years ago 

Tanzania president sets deadline for 9,932 public employees with forged academic credentials to resign before May 15, will otherwise be exposed publicly and risk 7 years in prison, political appointees not affected since they are only required to be able to read and write 

Leader of Biafra independence movement Nnamdi Kanu released for health reasons after two years in custody, is accused of criminal conspiracy and belonging to illegal society 

South Africa ex-finance minister Pravin Gordhan warns ANC will lose power in next election unless course is changed, supports Cyril Ramaphosa as successor of Zuma 

Nobel laureate and leading Nigerian author Wole Soyinka demands Buhari make immediate and full disclosure of health condition, says country is becoming increasingly unstable and unsafe 

Namibia president Geingob expresses admiration for Zimbabwe land reforms and for Mugabe as iconic African leader, is inspired to implement similar radical redistribution 

International aid organizations worsen problems for voluntarily laboring children in Africa, accusations of slavery and trafficking tailored for Western audience 

More than 7.7 million Ethiopians need food aid after country is hit by severe drought, altogether 13 million people across Horn of Africa require assistance according to UN 

Primary election for ruling Jubilee Party in Kenya aborted after participation exceeds expectations and causes shortage of voting materials, police use tear gas and warning shots against protesters  

Cameroon ends internet ban in country's English-speaking regions after three months, same measures can be taken again if social media are used to stoke hatred and division says government 

Fragmented opposition seeks unity to challenge ZANU-PF and Mugabe, apathy among citizens named as key problem 

53 men arrested in Nigeria for celebrating a marriage between two people of the same sex 

Nigerian military kill 21 terrorists and free 1,623 civilians in operation against Boko Haram in Borno state 

Zimbabwe education minister Lazarus Dokora announces schools will start accepting goats as payment of tuition fees 

Tens of thousands gather to listen to Mugabe's speech on Zimbabwe independence day, 93-year-old leader calls for unity and tolerance 

Zimbabwe legislation to force banks to accept cattle, sheep, goats and household appliances as collateral for loans to private individuals 

President Museveni opposes aid to people starving in Uganda as it diverts resources from infrastructure projects: "When you eat food, you are eating a road" 

Migrants from West Afria en route to Europe kidnapped and sold as slaves at auctions in Libya, old traditions reemerge as secular state of Gaddafi collapses, according to UN migration organization IOM 

Zambia opposition leader arrested on suspicion of treason after accusations of obstructing president Lungu's motorcade last weekend, charges not politically motivated according to police chief 

Benjamin Fogel & Sean Jacobs: Getting rid of Zuma will not solve South Africa's crisis, crony capitalists control large parts of ANC, South African Communist Party and the unions are weakened and lack an alternative vision for the country 

Bar owner in Nairobi wins process against Kenyan government, not allowed for police to randomly test guests for intoxication with breathalyzer, victory predicted to be short-lived as parliament works on rewriting law 

Nation-wide protests against South African president Jacob Zuma after latest cabinet reshuffle, government says laws are also there to protect the right of those who would not like to participate in protest action 

British DJ Dax J sentenced by Tunisian court to one year in prison after festival performance, played dance version of Muslim call to prayer Adhan, flees country and apologizes to everyone who was offended 

About 30 dead in South Africa as bus collides with truck and catches fire 

Somali pirates hijack Indian cargo ship with eleven crew members off Puntland coast, second attack in a month after five years without any reported cases 

South Africa finance minister sees radicalization of economy as main task, will not let anything distract from changing ownership structures 

Kamuina Nsapu militia decapitates 40 police officers after ambush in central Congo-Kinshasa, deadliest attack since insurgency erupted last December following president Kabila's refusal to step down 

Improved relations between Niger delta locals and central government after diplomatic visits by vice-president Osinbajo during Buhari's medical leave, appreciated different approach not to be seen as attempted break with the president according to spokesman 

Mass graves increasingly common in Congo-Kinshasa as military intensifies operations against local militias protesting president Kabila, government denies using excessive violence 

Pope Francis apologizes for Catholic priests' involvement in Rwandan genocide in 1994, current president Kagame says new chapter has begun in relations with Vatican 

8,000 year old cave paintings in Chad vandalized with graffiti, youths write own names in French and Arabic on world heritage 

South Africa government proposes legislation banning foreigners from buying agricultural land, wants to increase land ownership among blacks 

Domestic anger over Mugabe foreign travels while country struggles financially – during 2017 president has visited China, Mali, Ethiopia, Singapore, Ghana, Swaziland and Mauritius 

At least ten dead in northern Kenya as fighting erupts between pastoralist communities, president Kenyatta sends troops to curb conflict which has worsened due to severe drought 

Vice president Mnangagwa and wife Grace most likely successors to Mugabe, according to summary from The Standard, defense minister Sidney Sekeremayi considered outsider 

France rules out supporting secessionist movements in Biafra or other parts of Nigeria, says breaking up of current state is unthinkable 

Leader of Anglican church in Nigeria demands Buhari to take killings of Christians seriously 

Two UN officials, a Swedish woman and an American man, kidnapped in Congo-Kinshasa 

President Buhari returns to Nigeria after nearly two months of medical leave in London for unknown illness, says vice president will remain in charge at least over the weekend 

Poachers kill giant tusker elephant Satao II in Tsavo National Park in Kenya, arrested before theft of tusks, only 25 similar animals thought to exist 

Kenya government retracts offer of 50% salary increase for medical doctors as unions have not ended strike, says negotiations are over and doctors expected to return to work immediately 

Zimbabwe High Court declares child beating illegal in trial of teacher who struck six-year-old, case will proceed to constitutional court for confirmation 

Boer Afrikaner Volksraad warns ANC not to start civil war by accepting EFF motion which would allow nationalization of land without compensation 

Three ministers fired by Guinea's president Alpha Condé after seven dead and dozens injured in protest related to teachers' strike 

More than 31,000 South Sudanese migrants have fled to Sudan since start of year according to UN refugee agency, five million people in country expected to have no reliable source of food by July 

Poachers reduce number of forest elephants in Minkébé National Park by 81% since 2004, according to survey conducted by measuring elephant dung 

Suicide bomber kills 39 and injures 50 at market in Somali capital Mogadishu, no group has claimed responsibility 

Robert Mugabe should be nominated and elected even if he is dead, says wife Grace 

Ghana bans fishing for two months to enable fish population to recuperate, entrepreneurs wonder how to pay employees in the mean time 

South Sudan general resigns and accuses president Kiir of supporting tribalism in military, claims government forces systematically abuse civilians 

Ban on conflict mineral trade defeats purpose, easy for warlords to shift to other sources of income, artisanal mining and related livelihoods destroyed 

Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo new president of Somalia, incumbent Hassan Sheikh Mohamud admits defeat 

Unrest in Nigeria as President Buhari extends his two-weeks and counting sick leave in London, still unknown what condition the leader is suffering from 

Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger set up counter-terrorism force to combat Islamists in Sahel region, await approval from UN Security Council 

Étienne Tshisekedi, popular opposition leader in Democratic Republic of Congo, dead at 84 – jeopardizes peaceful transition of power from Joseph Kabila where Tshisekedi was supposed to lead transitional government 

Gorillas killed when their territories overlap areas with coltan deposits, locals earn more exporting minerals to China than preserving apes 

900 churches in northern Nigeria destroyed by Boko Haram since 2009, according to Christian youth organization 

Water shortage forces bureaucrats in Pienaar, South Africa to visit toilet in shopping mall 6 kilometers away 

Zimbabwean state agricultural experts expect good harvest despite persistent rains requiring drainage and slowing down weeding 

Nigerian bishop encourages Christians to buy swords to defend themselves against Islamic extremists after dozens killed in recent weeks, derives right to self-defense from Luke 22:36 

Gambia no longer Islamic republic, name change signal from new president Barrow that increased rule of law is on agenda 

Nigerian residents affected by Shell oil spills cannot sue for relief in the UK, according to ruling by UK High Court, lawyers promised to appeal the judgement 

About 1.8 million at risk of starvation in Northeastern Nigeria as Islamists block food transports, according to UN World Food Programme 

Al-Shabab claims to have killed dozens of Kenyan troops in attack on Somalia military base 

At least 28 dead and 43 injured after car bombing and storming of hotel in Somalian capital Mogadishu, al-Shabaab claims responsibility 

Equatorial Guinea applies for OPEC membership and could thereby become cartel's 14th member, daily production 32.5 million barrels 

Seven Zimbabwean immigrants killed in South Africa by group The Community with xenophobic motive, according to social media reports 

Morocco builds first high-speed railway in Africa, will operate between Tangier and Casablanca 

Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba commits to deal with illegal immigration despite criticism, says inhabitants of city must respect the law 

14 members of pro-government militia Gatia killed in Kidal in northeastern Mali, former rebels of Coordination of Azawad Movements blamed for the attack but have not yet responded to allegations 

Robert Mugabe Jr rents 10 room villa in Dubai for USD 42,000 per month, Grace Mugabe claims money comes from family's successful farming business 

Mugabe's Zanu PF party plans to increase its social media presence ahead of 2018 elections, in spite of earlier opposition 

Cameroon bans two organizations demanding independence for southern part of country, claims they threaten state security and national unity 

Yahya Jammeh steps down from post as Gambia's president following intervention from neighboring countries, leaves the country for exile in Equatorial Guinea 

Violence in Nigerian Port Harcourt during pro-Trump Biafra demonstration, where he is said to support independence — eleven dead reported by protesters, only a few wounded according to police 

Competition over leadership of Namibian tribes in campaign for German reparations for 1904 genocide — chiefs council opposed to US court lawsuit 

Boko Haram claims responsibility for attack on University of Maiduguri, motive said to be University mixing Islam and democracy, suicide bomber was 7-year-old 

Senegalese troops enter Gambia to ensure power transfer to country's newly elected President 

Winner in Gambia presidential election Adama Barrow sworn in as president in country's embassy in Senegal, Yahya Jammeh refuses to resign despite persuasion attempts from regional leaders 

Approximately 60 dead and 100 injured after suicide attack on military camp in northern Mali, al-Qaeda affiliate says bombing was punishment for cooperation with France 

At least 52 dead, 200 injured as Nigerian military aircraft mistakingly bombs refugee camp near Cameroon border 

Gambia's president Jammeh declares state of emergency citing unwarranted foreign interference, could allow cancellation of newly elected Barrow's inauguration says opposition 

Zimbabwe pastor detained for prophesying soon-to-be 93-year-old Mugabe's death in October – was already in court for wearing the national flag when arrested